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  1. With the way the randomizer works, a save wouldn't work. The only way to get the effects in game is to play using randomized ROM files.
  2. Use FEAT for decompressing, it's much more reliable than Batch-LZ77 for that kind of stuff. It's a shameless plug, but if you want to edit Fates' files, you could always use FEFEditor. The version of Nightmare that comes with it will automatically decompress/recompress .lz files for you, so you wouldn't even need FEAT or Batch-LZ77 for modifying GameData.bin.lz.
  3. Just in case anyone's wondering, the randomizer isn't dead. I'm currently in the middle of rewriting everything from the ground up to make randomizing your game a lot less painful. With the new version, all you have to do is extract your romfs and select the directory in the randomizer - the program will handle the rest. No decompressing and compressing files with FEAT, no creating a separate patch folder beforehand. The rewrite's also bringing a lot of additional features and customization. As far as new features go, the program can now randomize chest items and the player's starting class. You can choose which characters, classes, skills, and items are included in the pool. To top it all off, I'm addressing some shortcomings of the original version of the randomizer. Bitflags are now patched so that the royals' replacements can wield the divine weapons and activate dragon veins. I'm attempting to address all of the reported bugs and crashes, though I'm not sure about how many of those I can fix since most of them are because of the game being picky with setups on certain maps. There's also a good chance for the randomizer to get Awakening support as well. Most of the code for editing Awakening's files is done, so it's just a matter of creating the randomizer itself and making sure that a randomized Awakening can be played without crashing every chapter. SoV support may come in the future, but I'm still not sure how I want to deal with changing the join order and fully-voiced dialogue. If you want to follow the progress on the next rendition of the randomizer, the code can be found on github.
  4. The Luma wiki has a small tutorial on game patching. Look for where it mentions LayeredFS. Basically, you just make a folder in the luma folder on your SD card and put the modified files there. If game patching is on, Luma will automatically patch your game when you start it up. No running NTR before starting Fates, no crashes when trying to switch games.
  5. Try using Luma's game patching feature instead of NTR's. I haven't updated the main post for it, but Luma's the preferred way to run 3DS ROM hacks now.
  6. Sadly, the fix I implemented in update 5 only solved crashes on chapter 11 for a few people. There's no way to preserve results from beta 4's randomizer, but it probably wouldn't fix the issue anyways. The best recommendation I can give you for getting past the chapter is to either run through the chapter with the patch turned off or begin removing/replacing files from your patch as mentioned in the troubleshooting section of the main post.
  7. With regular homebrew there's no way for you to screw up your 3DS - regular homebrew programs don't even have the permissions needed to modify things that could mess it up. That said, HANS isn't the easiest way at all - Luna's romfs patching is definitely the most convenient way to run ROM hacks. If you have a 3DS on a hackable firmware, I'd recommend the custom firmware route. With the new installation method, there's no way to damage anything during the process as far as I know. You don't even have to go through a downgrade or anything like that.
  8. Thanks for the quick reply! I'll see what I can do about preparing a video if I do submit my hack in the future.
  9. I'm not familiar with what 3DS hacking tools are available on OSX. If you have access to a Windows machine, I'd suggest using that to randomize your game since there are better tools available for unpacking and rebuilding your game ROM. Do you have the romfs for your copy of Fates? If not, you'll need to obtain that first. Once you have the romfs, just extract the files from it using a tool. I think that ctrtool is available for Mac, but its command line only.
  10. Just curious, would you be able to show Fates hacks? I don't have anything to submit at the moment, but I might have something ready to go before the deadline.
  11. Update 3 is out! The primary feature of this update is a new rendition of Fates Script with support for Awakening and Echoes. The script format's changed a little bit, so old scripts aren't compatible with the new version. Consequently, I'm including both the original version of Fates Script and the new version. Anyways, here's a list of changes: Added a new rendition of Fates Script with a tweaked script format and support for scripts from both Awakening and Echoes. Added placeholder menus for Awakening and Echoes editors. Added a "Duplicate Block" option to the dispos editor. Added hotkeys for various menu options in the dispos editor. Fixed a bug which would cause blocks to always use their X1/Y1 coordinate on the dispos grid when editing X2/Y2. You can find a download link in the main post.
  12. I've developed a handful of different tools since joining the Fates hacking community. A little while ago, I decided to start working on a unified editor to act as my main tool for building Fates hacks. Now, the tool is ready for release! FEFEditor comes with tools which make the process of designing new characters and chapters significantly easier. Using tools like the GameData Injector and ROM3 Injector, one can add entirely new characters with custom models to the game without the need to open a hex editor. Meanwhile, chapter editing tools like the dispo editor allow you to spend more time designing your map and less time worrying about how to add in new spawns. In addition to a set of brand new tools, FEFEditor also offers substantial improvements to existing tools. For instance, I've included a new version of FEFNightmare with updated dialogs, automatic lz11 compression, and a new interface for accessing modules. I've also rebuilt my original support editor in Java. This updated version should ensure that you no longer need to worry about moving support tables around manually - the program will take care of expanding your GameData file for you. In short, FEFEditor should provide a convenient set of tools for any Fates ROM hacker to use for development. Download: link Troubleshooting: I'm going to be honest: I'm expecting there to be a LOT of bugs with this program right now. Given how many different aspect of Fates hacking it covers, there's no way that I can test every situation with every tool on my own. While the tool has worked fine for me during my own tests, I cannot guarantee that it will work perfectly for you. Therefore, I advise you to backup your files before making any modifications to them just in case something goes wrong. Please report any bugs that you encounter - I have no way to fix a bug if I don't know that it exists. Additionally, if you find anything inconvenient about the tool or have suggestions as to how to improve it, feel free to post about them here. Credits: SecretiveCactus, SciresM, and Einstein95 - Both FEFEditor and FEFNightmare make use of code for handling lz11 compressed files. The code used for this is derived from Einstein95's DSDecmp and SciresM's FEAT. That code was ported over to Java by SecretiveCactus. Hextator - The developer of Nightmare 2.0, which FEFNightmare uses as a base. RainThunder - Developed the original scripts for injecting data into Fates' bin files and created Fates' Nightmare modules. A huge portion of this program was created using his resources as a reference. DeathChaos25, TildeHat - For their general contributions to the 3DS Fire Emblem hacking scene. Updates
  13. Yes, it's still running on Java just like Nightmare 2. Categories would be nice - I'll look into adding something like that when I get the base functionality in place.
  14. I don't know if WIP resources go in this thread, but I'll go ahead and post what I have here anyways. I'm currently building my own rendition of Nightmare, FEFNightmare, using Nightmare 2 as a base. This new version will come with a more modern UI, lots of quality of life improvements, and some additional features for editing 3DS FE files. In general, FEFNightmare should make editing files using nightmare modules a smoother process. Here's what the main window looks like at the moment: As you can see, the editor allows you specify a module directory for quick access to modules. For 3DS editing, FEFNightmare provides automatic compression/decompression for lz files so that you don't need to open up a compression program just to make some quick edits. I've reduced the amount of dialogs you need to go through when saving files and opening modules. Hopefully, that will make the editing process go a little faster. Additionally, here's a sample module window: I still have a lot to get done before its ready for release, but I think that the tool's coming along well so far.
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