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  1. Sorry guys for the late reply. It was Christmas time, lots of stuff happened, Merry Christmas you guys! Unfortunately, yes. All right. Looks good. Looks good too. But since you have Extra Pockets, you can have one more equipment, you know? Accepted. Also, because of reasons.
  2. Sure. And since the polls said Western Setting, we'll go with that. To give the players an unfair advantage in a narrative sense. It also helps to know what gear the players' characters are bringing so they don't pull out a Vulnerary from nowhere.
  3. Updated the first post with some info overload. If you have any questions, ask them or whatever.
  4. Do you mind elaborating so that I may expound upon it? I mean, you are free to ask questions you know? Thanks for the input though.
  5. This is an RP I've been trying to launch for a long time now (and by 'long time', I mean a couple of months). Anyway, this is an interest check to see if anyone's willing to participate as well as a poll since I've whipped up two settings I'm willing to play. Also, this will be a narrative-focused RP so no stats or levels or weapon triangles. (But there will be equipment, classes and a ton of references to other Fire Emblem games) Western Setting "The continent of Arcadia. A land diverse in race but equally tempered in hardship from disaster and tragedy, whether they be natural or unnatural. However, the greatest hardship the Arcadians faced was when the natural decided to do something unnatural. Gaia, the goddess the Arcadians revered as the deity of nature, convinced the mages of the Moon Kingdom to summon her so she could bring boon, bounty and abundance to Arcadia. Unfortunately for the continent, Gaia did none of those. Instead, she immediately leveled her host kingdom and slaughtered most of its citizens with her power and her elemental constructs. The goddess then unleashed numerous nature spirits who then possessed the bodies and skeletons of the dead, making them mindless thralls of Gaia. The goddess then marched eastward with her undead throng, destroying everything in their path. Neither man, nor woman, nor child, nor animal, nor plant were spared from Gaia's fury. It was then when three powers, The Concilium, The Grand Kingdom of Gleivnir and Riberia, formed a mighty alliance to stand against the tide. It was called the League of Arcadia and they waged a long and bloody war against the deity of nature. No heroes or heroines were recorded for there were many who scored significant victories and died heroic deaths. All that was recorded was that the races of Arcadia were firmly united during this hardship. In time, the League managed to push Gaia's forces back to her lair, the remains of the Moon Kingdom, and banish her from the the mortal plane. Many lives were lost and many tears were shed during the war but the Arcadians learned a valuable lesson: That together, they are powerful enough to take on gods. A prosperous peace followed. As the time went by, however, incident upon incident started chipping away at the harmony. Now, the Dwarven Kingdoms, a minor ally during the War of Gaia, are being beset by the growing numbers of bandits and brigands from Riberia, now known as Varjo after a successful rebellion. And the Dwarves are not the type to easily forgive. MAP (Political) The League of Arcadia [spoiler=The Concilium] "Ahhh... The Concilium. A great confederation between small kingdoms to strengthen themselves. Archanea, Barensia, Magi Val, Jugdrali, Tellius, Ereb. These kingdoms were once small, prone to raids and invasion from bigger nations. No longer when their kings and queens came together in the sacred Mount Prism. No longer will their soldiers be crushed easily. No longer will their people fear for their lives every day. No longer will they be dismissed as insignificant tiny countries. No, they are powerful now and they will gladly challenge any who would think so otherwise. But alliances rarely last forever. Differences and ever-increasing feuds between the kingdoms have began chipping at the Concilium's foundations. Will these cracks be fixed? Or will it grow and end this great and vital fellowship?" Other Info - Part of the League Of Arcadia, an alliance formed against the goddess Gaia and her elementals and undead. While that war occurred ages ago, the League decided to stay together long after. - Ruled by the Council of Royals, a gathering of Kings/Queens of The Concilium kingdoms to discuss which laws to enact and what The Concilium should do regarding matters of national importance. - Troops are mostly made out of Fire Emblem classes - Players start in this faction. - I'll leave the royalty and culture of the kingdoms to the players so they have leeway over their characters