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  1. The man with the scheme. As one of the lord characters Claude has pretty good base stats. Hilda can give him more might from her personal skill and from support bonus. So as an archer or dodge tank he does pretty good damage. He has strengths in Bow, Flying, and a budding talent in Axes so he already has aptitude for the things that are meta. His personal class is pretty cool and has strong utility from being a flier. He has pretty decent combat arts. 2 of them are effective against monsters, so if he wants to finish one off without risking a counter attack he can do that. Enclosed is really good, especially with his Flying class to hold an enemy still. Fallen Star can nuke things then gives him invulnerability from one attack during enemy phase, so that can help with moving your guys forward and not needing to turtle too much. Battalion Desperation can be good to avoid counter attacks from other archers in Maddening, since they have pretty good bulk to not die from swords without sword faire. For classes his Wyvern Master/ Barbarossa are really great, they are very flexible and can let Claude do a lot of things. Paired with his personal battalion that has a ranges AoE gambit, you can get out of many oppressive situations in the game. Before he gets those he can function as a Sniper, Assassin, or Wyvern Rider. It sucks that he can’t get Darting Blow, that would make him a lot better in maddening, but he should double just fine in hard mode. His personal skill gains Pass, which augments his play style of doing whatever he wants. My Rating: 9/10. Really solid and flexible and unit.
  2. Ingrid is a pretty speedy character. Her offense isn’t too great, but she’ll double most things. She gains extra might from supporting Felix and Sylvain, so there is a little boost from her strong friends. Her natural path is to get into Falcon Knight and fliers are really strong in this game, so you can’t go wrong with that. She doesn’t have any weaknesses, so she can get into whatever class without too much delay. For combat arts she has Hexblade, Frozen Lance, Hit and Run, and Burning Quake. The first two are magical, and while her magic growth is the same as her strength, they aren’t nuking anything, but they can do a decent chunk to most enemies. Hit and Run lets you chip and more than likely dodge because of her high speed, but there is a toss between doing this or just doubling. Burning Quake scales off of her speed so it will do great damage, and can one shot most low defense enemies on maddening. I like to use battalion desperation on her in maddening, because it lets her safely one round most enemies, because of her high speed with darting blow. In terms of classes she definitely wants to be a flier. She can pick up death blow to patch up her low strength. Dancer can be a decent option on her. She has an asset in riding so she can get Mov+1 in a timely quicker, then she has Thoron for linked attack bonuses, and physic for some long range healing. Sword Avoid let’s her be even dodger, but she can dodge tank in her flying classes with the help of Alert Stance just fine. Another thing is that she greatly benefits from auto levels from out of house recruitment. Since Pegasus Knight is an advance class for enemies, Ingrid gets a lot of stats from recruiting her later in the game compared to other characters. My rating: 7/10.
  3. My favorite overachiever Annette. She’s an okay mage, dents low res units. Her spells are also light so she can double stuff on Hard mode. Recover is a good heal if she’s doing nothing else. However her main strength is her support capability. Her personal skill is Rally Strength, the she gains Rally Resistance, Speed, and Movement. So excellent rally bot, and she has a strength in authority, so she gains access to high ranking battalions early on. For classes she can go with Warlock or Dark Knight for offense. For extra move for Rally support she can go into a flying class or cavalier to end up in Dark Knight. She benefits from Dark Flier and Valkyrie, but those are DLC. She has Lightning Axe and Dust from Crusher as combat arts. She can nuke stuff from the high might of axes and her good magic stat, but axes have pretty low hit. My Rating: 6.6/10. I gave her +0.1 out of favoritism bias.
