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  1. I've sent Feedback asking them to give those old 2nd place CYL winners prf skills, and even refine some of those old ones. A more competent B skill could give Lyn a push to be better than the easier to build Summer Leonie. Same with Roy and his dad being easier to access. I wonder who the GHB in August would be? They could add Trickster Anna here since the CYL banner is already mostly Awakening. Or Abysskeeper since that's what we're doing now apparently.
  2. I think everyone who saw the original map got some early days Spring Breeze ptsd. This map was pretty much the go to in Chaos season, I don't think I've played a single match against anyone outside of that. I've seen some pretty degenerate setups, but it kind of hurts me since the team that I use doesn't cover every square on the map with it's range, and I don't use Savior.
  3. Apex skills are bugged? That's unfortunate they seemed like easy slot ins.
  4. It looks like it gets some elements from the Saint outfit. Look at Tatiana. The mighty Brigand Boss is coming to FEH lol. I guess Gatekeeper opened the flood gates. It would be funny if he gets a Prf. He did use an axe, but a dagger would be cool, and a breath of fresh air. So many free axe units.... I'm not looking forward to dealing with Ymir in modes like Aether Raids or Summoner Duels if I ever engage with it seriously. From the wording of her C skill it could be inferred that the Miracle that she grants is broken after an attack drops the unit below 75% during combat, so as long as you have a follow-up attack it won't be too annoying. It doesn't seem so toxic if it's just a counter to one shots like Deadeye and Lethality.
  5. I think you can do it whenever actually, but I think I usually do it right after Enlightened One. The stats that you mentioned seem reasonable for that point in the game. I guess I would have Death Blow as the only extra thing. Maybe with Sword Prowess you have to get lucky with dodges. Sorry it's been a while, but I remember doing it pre-time skip after getting EO. What seems to be the issue, not enough damage?
  6. That tournament is oddly balanced. I think I usually do it as late as possible so that Byleth is sufficiently strong.
  7. Whew what a banner... I'm not upset with myself for not waiting like last year, but it would be nice to summon on this banner. I don't really have the orbs, and there are a bunch of banners coming in August. Hopefully they don't screw up the Double Special when Thorr reruns, like they're doing with pushing Azura so that she's on the Sonia banner.
  8. Is it true that you played Fire Emblem Heroes against the legendary Turd Ferguson?

    1. LoneStar


      Yes, how did you know?

    2. AnonymousSpeed


      I checked out your YouTube channel.

      Mr. Ferguson is a legend, I'm envious that you got to meet him.

  9. Flexing on us mere lurkers I see.
  10. So Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes was released a few days ago, and the question is will some of the characters from there be added into FEH. I'm also curious how the characters will be categorized. From the poll I mentioned that the the Three Hopes characters can be added under the Three Houses section. Or they could be merged with the Tokyo Mirage Session characters and create a new section for third party games since each of them would be small on their own. This also extends to the characters from the first FE Warriors. Will they retroactively add them? I'm interested on how certain units could function in FEH. I'm most of the way through one of the routes, Shez's sword that they conjure doesn't really have a name, and they duel wield it with another sword that can be equipped. So I was thinking for Shez their conjured sword it could be a B slot skill, that at least makes all of their attacks Brave hits. I guess that would directly powercreep Brave Celica's Double Lion. Then they can just equip some other generic sword like Zanbato or something.
  11. C Feud on Xander is pretty funny considering what happens in Birthright. I'm considering summoning on this banner mainly so that I can spark Ullr, and I guess I would have some use for everyone here except August. I'm a little salty that Xander looks to be a better Galeforcer than Summer Dimitri in the the since that he doesn't have to rely on Heavy Blade, but of course I would only be able use him in Fire season.
  12. I'm going with Altena, gotta rep the +10. Hopefully the matches won't be too much of a pain, but at least you can retry for free...
  13. I'm disappointed with the Double Special Heroes banner. I was hoping this one would have Manuela, V!Robin, and Hatari Azura. So that V!Chrom, V!Lucina, and Hatari Xane would be on the next one because Spring Sonia should be there and having these other units would have been nice for me.
  14. LnD 4 gives +17 overall extra damage compared to Flashing Blades +5, although it is true damage. Although if you combine Flashing Blade and LnD seal the overall damage to the unit you're targeting is also +17. The benefit of LnD 4 is more splash damage on everything and that unit can run Hardy Bearing. While the other option lets you break through Guard effects, but I don't think that's as common. I guess Guard is probably more common than Vantage unless you're playing in the lower tiers of stuff. That Sara looks pretty good. Canto Control and Grandscratcher are generally the things you're looking for outside of her base kit.
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