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  1. I hope so if he doesn't get Fallen Star as a skill instead. I feel like the description should just say it gives +14 attack at that part instead of +19. I can see that confusing a lot of people.
  2. Oh boy can't wait for Spd/Res Unity Fallen Ike, and I hope those Rein skills are Flier exclusive because L!Chrom and Kiria are looking even nastier. Not to mention the general Spd damage reduction skills that Infantry already have, so this will be a needed thing for flier tanks. I'll summon for all of them looking to make sure I free pick Edelgard if I can't summon her. Dimitri looks like the best F2P pick I feel. Edelgard wouldn't be bad if NFU wasn't a thing and those GHB/LHB/MHB units will definitely spam that stuff.
  3. So based on from what they showed with Lysithea they're give two tier 4 skills to units now.
  4. Wow GHB and Tempest units get better now with the fruits. I think Rutger has a super boon in speed. And I definitely should have saved for CYL more I would be able to get at least two sparks instead of the one I was prepping for, oh well. I liked that Lysithea got her Spikes and they even meme'd the Death Knight. My only gripe is that they have the same old weapon types. 3 Axe Armor Edelgards really? Well she's going to get a bunch of sectionals soon enough to diversify Edel Emblem. I can't wait to see what their skills are. The Lords have the not Archanea Regalia weapons so we'll see what they do.
  5. I guess I'll vote for other. My Initial set of runs was close to classic just swap VM and SS. I'm a weirdo that plays through the part 1 of CF and SS. Well SS was my first Maddening run so I had to start from scratch.
  6. I'm not a fan of two of the new Arena maps, it so easy for the opposing team to drive you into a corner. My bad for not having a offensive oriented team I guess. No DC on my Corrin so its free real estate for random range units. Caeda feels redundant since I'm using Eliwood, but random Surtr messes me up. At least my consistent 750 scores should get me into tier 20 this week. I feel like they made these maps to get people more wins on their defense. Even if I invest in a more offensive team, how does my bonus unit even get a chance to get a kill.
  7. I got more Python and Emmeryn to merge so that's nice. Summoned on blue just to get a 4 star copy of Geese, but got a 5* one instead. I just looked it up and oh Naga this man gives Infantry Pulse 3 at 4 star. Everybody and their grandma is going to be using Infantry Pulse in AR, and of all the times to give me an off focus the game gave me Camilla instead of Brigid. I wasn't thinking earlier, but the smarter thing to do would have been to wait for that Genealogy Rerun and guarantee summon a Ced. Infantry Pulse teams are too gross for me to deal with, I need that smoke...
  8. Wow Legions's new axe looks pretty good, just like with Clarisse. I bet when they give Erimiya a prf it will be really good too. I'm almost tempted to get a single copy of him from the grail shop. The refines are pretty good overall, but nothing is immediately necessary. Guess I'll save for the CYL 2 refines.
  9. Yeah Legendary Azura is spammable. Other units for me would be Aversa, Ophelia, Peony, original female Corrin, Cherche, Kronya, Linus, The Reinhardt, and Winter Sothis.
  10. I like how the just gave Tibarn the set everyone runs on him. "Don't worry summoners you won't have to spend 20,000 feathers again". Looking forward to that Celica refine, not so looking forward to the Veronica one since she is the spam queen, at least Null-C Disrupt is a thing.
  11. Maybe all unique classes so no 5 Wyvern Lords. I'm not too sure on what limitations to enforce that don't make the game too tedious. Maybe try some gimmicks like Magic Bow Sniper Hanneman/Mecedes/Hubert, I was enlightened to Holy Knight Bernie the other day.
  12. That's crazy, I knew that Byleth would be more popular but 4 times as much with 20 million to Dorothea's 5 million after the first hour, wow.
  13. Yes I can start 4* Merging Setsuna now, maybe if her refine is that good I might consider 5* Merging her. I guess those 2 Shiros I got the other day was the harbinger for his refine. It better be something good to justify cock-blocking me from getting Ingrid twice. Maybe some type of Spectrum tier 4 stance.
  14. I guess, but the point isn't to heal, but not get touched. Like I said if you're using EO Byleth I don't think it's a complete waste if its just for CH13.
  15. Is Byleth's Magic list that bad? They aren't a dedicated mage, but being able to Fire/Thunder and one round Armors isn't too bad. Chapter 13 is so obnoxious that even if you are only using White Magic Avoid on that map, it's worth it I feel. Enlightened One is a good utility class; yeah its not Physic but Recover heals a lot of HP and is useful for a front line unit to be able to heal other front liners. Like Shadow Mir said I think Brawl on Constance is just as bad as Axe on Hapi. If you are looking at this from a Maddening NG perspective, it takes too much investment to make a niche built like this good. I hate how Dorothea and Felix have those budding talents, but don't learn many spells after the fact. I haven't use Gremory Dorothea because it feels like a waste, I'd rather get Magic Range+1. Holy Knight Bernie sounds funny. It's gimmicky, but sounds like a fun unit.
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