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  1. Hey @mampfoid I see you ran into my base today. Nice to see the Galeforce strats. You were close to getting a perfect run my Hrid was just too bulky.
  2. Luckily I pulled L!Azura she obviously made this map not too hard. I didn't want to get into the spiral (heh) of Ophelia cheesing but here we are.
  3. Please no one else play. I was so close to getting into the top 1000 earlier, but my last few runs were failures and I didn't Light bless two of my units until midway through the season. Oh well maybe some other day.
  4. I almost had to resort to using Pheonixmaster's guide, although his Smite strat gave me the idea to try my own even though I had to use Draw Back with Hinoka and Sanaki in the end. I appreciate Hinoka's 1 damage on Roy as a middle finger to this map.
  5. The symbol for Roy's blessing makes me think it's a Disrupting effect. Maybe canceling out skills that affect follow-up attacks when fire blessed units initiate combat or like the cavalry beast units ability to prevent follow-ups when they initiate.
  6. I guess to IS the trade off was either let people pick who they want and end the summoning there or random summon plus a banner so you can technically get more out of it. Maybe if you were hoarding orbs for the Anniversary this would be beneficial, but I was really hoping for something to escape the gacha curse. The characters that I want to vote for are mostly characters that I have tried to summon for in the past, but couldn't get due to RNG and this system doesn't help.
  7. That sucks that the orbs that show up are still random. I guess it's confirmed that the heroes you get from summons are always determined as soon as you select summon not as you summon.
  8. Yeah I was surprised she took the hit through Triangle Adept, but attack smoke came through.
  9. Eir was really nice on this map, I didn't think to use Kinshinoka, but that could have been doable. I was already using Robin in the lower difficulties and wanted Alm to work. Thankfully I just had to figure out how to position my units.
  10. I think Nailah would be good. She has DC if people want that, and she's a good unit for people to have so that they have a solution to Firesweep and Dazzle spam. She wouldn't be a unit I would personally be annoyed to see everyone have, like I don't want to deal with L!Azura in every arena match.
  11. @mampfoid In these Abyssal Maps the Healer is usually the problem over the Legendary hero. Makes you wonder who the Legendary hero battle should really go to.
  12. Yeah I had to farm a bunch of SP, but it wasn't too bad. I had to go through a whole bunch of fine tuning with my team.
  13. I'm curious is Harsh Command still in effect if your unit is getting further? I had my Hrid Harsh Commanded after he got de-buffed from my opponent's Hrid. Then mine was able to take him on along Veronica, and another unit.
  14. Oh man how will I ever deal with this +10 Firesweep Cordelia team? Thankfully their own traps made things easier. This person at least needs to consider not having the movement trap so close to their team.
  15. I have everything but the Blacksmith skills. I was trying to connect to your castle but I'm getting an error so try going to mine CA: 02130-42896-73417-92552
  16. Sacking an HS!Elincia if I can summon her is going to hurt a bit, but that's solid.
  17. That's true, but something like that allows Micaiah to have a trivialize the Brave Veronica spam in Aether Raids.
  18. Mytic Boost 3 helps out Alm with his refine I'm guessing. -5 HP from the Falchion then +6 HP from Mystic boost after combat. It might be a sacred seal like Hardy Bearing that would be good.
  19. I just fought a full +10 team of Firesweep Brave Lyn, Adrift Corrin(F), L!Tiki w/ Armored boots, and HS!Micaiah. I some how almost won with a F2P team, but the Tiki's Bold Fighter Aether had other plan. Now it sucks that I actual have to hope that someone defeats my defense team so that I can play one more match since I need 1 more Aether.
  20. Hrid himself was nice to use on this map. AI manipulation was key, that Blue Manakete preventing Hrid from reaching my Lyn and Micaiah was a life saver. The Abyssal Enemy Stats are in the spoiler below. At the courtesy of LordFrigid.
  21. I decided to do an Ophelia solo after I used her and Lilina for this map. The AI movement for the Lance flier gets altered if not enough damage is done to the Axe Fighter so that's where Ninian's drive attack came in.
  22. Brave Hector Trivializes this map. Well if Marth wasn't baiting the Sword Cav. this might have been trickier.
  23. Man, I hastily sacked a Subaki to my Arvis for swap, but I didn't need it. By the way does anyone else think the Golden Towel is kind of ugly? It's just a fact blob of gold.
  24. Fliers make these outdoor maps super easy. Can't wait for the indoor Abyssal maps.
  25. It's a good thing I got YT!Olivia on a free summon the other day.
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