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  1. Uh, I hadn't thought about the benefits of Lilina taking a hit! This is some really solid advice, thanks!
  2. For a team of SpecialSpiral&HeavyBlade!Lilina + 3 dancers (2 of which will prolly carry Infantry Pulse) which B skill would be best on the dancers? WoM or ER? I was hoping to clear some abyssal content with this team and one hand AoE Lilina doesn't really want nor need to take damage (she's also really friggin squishy I found) so maybe ER would be the better option, but on the other hand how will the dancers (which will probably be the free Ninian and Nephenee w/ Infatry Pulse and then one of Reinhardt or Ishtar for flying versatility) ever survive a fight against abyssal enemies?
  3. You know what? As much as I love her, I can't afford to +10 Selena I fear, I NEED that reposition fodder. And I love Beruka just as much if not even more, so I've decided to build a Flier Team around her, aslo because I already have the resources to build her and it will cost me less than building the readhead tsundere. So question about flier teams: would you frown upon a flier team with 2 colorless units? +10 +Def Beruka w/ Beruka's Axe(+Refine) / Repo / Bonfire / DC / QR / some-flier-related-C-skill / Iote (maybe S rank summoner) is the set I want to build around and I don't have that many flier units in my roster, but what I DO have is Eir and Halloween Mia. And I have multiple questions about this team I want to build: - in PvE, would having 2 colorless be a particular detriment to the team? - as for the 4th member, I was thinking of switching between red and blue depending on the map in question (again, I don't have many options unfortunately, it would probably be a Palla, Caeda or Clair), or do I particularly want a Blue for the Reds that might counter Beruka? - do I even need Halloween Mia's witchy wand considering Beruka has Guard on her weapon? I mean, there's a free brave Camilla right around the corner... - as much as I hate her, my +Atk Summer Camilla is probably worth mentioning, she'd probably be a great candidate for the 4th slot, should I give her the blade or is it not worth it if I don't have a dancer on the team?
  4. Now that Selena's refine is out, I'd say her best offensive A skill (supposing you're using said refine) is now Flashing Blade 4 for cooldown reduction and added true damage not being factored in the Atk check, but supposing I'm a f2p coming back from repeated hiatuses with no Mareeta fodder on hand, what's my best option between building her defensively with Steady Breath and Quick Riposte or going for the offense regardless with Flashing Blade 3 (yes, in the A slot) + Desperation? In the latter case I'd probably then hoard orbs until Mareeta comes back on some banner. As for Selena, I was planning on +10ing her eventually, I have enough feathers to +5 her at the moment. No idea about my dragonflower situation. EDIT: I have both +spd and +atk bases, I guess +spd would work better for the flashing blade set while +atk (lacking + def) would be better for the steady breath build, but how would the +spd one be fare that much worse with a steady breath build? This would be for PvE btw
  5. Hi, I'm on Mac and tried manually setting up Lex Talionis, as such I installed git and pygame. My problem is that (as you predicted) python3 has issues running the game (it says a dictionary's size changed during iteration) but python2 can't find the pygame module to import it, do you have any tips on how to fix this? EDIT: fixed it, if anyone encounters this same problem send me a PM and I may be able to help you; btw Rainslash a python engine for fire emblem games is like a dream come true, I can't wait until I learn more about Python coding to start messing around with this, massive props to you!
  6. No one cares how you beat a single player game... as long as you don't start going around on forums telling people not to touch Marcus because he has low growths and will steal exp from your other units. Mekkah's pitfalls series serves both to fight "veteran players" giving such "advice" to newer players and to inform players who have fallen into the habit of (for example) always promoting at lv.20 that the option of promoting earlier is still there and is not at all a bad one.
