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  1. Ah yes Marth: Prince of Light my favorite book 1 hero. That being said, they already made a chibi of Gatekeeper, so I wonder if the CYL 6 women will get there's as well. I sure hope so, I would be eating good as they say.
  2. I'm looking forward to the potential Mythic Remix in February since I'm still missing Naga. Otherwise I'm going to try to avoid these types of banners for the next 6 months at least.
  3. That's one of the annoying things to deal with every voting gauntlet. It's kind of minor on the first day anyway, but obviously it's better if you can complete the quests efficiently.
  4. I'm curious to see how the other League members feel about AFO taking over, they see that Shigaraki is losing himself. Even though they weren't all buddy-buddy they must feel weird about losing him this way, Dabi is the only one I expect not to care much. Like some of you have mentioned the character development for most of the cast is pretty lacking. I get that Deku is the main character, but it's weird having all of these characters not doing much, but it looks like things are starting to change.
  5. No Poll? I'm thinking of joining Phina, mainly since I have her at a low level and can avoid the typical nonsense. Otherwise I'll pivot over to Mamori/Tsubasa, since those are the characters I'm actually familiar with.
  6. Sounds interesting, but might be a little too complex. I had a thought before about the Plates, that changes Arceus' typing to enable an additional typing to Pokemon who hold it. It wouldn't add a fully third typing, but add like a half type so that it wouldn't be too strong.
  7. I would assume that if you dismissed a battalion, it's data wouldn't carry over to NG+. I would also assume that the levels would reset if you sold and bought a battalion again. I can't do any testing right now, but you could probably figure the first question without too much issue. The second question would be a hassle if someone hasn't tested that already. Sorry that this wasn't too helpful.
  8. Awakening baby here, not too familiar with the older games. Awakening: Vaike(Axe Infantry), Kellam(Lance Armor), Miriel(Red Tome Infantry), Laurent(Blue Tome Cavalier, insta 3-4 star)), Priam(Sword Infantry, GHB) Fates: Dwyer(Staff Cavalier), Kiragi(Green Bow Infantry), Sophie(Lance Cavalier), Hisame(Sword Infantry, insta 3-4 star), Hans(Axe Infantry, GHB) Echoes: Jesse(Blue Dagger Infantry), Est(Bow Flier), Mycen(Lance Cavalier), Kamui(Sword Infantry, insta 3-4 star), Rudolf(Lance Cavalier, GHB) Three Houses(1): Felix(Sword Infantry), Dorothea(Blue Tome Infantry), Sylvain(Lance Cavalier), Ignatz(Colorless Bow Infantry, insta 3-4 star), Miklan(Blue Armor Beast, GHB) Three Houses(2): Timeskip Marianne(Sword Cavalier), Timeskip Lorenz(Staff Cavalier), Timeskip Bernadetta(Blue Bow Cavalier), Timeskip Caspar(Axe Infantry, insta 3-4 star), Thales(Red Tome Infantry, GHB) Fallen: Scarlet(Lance Flier), Rhea(Colorless Infantry Dragon), Sumeragi(Sword Infantry), Mikoto(Blue Bow Infantry) CYL: Chrom, Felix, F!Byleth, Bernadetta For Three Houses there needs to be relic representation, so Sylvain comes with Lance of Ruin, Marianne with Blutgang, and with Lorenz Thyrsus. There are existing sprites of some characters from Gatekeepers Rallying Horn, and pre timeskip Lorenz is shown as a Red Infantry, so his timeskip getting Thyrsus makes sense. I'm not too sure about the Fallen Heroes, most of them are from Fates. I'm curious what stretches they'll make for other characters. A different type of banner would be refreshing at this point. Not going to bother with weapon predictions for CYL for now. I'm predicting Felix is going to follow the trend with Marianne and Lysithea, where he gets a good chunk of votes because his base version isn't in yet. Yuri got added so he's going to drop. I feel like since both M!Byleth and F!Corrin got resent seasonals they'll drop too. The Bernadetta cult has been going strong even after she got a seasonal alt, so we'll see. It's 3H heavy again, so I might throw in either M!Robin or Seliph as wild cards.
  9. They're probably going to do something similar to Hardin where he's not here so that those characters can talk about him in the Forging Bonds. I'm not sure how much that sort of thing is needed, if those two don't have any other character traits. Man IS is power creeping my whole Astra core. I've been using Bernadetta and Annette for the longest while. NY!Plumeria exists, and NY!Reginn is pretty much guaranteed, so now it's time for Lilith to get powercreept by her self probably copium.
  10. Sylvain could be a good Fortress Knight -> Great Knight. I can't test it right now, since I uninstalled Three Houses for SMTV, but I'd suspect his personal skill + Mauela with her's as an adjutant can make a good tank. And general advice when looking up information is to see if it is up to date, since that reddit post is 2+ years old.
  11. I'm thinking Eitri too without considering external factors. I'd love for her to be a Red Light Mythic because my Light teams are usually missing a Red unit. Also I'm expecting a ranged Gullinbursti, which would be so nice on offense, but a pain on defense with Nott if she's Dark. I've been saving specifically for this month so hopefully some Plumeria and Dagr merges, as well as mister meta.
  12. Sounds kind of memey, but not the bad kind. Edelgard is a strong combat unit so she'd rather be the one getting danced, but like @Shanty Pete's 1st Mate said if you have other strong units it could work fine. She also doesn't have the additional utility that the other good Dancer candidates have like, 3 range magic, Meteor, Bolting, Physic, or a Riding asset for quick Mov +1. It would definitely be interesting. I've seen Dancer Dimitri because you can stack a lot of avoid with his timeskip personal skill and Sword Avoid+20 from getting Dancer.
  13. Like people are saying Ironman is just not resetting the game. I guess there can be an argument for Divine Pulse abuse, but the game is balanced around it with the ambush spawns. The only things from the DLC that are busted is the Chalice and Dark Flier to an extent, but you haven't been abusing the Chalice.
  14. I was thinking the same thing too. The Kids banner is another that would have been Harmonic if they didn't break the cycle at some point. Why does Shamir have to be an Axe unit? I have so many axe units built up already. I didn't +10 Hana from last year, but she's literally going to be an upgrade to her.
  15. I was just looking through my AR teams and I noticed Lilith. She didn't show up on the Dragon Halloween banner this year so the Ninja banner could be a another opportunity, especially since Corrin is here. I would love a Trace skill on my Lilith, and who else better to have a Atk/Res or Spd/Res Near Trace than a seasonal Lilith. Would a Leila and Lilith Harmonized work? They have some similar traits... Granted Lilith would have to be the lead so that they have the map wide teleport probably.
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