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  1. So I've recently beaten the dungeon and the Grima fight as well. I can say that grinding isn't 100% necessary to beat the Labyrinth, but it's much harder if you don't. I had gotten lucky with my Dread Fighter Kliff with an absurd 39 Skill and 41 Spd with 35 Def. It seems like the best way to tackle it is to skip the random encounters and grab any treasures you want on the way. Once you hit Grima, if you decide to try it, you need some absurd luck with your RNG to successfully beat it. I had Kliff dodging 51% hits left and right and getting crit after crit. Once Grima was down to about 70 or so HP then I sent in Alm on the next player phase, got him to crit with the Falchion and also get a follow-up attack. Kliff did the same, 5 HP left on Grima, had to Warp Celica to finish it and hope that she could finish it (Grima was considered a god, and Duma was specific about who could kill him) and the euphoria from her landing the killing blow was immense.
  2. What was even funnier is Delthea, who only has a 20% Def growth, managed to get MORE Defense than Clive in the end. Clive had the promotion bases on his side, a 30% Def growth, and he still got outdone by Delthea. My luck (or lake thereof) is very odd, maybe even bipolar.
  3. I got my Clive to Gold Knight, was not impressed. He's still wasn't that bad of a unit, but he didn't reach Mathilda levels of useful, and he didn't have the Def to tank very much nor did he have the Offensive capabilities to be a powerhouse. I don't know how you were supposed to use him. Maybe I just got RNG screwed, but I don't remember him having gained Def anymore than once or twice.
  4. I was on Hard as well, and he never did anything like that. Did you not focus down the magic users nearby first? I mean, I didn't bother with Duma until he was all that was left, so the magic users nearby couldn't have healed him, but other than that I don't know how he healed 40 HP.
  5. I generally would do one chapter on either side, alternating, with a few exceptions. On reflection, I think I much preferred Alm's maps and playstyle to Celica's. Celica's party for me was just Mages and Dread Fighters for the most part. Valbar didn't have the Mov for the later maps, Leon was just one unit in an army, and I didn't really use the Pegasus Sisters. Whereas Alm's route had varied units and better map design imo. The deserts in Act 3, and the swamps in Act 4 weren't fun to me. The deserts slowed everything down, and the swamps seemed to also slow everything down as well as making it painful with the constant damage being done. I also didn't care for Celica's story, since I found it mostly pointless compared to Alm's. She essentially went on a pilgrimage while Alm fought a war. Alm's path also had better character interaction. Gray and Tobin, Clive, Fernand, Berkut, they were all major players in the story. Celica had... Saber and... Celica. I mean I guess Boey and Mae too, but they didn't have the same appeal to me that Gray and Tobin did.
  6. Yeah, it was 5 HP a turn, I think. Then again, if he did recover 40 HP that'd be stupid.
  7. Yeah, uh, ignore what I said then unless you have really good healers. My Alm had around 25 defense at this stage in the game (even though I think Duma's attack goes through Def and Res). He also had late 20's for most other stats, save HP which was a solid 45. He was only level 10 though by that point. IIRC Duma has a built in recovery effect. I remember I killed all but Jedah and Duma still recovered HP, and Jedah doesn't heal I'm pretty sure.
  8. Fatigue in this game seems to be mostly ignorable if you use your team evenly. If you use Saber to clear out 3 groups of enemies single-handedly, he's going to get fatigued. Honestly, as long as you don't clutch hard on a single unit Fatigue will barely have an impact outside of the last Dungeon or two. If you also know what foods the unit likes (Saber seems to like meats, Mae likes sweets, etc.) then it's even less of a problem. Even when you go all-out grind mode it isn't that big of a deal. I kind of like it, mostly because it makes me feel like I need to plan ahead with foods and the like, even though I had a metric shit-ton of it by the end. It also discourages you from screwing around longer than you need to.
  9. I'm curious of this as well, I don't exactly remember my Alm's stats, but he at least had a 30% crit or so when fighting Duma. Although he didn't crit on the finishing blow. Maybe because Duma attacked and it was enemy phase, but still.
  10. I didn't grind an intense amount, but I do remember Alm reached level 20 before promoting, mostly because Alm was one of my main units. The only real grinding I did was to catch Python up and to get Delthea a few levels before starting Act 4.
  11. I did occasionally, it was instrumental in beating Thabes Labyrinth's boss. But honestly I never found a situation outside of the previously mentioned one where Warp saved me from anything bad. or completely changed the outcome of a battle. It was just a quality of life thing for me.
  12. I remember spamming Physic with Taitana, Mage!Tobin, and Genny to keep Alm alive. I sent Dread Fighter Kliff and Dread Fighter Saber into the fray to remove the mages. Duma was only interested in Alm. Once it was just Duma down there, I would let Duma attack Alm on enemy phase. When it was all said and done, I think the strategy was just to heal up Alm when he was low, and attack when he wasn't. Then again, my Alm was a powerhouse, your mileage may vary.
  13. Favorites: Kliff: For whatever reason, my Mercenary Kliff became the most broken unit that ever existed by the time I was nearing the end. I mean, 41 Speed and 39 Skill is ridiculous enough, even for a Dread Fighter, but a 37 Defense on top of that? And a solid 31 Attack (Including the Brave Sword on top of that), he could easily solo the entire game. And that ~70% crit... Oh, and I like his personality, it reminds me almost of Leo from Fates (the only good thing from that game imo). Genny: She was my best healer by far. Silque was pretty good, but she didn't have Physic and her spell list wasn't as immediately useful as Genny's was. By the time Silque learned Invoke, even though it summoned Dread Fighters, my team was too absurdly powerful for it to matter. She also had some decent support conversations with Sonya, and I don't know why, but I got the feeling she was cute and innocent on the outside, but extremely sadistic on the inside. Not that there was ever any hints to this. Delthea: I like energetic cute girls and I cannot lie. That and she was the best mage on my team, with a good spell list and the mage ring made her even better. I don't know, I always had a soft spot for characters like Nino, Delthea, Mia, and so on. Least Favorites: Luthier: First of all, he was my absolute worst unit in the entire game. He was so bad I resigned him to being a staff bot. I also didn't care for his personality too much, He's too arrogant and egotistical for my liking. Oh, and he was a dick to Delthea, so he lost points with me on that one. The Three Pegasus Sisters: I include all 3 of them because they are very interchangeable in my mind. I'll just preface my arguments by saying that I really don't like Pegasus Knights as units (Clair was really good though), because most of their traits, I find, are shown off better in other units (Speed - Myrmidon, Mobility - Wyvern Riders, Resistance - Dread Fighters in this case). That, and none of them really struck me as being that interesting. Maybe FE1 and FE3, especially their remakes, really flesh out their characters, but in Echoes they're just bland to me. That and almost everyone situation where they could've been useful as Falcon Knights with anti-terror and anti-mage abilities Hard Mode added Archers so that they just had to sit there while someone like Saber or Atlas cleaned house. Zeke: I mostly don't like him because I have no idea who he is as a person. I didn't really use him because Mathilda was so much better (and Clive at least tried), and I didn't see the appeal of him really. I only remember who he is because of Tatiana, who I somewhat liked.
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