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  1. That's funny. I remember watch a Ghast video, and he mentioned bonus items from Mario Kart, but I don't remember if he mention her in the video.
  2. Okay someone is going to have to enlighten me on the Mario Kart memes. Really cool seeing AmaLee as the voice, and I learned what an Alan Smithee is lol. They just had to go and release another offense Mythic to push me into pulling, this saving orbs thing is hard. I just pulled for Duo Hilda too. With a unit like Elimine and Safety Fence Astra offense is getting pretty easy, I wonder what they'll release to make it hell in the future. It's funny that Sigurd was especially being a pain for me last Astra season and they release a sort of hard counter. I mentioned Duo Hilda earlier I foddered a Sephiran to her, but since Odd Recovery has been kind of dead I just gave her Tannenbaton and the Balm skill, but now Odd Recovery would have been counter play to Elimine.
  3. I was one second away from replying with Kellam. Well all the voting is over. My votes were: Cherche Python Altena Annette Eir Leif Ophelia It was nice seeing Annette make it to the top 20 for the Women's. I already decided I was going to drop votes for Leif and Altena since I built them and like them as units.
  4. I think part of it is that since the Lords (Claude, Dimitri, Edelgard) already won, people move on to the self insert. I mentioned Corrin being there to upset Byleth, but it's Fates, so pick another poison lol.
  5. Wow here I thought there wouldn't be any surprises, but I guess people had the incentive to push for certain characters from early on. I suppose Tiki is doing fine, I was planning on maybe throwing her a vote. Nice to see Annette hit 20th spot. Since people want to spite 3 Houses I wonder if there will be a push for F!Corrin. I feel like Byleth is probably too high, but anything can happen.
  6. It should be tomorrow. They're doing it with 2 days left this time around for some reason. I guess there's less chances of upsets happening.
  7. I thought Lorenz not showing up in CF was weird, but I guess his family was technically siding with the Empire.
  8. I'm not surprised by the top voted characters that the FEH twitter revealed. I guess there's a big push for Adult Tiki and Soren. I wonder how the votes will look this time around, since people know the top 8 characters to vote for now rather than on the fourth day. There probably won't be any random upset since the interim comes out on the fifth day even. The Sigurd and Seliph thing is kind of funny, Sigurd is suppose to be more popular, but Seliph gets a lot of pity votes.
  9. It's not completely over his eye but it's pretty close, really taking that Nailah cosplay to the next level. When I saw him I realized how he shares similar traits to her having purple hair and dark skin.
  10. These type of desert theme banners are seemingly going to have one character that's sort of a representative of the area, like Tharja last year. So maybe we' get out 3rd Igrene if they continue this trend. Probably not since they just literally released a copy pasted Ouch Pouch on a banner unit. It would be weird to powercreep it so soon.
  11. You say this but Duo Sigurd wasn't in the top 10, they were close at 12 though. Azura is kind of popular I guess, but knowing the player base Fallen Edelgard and CYL units are going to dominate the ranks. Even Duo Peony who's also broken was at 13.
  12. Oh boy the Azura apocalypse is back, and her Legendary version is getting a remix in a few months. Not going to lie when I saw the long-haired silhouette Karla was the person that came to mind, but it was kind of random. Interesting that this is how Deen is added, I guess you do meet him in a desert so that's fitting.
  13. I'm curious as to what is suppose to happen here? I'm not saying it's a bad opinion, but the issue it addresses doesn't seem to be on that large of a scale. Maybe a straw poll would be more appropriate to gauge interest? Three Houses is already finalized, so it is what it is. I guess if there was another game similar to it, that game should have better management and deliver a better end product. Games seemingly cutting content for DLC is a growing issue.
  14. Last year's was on Feb 1st, which was after CYL. So probably something similar this year.
  15. Valkyrie Cherche- They haven't given my girl anything, and I'm scared of some potential Nowi Duo. She can have the high Atk/Def low Spd/Res stat line. Skögul Matilda- Another shafted character. The overclasses from Echoes were pretty cool, unfortunate for how they were implemented there. This class had 9 mov, so potentially Lance L!Sigurd. Warmaster Byleth- This isn't necessarily a CYL thread, but if he does win at some point I'd expect this kind of alt. I like the design of the class, but since we pretty much aren't getting Brawling in FEH he would wield axes. He could be an axe version of Alm with the Tempest built into his weapon.
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