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  1. 9 minutes ago, Ice Dragon said:

    That's just the default name in Japanese, the equivalent of "Kiran" in the English localization.

    The Japanese default name is "エクラ" (ekura), which is a phonetic transliteration of French "éclat", meaning "shine".

    Ah makes sense, that thought didn't cross my mind.

  2. 11 hours ago, Tybrosion said:

    So, final hour and of course my team (Hilda & Marianne) is the only one in real danger of an upset. Go on you damn mode, you know you want to do it again but just make it quick please.

    Meanwhile, Ashe is probably dead while Ogma and Freyr are both definitely dead.

    Man, thank the people who were most likely saving their multiplier boost from a few hours back for Ashe.

    There's a bright side of me not pulling Hilda, the streak of getting upsets has broken.

  3. 1 hour ago, Zelda_Master said:

    Are there any other good moms for Seigbert not named Effie, Charlotte, or Azura?   Or I could just flip the Moms for Xander and Arthur around.

    You have the right ideas. Effie has overall better mods so she makes the better mom stat wise. With what you have now you could pass down Sol to both kids.

  4. 3 hours ago, DefyingFates said:

    I see what you mean (that CYL units are different from other alts), but I think if anyone was going to keep a Prf skill, it'd be Marth. He got it for his seasonal alt and even a canon-friendly version for his young alt, so clearly IS sees him and "Fire Emblem" as a package deal at this point, in the same way that Alfonse had Open the Future with both of the alts he got after Lif's release (and as I said before, Ike had the same happen to him and Radiant/ Mayhem Aether).

    I just released that Duo Lif doesn't have Open the Future. Would have definitely been broken, but I guess since his weapon doesn't give the -1 cooldown, so the 2-turn special is better anyway.

    14 minutes ago, DefyingFates said:

    It was actually just her version of the Gremory outfit: everyone's outfits get color-coded to them and dark purple is hers. It wasn't a unique outfit, I'm afraid.

    No, her's was White and Red in 3H. So the purple is new in Heroes. It's even a little different to a version she got in Cipher.

    3 hours ago, Javi Blizz said:

    To be honest, I just want GK to be an infantry lance unit, since there’s no way we’re getting another version of him in the game.

    There's the potential GHB around the same time, and his base version could work there. Even though he is the first place winner I don't think they'll put him on a banner.


    For the units:

    Marianne: Probably Holy Knight with Blutgang. Maybe colorless/blue tome with a special Aura. Who knows her being a popular dancer choice is pretty well known (she even has a cipher card), I'm expecting her to be the next cavalier dancer at some point, not necessarily for CYL.

    Gatekeeper: I was thinking Great Knight using an Axe, but we've gotten a million Axe cavaliers this year, and I'm not sure we need another Duessel/Zeke so soon. Another wild guess could be an Armored Bow using a ballista, because why not.

    And I'm not knowledgeable on the other two so we'll just see.

  5. The Fire Emblem Fandom Wiki has map data that tells you about the spawns and gives a warning if they are ambush spawns. Getting through Awakening on Hard would have been really annoying without that resource, and at least you have Divine Pulse in Three Houses.

    Usually if you just google the game and chapter title the site should be one of the first ones to show up. I don't know about how it explains things for older games since I don't play them.


  6. 17 minutes ago, Faellin said:

    Was thinking of making Arete my next grail project once i'm done with plegia Kris. And already have a build planned out. But what would be some good inheritable red tomes I could go for? Her default one doesn't seem to good. Just a suitable general purpose one.

    Since my planned build is atk/spd push 4, lull spd/res 3. Since at max merges and speed boon her speed is a plenty workable 35.

    Either the Fox or Blade tome. You should have some foxes sitting around from the free Knoll we got a few months back.

  7. 1 hour ago, Tybrosion said:

    According to the datamine, this is the lineup for the Legendary Remix banner [SPOILERS]:

      Reveal hidden contents

    Legendary Ike, CYL Lysithea
    Fjorm, Female Kris
    Legendary Lyn, Jill
    Legendary F!Robin, Shinon

    Also, the lineup for the Hero with Solo Skills banner is [SPOILERS]:

      Reveal hidden contents

    Fallen Julia
    Melady, Duessel

    And in regards to the Voting Gauntlet [SPOILERS]:

      Reveal hidden contents

    There doesn't appear to be any banner(s) for it, so we're probably getting another lazy Summer Banner vs. Summer Banner VG.

    Oh and most importantly, you guys actually try in Aether AIDS?


    If Shinon is coming on that Banner, which has a Spark, I guess his banner will die off from the rerun voting.

    AR has mostly been alright for me, once I learned how to play better. But I'm pretty close to not caring as much since the L!Sigurd, Pathfinder, and Save skill power leap is obnoxious.

  8. 9 minutes ago, Othin said:

    I've been consistently in the Vault as long as it's been available, but almost fell out for the first time this week. Lost all six of my ladders, but thankfully got an easy last match and ended with a solid score. 

    Wow that's sad to hear. I was in a similar situation last Light season because of all of the turn-one L!Sigurd teams. The one ladder I used this week was because of a Dancer Sigurd turn-one trap.

  9. 2 hours ago, Hasechi said:

    How about Geranal, should i increase that class movement by 1?