and do some worldbuilding. If not or if they're done, I'll fill it myself. [spoiler=Grand Kingdom of Gleivnir] "The Gleivnir Kingdom. It was once just a modest kingdom but with a formidable military power and a formidable hierarchy. Nobles rode on steeds and glorified and showered with gifts while the those less fortunate in birth and boon, were left to pick up the leftovers after their Lords and Dukes and Counts. It had been this way since time immemorial until King Wilmgard ascended the throne a few years ago with a haul of changes with him. The nobles heavily objected to these changes in tactics and culture and these grievances was met with a dare from the King himself. If they could conquer an infamous bandit fort with their tactics then he shall let things be and even give compensation for his error for all the nobles of Gleivnir. And so the nobles rode for Wayland Keep, intent on proving their King wrong and quite confident since they outnumbered the vagabonds there five-to-one. Much to their surprise but not to King Wilmgard and those with more sensible heads, the nobles' huge armies were effectively and decisively repulsed. The King's opposition was no more. That little move pulled by Wilmgard is controversial to this day but no one could deny the improving conditions of Gleivnir, progression of technology and its slow but steady expansion into previously remote lands." Other Info - Part of the League Of Arcadia, an alliance formed against the goddess Gaia and her elementals and undead. While that war occurred ages ago, the League decided to stay together long after. - Currently ruled by King Wilmgard along with his second wife Queen Algiery who may have more than human blood running in her veins. - Inspired by Knights in the Nightmare (if you know what that is) - Players cannot come from here [spoiler=Varjo] "Varjo, the fallen kingdom. Generations ago, Varjo was known as Riberia, a kingdom of knowledge and magic and magical knowledge. Many mages and sorcerers consider visiting Riberia an obligation. A pilgrimage of sorts. And with good reason, the magic kingdom has many academies and libraries that can teach an old sage a thing or two. The greatest of which is The Library of Arcadia, a library as big as a palace that is supported by a village. All of these are run by the Chercheurs who, strangely, value technology more than magic. However, everything changed when House Caldeyron led a sudden and quick rebellion against the royal family and successfully overthrew them. The new ruler then changed Riberia and everything it stood for. First, the kingdom was renamed to Varjo. Secondly, the libraries and academies of knowledge and magic were torn down and replaced with blacksmiths and barracks. Thirdly, he concentrated the kingdom's wealth to the capital and left the outlying villages, towns and cities impoverished. When the people began complaining, the new king's newly-outfitted armies quickly put them down with extreme prejudice. Not even the Chercheurs could stand against the Caldeyrons' wrath and were forced to flee from Arcadia itself. The reign of the Caldeyrons soon changed the nation's culture from the pursuit of knowledge and wisdom to the pursuit of bloodshed and slaughter. Roving bandits and brigands filled the Razelian countryside, forcing the many towns and villages to form their own militias who could defend against banditry and also do some banditry themselves to support the hometown. All of Arcadia mourned for Riberia's passing and Varjo's membership in the League is now being questioned by many. Still, also a great many point out that Varjo's ferocious warriors have been a great help dealing with any stray undead and feral monsters." Other Info - Part of the League Of Arcadia, an alliance formed against the goddess Gaia and her elementals and undead. While that war occurred ages ago, the League decided to stay together long after. - Currently ruled by Joshua Caldeyron and his sister Queen, Leyanne Caldeyron (not married though) - Inspired by Chaos from Warhammer Fantasy - Players cannot come from here The Others [spoiler=Dwarves] Dwarves are a proud folk who are quick to temper and easy to offend, with a love of gems, gold and other precious metals. They are short, generally no taller than five-and-a-half foot in height but are broad with powerful arms and stout legs. Dwarves are master craftsmen who have invented steam engines and gunpowder weaponry. Much of this learning has come from eons of carving out their homes in the mountains; the strongholds under Arcadia's Edges were undisputable wonders of the world - massive underground cities known as ‘Holds’, and in the lower levels great industrial centres in the form of smelteries, forges and mine works digging ever deeper into the roots