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  1. But if you think about it, didn't Nils say they had a few skirmishes with the humans in the land? Unless those humans ran or died then it'd wouldn't make too much sense because there was a conflict. It was a short conflict, but it was a conflict. I'm not too sure, though.
  2. I mean, duh, there's dragons behind it! But what else is there? The environment? Nils says there are/were a few humans there, and it's implied by phrasing they were either wiped out or the fled, so, there might be buildings or other things, right? But at the same time, would they have been destroyed in the skirmish between the dragons that went through the gate versus the humans that were already there. If there's something I'm missing like a hint in the dialogue, do tell me, I can't really remember too many details of the dialogue of both fe6 and fe7. But I'd like your opinions! What do you all think is back there?
  3. hiya, kinda new to the forum so i apologize sincerely if i put this in the wrong place or tagged incorrectly. so! i remember i saw someone, or at least somewhere that said that apparently the Japanese version of the S rank tactician ending matches up with the Grandmaster Japanese name? can anyone confirm that?,,, also, in general, does anyone have a japanese translation for the tactician endings in general? i wanted to see and compare the two,, i apologize if this is too demanding,, oTL
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