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  1. Expanding on these as well, 1.) I'm right there with you on this. It could be something as simple as coloring the boon and the bane stats different colors just to make them stand out for easy identification. 2.) This might be difficult to implement since the A.I. goes through a bunch of criteria before deciding the route it'll take but shouldnt be too complicated. Which unit it's targeting wouldn't be hard either and would take very little programming to show. I'm in approval of this myself even though I personally don't think I'd use it. 3.) Expanding the barracks would be useful but considering they already make you spend orbs to do that I doubt they'd change it. Cause money. Though I honestly wouldn't mind it myself since I know soon I'll need it and I don't want to spend orbs to do it. 4.) This is actually a good point because id like it for grinding sp, especially because I kind of lose the motivation to just spam them in a game mode once they hit level 40 (I get lazy, not gonna lie). 5.) Honestly these probably should've been some of the earliest seals they made. I don't know why these aren't a thing.
  2. For having over 1,050 units, that is insane. You are a very determined person for having that many units at (or are planning to make of) optimal use. Expanding on the thought of Boss Battles a little bit too, that's what I was thinking with the special maps and quests for it. I personally think they've gone overboard with the inflated stats for the newer abyssal difficulty in the legendary hero battles and a different mode would be nice. As for the actual thing, the reason I think they should have an insane amount of HP is because I think you'd need more than 4 units for this. Maybe increase the amount to 6 or even 8 but not to the extent of rival domains were more spawn in when your units die. Half would focus on clean up while 4 focused on the boss. The boss itself would have moderately low stats aside from atk and NO special aside from the hardest difficulty. The minion units themselves wouldn't have ridiculous stats but enough to be a nuisance since the boss should be the biggest threat. Fundamentally, this would take a lot of balancing but I think it could be a great mode if done right. You could even switch it up to be a boss only mode or kill x amount of units before boss spawns in and room clears. Just throwing thoughts out there.
  3. I don't want to really undermine the idea of using 20,000 feathers to upgrade but yeah. Thinking on how much they give back when sent home though, you're right. 400 or 500 is a good number for that. Dang straight heroes needs a sound room. Id drop money for that. Am in agreement with all this aside from the upgraded barracks space. Combat manuals solves this problem beautifully as far as I can tell. I dropped from 500 down to 170 units and have been around 220 recently with all the rest becoming combat manuals depending on skills I'll think I'll need. I meant out of combat and in the barracks haha. I just like the idea of being able to change units to different weapons for teams. Chrome with a Lance, Robin with swords, Vanguard Ike with an Axe, etc would just give more team versatility. I just know this would be extremely complicated and extremely unlikely to happen.
  4. With Heroes success being what it's been I'm more than glad that Fire Emblem has been becoming more and more popular. However, I can't help but feel Heroes needs more in the way of game mods and a bit of a change in places (namely summoning). This has been stated out in the community already but I'm interested to see if anyone has any ideas and to share my own on it. Now before we start, let's be honest. The gameplay at what it is, at best, is frankly a little stale. I log in, collect whatever items I have, do a mission or two, and then don't touch it again for another 23 hours. Maybe I'll spend a few days when a new event happens but I was done with forging bonds for a good week before it finally disappeared. And we all know how long tap battles sticks around for. So I want to hear the ideas you guys have as well as what you think of these. 1.) A slight rework on summoning I was thinking this over and at this point i think itd be a decent idea. If you've been playing since the beginning, you and I both know you've foddered off tons of 3☆ and 4☆ units. However, there are a few units that i personally like to have as +10 4☆'s because I like the unit but don't have the feathers to turn them into +10 5☆'s. There's still a few others that I want to get to +10 as 4☆'s but obviously I'm not running through orbs for them. Due to this I was thinking it may be a good idea to make a permanent 3☆ and 4☆ focused summon at the cost of feathers. There'd be a small chance for older 5☆ units (Lucina, Ryoma, Azura, Takumi, etc) but their percentage would never increase from that minimal base amount. The amount of feathers per summon would also be minimal. About 100 or 200 per summon as well as a new mode introduced that was specific for grinding feathers. Youd get about 5 per round but the rounds would be continual so you'd simply select continue and get launched into another randomly generated map. Now obviously there's the issue of transferring units you'd get for more feathers but that fix is simple too. Unlike the orb summons, the units from her wouldn't drop feathers when sent home. That or drastically reduce the amount of feathers transference is worth. This way people can grind for summons without undermining the value of orbs and the feather gain is minimal enough that it's not worth grinding out over GHB or Rival Domains. It also gives a chance for older (weaker) 5☆ units while splitting the decision of whether to save up feathers or spend them. In addition to all this, it's a huge boon for newer players in that they can summon basically all they want for units without letting them just straight up have 5☆'s. 2.) Historical battles This would been an interesting one but one that I think would be worth it especially as more units are introduced to the game. Everyone loves nostalgia after all right? Make it a permanent game mode, give specific units with specific conditions, boom. Done. Especially with the maps having music people miss I think this would be a good choice. 3.) Boss battles Going off historical battles this is another one. Give them a dumb amount of health (like... Idk between 150 and 300?) And use your whole team to take them down while defending from their incoming minions. Id love to fight Ashera, Grima, Medeus, etc again and frankly I think this could be a great game mode with some pretty decent rewards. For instance you'd have to beat Ashera in order to obtain Sephiran. Itd basically be like the GHB but much more epic and impactful. 4.) Multiple weapons types per unit Now here me out. Obviously this isn't for everyone but when you've got Legendary Ike being exclusive to swords when this dude has had axes in the past too, it really would help change the game. It would add versatility and a chance to make teams more diverse in that sword user prevalence would drop strictly because they weren't stuck with one weapon. Unfortunately, this change would take an insane amount of work so it honestly isn't too plausible and only cetrain units would get multiple weapon choices but I just like the thought.
