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  1. Hey all! Got my B18 boxes in and here's my list of for sale cards for set B18 along with sets B01-B12. Cards are M/NM; straight from the pack and stored! N/HN from B01-B12 and B18 are $0.2 and $0.4 respectively. I should have at least 1 copy of every card, but I'm out of Risen from set B08. 339x Rares: $1 Each unless otherwise stated! 66x Super Rares! Prices each stated within: 9x R/SR+ cards! Prices each stated within: Shipping Info from the States with a first class bubble mailer: International? $12 tracked shipping; I'll comp shipping for orders $40+. Domestic? $3 tracked shipping; I'll comp shipping for orders $25+. Less interested in buying and instead trading? Check out my wants list: Please feel free to message me as well! I'm happy to help or provide extra images or information. I hope to hear from you. ____________ Thanks to everyone who purchased from and traded with me! +2 jiayejoe +1 LunartailSteffi +1 Ayyana +1 Kaflet +1 lieftenant +1 Crono +1 Edelgard über alle +1 Emblem-R +1 FireFenrir
  2. Haven't posted in nearly 3 years, but here's a mega-sell post because my old cards are starting to come out of the woodwork! I'm selling/trading cards from sets B01-B12; rares, super rares, and rares+ and +x are listed below as well as my wants list. I'd also like to express that I am US located, so I'd prefer US shipping; I'll only be shipping international in tracked parcels that cost $10.50 to $15.00 depending on where you live. If you're an international buyer, I'll be tagging this extra fee onto the card total unless you buy more than $40 worth of cards, in which case I'll eliminate the shipping cost. Prospective US buyers/traders, I’d like to ask that orders reach at least $10 for base shipment in a PWE and at least $25 for shipment with tracking (within the US). Note that shipping is included with these overall prices. Cards I’m selling are in M/NM condition. I also should have copies of every single common and uncommon from B01-B12, which I’ll sell for $0.50 each if you really want them! (I don't have any more risen from B08, sorry!) Update: Another kind user has provided me a much better site for pricing cards, so you may notice lots of SRs and R/SR+ prices have dropped! Rares ($1 unless stated below!) Rares+(X) (Prices stated below) Super Rares (Prices stated below) Super Rares+ (Prices stated below) Thank you for looking! If you primarily want to trade, please take a look at my Wants! I included prices for comparisons to what I’m selling. Thank you for looking! I hope to hear from many of you so that I can clear these cards out. If you have any questions about pricing or any counteroffers, feel free to message me too. Also, if I made any mistakes in this post, please let me know ________________________ Thanks to everyone who purchased from and traded with me! +3 Emblem-R +2 Jiayejoe +1 italianmarshmallow +1 Crono +1 LunartailSteffi +1 SELECT +1 SporeLP360 +1 Yaymen +1 Soirée
  3. I've managed to secure everything I've been looking for! Thank you everyone! +1 to LunartailSteffi ! +1 to Yunjaelove ! +1 to CipherHunter !
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