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  1. If the order of my last two matches were swapped I'd be in tier 27 for the first time. Oh well, it was nice to use my +10 Titania this week. This player Lunessa is a meanie. I thought it would be ez seize, but no it was bait. When I first saw the loss they had some 5 star unit there so I guess they wanted to spite.
  2. I can't wait for this lady to have Deflect Magic in her Mythic Hero battle, but Ophelia doesn't care.
  3. This Distant Counter banner has been very fruitful for me. I got a Nagi and Nailah with 60 orbs.
  4. I wonder what they'll do with Alfonse's dad. It would be fitting to add him to the banner if Lif is the Mythic Hero.
  5. Maybe the excuse for those Crests that were lost to time to now show up again is that the Crest bearers in the past went to different regions like Claude's mom.
  6. I haven't played Silver Snow yet. I though you wouldn't get those A rank and Empire battalions, but that wouldn't be fair.
  7. Not many I guess Seiros Pegasus Co. (D) Galatea Pegasus Co. (B) from Ingird's paralouge Cichol Wyvern Co. (A) from Seteth's paralouge and maybe some of these pre-timeskip Empire Pegasus Co. (D) Empire Wyvern Co. (C) Empire Elite Wyvern Co. (B)
  8. Yes, the Twins finally came home after a whole year. I decided to get greedy on the Mythic banner after getting two Hrid copies and continued to summon against my judgement. It's nice that things worked out for me.
  9. It's funny how I was thinking of the Rend Heaven skill from Fates the other day and now they're releasing F!Byleth with Ruptured Sky. I was thinking of other specials that would scale off of the enemies stats like Raptured Earth for defense. Couldn't think of a good one for resistance though. Still Waters? I don't know.
  10. With the trouble I've had trying to get Naga and Fjorm, thankfully this map wasn't too bad. L!Marth cleaned up nicely as I expected. I wonder how a certain Nowi lover will handle this map.
  11. Same here. Even Pulse Smoke on Pent looks nice, but I'm not messing around with the shared colors.
  12. Yeah so this happened yesterday. At first I was like of course I get the character I already pulled 2 copies of on previous banners (Leanne), but things just kept getting better.
  13. So I just Ophelia cheesed this map (see pfp). I wanted to try one round clearing this, but I don't have L!Hector and this map decided to put Guard on the half of the units. I was thinking of using Slaying Bow, QP, and Velouria support to drop Blazing Flame on the blue mage and cavalier to get the cav out of guard range and WoM from there, but that's too much investment right now. Even then my Velouria isn't strong enough to one round anything.
  14. Maybe they didn't make Alm a Red bow unit because he would be too meta. He would absolutely destroy all the Green Armor threats in the game. Even then being colorless makes him deal with everything in general. Darting Blow 4 giving +9 Spd isn't necessarily a typo. Since Sturdy Impact gives +10 def I bet that Armored Blow 4 would give like +12 Def or something. Dang Ninja'd
  15. Paragon is probably good on Sakura or Azama, so you can get them to level 20 before class upgrade by the time everyone else does. The children aren't that big of a deal. Midori's chapter gives dragon herbs. Most of the kids will end up being similar to their parents that are in the same class, but have more evened out stats. Like Caeldori will be like Subaki, but with less defense and more speed. For marriage just put the characters that go well together in pair-up that you find yourself using a lot. You have decreased experience gain and the enemies are stronger, so grinding will get mundane after a while, but Birthright Lunatic isn't that difficult where you really need to grind.
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