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  1. So what is this? People pick characters for a run and kind of race against each other? Sounds cool, too bad I don't have the time these days.
  2. I'll go with guessing Fates. Maybe Charlotte will get out of alt hell. I hope Orochi won't be there to hit me after the Mythic banner. I want to see Reina as a GHB, unique movement, weapon type and all. Screw getting Hans, especially when Charlotte can just have Aurgelmir.
  3. I wonder what they'll do with the probable Harmonic as well? There is the possibility that another seasonal banner will come out before the Bridal one, therefor making the Bridal banner have a Duo Hero again, or IS could just break the pattern. We'll have to see when ever the new calendar comes out. The Duo/Harmonized doesn't necessarily have to be couple. For some reason Owain/Ophelia come to mind for me, that's technically a Harmonized Hero combo that could work, and Owain didn't get his alt earlier.
  4. I haven't been in any tier list discussions, but I've never liked them anyways. They can be a quick way to get a general grasp of how a character works, but there is plenty more information than some placement on a graphic. Then there is the context of the rankings. Apparently there is this character Athos that is super busted, but tier list give him a relatively low rank because his availability is bad. And I'm assuming Villager characters score low because you have to piggy back them a little, obviously this is bad for speed runs, but they become great in a normal play though. I disliked them from fighting game perspective, because people like to think "Oh look this character is A tier! If I use them I'll be great at the game" when stuff like player actual skill is a larger factor.
  5. The Fallen banners have always mixed and matched characters. I don't remember why but I was reading some of the Awakening Future Past DLC dialog the other day and now the Morgans show up lol. More broken bs as always with Dimitri and Edelgard.
  6. I'm not sure how tempted I would be for the new Mythic if it isn't Nott. I tried for Seiros initially because I like the character, but she wasn't the most broken thing to go for. The July banner looks really good though, since I'm not summoning on the current Legendary banner, a chance at getting Sigurd and Lilina gain will be nice.
  7. Oh really? Maybe I should have researched that before clearing my data. Oh well, the Telethia and Yggralith will stay unbeaten.
  8. I really like Xeno X, it was my first one. I'm anticipating the sequel to come out soon enough. One issue I had with playing on the Wii U was that you can't have multiple users like on the switch. So I had to delete my old data that had a lot of progress, so that I could get the new game experience again. Xeno 2 was cool, it took some time to fully understand the combat system, but it was a nice change of pace.
  9. Yeah good riddance to Save skills, making me spend 5+ minutes analyzing a round so that the Save unit doesn't ruin my run. I wonder about how the number of rounds adjustment will work. I know it was nutty on the last 3 rounds for the enemies to be level 70+ when the game is too busy not giving you any units for you to upgrade the that ones you're using. As someone with FEH Pass and uses different OS devices, having it available on both devices is really nice. This is one of those things that I would have liked to send feedback on, but felt it would never happen. The Ephemeras this time look really good all around. I hope that they don't do the 650 codes bs that they do every other month.
  10. Normally I'd try to do something more interesting, but it was just OPhelia and 3 dancers. Surprisingly she can take a hit from the Axe Flier near Sigurd, so that was nice.
  11. I was confused for a second there, but I'm guessing you mean Julius. I didn't know the old thief was hiding some scales. Hopefully that's something they do with his refine.
  12. Retail is pretty nutty. I've seen some more minor things in my time, but condolences to the retail workers who have to put up with shit like this. And it sucks when everyone is tired and stressed from work and you have idiots just wasting everyone's time with nonsense.
  13. I gotta go with Tana first, she didn't come home in just 5 orbs for me to ghost her. After that either Caeda or Innes.
  14. Wow pretty good FEH Channel overall. With the effectively 1000 extra barracks space I'm a little salty about the 2 orbs that are pretty much dead on the Android device that I use to record videos, oh well it's minor in the grand scheme of things. I can't wait for gross Sigurd comps in AR-D, and I guess Wind season in Arena is becoming it's own hell after Water season. After G Duel Calvary 4 comes out, Gunntra is going to run amok, but I guess Harsh Command+ takes care of that.
  15. Can someone confirm how Wyvern Flight works? I'm thinking it's in combat speed and out of combat defense.
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