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  1. Is it possible to have a link for the map music? I tried the sound room but only managed to find the defense theme.
  2. I'm not sure about the checksum, i'll check that soon. I'm pretty sure it's the right patch considering the other patch didn't even let me open the rom. I'm using Snes9X as the emulator though.
  3. I was playing chapter 25 of FE7, Pale Flower of Darkness(Jerme's version) and something interesting happened. Is there an explanation why this happens? All other enemies in the chapter were fine, though.
  4. So, i've ran into a problem and it prevents me from playing the game. As soon as i press start on the title screen, the bottom of the screen glitches a bit and then the game softlocks itself. It might be something simple but i'm just too stupid to understand.
  5. I heard that someone else also had problems with pirate reinforcements - not sure if it was that chapter, though. Have you tried to block the reinforcements? Or did you complete the chapter already?
  6. Hello. Yes, this post is like 5 or 6 years old. i don't care. i noticed something strange while playing and i just had to show it... So, Saleh is apparently Colm who says that he is Marisa. Yup. Aaand we get a free Karel.
  7. Ember

    FE Recolor

    I've got a question. Am i just blind, or is there no images for the pirate in the sprite folder?
  8. Alright. I got the weapon levels fixed and they work normally now, but the characters are still the same. I tried Normal, Reversed and Random recruitments but i still get the normal characters. Is this just something with Lyn's story? I guess i'll try with Eliwood's story soon... EDIT: Sweet, it worked! Thanks a lot! This is what happened in the first chapter though.. yup, i broke it
  9. Hey, i've got a few questions. These may sound stupid, but i'm an idiot. So, how do you randomize characters? Even though i manage to randomize the classes, i still get the starting characters like Lyn, Kent and so on. Also, i've tried 3 different patches that remove the tutorial, but NUPS will say that the patch doesn't match the file. If i try patching the file before randomizing it, it works fine, but after randomizing the tutorial is back again. The weapon levels also don't work. Sain become a Mage but was still able to use swords and lances, and Lyn could use swords as an Archer.
  10. Hello. So, i'm a complete noob at hacking and i'm currently testing a "custom" animation for FE7. At first, i decided to just edit an existing sprite to see if it would work. I chose the beta Lyn Durandal animation and started editing few of the frames. I used paint.net and it worked fine. I got a few frames ready and i wanted to test them before doing any more of them. However, i'm having problems with editing the script. As i said, i just started and don't know that much about hacking. I've got the "standing" sprite working fine, but only 1-2 of the frames i made work. If i put any of the others into the script, FEditor Adv will just say "Unexpected error loading or reading the script." I have checked the sprites i use. They have the correct size, file type and the palette should have less than 16 colours. I don't know if the problem is in the script i've used. I got the example one from the Ultimate Tutorial, but i don't fully understand it and i don't know where to put all of the frames. I know this sounds stupid, but everyone has problems when they start... i hope someone can help me. Here's a link to the script, so you can see if i made a mistake: http://pastebin.com/WtdVnDxK Also, here's a few screenshots so you can see that a few frames work. And if you need the sprites to see if there's any errors, here they are: http://imgur.com/a/q3D1u thanks.
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