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  1. I am a Japanese who likes Fire Emblem Izarck quest. I am making an HP that translates Fire Emblem into Japanese. Translated Isarck Quest to Chapter 14. Please come to my HP. https://seesaawiki.jp/fireemblemhack/d/FE%20Izarck%20Quest
  2. I am Japanese translation of Fire emblme last promise. Is Fire emblem last promise the last version ? I am Japanese.
  3. Is that  last virsion whtt fire emblem last promise bor 2014 ?

  4. Do you know Fire emblem Tenchi no Ken ? This is Fire emblem 8 hack rom. Heroine name is Saya who is daughter of Lin. This game is not English for only Japanese. <img src="http://www26.tok2.com/home/truehero2008/CG/FETenchi01.jpg"align=left"> <img src="http://www26.tok2.com/home/truehero2008/CG/FETenchi02.jpg"align=left">
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