  7. ... I have so many questions... I don't even... Why is this all relevant? Are we talking about bad units or random shit happening in your playthrough? Kaden and Keaton are far from top tier units in their respective games for reasons that don't spare them in Revelations (I'd say the same holds true for Velouria, but I don't know the general consensus about her), are you trying to convince us that they can be good if you grind/farm them? Color me impressed Why are you telling us he soloed a chapter and then you immediately tell us he... didn't really solo the chapter? Have you ever heard of bases over growths? With 30% Growth your Subaki will have on average 10 Mag before promotion bonus at 20/10 Oni Chieftain, which is basically the endgame; I don't really understand who's gonna spend "a few levels" as a Dark Flyer but how much difference do you think it'll actually make make? 1 point at 20/10? 2 points at 20/15? Dark Flyer is good for Spd+2, but as far as Mag is concerned you'll be better served by investing in Mag Tonics, +Mag pair-ups and Spirit Dusts Why are you concerned with magic weapons tanking your capability to dodgetank in a game that run true RNG for <50% Hit? Why are you so hyped for Darting Blow on an EP unit? Why are you talking like Perfectionist makes up for -20 Avd when it's gonna be gone after a single hit? A hit that Subaki is rarely gonna dodge due to his generally bad avoid and Fates RNG system? Why are you so concerned about Subaki dodging hits a few lines after claiming that he takes 0 dmg from enemies? Why does none of this make sense? Why are you so enamored with tanky characters? At what pace are you playing the game? And WHAT game are you playing? Why are you not using Ryoma/Scarlet/Xander for tanks with either utility or better offense (god it's been so much since I last played Fates, what other viable tanky characters are there in Revelations? Fuga I think?)? Why are you telling us that Swords are his "worst weapon type" after telling us that Blacksmith is a good reclass for him? What weapons is he gonna use? Those Naginatas for +1 Def/Res that he has no rank for? Axes with his E rank upon promotion? Ever heard of E rank hell? What do you even mean? Would you like for Oboro and Hinata to change classes? I guess Sword Fighter would fit Hinata better (though I have read multiple times that his base Spd is like enough to get him through almost the whole game if you want to, it's not like Birthright units are starved for +Spd pair-ups and the likes), but why would Oboro be better off in Samurai? Why would anyone want to be a foot-locked swordie in a game where dominating sword users like Ryoma and Corrin (and Silas to an extent) exist? Outperform who? Xander? Ryoma? Corrin? Paladin!Jakob? Camilla? Scarlet? When, in which chapters? With how much investment? Is it really worth it? "Outperform" in what sense? Purely combat-wise? Contribution-wise? Or are we just fetishising b i g n u m b e r s here? What's so special about any random unit performing good with THAT much favoritism? How can you think Beruka outperforming Camilla after you gave her 5 statboosters (possibly 6) to be outstanding in any way? And why are you calling Beruka a "milf"? WHY THE HELL ARE YOU RECLASSING FUCKING SAIZO AKA RYOMA JR? He already has good jointime+best weapon type in the game+good stats (only needs help with Spd, not difficult in Birthright, I remember jack shit about him in Rev though)!!!! Why are you going Merchant over Sniper for "stats" when Sniper has far superior offensive stats (and skills, and pair up bonuses)?
