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  1. Oh thank you for the heads up Prince!
  2. Is anyone in Japan attending Comiket 93 this year? I'm not sure if people on here organize group buys for the upcoming 2 boxes with marker cards, etc.? Player's Box BlackPlayer's Box Red Delthea Promotional Card
  3. STILL UPDATED FOR DECEMBER 26, 2017. LIST IS CONFIRMED UP-TO-DATE. Series 01/B01 Series 02/B02 Series 03/B03 Series 04/B04 Series 05/B05 Series 08/B08 Promo Cards Marker Cards Card Sleeves Looking to sell these cards or trade towards Cipher Series 11 SR/R+/SR+, message me for negotiation on price or trade. Payment through PayPal. You can private message me. **Also have Fire Emblem Valentia Limited Edition, Xenoblade Chronicles 2 (Switch, Sealed) for trade for SR + cards from the Cipher Series 11 line.** Edit 1: Fixed typo error: B08-008 SR should be B08-006 SR. Reference for Pictures: https://fecipher.jp/cards_category/bt/
  4. Fire Emblem Cipher TCG won't make it to the West. Even if it did, it will become rare for any store to even carry booster boxes like FF Opus. lol stores like Walmart, Toys R Us and etc. don't carry FF Opus, it won't become popular. If you are collecting for the sakes of collecting, just collect it from Japan. I am already 8/9 complete series, have all the PR's so far and marker cipher cards. It's extremely expensive as a completionist. Jobless right now, so I can't get series 9 and series 10 is around the corner in September. Yikes. Furthermore, If it's already been 9 series into the TCG it's pretty much too late for it to come out to the West. Even if it did, it would only last the first 1-4 series before it dies down and becomes overshadowed by another TCG or Pokemon lol.
  5. Sell List: Fire Emblem Cipher Promotional (PR) P01-005PRr – Chrom - Traded P03-002PR - Tsubasa P05-014PR – Lilina - Traded P05-001PR – Sigurd (x2) P05-013PR - Roy P05-015PR – Micaiah / Mikaya - Traded P06-011PR – Eldigan / Eltshan P07-016PR – Lin/Lyndis - Traded Fire Emblem Cipher - Series 1 B01-007R – Cain (x2) B01-009R – Abel (x2) B01-022SR – Nabarl/Navarre (x2) B01-028R – Malik (x2) B01-030R - Minerva B01-035R – Rinda/Linde (x2) B01-042R+ - Est B01-057R – Robin (Female) B01-059R – Liz/Lissa B01-068R – Smia/Sumia (x3) - Traded (0 left) B01-070R – Ronkuu/Lon’qu B01-073SR – Gaius/Guire B01-083R – Olivie/Olivia B01-084R – Serge/Cherche (x3) B01-097R – Azur/Inigo Fire Emblem Cipher - Series 2 B02-004R – Azura (x3) B02-014R – Saizou B02-026R – Hana/Kazehana (x4) B02-026R+ - Hana/Kazahana B02-028R - Subaki/Tsubaki B02-028R+ - Subaki/Tsubaki B02-043R – Gurei/Gray (x3) B02-045R – Matoi (x3) B02-047R – Syalla (x2) B02-066R – Peri (x4) B02-070R – Luna/Runa (x3) B02-093R – Forrest/Foleo (x2) B02-093R+ - Forrest/Foleo Fire Emblem Cipher - Series 3 B03-032R – Nephenee (x3) B03-036R - Jill B03-040R – Rai/Ranulf (x2) B03-044R – Naesala (x3) B03-043R – Tibarn (x2) B03-046R – Leanne (x1) B03-045R – Reyson/Rieusion (x3) B03-062R – Kanna (Male) B03-069R – Mitama B03-069R+ - Mitama B03-076SR – Kamui/Corrin (Male) B03-083R – Silas/Cyrus (x3) B03-086R – Kanna (Female) (x2) B03-091R – Eponinu (x2) Fire Emblem Cipher - Series 4 B04-005SR – Toma Akagi B04-013R+ - Yashiro Tsurugi B04-029R – Julian (x2) B04-031R – Sirius (x2) B04-035R – Feena B04-036SR – Minerva B04-044SR – Hardin B04-045R – Hardin (x2) B04-047R – Michalis (x2) B04-059R – Eleonora Yumizuru (x2) B04-070R – Gaius B04-085R – Owain B04-092R – Cynthia - Traded B04-092R+ - Cynthia - Traded Fire Emblem Cipher - Series 5 B05-007R – Allen (x2) B05-009R – Lance (x3) B05-022R – Shanna/Thany (x2) B05-025R - Lugh B05-038R – Thite (x2) B05-042SR – Sophia/Sofiya (x2) - Traded (0 left) B05-044R – Fae/Fa (x3) - Traded (0 left) B05-046R – Juno/Yuno (x3) B05-048SR – Narcian/Nashen - Traded B05-054SR – Sothe/Saza (x2) B05-073R – Nailah/Nike (x2) B05-077R – Nefeni B05-080R – Lucia/Luchino B05-084R – Sigrun (x2) B05-090R – Soren/Senerio (x3) B05-098R – Kurthnaga (x2) B05-098R+ - Kurthnaga Note: Each card is sleeved with either a Marth or Lucina sleeve from the Fire Emblem Cipher series sleeve collection. Also, I have the complete N/HN common/uncommon Fire Emblem Cipher cards from Series 1 through 5.
  6. Hello, I am looking for 4 special marker cards. I need Lucina, Flora, Black Knight and Anna from C89 Player's Dot Box (or the Player's Dot Box itself with everything included). Willing to purchase over eBay (I cover tracking, fees) and willing to negotiate if anyone is letting them go. I have a few Cipher cards that I can throw in as well. Few promo cards from the guides (which are my doubles) and a stack full of R/R+/SR cards. I'll list the cards if I get a offer. Willing to include both $$$ and 50 holo cards ranging from R/R+/SR/PR. Thanks. EDIT: 01/23/2017 - Am no longer looking for the following cards. Found them from another user.
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