of the mountains. Dwarves do not call upon Magic in the same way as the humans of Arcadia. To them, magic is a tangible thing, something that can be worked into axes, stone or even cannonballs. This is rune magic and Runeforgers, the masters of the art, are adept at creating arcane devices and weapons of great power. Other Info - Non-playable race - Inspired by the Dwarves of Warhammer and LOTR [spoiler=Moon Kingdom] The Moon Kingdom is located south of the Dwarven regions separated by a huge but passable mountain range called the Great Divide. The kingdom is known for its fondness for the Moon and also as the source of the tragedy of summoning Gaia into Arcadia. When the war ended, the Moon Kingdom was left to rebuild itself. But rebuild they did and it has mostly returned to its former glory, even if it is no longer a magical kingdom that rivaled Riberia. Something that was okay for the Moon people. After all, it was magic that brought forth Gaia. While the new royalty and official law has no qualm with magic, it was now the culture of the Moon Kingdom to refrain from magic. Thus, only a select few are mages in the Kingdom of the Moon, most of whom are in the esteemed Lot Order. Now, the kingdom focused more on technology like the Dwarves, creating some sort of fellowship between them. Helping on that end is one Lot Knight who is the pillar of breakthrough upon breakthrough. The Moon Kingdom has then progressed into a society radically different from Arcadia in practically most aspects. Other Info: - Players cannot come from here. - Has Napoleonic Era military mixed with Medieval. - Ruled by Queen Bethany Vinderion, a frail royal but firm and courageous. Also a Taguel Eastern Setting "The great island of Iapana. Not as large as a continent but its history is just as colorful. After all, humans are not the only ones who live in Iapana. Yokai and Ayakashi and Mamono and Mononoke also live in the huge island. Their relationship with the humans vary. Sometimes, down to the individual. However, Iapana is not free from conflict. The most prestigious and influential family in Iapana, the Oja, always had problems with the succession of its heads. The worst was when a full-fledge civil war occurred that encompassed most of Iapana. It was only stopped when a powerful figure laid waste to both belligerents and went on to become the First Emperor of Iapana, laying down rules of his succession so that the mistakes of the Oja are not repeated: The Emperor or Empress can only have one legitimate child to succeed him or her. If there is another and his or her blood is undeniable, the Emperor's power is nullified and power will be given back to the Oja. The rules are not foolproof but the reign of the Emperors is too young for the flaws to be exploited. But the succession crisis is not the only conflict that is plaguing Iapana's people. The First Emperor had enlisted the aid of Iapana's holy Ryus and the sacred Inari, both of whom are the subjects of worship in Iapana since time immemorial. Their influence increased exponentially thanks to the First Emperor but their days of glory and greatness swiftly turned to days of suspicion and schemes. Both the faiths started suspecting each other of conspiracy and both the faiths began having ambitions of being the one true faith in Iapana. And that is not all, from the north are ships of savage bandits and brigands that raid and harass the northern towns and villages. No one knows who they are or where they came from but everyone agrees that they are a problem. The priority of the problem, however, is a different story. Now Empress Yue reigns, a ruler not as powerful nor as assertive as the previous Emperors. The Oja have risen back to prominence and while this is concerting for the Empress, it seems the family is still plagued by the problems that brought its downfall. Adding to that is the worsening feud between the Inari and the Ryu and the increasing boldness of the northern raiders." MAP [spoiler=Oja Clan] "The Oja were great, once. They could be great again. Educated, urbane, sophisticated and worldly, they were consummate courtiers and scholars. They ruled most of Iapana, either directly or indirectly. All of that power slowly slipped away from the family after the death of Tarrant Oja who, against tradition, named his second son heir. Since then the family divided and then quarrelled as to who would really become the head of the Oja Clan, and the quarrels became virtually open warfare that enveloped most of Iapana. The last civil war was stopped by the First Emperor who, surprisingly, spared them and made them swore not to have such a conflict ever again. There was no curse or guard that would prevent this though and so the Oja flourished and had dreams of becoming rulers of Iapana