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  1. Do you have any specific list of this that you like? I looked deeper into the play styles of all those decks and I feel I would like this one the most! Also, assuming I would build a Female Corrin deck, what box would be most effective to buy to get a good core? To me it seems that the cards are split between 2 and 3, and that a structure deck 4 would be solid.
  2. Hey guys, I recently got into cipher and am really enjoying the game. I'm coming from Yu-Gi-Oh and I really enjoy the deeper strategy of cipher and am looking to get competitive. I was wondering if any cipher pros wanted to give some advice about what seems to be the strongest decks, how they work, why they work, and a solid deck for a beginner that is still competitive. I also would like some advice on the best way to acquire certain cards that aren't in the structure decks that doesn't break the bank. I'm yet to find a decent website or store near me that carries singles at a reasonable price. I'm currently learning on the Roy and Chrom starter decks so I have knowledge of those cards/archetypes, but if they are on the weaker side of things I would love to learn another~ Thanks! -AncientEcho
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