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  1. She was quading that armor in the video so she at least has a Brave Bow probably.
  2. Ah makes sense, that thought didn't cross my mind.
  3. @Ice Dragon Wait so that's you? What does the name mean, because back in grand conquest I saw like 7 people with that name.
  4. Man, thank the people who were most likely saving their multiplier boost from a few hours back for Ashe. There's a bright side of me not pulling Hilda, the streak of getting upsets has broken.
  5. Yeah, I was surprised. She did it in Infernal, so I was wondering if it would still work in Abyssal. Also nice of Ullr to lower her defense with LnD.
  6. Ullr knows what's up with Blade Session, well so does Byleth. Plus a little Pathfinder tech.
  7. I can't wait to see how many of the try-hard players complain about how their defense is "oppressed" with that new structure. I do use a Return trap when Lif is a bonus so I guess I'll have to rethink that team. It's cool that it uses Heavenly Dew since that resource is poorly optimized for usage, and doesn't dip into the relatively scare Aether Stones.
  8. You have the right ideas. Effie has overall better mods so she makes the better mom stat wise. With what you have now you could pass down Sol to both kids.
  9. I just released that Duo Lif doesn't have Open the Future. Would have definitely been broken, but I guess since his weapon doesn't give the -1 cooldown, so the 2-turn special is better anyway. No, her's was White and Red in 3H. So the purple is new in Heroes. It's even a little different to a version she got in Cipher. There's the potential GHB around the same time, and his base version could work there. Even though he is the first place winner I don't think they'll put him on a banner. For the units: Marianne: Probably Holy Knight with Blutgang. Maybe colorless/blue tome with a special Aura. Who knows her being a popular dancer choice is pretty well known (she even has a cipher card), I'm expecting her to be the next cavalier dancer at some point, not necessarily for CYL. Gatekeeper: I was thinking Great Knight using an Axe, but we've gotten a million Axe cavaliers this year, and I'm not sure we need another Duessel/Zeke so soon. Another wild guess could be an Armored Bow using a ballista, because why not. And I'm not knowledgeable on the other two so we'll just see.
  10. I'll go Ashe first since he's the only one I have lol. Then I'll pivot to Hilda or the she-goat.
  11. Which route are you playing? Units like Selena, Peri, and Oboro can be good Great Lords. Lodestar is a bit strange, your male Corrin would probably be the best. Units like Hinata and Laslow already come with Sword rank, and Speedtaker can patch up their low speed.
  12. When I played Hard Mode on my first run, I did grind just so all of my units were usable, but that wasn't necessary. My overall levels were lower than most other people I saw playing by the end. The game shouldn't be too hard as long as you aren't getting too screwed on your stat gains. There are also stat boosting fountains in different areas that can be helpful.
  13. The Fire Emblem Fandom Wiki has map data that tells you about the spawns and gives a warning if they are ambush spawns. Getting through Awakening on Hard would have been really annoying without that resource, and at least you have Divine Pulse in Three Houses. Usually if you just google the game and chapter title the site should be one of the first ones to show up. I don't know about how it explains things for older games since I don't play them.
  14. Either the Fox or Blade tome. You should have some foxes sitting around from the free Knoll we got a few months back.
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