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  1. Will it still be playable on a normal emulator like visual boy advance though? That's a problem with a fe7x, you can't play it on your phone and that's a missed opportunity I find. Let's hope you'll figure that out :o
  2. Hello there! from what I read in this topic, this project could mean the future for a lot of fan projects since it's probably easier to create a campaign with this engine rather than hacking a rom. I'm mostly excited about the port on android : I'm sadly no connoisseur in Android coding so I can't help you on that, but if the whole engine and all the created levels could be played on Android that'd be awesome! Otherwise it would have less availability than rom-hacking sadly~ Anyway keep up the great work, from what I saw this seem awesome!
  3. I was doing S2-3 and those gryphons were a bit pissing me off, killing those civilians and all. So I went for a fleeing attempt, moving all the city to the south. My Eagle paladin and Silver knight Charles led the charge and we killed the boss turn 4 or 5..and I figured out it was actually much easier to defend from only one front. Until the game engine froze.. I'll post a video on YouTube and link it to here tonight. Also Horace doesn't have Canto in S2-3?
  4. Oh another thing : Julia's death quote displays the scene when Kalvesta write a letter to federica. And sorry if it was said already but I did not see it here..
  5. Hello there, still loving this hack. I noticed some few things but most of them were addressed some pages ago (aurora bloom staff being stolen by thieves and the sprites of the dark and great knights) but I did not see anything on the belial effective damage.. Because it seems it doesn't affect the arbalist ( which screwed a bit of my strategy) while I think it should. Still, great job and thanks for the entertainment!
  6. I don't know if this has been reported already, but as you can see the dragon axe is effective against Sawyer. I can't remember if he was weak to the wyrmslayer as I didn't fight the ch10 hero with him.. But my guess is that he most likely is. So was this intended ? Is sawyer a freaking reptilian ? Anyway, I'm just done with the hack, it's Awesomesauce, with some rainbow visual glitches here and there. Can't wait for 2.0 ! Oh and also, personal feedback here : I find that the very first chapter and the third one are wayyy too tricky and luck based, and actually really hard, compared to belle's chapters. I look forward for the hard mode to see how you will balance that. Cheers ~
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