  8. @Blank64 Good, I don't have windows with me rn to try and patch it, but it should be good (you can give it a try yourself with a vanilla fe8 rom if you want to, to see if the patch file works, it not having an extension puzzles me since windows ALWAYS puts the extension at the end of the file's name) I played the prologue and I saw the opening cutscene of ch.1, these are my critiques gameplay-wise: prologue map is honestly kinda boring, I can point you to a few resources to better understand good map design, but for reference, just compare Prologue's map with your own Ch.1's map, which at a glance seems miles better, if only because you put a defined path through it stascreen background NEEDS to be changed, it’s just a punch in the eye and makes it pretty difficult to read words/numbers Shade has no reason to exist; Flux will be better in every situation: it’s plenty accurate unless enemies in later chapters suddenly become super dodgy, has 4 more Might and doesn’t even slow Blank down; should there be a character with E dark in a later chapter grinding Dark weapon rank with Shade will be a MASSIVE pain
  9. Oh my GOD are you telling me that wasn't a metaphor?! He's "double invincible"? He literally wears plot armor under plot armor?! WHY HAVEN'T I BEEN READING THIS SHIT?! Let us be hyped for Book 3 amirite
  10. I'm gonna play through this and give feedback but first: REMOVE THAT LINK RIGHT NOW!!! Distributing roms is illegal and forbidden by the rules of any forum, so remove that link and upload a patch instead; FeBuilder has indeed a feature that allows you to make a patch out of an edited rom, so no reason not to do that, I never used it but I know it exists and it should be pretty straight-forward @Blank64 ping so that you can see this edit: wrong subforum now that i think about it, should have gone into Fan Projects
  11. Why would it be too cancerous? I dunno, I'm just thinking they may end up with something like a prf Dance skill/weapon that gives some insane boost like danced allies get +6 Atk/Spd+Brash Assault or +6 Atk/Spd+Desperation or really any stat boost+skill combination (stat boost+windsweep?) And Legendary units have the right to both a unique prf skill AND weapon
  12. Random thought: What do you guys think about the possibility of getting a legendary refresher unit? Not necessarily in December. I don't even know if I'd be down for that, might end up too cancerous of a unit, but the sheer fanservice potential of it (Dancer!Celica? Dancer!Camilla? Dancer!Tiki? another Azura Alt?) makes me think IS wouldn't be against it...
  13. As someone who's been playing FEH without reading a single line of "story", I have to ask: what do you mean with that?
  14. A Spd focused build isn't really an option my current resources, and I don't see how Desperation + Spd stacking can give her durability on EP; anything to say about my question on Chill Skills in PvE? I don't have him, but I don't think -Atk will hinder him all that much if you give him a solid PP focus with proper support from blessings and/or flying team allies; even if you already have Cherche, maybe you could think about building a second flying team? His competition would be what? Gerome (a.k.a worse Cherche, Innes' speed probably makes him a better tank than him)? Beruka (but she plays way differently)? Def Feint seems like a fun skill to play around with; infantry units with bad ivs have it hard, but Cav/Flying units with bad ivs can still make up for it with movement-specific buffs, believe me
  15. How the hell do I build a PVE team that is not 1/2 dps + dancer cheerleaders? Trying to build -HP +Def GrimaF for an Earth PVE team and I'm stuck on her B skill and Special choice; with my current team setup (L!Ike, Blade-SummerCatria, BuffBotGroomMarth) I don't have a way to buff her Res while I CAN pump her Def to 48/50; I have no sacred coins left and my only good seals are QR2 (on Ike to combo with Aether/WardingBreath/Vantage), Atk/Def Bond 3 (on Grima), Hone Spd 2 (on Marth), Brazen Atk/Res (on Blade Catria). I was going for something not too expensive like Expiration/Bonfire/Dragonskin/???/Res Smoke (debuffing enemy Res for Catria)/AtkDefBond and I'm stuck! I'm trying to go for cheapish builds here I see everyone recommend QR3 for GrimaF but how is she gonna keep it up for more than 1/2 battles? She doesn't have the Res to take 0 damage from mages and Specials from any enemy WILL wear her down, and while Guard could be good it would have the same problem of QR3: how do I keep it up without a healer on the team (double colorless on a single team? nah...) or Aether (I don't have anything to accelerate her CD charge, no Flashing/Heavy Blade seals)? I'm THIS close to giving her Sol+QR2, she DOES have adaptive damage at 2 Range after all so high-res physical enemies would be the only ones she would struggle doing damage to. Should I give her the Brazen Atk/Res seal for something like Bonfire/Dragonskin/Vantage/Brazen AtkRes? Would it be better than Sol/Dragonksin/QR2/AtkDefBond? What am I missing? And talking about B slot in PvE, how good are Chill Skills in Pve? They don't seem all that hot to me when they're debuffing only 1 enemy out 6+ on the map
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