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  1. Yeah 30s is average, but the skills, weapon, and support make up for it. At base with Plegian Axe and Atk/Def Menace active: -6 (-11) Atk/Def on foe +6 Def on Caellach so effective his 31 base Def works like 54(+6 from visible Def buff and +17 from foe's lowered Atk).
  2. Weapons like Loyalist Axe aren't inheritable. Inheritable weapons have simpler effects and have + variants. I've seen people use Plegian Axe+ on him. Stuff like Atk/Def Menace pairs well with it, then there's the usual Distant Counter, or even a Stance skill for his A slot.
  3. Correct. Felix is a really good Physical unit, so the budding talent and mage classes aren't optimal for him.
  4. Do you have any ideas going in? Some warnings I'd suggest getting your Byleth into a Flying class for this route specifically, because that should make Chapter 13 a little easier. There's plenty of threads discussing that map, so have some sort of plan, but Hard mode isn't too bad. As long as you have a Healer and some good combat units you should be fine. Generally following the unit's Strengths and getting them into class that match. Be wary that some of the budding talents like Felix's is bait, but even then Mortal Savant Felix is usable in Hard mode. Some interesting builds to consider: Wyvern Rider/Lord Annette. She becomes a mobile Rally unit, uses Bolt Axe, Lightning Axe combat art, and Crusher. Hit+20 from mastering Archer will help with the hit rate issues. Dancer Ingrid. She isn't as busted when she is out of house, so she can be a decent support unit. Thoron, Pyshic, and Riding talent are really good.
  5. They know this type of thing would be too good, that's why units like Legendary Chrom has a prf Repositional. Speaking of Chrom I think his is the only one that's 500 SP. Yeah Foul Pay and Future Vision are only 400. Arena would be a lot more tolerable, and requires less no life'ing sitting there reading AI all day. Like I was saying IS is keeping this type of stuff as prf skills on certain units.
  6. This Resplendent Kagero is so funny. The dots are suppose to be like eyes I guess. They don't want just singe dots on her chest area for obvious reasons, but another issue arises lol.
  7. Everyone's getting twisted over RNG Gauntlet, I'm just waiting for the Archest Archer to bring in the win.
  8. I'm Happy to see the TT unit be in a usable unit class since I'm skipping the banner, and I don't want to suffer through the competitive modes. I got super lucky yolo summoning Pirate!Hinoka. Even though Sophia is likely to be slow. H!Sothis in arena? Whatever, I've been Cherche's Axe'ing blue units for years now.
  9. Rallies are neat. The extra support that units like Annette and Ignatz can provide makes the early game for their respective in-house routes easier, but after a while they fall off. Rally Strength isn't too needed when you have Death Blow, and can farm stat boosters to push your units further over the edge. It's nice for characters that have rallies as personal skills, so that you don't have to use up a skill slot for it. Annette, or anyone else can still Rally if nothing else that turn, but usually the 30+ damage chip they can provide is better.
  10. Just joking. The teleportation is usually associated with Fliers and Orders skills.
  11. Of course, wouldn't want Fallen Tiki to be powercreept. I'm looking forward to a prf C slot that gives +2 Mov if he's solo and Canto. We have armors that are fliers (Edelgard), infantry that are cavalry(Alm and Yuri), now it's time for Armors that are cavalry. Speaking of which, I'm thinking the new Fafnir could be on next year's Fallen banner. As far as Mythics go they would still need to release his base version.
  12. Random thought, maybe they'll give Balthus 4 star Quick Reposte. From the trailer he has Instant Axe and Brazen Atk/Def (which is already available on Ares). War Master has QR as a mastery skill, so there could be a reference to that, like how Brazen is a reference to his King of Grappling skill.
  13. I thought so at first, but it looks like an Axe version of Instant Lance. They really shafted him IMO. How are you going to have the "King of Grappling" without grappling. This is why I wasn't expecting these guys until Book 6. Also watch Aelfric be a staff unit and not a Beast. From Gatekeeper's attack animation Aelfric was wielding a Tome so there's that. I'm surprised by Hapi and Contance's tome colors. Hapi is a dark mage which is more associated with red tomes. She's basically a ranged Brave Eliwood, and a damn good demote. I already knew she wasn't going to have good speed before they showed the combat and stats, but she's great regardless. Slaying and built-in Time's Pulse is nuts. Yuri looks crazy too. This banner is super bait, that I might bite if the Legendary Hero Remix goes well for me. WTF, I called Hapi a demote (I knew it was too good to be true), but it doesn't say she's available at 4 star. Isn't this going to upset people since this isn't a CYL or Fallen banner?
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