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  1. Random errors like this are tougher to pin down, but I can try looking at where this crashed in the game’s code later today.
  2. Thanks for the report - I think I know what’s causing this, so I will have a fix for it in the next release. For now you can get around it by deleting the files in data/landscape in your output folder (I think). You only need to delete the one for the broken chapter, but can always get rid of the others as well if you aren’t editing landscape.
  3. Late to this, but here's a release which will use an absolute path for the backup and log where it's saving: https://github.com/thane98/paragon/releases/tag/Rewrite-Alpha-1-8 If you're still seeing issues, chances are wherever Paragon's trying to write is marked as read only.
  4. I see - either way Paragon is trying to write to something it can’t. I’ll post a release later today with some adjustments to either fix your issue or at least give some more info on what went wrong.
  5. This is a permissions error, so chances are your project/output folder is in some place that requires administrator permissions. Can fix it by either using an output folder that doesn’t require these permissions or running Paragon as administrator. I’d suggest using a different output folder.
  6. New version is available from the download link in the main post. Change log: Added an editor for FE14 field files (field/ and GameData/Field/) Added a multi for asset files. Added a widget for validating a file path. (Ex. Determine whether or not a portrait file is valid). Multiple destinations can be chosen with advanced copy Copying will not overwrite the destination's ID. (Ex. Copying from Felicia to Rinkah will not change Rinkah's character ID)
  7. Above post has it right - 3DSFE doesn't use palettes anywhere. The files under the asset folder in the ROM tell the game how to build a character from a set of models, textures, etc. It's not difficult to edit these with Paragon:
  8. Nothing's guaranteed when making changes with an existing save unfortunately. Reordering tables, supports, deployment slots, etc are especially bad for this.
  9. A006, B006, and C006 don't organize their data like other chapters, so they require Paragon to look in two locations to find chapter data. As long as characters show up in the "Map" and "Chapter Characters" tabs, nothing is wrong here. For Felicia showing up as a Troubadour, that's an interesting issue - nobody's reported something like this before. I will look into it, but as a sanity check I would make sure Felicia isn't set to Troubadour in your project. The dropdowns change items when you scroll over them, so something like that could trigger an unexpected change (already have a task to make this optional in my TODO list).
  10. Definitely possible, but I wouldn't consider it a beginner project. The only global data for Candace is as a capturable unit. You would want to make a new Candace in the character editor with a unique PID. Characters have a "parent" field that you would need to change. There's also parent ID and child ID. Not sure what these do to be honest, but you should set them as well. Chapters have a "Married Character" unlock condition that would need to be changed. You should also adjust chapter spawns so that the new "child" character shows up instead of the original. You can also change chapter dialogue, but that might take a while. Some chapters may also mention a character in the script, so you should replace any references to the original child's PID in Exalt. Hair colors are also an issue - it's not something I've messed with before. To make Scarlet's hair change depending on the mother, you would probably need to recolor her hair to the same gray color used for second gen units. I'm not sure if you need to do something similar for model textures. FEAT can handle extracting portrait arcs, replacing textures, etc. That's what I can think of off the top of my head. There's may be more steps to this that I'm forgetting. Adding a new character is easy, but moving characters between generations is more complicated.
  11. FEAT isn't actually my app, so all I can only give advice. I suggest using the fork I linked in my post (the exe should have a Velouria icon) and holding CTRL when you drag the *.bin file over the window.
  12. Paragon is a toolkit for editing FE13-FE15. It includes editors for things like characters, chapters, items, etc. as well as a dialogue editor/simulator. Everything is built on top of a module system similar to Nightmare, so you can also build your own editors or change the UI without touching code. The editing process for Paragon is a lot simpler than its predecessors. Just give it your extracted romfs and a place to save changes - it will figure out the rest. For more information, see the GitHub repo: https://github.com/thane98/paragon Download links for MacOS and Windows available here: https://github.com/thane98/paragon/releases While Paragon should cover everything at some point, it's currently missing ways to edit sounds, scripts, and assets. I recommend the following tools for these use cases: BCSAR View, an editor for 3DS sound archives - https://github.com/thane98/BCSAR-View Exalt, a script/cmb compiler and decompiler for 3DSFE - https://github.com/thane98/Exalt FEAT, a 3DSFE file extraction and packing tool - https://github.com/VelouriasMoon/FEAT
  13. Which version of FEAT are you using? There are several forks (Velouria fork is the newest one). For the Velouria fork, you need to hold CTRL when you drag the file over to recompress.
  14. With the way the randomizer works, a save wouldn't work. The only way to get the effects in game is to play using randomized ROM files.
  15. Use FEAT for decompressing, it's much more reliable than Batch-LZ77 for that kind of stuff. It's a shameless plug, but if you want to edit Fates' files, you could always use FEFEditor. The version of Nightmare that comes with it will automatically decompress/recompress .lz files for you, so you wouldn't even need FEAT or Batch-LZ77 for modifying GameData.bin.lz.
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