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  1. After pulling on both the 2017 Nohrian Summer banner and Ephraim’s legendary banner for Summer Leo, ending both banners with nothing but high percentages... I finally got Summer Leo!! (+Atk, -HP) so happy he came home, can’t wait to invest my life and soul into this boy
  2. I might join Y!Tiki and then switch to F!Corrin if she loses. Still not sure yet...
  3. 1.) My B!Roy (+HP, -Res) is going to be running Desperation/Hone Cavalry/Galeforce. Should I inherit Life and Death 3 as his A slot skill, or Fury 3? 2.) Is inheriting my only Fae to Celica (+HP, -Spd) for Renewal 3 worth it?
  4. update but in pictures now Red Units: Blue Units: Green Units: Colorless Units: Sacrificial Units: I...really need more green units. TOTAL: 43 Promoted Units: 12
  5. Here's a dump of some projects I'm either working on or have finished. The project that I'm working on as of right now: no regrets for now +HP, -Atk Peri inspired me to make this: Waiting for Hector fodder: B!Cordelia:
  6. Right after I got Alm, I caved in and bought some more orbs to finish the 5.25% circle only to get a bunch of three stars. A few summon tries later... Celica -- (+HP, -Spd) IVs aren't the best, but any Celica is better than none. Saber -- (+Spd, -HP) ...How did IS know that I secretly wanted to make a team of SOV characters?
  7. Going Roy 'cause he's our boy! Well, also because he's one of the only bonus units I have. But that's besides the point. He's probably going to be crushed by Ike first round, but we'll do our best.
  8. High hopes and no self control. I have nobody to blame but myself.
  10. Spent seventy-something for S!Leo and Leo each, got neither of them yet. Updated this list for Alm, Celica, and Saber. Next promotion will probably be a Lukas merge (+Def, -Res) or a Mae merge (+Atk, -Def).
  11. Which Marth should I promote to 5*? +Spd, -HP +Atk, -HP He'll be running a Fury/Renewal/Threaten Def set.
  12. Team Gaius here, joined for the feathers. I finally ran out of flags, so here are my results... My goal was to reach the top fifty ranks of any team at some point during this gauntlet, and I got pretty close to that with my highest rank of 150.
  13. Spent about seventy-five dollars trying for Leo but to no avail. Planning to promote a +Def Lukas for merging next.
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