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  1. I doubt this is still being worked on, but if it's fine with you I'd like to suggest maybe making monsters a seperate box for FE8? One of my biggest issues is that my teams get flooded with the monster classes :/ But I still want dancers, soldiers, manaketes and trainees in the pool. For what it is now though, I really like this. Good work! Im sure it took a long time to make, so good on you! :)
  2. There are various checks on things like classes and weapons. The only weapons disallowed as far as I know are Bolverk, Skadi, forged legendary weapons like Raijinto, and enemy only weapons like Saws and Katti. Forged S-ranks are allowed
  3. Ahh, ok. Sorry. I'll ask there in the morning. Also, apologies for my phone deciding to post the same topic twice.
  4. I've looked through dozens of forum posts on several websites, but I can't find the sanswer to a specific question. I want to test some simple cheats in Fire Emblem Fates, nothing to extreme, just some simple convoy editing since grinding and forging weapons in the game is bullshit (Maybe also make some units into funny classes for a short bit). However, I got confused as I looked into the "Shadowban Checklist". If I, for example, had Forrest as a Witch or Subaki as a Wolfskin, would I get shadowbanned if they weren't in my street pass team? Does having them as those classes AT ALL get me shadowbanned?
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