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  1. From my experience the witches will usually warp to one of your units if they are far away from the group. So if you turtle they won't warp, and you can even bait them that way as well, but I might be misremembering. They were annoying the first couple of times, but they were what ever soon enough.
  2. Absolutely insane luck on this banner. I got ten 5 stars with about 250 orbs. +Atk merge for Leif, + Spd Merge for Alm, and I didn't have most of the other characters. The game seemingly wanted to balance my good luck with a +Spd-Def Mila, but I got a +Atk-Spd one soon after.
  3. Funny how I free summoned Larcei the other day now she's on this banner. I was expecting Hel, but I guess they didn't want to complete the 4 Dark Mythics yet. I wonder what they'll do with Seiros when she gets added, will we have two Light Mythics that are Dragon Ladies? Getting Annette for her Dual Rally and B skill would be nice for my Flame Emperor, the Cordelia manual that is available makes that inheritance possible.
  4. Wow, so I got Byleth, Larcei, and Claude all from free summons. I hope this doesn't kill my luck for the Mythic Banner.
  5. Thees new hero revival banners are nice. I just free pulled Byleth and she's -spd so I'll have no qualms over foddering her.
  6. I didn't know this was a thing until now. I usually think about unit builds and what not, but I don't think it has been that severe for me.
  7. This Tempest is a little nutty for me with Nukes like Lysithea appearing and my -Res Bride Micaiah can barely tank her. Can't wait for those new fallen units to appear. I'm thinking about giving Flame Emperor the Fan, but Guard Axe has saved me from Nailah's wrath a few times.
  8. Sad to say that you don't get the free pick on seasonal banners.
  9. Seeing how broken the dominance effect is, I saw a level 1 Donnel one round Edelgard on twitter, I got baited into pulling. Only had to spend 80 orbs to get her, so things worked out.
  10. Strange how they didn't make Rafiel a flier, maybe there is a lore reason, but that attack animation is funny. Micaiah looks nice for AR, but I think I'm good.
  11. That is an interesting question. I think the you would have to hit with a weapon for that skill to activate.
  12. Death Spiral - B passive (Exclusive to Hel) If unit KO's a foe restores 5 HP and grants special cool-down -2 after combat. Fliers can't learn Special Spiral, and restoring HP synergies with her weapon, even if it isn't a lot. The downside is that she has to kill something, but that's to make the skill and her weapon not completely broken. Dragon Wrath - B passive (Exclusive to Rhea) Boosts special damage by 10. At the beginning of each turn grants special cool-down -1 for each dragon ally (Including unit). The Rhea I'm thinking about would be a slow armored dragon, so you're giving up fighter skills. Getting the cool-down every turn makes it competitive with those skills I feel. The idea is to be able to spam Growing Light or any AOE. I guess Quick Reposte + Aether could be a thing too. Blessings Staff/+ - Weapon Skill Grants unit and allies within 2 spaces +4/6 to stats when stat comparisons are made. So this is like a spectrum Phantom Speed. This would go well defensively with Repel like skills, and could give weaker Heavy Blade units an extra push.
  13. I was able to clear it with 4*+10 Boey and Mae, Valentine Silque, and he finally gets his chance to shine Gray. Boey just sat there and ate. So tomorrow is Ephriam and Eirkia, IIRC you have to use Heroes characters. I want to see how seasonal squad: NY!Eir, NY!Laegjarn, Spring Loki, and Summer Ylgr fare against them.
  14. Those are some pretty interesting builds. How come you gave Marianne Abraxas when she doesn't learn it in 3Hs? I'm guessing because Aura already exists in the game. I was thinking of something like this:
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