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  1. Can't provide much support for the Mac version since I don't actually own one, but which directory are you running Paragon from? It sounds like you're running it from your user directory, but you should cd into the directory of Paragon first. Ex. If Paragon is in /Users/{username}/Downloads/Paragon/ and you're in /Users/{username}/ when the terminal opens, you can get to the Paragon directory by running cd Downloads/Paragon and then run it with ./paragon
  2. Yeah I think you have the wrong folder. It looks like you set your Extracted RomFS folder and output folder to the same place. Do you have a dump of the game? Have you extracted the romfs so you have the game files in a folder? You can do this in Citra. Extracted RomFS folder should point to the directory of your game files. There should be other folders inside of it like "bs", "GameData", "sound", etc. The output folder is where Paragon should save updates. Generally you make the location where Citra will read your modded files from or somewhere similar for Luma. But main thing is to not point it your rom files since that will overwrite the original data.
  3. Paragon went through a rewrite a while back and import/export hasn't made it to the new version yet. You can use this version or any earlier version if you need to import/export JSON patches.
  4. For editing single sounds, this section in the wiki covers it: https://github.com/thane98/BCSAR-View/wiki/Editing-Sound-Sets For the error, have you set up any tools do wav <-> cwav conversion? The tool doesn't have a built in way to do this yet, so you need to configure another program. Wiki: https://github.com/thane98/BCSAR-View/wiki/Setup#wav---cwav-conversion Subtitles are probably in the m folder of the ROM. You could edit these directly in Paragon, but for this it would be easier to use FEAT: https://github.com/VelouriasMoon/FEAT/releases
  5. Very likely that you have two entries with identical names which isn't allowed by the format. Quick fix is to get rid of the identical names.
  6. Paragon doesn't support DLC directly - you would need to drop the files into your project or the base game's RomFS. DLC's also a pain to work with in general, so I don't remember the process for dumping and modding it.
  7. Currently the only option in Paragon is the Dispos module. Multis tab -> Dispos -> Select File. You can edit everything there but it will be clunky since there's no way to visualize enemies on the map. 3DSFE has a full chapter editor with the map layout, sprites, etc. but we're still mapping out most of this for FE10.
  8. This takes a fair amount of work since you need to modify the bcsar (sound archive) and then set up sound sets for the ported voices. For the first part, I wrote BCSAR View and the wiki has an article on how to import sounds from another game. Sound sets can be managed through Paragon.
  9. This usually means one of the following: Your RomFS directory is not set correctly. It needs to be pointed to an extracted RomFS. The folder you point it to should have subfolders like "asset", "bs", "GameData", etc. Your game dump is incomplete. Verify that your extracted RomFS has the file indicated in the error message.
  10. I responded on Discord where you were asking about this - ping me there if you need more help. It's a binary file, not a text file. You should be able to execute it from the terminal. If you get a permissions error, you may need to add execute permissions with chmod.
  11. For most games, this isn't included in the character data. You can change starting inventories by editing the character's spawn in the dispos (Multis -> Dispos from the main window).
  12. Gen 1 units should swap access to a gen 2 unit. So if Leo and Gunter swap places then Gunter should unlock a child unit when he marries while Leo should not. If that isn't happening let me know the seed and I can see what went wrong.
  13. I can spend some time looking into this when I set up the FE10Battle module. I'll put together some steps for adding the unused weapons.
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