  4. Mercedes is a fantastic healer. She has Physic, Restore, and Fortify, so she gets all of the healing done. Her Crest has a chance of conserving her heal spells, but that isn’t very necessary. The only downside is that she doesn’t have support spells like Warp, but that gives other units some use. She only has Waning Shot as a combat art, which I guess is decent to allow one of you other unit to not take too much damage when initiating on a foe. She doesn’t have any long range magic, but she can still do some good chip. Her resistance is really good so she can sponge some magical hits if needed. For classes she mainly wants Bishop, but she can get away with Warlock and Gremory. From my experience playing you won’t always need to heal, so her being able to use a turn to attack is pretty nice. I haven’t done it yet, but she can be a decent magic bow sniper. My Rating: 7.5/10. +0.1 for being best friends with Annette, so 7.6/10.
  5. Hey it's the guy. Well Felix is a really strong character, you better cower in fear if he's an arena opponent. He has strengths in Bow so he can get Hit+20 from Archer with ease or even become a Sniper/Bow Knight. His strength in Brawl lets you get more weapon ranks for when you are getting Death Blow from Brigand, then he becomes a great Grappler/Warmaster. He can consistently one round things, and with his Major Crest he has a 40% chance of doing +5 damage on his regular attacks, which happens quite often when combined with Gauntlets. Swordmaster or Assassin can be decent options for dodge tanking especially when pair with Sword Avoid from Dancer. He doesn't have strengths in any of the things Wyvern needs, so he'll need a little more attention to get there, but its a strong class and he's a strong unit regardless. For combat arts the one that stands out the most is Nimble Combo, which gives you more damage and crit rate if the regular gauntlet attacks won't kill, and if you don't want to RNG with his crest even though it seems that thing activates all of the time. The rest of them are whatever, maybe Heavy Draw is useful for good chip so that another unit can get the kill. He gets an extra support bonus (more might) from two characters so that improves both his and their offensive capabilities. Early on in the game he has an even high damage output because of his personal skill that makes him do more +5 damage if he doesn't have a battalion, and that is a great trade of since you don't get battalions that give a similar bonus until after Gronder part 1 IIRC. He has a flaw in authority so it takes longer for him to get B rank for those personal battalions, even his own that gives +20 crit. However, the lords have strong battalions that are only C rank so he can make use of those. Even in house with Dimitri, Blue Lion Knights gives similar boost to King of Lion Corps, so Felix can take Dimitri's battalion if you want him to really destroy stuff. He is a little frail, but you can get the Aegis Shield from his paralogue. Due to his pretty high strength growth (55%), and because swords and gauntlets are light, he can get +6 Def/Res without too much detriment. His speed is pretty good too (55% growth) so offensively he will double often and defensively he won't get doubled often. From the DLC, War Monk can give him Brawl Avoid, but getting the Faith ranks is a little annoying if you want to focus on getting into War Master. Another miscellaneous benefit is that he requires B rank in swords to recruit. Sword being your avatar's primary weapon he becomes fairly easy to obtain out of house. My rating: 9.5/10. A very solid offensive unit that can get the job done even without a lot of investment.
  6. Dedue performs his job as a tank pretty well. In Hard mode you can get away with him soaking up pretty much everything that isn't magic. However in Maddening stronger enemies and poison strike means you have to be more careful, but he is a very proper tank regardless. You can typically put him into Armor Knight then Fortress Knight, but with his high defense growth and personal skill, he can still tank decently well in Brigand/Brawler classes. He has a strength in Axes and Brawling, so he can get Death Blow and get into War Master long term pretty well. As a War Master he's a beast. Once he gets Quick Reposte, his speed doesn't become and issue and he can reliably tank and one round many things. His personal battalion gives a +10 Defense modifier, so this lets him become even tankier, or can lets some other unit with mediocre bulk become more competent at taking hits. He has pretty strong combat arts. Vengeance deals damage based on missing HP, and since he has pretty high defense he can get into low HP range and kind of stay there. Armored Strike scales off of his defense, so this will do a lot of damage since he will a lot of defense. And there is One-Two Punch which is pretty strong, but opens you up to a counter attack. Grappler and War Master have their personal combat arts which are really strong and work as delete buttons once he masters those classes. Him and Dimitri have a special support bonus with each other, where they can boost each others damage by 3, so that's an added bonus for the two of them. One downside to him is that you temporarily lose him for a good amount of during part 2, so similarly to Dimitri you will have to focus on his training during part 1 if you don't want him to fall behind too much. Regardless he is a great adjutant for Dimitri, and if you plan to keep using him then he makes a pretty great War Master. My Rating: 6/10. His play style isn't too flexible, but he does excel at what he's trying to do.
