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  1. Both of these would require some code changes. The affinities one should be simple - there's already a way to set a default value for index-based references, but not strings. Just need to add a way to do that. Items will be a little more complicated since there's more information in the value than the reference.
  2. Not 100% done with Radiant Dawn support, but everything that's done is now in the latest release: https://github.com/thane98/paragon/releases/tag/Rewrite-Alpha-2 There's a script and dialogue editor, but they're very rough. I'd like to have something better in the next version.
  3. I'm able to open the items editor without any issues on the latest commit - what error are you getting?
  4. This is more of a MacOS than a Paragon issue - I don't have much experience with Mac permissions. I found this, but if it doesn't help you might try searching the error yourself: https://apple.stackexchange.com/questions/202169/how-can-i-open-an-app-from-an-unidentified-developer-without-using-the-gui/202172
  5. To the first question: just the modified files. For the DLC question: I can’t help with this one - maybe someone else knows. You probably have to rebuild and install the CIA for DLC routes, but I don’t remember the process for that or dumping the files. I haven’t done it since 2017.
  6. If you’re using Luma then I’d recommend using its layeredfs feature rather than rebuilding the rom. With that you should just need to put the randomizer’s outputs in a folder on your SD card. I found this guide for the process: https://gist.github.com/PixelSergey/5dbb4a9b90d290736353fa58e4fcbb42
  7. I tested the build on my Linux setup just to make sure I wasn't going crazy. It's working for me: If it was working but not showing the FE10 option, you probably built the "main" branch. FE10 support is currently on the "fe10" branch. And yeah, for dependency issues most I can suggest is deleting the virtual environment and trying again. I'm guessing the issue is something like installing on python 3 and then running on python 2, but difficult to tell here.
  8. Execute it from the root of the repo. The full command should be something like “python3 paragon/ui/main.py” (depending on what “python” points to for you since it looks like you’re on a Unix system).
  9. What’s the error? If it’s too small for a pull request I can just make the update. Edit: Oh, I see. I merged a PR with some changes to the type but the UI is still referencing the old fields. I’ll fix this in the morning.
  10. You've done nothing wrong here, this error is my fault. I use a local version of mila for development, but the Cargo.toml in the repo is always supposed to point at the version on GitHub. I mistakenly committed my local one. I've pushed in a fix, so it should work if you pull and build again: https://github.com/thane98/paragon/commit/afc94a1b33b7bf44ee6d9420799907eec34853a9#diff-2e9d962a08321605940b5a657135052fbcef87b5e360662bb527c96d9a615542R20
  11. Thanks for this - those notes were a big help. The format is very similar with a few minor differences: 3DS order is header, functions, text data. GCN and DS format is header, text data, functions. GCN/DS use different function headers. 3DS has floating point numbers. Opcodes 0x1 to 0x1E are identical in both versions, but the numbering gets off since the floating point op comes right after the integer op. Overall, not too bad. Added support in the Rust library here so there's now a CLI option to convert scripts to/from YAML for editing if you're willing to build it. I'll look into adding an editor in Paragon as well.
  12. Going to be honest, I have never seen an error like this before. No idea what could immediately corrupt a save like that. One thing you could do is try removing the file GameData/GameData.bin.lz from your Citra mods/romfs folder. If you can get in game afterwards, then there's likely an issue with the edits Ignis made to that file. If that's the case, DM it to me and I'll take a look.
  13. The Mac version is currently distributed as a binary, not a .app. You can start it through a terminal: Navigate to the directory containing the paragon binary in a terminal. Run ./paragon If you get a permissions error, do chmod +x paragon and then try running the command again.
  14. Thanks for doing that! I'd like to support mess/dialogue on the same level as 3DSFE, but there are a couple things to work through there. While the syntax is the same, the commands are all different. I've seen some documentation on them in this thread, but for a release I'd like to have all of them mapped out. After that's done, I'll need to set up rendering in the simulator for FE10 dialogue. Main issue there is that my tpl parsing code is a little buggy - it works fine for portraits and icons, but fails to load several UI elements including talk windows. For scripting, I have plans to support that in Paragon but it's not even there for 3DSFE yet. There's a standalone editor, Exalt, that can compile + decompile scripts, but that's on a different tech stack from Paragon. I've got a project to reimplement it in rust. Maybe FE9/FE10 support can go there.
  15. Thanks! I've been a little busy lately, but I finally got some time to work on this again. So far I've written modules for FE10Data, facedata, shopdata, and dispos. Paragon's also producing files that are almost identical to the originals now - only difference is sort order for text data with Japanese characters. Finished a few more UIs as well. This is almost ready to go - I want to add a few more modules first. This thread's been very useful for writing them so far! Also, if anyone wants to help with writing modules everything is in the GitHub repo under the fe10 branch: https://github.com/thane98/paragon/tree/fe10 I could use a little help with chapter blocks if anyone has those mapped out. Paragon can parse them, but most of the fields have generic names since I haven't figured out what they do yet.
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