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  1. I've been expecting Fates for some time now. Orochi is the biggest thing that will bait me right now; at least you can get a guaranteed copy after 135 orbs. Nope, didn't waste 300 orbs on anyone of the Summer banners or anything. A Reina GHB would be cool. I would expect her to be a Red Bow, but they probably want to lock that to Bride Shanna for a while.
  2. That would be interesting. I'm not too keen on getting Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity, since the game looks kind of rough.
  3. Nintendo just decided to shadow drop information on their new Switch model (OLED). It releases on October 8th. Which happens to be my birthday (I wonder if mommy will buy this for me). Nah I'm a grown man I have to buy my own stuff. So what do you think and what are your plans for the new system?
  4. I was going to bring Lysithea just-in case, but I guess Gerome and his shiny new axe have a date.
  5. Is there a reason why people give fast units Courtly Candle? I remember seeing a bunch of Courtly Candle Hildas even though she's pretty fast. I think the built-in Guard from Candy Cane is better so that she doesn't get nuked by specials if you don't have Special Fighter is better, but that's just me. I guess there's a bunch of guaranteed follow-up enemies. Interesting direction with the TT. This should provide more orbs at the least.
  6. Well here is my clear. I wanted to have the animations, but my recording software was being wonky.
  7. VG has been making me pretty salty as of late. If I'm on the popular team it gets last hour multiplier'd. If I'm on the less popular team it doesn't get last hour multiplier. Both cases have happnened in this VG. Anyways, to Annand we go.
  8. I'm guessing she'll get an Atk/Spd variant of the weapon. Freya loves her brother, Freyr loves his Pineapple lol. NFU and dodge on a cavalry unit is nice. This is one way they release a skill and have some balance to it. Give Cavalry and I'm assuming fliers NFU, but make WoM plays harder. I was scared that Lynja got a new partner, but Tiki's dance works on her because of Ninian. Honestly I wished I'd summon on this banner since I wouldn't mind any of the units, so going full circles would have been okay. As opposed to sniping colorless just to get screwed.
  9. So I guess this was suppose to drop yesterday. Unfortunate news about the landslide over in Japan.
  10. Wow you're right. It's going to be like Altina where a seasonal variant can get blessings and be used where ever. Her base form would have been good on defense, and Lethe was pretty annoying when she first came out. I wonder if she'll have a Prf B skill, because why not.
  11. TMS Harmonized/Duo would be so weird, but this is a likely case. A few months back I had Mirabilis/Mitama as a theory. I wouldn't be surprised by that. She has consistently scored well in CYL too.
  12. The Goat is here! It would be funny if they add Summer Fryer before his actual version. We could have a situation similar to Byleth, where the Mythic Banner relates to the Summer banner, since most people are speculating Freyr this month. The one on the right looks like Norne, which kind of make sense since we expect Summer F!Kris.
  13. Bows have triangle disadvantage against tomes. It's a little backwards how Outlaws are suppose to have high Res to take mages, but can't hit them reliably without Dual Yumi. Maybe people generally call it Fates as a blanket term for all of the games since outside of the maps and available characters they are the same game. Also I think most people probably got 2 or 3 of them anyways.
  14. @GuiltyLove Man, you remembered to tag me here. I guess I'll have to deliver at some point. @Diovani Bressan @NSSKG151 @Alexmender I was thinking it would be easy to one-turn, but I don't have an NFU'er that can enable WoM off of the brick, so I had to go in on turn 2. Also thank the rest of you for showing me what the whole battle looks like lol.
  15. Female Byleth would have fit perfectly with the Summer units lol. Maybe they anticipated she would win CYL and wanted to give the male version something.
  16. I think the Youtuber Mekkah did a Byleth Solo run on CF Maddening. And I saw someone else do a Byleth/Edelgard duo run. Dimitri is busted and can solo without question. The other characters are probably decent except the Brawler guys. They have low speed and res. And outside of NG+ they would need Quick Reposte which is an endgame skill.
  17. It's been a while, but I used her in my Lunatic run, and she is a good delete button. To be fair I also gave her Certain Blow so that gets rid of her main flaw.
  18. Are you talking about the final map? I just had Dimitri Vantage Kill those siege tomes with Retribution, and made efforts to snipe the ballistas with Stride/Warp usage. I had to restart once because my Dimitri wasn't fully optimized for crit rate and those Mortal Savants have relatively high luck. There was one set of Bolting Mage reinforcements that was complete BS though.
  19. Alert Stance on everyone? I know Flier memeing is the most efficient way to play, but it seems a little excessive. I agree that Healing isn't too big of a deal. You can make reliable dodge tanks, player phase nukes, and I like to use Battalion Desperation on some units. I remember the thing that annoyed me was not being able to get a second Flying battalion until after Gronder, so either my Byleth or Ingrid had to go without one. I don't understand your qualm with the reclassing. Being able to counter attack Edelgard with the Chalice would have been too cheesy. The thing is that you can blocker her attack with the Sacred Shield gambit, and also Hapi is her priority because of her ability. I haven't done CF Maddening, but from Hard mode tanking with Edelgard isn't too great. I guess you can dump a bunch of stat boosters into her and give her the Aegis Shield. If you're talking about her taking hits in general, I usually having her bait with a Training Sword so that she doesn't get doubled. For the stat curve you can look it up on a wiki, but I think the enemy stats will be similar to other routes, but since you have fewer chapters your units will be a little behind.
  20. I didn't feel getting Sword Crit would be too hard if you focused on Sword a lot, but I didn't look into Alert Stance being learned at B, so that will take a lot of investment. I guess D+ was in my mind because you need C rank Armor for Weight -3 from Armor, so I thought there was a 1 to 1 comparison.
  21. Assassin is pretty cool. I was thinking get Swordmaster as well. You can probably get Sword Crit+10 pretty early, then with Alert Stance from D+ Flying, Retribution from one of those early Blue Lion battalions, and Wo Dao+/Killing Edge+you can cheese the game Dimitri-style. I saw someone mention getting Death Blow and Darting Blow, but I've gotten through Hard quite comfortably without going for that stuff. Hit+20 from mastering Archer guarantees you're hits though.
  22. The final map isn't to bad. The last couple of TT had some borderline broken bosses that they had to remove their Distant Counter. The big lake in the middle means it's time to use Final Fantasy Morgan instead of the usually Brave Edelgard in auto-battle.
  23. Well we're at 4.75% on the Summer Banner. I'm just feeling the off focus waiting to ruin me. I'll deal with the sunken cost later in the week.
  24. Ah yes my favorite FE6 character Bridal Catria coming in clutch. My FE6 roster is so weak lol, at least Cecilia was great on this map, and I have the rare Larum.
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