  5. Okay Nintendo. Let's talk. You give me more summons like this and I'll give you more money.
  6. I've got young Tiki and that's it. I won't be spending the 100 orbs(obviously there will be more) ive saved up till Ikes comes out. Though I've gotta say I HATE the arena right now. I refuse to spend a dime on a game people will forget about in a year but when all you fight is 5☆ everything in the arena with a 4☆ team... well yeah. Its annoying. 35atk vs 40+ with better stats just ain't easy.
  7. That's absolutely insane. I love it! So going to make this my current project till I get Echoes. Thanks so much for the info!
  8. How.... wait... you're right. His original cap is 29. Thank you for clarifying but now I'm REALLY confused. I never built any statues in my first file. I just maxed his stats and let him kill things. I just looked and there are none. I must have unknowingly leveled him after getting the second statue but I'm absolutely sure his skill stat was maxed at 31 before any statues were even built... which means i wouldve had to have two statues but i didnt... Well. I shall build another skill statue and let you know. It would appear all is in order though I'm incredibly confused about how his cap got to where it is now. Thank you very much for all your patience with me. Sidenote, i frickin miss skill oriented Ike. Literally, the tellius series were my favorite games because of the Laguz and some of the character designs (I.e. Nephenee, Volke, Volug and Michaiah). Plus the knight classes were literally much more intimidating than their current counter parts.
  9. He is in fact hired from the logbook. I used him on my birthright play through for file 1 and then hired him for my revelations play through on file 3 and he's saved into my logbook with all his stats maxed at their highest without statues. Though I don't quite see how this would change this. I got a few more statues to see if any other stats would go up and his attack, defense, and speed all have. I upgraded Ryomas, Xanders, and Kaze's statues to level 3 and all three have boosted his stat caps. Its only his skill stat cap that will not budge. Edit: Well, aside from his magic stat. That is zero. And I'm not changing that.
  10. Well, I can assuredly say I've definitely got less than 13 skill boosting statues. Takumi's and Mozu's statues are the ones I have that have been upgraded clear to lv 3 while I don't have any other statues even built yet. Skill was the first statues I wanted to get. I'm also definitely on Revelation since I saw a giant angry dragon and dead parents who are trying to face punch my main character and his Hoshidan siblings. I'll try updating Ike's logbook entry though I'm not sure it'll affect his actual in game character. I shall try this though. EDIT: Yeah, I just looked at it again. And it bugs me. Removing both the lv 3 Takumi and Mozu statue will reduce Saizo's base skill stat back down to 38 and it will max out there until the statues are built again. Upon replacing them, Saizo's stats will return to 40 while Ike's will not budge from the base 31 and the cap at 31 is still in place. I've removed all other statues from my castle aside from those to test this, repeatedly updated my logbook, and increased Ike's level with an eternal seal so he's not capped. Even leveled him up to level 46 to see if leveling him would remove the caps and it didn't.
  11. I have been. It's so odd. I've got Saizo at max lv with max skill and when I got 2 skill statues to lv 3 his skill cap went up. As did everyone elses who skill cap had been met. Only Ike's didn't. I haven't been able to find a fix so far at all. It bothers me too because he's my favorite character.
  12. I don't know if this is just my game personally but I've noticed that no matter how much I increase the skill cap with statues, my amiibos skill cap doesn't go up. However, any other statues will increase other stat caps. Anybody else having this happen?
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