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  1. We need an fe3 remake first, we don't have enough of those.
  2. Blah blah blah -did you remove the [X] in the original name if yes add it back -the error definitely looks like you forgot to apply the anti huffman patch
  3. An offset that is 4 bytes aligned, either ending in 0, 4, 8, or C.
  4. Kirb1337


    What if we remade FE8 in FE6? Coming soon to an feuniverse near you.
  5. Been a while, Heh? Lots of real stuff happened, so I couldn't really do much, But now, I got these menus translated. What's next: - Convoy and option menus - Dialogue But since FE5 atm is more important, because it's the one getting featured on FEE3, And i'm also working on FE9Editor in the meantime, and a java FE engine for my school, expect less updates on this.
  6. tutorial.feuniverse.us maybe? I don't remember if it covers maps.
  7. how do you expect me to know exactly? you just said that the events played the main theme. you can use ea(under the scripts should be disassemble(game)events.bat, drag and drop the rom onto that to disassemble every chapter) to check the events and modify them, usually the play music code is MUSC(or MUS1 if you use an old ea)
  8. Edit the event that tells the music to start
  9. (base $39C59) So um is forgetting stuff your special technique or what if yes let me explain everything to you in 1 post 1: open that module 2: get the id of the name you want to edit 3: reverse the byte on that value(for example, 74 04 = 0x0474) 4: add that to the base value(base $39C59) = $39C59 + $474 = $3a0cd = the offset of your text
  10. I still see a problem tho, you're using a mac
  11. FE1 stuff Is kinda dead due to boredom, expect FE1GBA and FE5 stuff, though. And maybe FE9 stuff, but Idk if your comp is powerful enough to run and stream/record it.
  12. I'm pretty sure it already exists, try to search on jeuxvideos.com,s forums.
  13. Discord for playtesting: https://discord.gg/Xq2XuMg By the way, should i create a separate tread for this, or should i keep it in that thread?
  14. VoidMage (Where are all these circles post at damnit)
  15. https://github.com/FireEmblemUniverse/CCB_Round1 To be honest, you can just use this, its the buildfile used for void's blitzarre adventure, all you need is to put an fe8 rom in the main folder, replace the events, the maps, the mugs and the text and you got a new hack with skills and a lot of cool engine hacks.
  16. I already have someone helping me, altho maybe i'll need more help, who knows. More gifs:
  17. I've been translating the dialogue with the help of zane using this patch as a base.
  18. It's still a thing, circs was just working on other stuff such as the skill system and void's bizzare adventure.
  19. Pro tip: dont post a concept before you at leadt have a bit of work done with the hack
  20. I'm working on an FE1 remake in FE8, and I have up to chapter 20 done, so i plan to release it next month. More info possibly coming soon.
  21. [Shameless plug]Im guessing you're talking about the FE1 translation linked in my sig, but i also have an fe1 remake in FE8 which i plan to release next month(I have up to chapter 20 done).[/Shameless plug]
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