    I don't know how to get plus stone sooner. But I can hack to get money to upgrade the normal stone to full stack. Tell me your idea to buff taguels and manakete. And yah manakete still better than taguel because manakete can counter attack at any range

    I think the General is fine. Movement isn't really an issue in Awakening because of pair-up.

    I'm not sure how to buff them without making Panne/Nowi even stronger early on. Their issue is the lack of an upgraded class like they have in Fates.

    Like I said I think HP is something that needs to be nerfed on enemies since late game since they're really fat. I guess the game really wants you to depend on those Brave Weapons. That's another thing with Awakening the weapon balance.

    About the Archer. Maybe it needs more speed? The class should probably be a ranged Myrmidon. If Virion could double more often that would be nice.

  10. 7 minutes ago, Sunwoo said:

    Which is why they should've saved Orochi for another banner instead of blowing their load with three waifus. Nyx and Charlotte would've carried the banner without her. Or at the very least put Benny on the banner instead.

    I just realized Orochi being on this banner is pretty weird since everyone else is related to Nohr. Good art and easy to +10 I guess.

  11. 2 minutes ago, Alexmender said:

    Orochi doesn't seem good. Her Prf is Panic Smoke and Atk/Res+6, her fodder is meh and she's likely to have a mediocre stat spread that leans towards Res. Eh, at least we're getting more green mages and Orochi fans will be happy that she's a demote so they won't have to suffer much to +10 her. 

    Easy to +10, there's the silver lining.

    Tier 4 AR-D skill seems really out of place. It only gives +1 from the tier 3 (thankfully) and you won't be using those in arena. Also can't wait for the toxiciity in AR now that that skill is more accessible, and RIP to the people who used their codes for Ethlyn.

  12. Grima's refine is pretty lol on the Eliwood map. I think I used her back in the day. I wonder if I recorded that run?

    I also used Apotheosis Anna, Tharja, and Flying Olivia. Too lazy to remember how I did the map since I was BS'ing around with the FEH Pass turn restart.

  13. Awakening is really weird. I know that the enemies have way too much HP, and you need to rely on crit fishing or dual strikes to kill stuff.

    I'm not sure, the player units feel fine regardless of movement class. It's the flying/mobile fortress enemies that are kind of nuts, but you have effective weapons for them.

    Taguels need a buff. From experience Panne and Nowi fall off by the time you get to Valm because of the advanced units, and you don't get plus stones till pretty late. They definitely need plus stones sooner.

  14. 1 hour ago, Ether said:

    So I'm building up a W!Nino forma and I've currently got Blarfox/Rally Atk/Def+/Glimmer/AS Ideal/Daring Fighter/AR Menace. I'm fishing for AS Menace and Ruptured Sky since i'm finished hall 25, and hopefully Flora Guide will pop up somewhere along the way, but I'm unsure if I should keep Daring Fighter if Special Fighter pops up along the way. I don't have any daring fighter units, so I've been unable to play around with it in practice, while Special Fighter is a pretty reliable option. I'm curious what people think of these two skills on a fast armour that could make use of either.

    There's a lot of follow-up negation in the game so being able to break through that is good. Nino isn't that bulky of an armor, so the Desperation should be good too. It's weird how they haven't released more units with Daring Fighter, but Special Fighter is more available.

  15. 57 minutes ago, SoulWeaver said:

    Two questions.

    So I finally got my iPod issues resolved and rejoined the game. Decided I wanted some fodder from the rerun Banner and did the 40 Summons.

    I pulled Catherine, Shamir, a second Fallen Celica, a second Brave Micaiah, base Ike, merges for Rhajat and Idunn(swapped +SPD for +RES, that was nice), and two Seteth.

    I wasn’t expecting to actually pull any Focus units, so my plan was to grab either Catherine or Shamir for fodder purposes, but I forgot about Flayn.

    Keeping in mind that I haven’t played since the Ninja Banner last year(though I did luck out and pick up Summer Freyja already), could I get some advice on what to use that freebie on? I’m currently on the fence between Shamir for her fodder(which was better than I remembered it being) and Flayn so I can rage about not being able to put her staff on Sakura I MEAN so I can use her as another standby healer.

    Any advice on what to do with the other units mentioned above would also be appreciated. Seteth in particular looks useless on his face and doesn’t seem to have good fodder.

    Second question, do we know any of the units for sure coming up in the next Mythic Banner? I haven’t been paying attention to FEH stuff and have missed the last few updates to the Legendary/Mythic calendar.

    Like you said Shamir has really good fodder, but since you already got one and if you don't care to use her then get Flayn. I think getting Flayn regardless is good, drive damage reduction is great.

    There's a Mythic Heroes thread somewhere around here. It should be on the first or second page of this sub-forum. One of the units of note is L!Sigurd who's breaking the game right now.

  16. 1 hour ago, Magenta Fantasies said:

    Reina is about the only other acceptable Fates GHB option (though Candace or Kotaro would be cool, they’re not as popular or significant). I’d rather have Reina as part of Forging Bonds. I really want her gold headdress/halo as an accessory! 

    Hans as free axe unit #99 Reina's halo as an accessory would be pretty nice. I'd be surprised if they don't add the series' first canon bow flier in the game.

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