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  1. Can you tell me which Gender build apperance you choose?
  2. I'm currently Doing Fates Custom Bond unit challenge run. The only hack I use is the bond unit apperance and class creation tool, rest of gameplays stays as normal though the whole run. Anyone is welcome to join regardless of whether you have game or not, this is open request. Anyone is welcome to request your custom bond unit stats for my playthrough: * Your MU name, class, skill, apperance, and stats for my custom bond unit only playthrough. * For anyone wants their specific hair style and apperance, use this customizer as reference to comment down below. * You can freely choose any MU's hair color you want including colors that are not avalible ingame. If you want to have custom color, here is a website for the hex color code and please type the hex code down in comments. * Any accessories outside of customizer they want for their MU are optional to have, please type down the item you want. Here are the rules: * Unplayable class (except Minerva's Pegasus Knight) and enemy exclusive item are not allowed. * No swimwear and Japan exclusive accessories such as pumpkin head are not allowed for their decoration. * One person can only have 1 bond skill, Due to the limitation, MU's genders are restricted through bond skill, thus the personal skill you are choosing is also your gender's choice. Here are the lists of gender and bond skill Custom Bond unit Submission Example: Name: Neo Boon/Bane: +spd -luck Class (Advance): Paladin Personal Skill: Sol Hair Color Hex: #61453F Accessories (Optional): Flower Braids Apperance (Optional): Face 3, Hair 6, Hair Clip 3, Facial Feature None
  3. Is there any Gaiden expanstion project team currently working on? example: Add exclusive SoV character into Gaiden along expand story from FE15. maybe some map changes. I have no knowledge of rom hacking, but I would like to help by contribute some sprites and artstyle. and im happy to help Thank you
  4. I can see the reason why. Most villagers are got complete makeover, there were no female Villager so i have to create in original form that somewhat resemble Faye.
  5. I used to post this on Reddit and Amino a while ago, This is a reupload of the posts, so go check it out: https://aminoapps.com/c/fire-emblem-amino/page/blog/exclusive-sov-character-in-gaiden-art-style/N43l_e4KuMuaG60KP8zJz6Pqo2GbqNwmk7n Hope you enjoy
  6. Fire Emblem Gaiden/Echoes Alm Chapter 1 theme (FE8 GBA Style) Here are my FE 8 gba style of Gaiden/Echoes chaper 1 theme, all thanks to . FE 8 Sacred Stones soundfont by circleseverywhere from Serene Forest: https://www.dropbox.com/s/mwek6smehhap7rq/Native_Instruments_with_MPiano.sf2?dl=0 FE 2 Gaiden portrait by Lyanthus from Serene Forest: Hope you enjoy
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