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  1. unless you really just enjoy arguing with people. If that's the case then honestly i excuse it
  2. I wasn't making an excuse. I already stated this but I wanted to get these feeling off my chest and because where I live no one agrees with me I had an bias mentality going in I also posted that 2 hours ago and i have rationalized the rant. Now that it's off my chest I admit and have implied several times now that attacking an audience is silly and pointless; I won't be doing it anymore and I even wanted to move on to discussing the games. However you arrogantly persist me like you don't understand concepts. Unless all you are looking for are ways to exploit my every word and flaw because you are THAT triggered and want to upset me in every possible aspect, I'd suggest you take a clue and move on like I did like 5 posts ago.
  3. I am a pessimist... I see the worst. That's where the over extensive generalizing and unwarranted frustration comes from. I can't help that, but you are right critiquing the games is way more worth getting angry at an audience.
  4. The point of this topic was for me to get this off my chest and hear different feedback and opinions. So i accept and respect your opposite opinion
  5. you're right... It's just I live with my 2 sisters... both are those "idiot fans" so it haunts me everyday.
  6. Excuse me, the Rant pants are coming on... I don't like the direction the games are going but above all else I don't want young fire emblem players with fixed mindsets. To play fire emblem to a degree you kinda need a growth mindset, and Awakening encourages fixed mindset players to start playing; So what ends up happening is the fixed mindset players say they are "Fire Emblem fans" but when i suggest older games they tell me the games are too hard AND i had an Awakening player tell me they only played the games for the "shipping aspect." *cringe* I don't want more people like that it almost feels insulting that fire emblem has attracted that audience. Then TMS comes out and all these fans think they are tough because they "know" about the first game in the franchise when they're a bunch of posers, i'm afraid the same's gonna happen with FE Warriors.
  7. I admit eccentric was poor word choice... but this is more about the discussion then a mistake a dumb teenager made (i.e. ME)
  8. With the recent Switch presentation we were graced with Fire Emblem Warriors... tbh I'm not too excited and call me a hipster but I really enjoy Fire Emblem being Niche. But I'm genuinely curious what the community thinks of the change. (You can call me late if you want I know this started with Awakening)
  9. maybe it's an unpopular opinion but i'm distasteful of all the fire emblem cross-overs. Call me a hipster but i prefer fire emblem not go mainstream. i could go into more details but i don't wanna ruin the hype
  10. I guess he's indirectly a villain. I mean Corrin or Nohrrin is kinda a coward and only steps up to plate because people tell him/her to. So by that logic he already misses the Hero/Good archetype and leads more toward a evil archetype. A villain is as a coward who seeks revenge sending troops before himself always hiding till the poison settles in and he strikes. Nohrrin kinda meets this; He is a coward living under his not-father's rule, he clearly doesn't agree to what his father says and does and has been targeted several times and instead of facing the problem with bravery he doesn't... He listens to his siblings and Azura and instead hides to plot against him which goes against the code of a hero. He waits in the shadows for a chance to take over... Corrin as a character is morally Good and based on that you wouldn't really expect him to act the way he does. So it comes out as awkward for who is suppose to be a hero and not to mention "myself" since Corrin is the avatar then does intelligent systems just assume what I'd do in the situation delivered in conquest? Sorry this very quickly became a complain post so I'll stop myself here before I continue ranting pages of text. Noarrin is not really a villain but his character doesn't work as a hero either so I pick other
  11. I mean FE3 Sheeda was broken for me, It might just be my luck but my Sheeda crit way to much. and with the dismount system I guess she wasn't really a pegasus... definitely beat minerva in my opinion. However after the snes engine passed Wyverns ran supreme in the GBA titles (Cormag is an exception)
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