  7. Wow this guy. So he has pretty high base strength and the highest strength growth in the game. He has a weakness in Axes so getting into Brigand and potentially Wyvern takes more time, but he doesn't really need Death Blow honestly. I haven't played Hard mode in a while, but he probably destroys stuff there just fine. In early game Maddening he's great because he comes with Tempest Lance, so that is a great nuke. Chapter 13 is kind of rough for him. On Hard mode you can steal an Evasion Ring from Claude, and give him Swordbreaker, so he can passively beat everything on that map especially since he won't get doubled often or poison striked. On Maddening it's more RNG, but at least his personal battalion has a great range. Once you get over that hurdle you will have a unit that can consistently one round things even without specific investment. His high strength makes him a great brave weapon user and he can also exploit the Vantage/Wrath combo since he gets both battalion versions of this skill. Literally just give him Retribution, equip a Killer Lance, and he solos maps. His personal skill post time skip gives him evasion, so he can work as a dodge tank, or just not need to be healed too often. Other good things are his combat arts. He gets Windsweep so that can let you safely chip something. Glowing Ember gets stronger than Tempest Lance so that's a thing. Then there is Atrocity from Areadbhar, and this thing is just a delete button effective against everything; Umbral Steel isn't even hard to farm. He can can be a decent cavalier. Tempest Lance nuke frailer enemies then canto out of there. He has decent enough bulk to tank hits and retaliate with good damage ensuring that anyone of your other units can finish the enemy of the next turn. Something that I haven't tried is using his budding talent with Bow Knight. It's not Encloser, reducing the enemy's movement to one, but it can be useful to kite. Otherwise Bow Knight on him is probably decent, his high strength with Brave Bow should one round stuff. As I mentioned before his personal skill grants him extra evasion, so with Sword Avoid from dancer he can become a pretty crazy dodge tank, and Sword Dance coming off of his high Charm is probably a decent nuke. A major downside to him is that you temporarily lose the ability to unlock supports and tutor him for half of part 2, so you will have to put a lot of focus on what you want him to have in part 1. On my Maddening run I was just a few points short of getting A rank authority on him and though I would just gain those ranks in the next chapter, but when the time skip came the game recent all of the authority experience back to base B+, so that was annoying. My Rating: 9.5/10. +0.1 for that immersive experience on my first play through with Chasing Daybreak, and his cute Marianne supports. 9.6/10
  8. I forgot about Time's Pulse. I was saying she's stronger damage output wise, but yeah she can still run a Galeforce set.
  9. WTF L!Tiki versus my near non existent Sacred Stones units. I guess Amelia is going to have to some how tank Tiki and I have no healer from that game. Two units that would be good on this map would be Duo Ephiram because armor effectiveness and Winter Eirika because she is the only healer from that game. I'm just scared because Tiki has Hardy Bearing. Man wished I didn't manual that Gerik I got before.
  10. They aren't students so I don't feel too inadequate about not have a lot more orbs. So Catherine is like a stronger Fallen Mareeta, sucks that she doesn't have special acceleration. Weird how Seteth doesn't have cav effectiveness, but I think he'll be a merge project regardless. Flayn looks super annoying, has all the grossness for AR, only thing is people are probably going to give her Restore+. I don't know I might be tempted to actually try to +10 her over time. And finally Shamir, who also looks pretty annoying as well, powerful fire sweep bow for AR. Nemesis being a GHB is cool. He might be my +10 sword unit since I wasn't too diligent with Itsuki over the year. I was thinking that Dimitri might be the Legendary this month, but I can see it also being Rhea. If it's Seiros then she would be a Mage? Since red is full IIRC.
