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  1. From what I can tell, Seliph is the only one present from gen 2 in the artwork section. I have a feeling this might be related to the fact that his hair color doesn't change since his parents are fixed. Plus, you won't always get the same people if you don't do pairings, but you always get Seliph. Also, I did find that page with the guide (I actually used that to help me with the last few chapters of the game) but as you said, the link was dead. And running Seliph's description is google translate yields this, which sounds pretty accurate Tsuguredo and Yugdoral being Sigurd and Jugdral respectively.
  2. Well, myself and a few others tried to find files of the manual but couldn't find any anywhere online, so I went ahead and scanned it all.
  3. It came to my attention that the Fire Emblem 4 manual has not been uploaded online.. so I decided to scan it and upload it for you guys. PDF Raw TIF Images There's some pretty cool artwork at the end. Also, I'm very poor at Japanese (can only read Hiragana, and some Katakana and very little Kanji) so that would be cool if someone could translate the thing. edit: of course just realized I missed a page... one minute while I fix this. Should be all good now!
  4. Hopefully this isn't in the wrong place. Stupid question, if you use the glitch according to this guide, does it let you use infinite movement even after ending the turn a few times? According to the guide, it still does on the second turn but I'm confused as to whether it goes on further. I'm asking because I accidentally performed this in the last chapter of the game (on altena) but I don't remember using a dancer. I was able to use Altena (with inf movement) over the course of many turns. If this is abnormal, maybe there's a chance it's my emulator's fault. I'm using SNES 9x2005 on my N3DS to play. I have a save state as well. I should add that while I said I don't remember having used a dancer (I don't remember because I wasn't trying to use the glitch on purpose), I did use two staffs. Altena was out on the field, so I used return on her, and then Hawke was in the home castle (long story) and he used a staff to teleport Altena out to a different castle, then later I noticed I was able to continually use "Return" with Altena.
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