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  1. I've already completed Birthright, and I'm planning on replaying it on a harder difficulty (lunatic-classic) before moving on to Conquest (heard the easy mode here was even harder than Birthright's hard mode, and I did struggle a few times playing hard-classic birthright route). Before I do that, I would like some help on understanding some of the new game mechanics, mainly the new pair up system. I'm very well familiar with the Awakening pair system, so comparing the two differences can help me understand better. My main question is: How does the new support system and dual attack damage work exactly? I know in Awakening, the more support points you have, the better chance you have at dual attacking/guarding. How does the support system affect the pair up system? I know about dual guarding, but what else? Does it just add more stats? And also, I know how dual attacks work, but the dual strike seems to do less damage? Would greatly appreciate it if someone could specifically explain it to me :) Edit: Thanks for the replies! I understand it much better now. I just have one more question if anyone can answer! I'm going to try to explain an example: Let's say I put a solo unit with two adjacent solo units by it (let's say one is to his left, and the other one is to the south), and then an enemy attacks from the right. I know this will have me dual attack, but which unit will be the second one dual attacking? How does the game decide? I know on your turn, you can use R to select between the two, but how is it decided on an enemy's turn?
  2. Spoilers for Birthright below! My god this game is depressing! I just played through Birthright... And I don't know what to think. Main character (kept as default male) loses his mother whom he only started to know, two good friends (Kaze, didn't know you could save him at first, and Lilith), a younger sister, an older brother, and finally, his wife (married Azura), which makes him a widower at just the young age of 18-19 (just an estimation). This game is cruel! I don't remember the other Fire Emblem games killing off that many likable characters just like that! I've played 900 hours in Awakening as of now (purely through main story, I don't bother with that online crap), and I'm still wanting to play the game from time to time, but I can't seem to want to play this game and the other paths I recently bought anytime soon due to fear of seeing characters (especially Azura in that final cutscene, seriously gut wrenching!) die like that. From what I hear, Conquest is even more depressing... Obviously, some characters are going to die, it is a game about war after all... but some characters, especially Azura (and Lilith), should not have died for such bullshit reasons! In Awakening, Robin should have died (as it would make sense), but he didn't due to some power of friendship bullshit (of course I'm still glad he's alive), but in Fates Azura dies to bullshit reasons? There's the end to my short little rant. I still dearly love the series; I bought a new 3DS just so I could play this game (just like how I bought a 3DS 3 years ago only to play Fire Emblem Awakening). I just wanted to share my thoughts about the games mistake in killing a main character off like that at the end, or maybe I'm just a little bitch who can't take loss well. Anyone else have some thoughts about this? No spoilers for Conquest and Revelation please! Obviously I'm still going to play through those paths, just not anytime soon (I need to recover from that last Azura cutscene *cries*).
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