  11. Petra is pretty solid speedy unit. She has strengths in Bow, Axe and Flying so she can get into a lot of the meta stuff real easy. Like Hit+20 from Archer, Death Blow from Brigand, and has an easy time getting the requisites for Wyvern Rider/Lord. Other solid class options can be Sniper and Assassin. However her main issue is her relatively low strength growth, but Death Blow can help patch that out. Other miscellaneous problems are her personal ability being relatively useless most of the time, and she doesn't have the best personal combat arts. Speaking of combat arts she has Waning Shot, which is useful for 3 range chip and can low the enemies strength, so in early game this lets your units take hits a little better. Wild Abandon and Diamond Axe have a Hit penalty, so unless you're using them with a Hammer to nuke an armor they probably aren't going to hit Maddening enemies. Then there are Finesse Blade and Bane of Monsters, which aren't going to be nukes coming from her. I guess her whole design is to finish of weakened enemies not really to be a one round monster. Because of her high speed she can be a decent dodge tank, especially as an Assassin with her personal battalion that gives +20 Avoid. As an enemy phase sweeper she can do some Battalion Wrath shenanigans. She can get way with being a dodge tank without needing Vantage in most situations and getting Killer Axe/Wo Dao crits on enemies, but on Maddening her low strength can be an issue. My Rating: 7/10. +0.1 for "You will be slapped down!" so 7.1/10. After further thought I'll give her an 8.1, she's definitely one of my favorite units.
  12. You can't do Ferdinand and Lysithea's Paralogue in Crimson Flower. Bernie is probably better off being a Sniper Nuke. Leonie would be a better Bow Knight if you want that. She has Point-Blank Volley, and good speed growth so Darting Blow on her can be useful. Interesting Vantage meme on Bernie, but that won't be happening very often and she will die if it doesn't happen. Oh right Vengeance. I still haven't gotten around to utilizing that in any of my runs. I don't think two dedicated healers is necessary. Mercedes can definitely work as a Gremory/Warlock. The heal staff can compensate enough from experience, and you have another unit that can get rid of armors without taking counter attack damage, and also chip, so no need to heal as often. Heal Focus is kind of over rated imo, that's what your healers are there for. It's just an added bonus for your Grappler. Reposition on Fliers is really nice to have. Lysithea won't be doubling much even with Darting Blow, so you should just focus on Nuking when possible and doing chip other wise. Battalion Desperation is a pretty nice skill on Flier Byleth imo. Kill your target and not risk the counterattack. You can even quad with a Brave Weapon if needs be.
  13. They're re running Travant? I thought they were going to skip those guys because they had a special event with them recently. I guess if I decide to build Ashnard he'll be super cheap because another free copy will come out soon. Hubert and Bernie BHB is interesting, their ship was kinda cute. I hope it isn't a 3H banner this month because I'm low on orbs, and I wonder if they will really spam 3Hs. Since they made CYL into a story chapter I'd want to think no, but I wouldn't be surprised otherwise.
  14. Three Houses is such a weird game to do ratings for, the way this game is it's mostly the player not the character I feel. Obviously there are characters like SS Cyril and Hilda that are rough, but other than that unit performance is very marginal. I mean I'll just provide my personal anecdotes.
  15. The wording for Wargod Tome and Valflame makes it sound like the range is a box like Mila's Nurturing Breath, but I'm seeing on Twitter that it is basically everything in those columns and rows. How should it be reworded? Should the description drop the centered on unit part and just say: "At start of turn, inflicts Atk/Res -5 on foes within 3 columns, and 3 rows of unit through their next actions."
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