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  1. Google uses your navigation data to select ads, if you search something on Amazon you can see it very easily, since you usually get the exact product you searched. If you don't search too much FE realted stuff on Google you'll probably never see an ad regarding that. Basically, ads are shown in base of the person who is visiting, not in relation with the site which is being visited.
  2. Normal Awakening is the easiest I've played so far. Even excluding Casual mode, you can easily solo the game with Robin and Chrom.
  3. I started Gaiden on december, right after finishing Shadow Dragon and the Sword of Light, and today I managed to finish it, so here are my thoughts. Bad map design: That's the worst flaw of this game. Anonymous maps, repeated maps, bad designed maps with only few gimmicks at the end. I'd appreciate if they could fix it in SoV. Broken items: Mostly the Angel Ring. The Moon Lance, too. And the Magic Ring. Too much power that is difficult to spread in the party. That's why I ended up with almost capped Strenght Est. Poor charachter design: Well, I cannot blame them for this since that's a NES game, but the point is here. Still (a lot) better than FE1. Fantastic music: There are few tracks in this game, but every one of them has its own appeal and, despite the low 8-bit quality, they really sound good. Can't wait to hear the revamped versions. Good ideas: The realization isn't the best, but there are a lot of cool ideas. It was a lot fun to play, except some chapters that... you know, Nuibaba, swamps, teleporting Dread Fighters. Annoying.
  4. I am currently playing Vanilla Normal in my first playthrough. You don't need grinding except for some units, and there are areas where it is really easy to do. You can also use an Angel Ring for the growth rates. Or to solo the late game with Est.
  5. Welcome to the Forest! Another one who started from FE7 huh, good to read this.
  6. Yeah, there is still the entire 2017 content, Nintendo still makes ca$h on the 3DS, at least until they have a solid base on Switch.
  7. That would be awesome, they could even implement waifus and stuff like Genealogy without bothering older fans. FE12 is probably the worst example on how to launch a game in the history of the franchise. If it has to be like that I prefer nothing at all. Pokémon has always been a cross-gen seller. RBY arrived late on the GB life, with GBC not yet announced. GS were compatible with normal GB, but had exclusive content on GBC (colors), same for BW2 which had RAdar Pokémon and, with that, the Therian forms of the Totem Trio. The DS had retrocompatibility with exclusive content for GBA games' owners in DPP. Only RSE was an exception, but only because the brand was intended to end with GSC and they had issues rebalancing the completely broken battle system. I'll say the obvious: portable is better portable than half-portable. Continuing to support the 3DS (or the DS line in general) would mean that the concept of the Switch (play everywhere, any time you want) is meaningless, since you can already play everywhere with a 3DS. Sorry for talking so much about my opinions while you probably don't give a shit about them. lol.
  8. They said the same for the GBA and the DS. We all know how it ended. Living in Europe is so bad.
  9. Since FE for Switch has already been announced for 2018, I think they will stop for the 3DS after SoV (yeah, Warriors, but it's a spin-off, crossgen, and only on the new 3DS, it doesn't count). Not only that. I also think 2017 will be the last year of 3DS' life, then Switch will completely replace it, with no new handheld console (at least, if Switch sells good). We will have confirmation of how much the 3DS is dead on the next Pokémon announcement for sure. Good friday to you, too :3
  10. I voted for my favs, (Lute, L'Arachel, Hector, Takumi, Gaius, BBQguySigurd, Lyn and Odin), but now I prefer giving my votes to only one charachter to give him the best possibilities.
  11. Thanks for the notice, mate. About the commericial... the "trust no one" part is complete trash, being a game when half of your units are recruited from enemy lines. And what about xX_L00t_Xx, do you guys think she is there for the same reason of Dorcas?
  12. Even with his mutton poisoned he got it to the 18th position. This man deserves to be in the top 10, let the power of memes flow in you! No, I'm serious, I will vote him. Anyone else? EDIT: changed title from Dorcas to generic
  13. Okay, here we go. Normal: Snorlax, because he is the only normal type I ever liked to actually use in normal playthroughs. Fire: Ninetales, he is my favourite Pokémon above everyone else. Grass: Torterra. Best starter, too. Water: Suicune, he is just elegant and beautiful, as a water type has to be. Electric: Rotom, the fact he can control electrical appliances is just fun. Psychic: Gallade, because of his design. So edgy. Ice: Glaceon. Elegant. Soft. Ice. Dragon: Dragonite. Fat dragon rulez mah boi. Dark: Darkrai cause Shadows of Almia and everything. Fairy: Alolan Vulpix, cause I love Ninetales, but Vulpix is a lot cuter. Fighting: Lucario. I hate fighting types, he and Gallade are the only ones I like. Flying: Staraptor, he was my first shiny. Poison: ...Venusaur is the only one I don't hate, so I guess he is my fav? Rock: Rhyperior, aka Pokémon's Oswin. Ground: Nidoking, just kingly. Bug: Araquanid. I have entomophobia, I hate insects, even in this game. He is the only one I can accept, but just because he is strong. A lot. Ghost: Giratina, I love his shiny colors. Steel: Dialga, cause Mystery Dungeon 2. It's the first time I chose a Pokémon for each type, I feel like some of them are here just to have one of each type while others should be here but aren't.
  14. Wow, there is a lot of people coming from smash. My story is not special anyway, but let's start. Back in 2008 I started knowing about emulators and I was like "oh wow, free games!" (did not know it was illegal). One day, I downloaded that game "Fire Emblem", played the tutorial and thought that was complete trash. A year later a friend showed me Shadow Dragon and I played the prologue chapters (poor Abel lel) and actually liked it, so then I downloaded "Fire Emblem" and discovered that there were two of them on GBA, picked the 7 and played it (spammed Marcus, obviously). I played it in english, didn't understand anything at all about the story. I knew only years later that it was localized in Italian, too. So, I played FE7 and 8, then I saw that Awakening was coming out and just bought it. And after playing FE13, 10, 11, 14, 1, 6 and 2 I'm here, with Fire Emblem at the third place of my personal top of series (the 2nd and 1st are respectively Zelda - which I got into near the same time as Fire Emblem and was a beautiful experience, but this is not the place to talk about that - and Pokèmon - played since I was 3 -). This game, and the other two, are just so deep radicated in my heart that I won't ever be able to stop loving them.
  15. I'm not surprised for Ike, but I thought he would be over Lucina. As for Lyn, I was planning to vote her, but, wow, first place? I hope she is here to stay.
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