once more. Unfortunately, the succession problems the plagued the Oja once more. The lack of a curse against such matters apparently proved to be more damaging to the family than to the Emperor." [spoiler=The Fox] "The Inari are one of the major forces that assisted the First Emperor in defeating the Oja. Their strengths lie in their guile, espionage and clever magics. Sophisticated, cunning and ruthless, the Inari concoct schemes and plots against those who oppose them. After the Oja have been defeated, it seems the Ryus have taken this role despite their alliance during the First Emperor's reign." Other Info - Has access to Kitsune troops which can either be shapeshifters or just plain fighters who are more physically stronger than humans. - More sneakier and proficient in magic than the Ryus [spoiler=The Dragon] "The Ryus are one of the major forces that assisted the First Emperor in defeating the Oja. Their strengths lie in their prowess in combat, physical superiority and stalwart bravery. The Ryus are proud warriors. Their Shirohebi servants are unrivalled in their skills in battle, outstripping others in physical attributes. Perhaps they lack the political and magical powers of their Inari rivals, but the Ryus more than make up for this by being an iron fist in a fistfight." Other Info - Has access to Shirohebi, creatures human in the upper body but a snow white snake for the bottom half. They are servants and troops of the draconic Ryus and are more physically stronger than humans and Kitsunes. - More sturdier and proficient in close combat than the Inari ~~~~~~~TECHNICAL STUFF~~~~~~ RULES [spoiler=Character Sheet] Appearance: (Picture or prose, it matters not. Please refrain from using real life people.) Name: Sex: Class: (All classes are available for playing. Higher class = Higher responsibility.) Special Skills: (Two slots. Cannot pick the same ability twice.) [spoiler=Special Skills List] = Iron Skin (Passive) - Negates the ability of weapons that pierce armor (Armorslayer, Hammer, guns, etc.). = Iron Hide (Passive) - Negates the ability of weapons that are effective against beasts (Beast Killer, halberds, etc.). = Iron Scale (Passive) - Negates the ability of weapons that are effective against dragons/wyverns (Wyrmslayer, etc.). = Iron Wings (Passive) - Negates the effectiveness of bows against flying units except Manaketes. = Ironbreaker (Passive) - All weapons can pierce armor. = Beastbane (Passive) - All weapons are effective against beasts. = Wyrmsbane (Passive) - All weapons are effective against dragons/wyverns. = Slayer (Passive) - All weapons are effective against monsters. = Blessed (Passive) - All weapons are effective against undead. = Pick (Active) - Unlock a lock at will. = Summon (Active) - Call for an ally from the unknown. Exclusive to Tome users. Once per battle. = Siege Expert (Passive) - Allow operation of siege equipment like ballistas and catapults. = Extra Pockets (Passive) - Increase Equipment slot by one. = Clear Mind (Passive) - Increase Special Abilities slot by one but reduce Equipment slot by one. Does not occupy a slot. Equipment: (Three slots. You can pick the same more than once.) [You can swap out your starting equipment in the RP proper] [spoiler=Equipment List] = Standard Weapons (Iron Sword, Armorslayer, Steel Bow, Beast Killer, etc.) = Staves (Exclusive to stave users) > Heal - Restore a nearby player from incapacitation. > Mend - Revive a nearby fallen NPC. Cast immediately after death. Body must be mostly intact. Once per battle. > Physic - Restore a player in any distance from incapacitation. Once per battle. > Deathbreaker - Revive a fallen NPC in any distance. Body must be mostly intact. Two uses. > Warp - Teleport a faraway person to the near vicinity. Five per battle. = Elixir - Revive a fallen NPC. Apply immediately after death. Body must be mostly intact. Three uses. = Vulnerary - Prevent being incapacitated. Three uses. = Lockpick - Unlock a lock. Fifteen uses. = Summoning Spellbook - Call for an ally from the unknown. Three uses. = Panacea - Cure an ailment. Usually poison. Five uses. = Reeking Box - A small and portable box that attracts monsters to the area upon removing the lid. Three uses. = Light Rune - Temporarily produces a barrier that blocks any projectile. One use per battle. History: Personality: STUFF YOU NEED TO KNOW
  6. Hello Forest people, I bring you greetings from the Third World! Anyway, my love for the Fire Emblem series has led me to join this forums (even if the only games I played are Rekka no Ken, Sacred Stones and Awakening). I look forward to interacting with you all. Hopefully without any flames. ... ... ...Is that...? Is that a roleplay section I see? MY GM URGES TINGLE!
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