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  1. @Sil/phire As far as I know you can't turn of receiving requests. You'll just have to ignore and remove them. Yeah you just play against their defense team like a normal match. If that person's lead unit doesn't look too crazy, re-matching is a decent strategy to avoid some more heavily invested teams in the later days of the week.
  2. I've done a Maddening run for all but CF. Technically I've used M!Byleth for 2/3 of those runs, but F!Byleth is usually the better choice gameplay wise. I didn't care about Flier memeing on all of my runs so there's that.
  3. The kids are back and are as broken as ever. How many times have they introduced a Refine then power creep it immediately? Sumia's Canto is less restricted and she has WoM in her weapon, but Tana has a lot of stats going. This game really doesn't want me to save (no surprise). How can I skip out on these busted units? A bunch of people are expecting something like this for SoV or 3H, but they don't typically go for the low hanging fruit.
  4. Wow the "Restart Turn" feature from the FEH pass sure is nice. I was stuck at the end because Yune was just barely living my Brave Claude and Lysithea since they didn't have any attack buffs. Eventually I could position one of them adjacent to my Dorothea for Hone Atk 4. She was surviving Lysithea because I was using Escape Route instated of Lull Spd/Res.
  5. Innes and Tana seem to make the most sense here. I wonder if they'll deliver the broken Seth that people have been wanting. This is the banner that will have that new mechanic that they had to send a preemptive update for, so I'm both scared and excited.
  6. The tier rewards stay the same. It's only the territory reward that resets.
  7. @Faellin That Kris is pretty good already. Maybe a 2-turn special like Moonbow/Glimmer would be better, probably Glimmer since Defense Smoke and his Axe lows the enemies defense quite a bit anyways.
  8. Speaking of traps, I'd advise you against upgrading your Bolt Trap if you haven't already. Bolt Trap can equal free Wings of Mercy and Vantage setup for your opponent on defense.
  9. A cooking/baking banner could be interesting. The only character that comes to mind for me would be Annette. I wonder if they will do anything with the Voting Jubilee results from last year? A teacher banner could be cool.
  10. So here's the calendar from the official FEH Twitter. Like the title says, what do you think the special Heroes on the 19th will be? The last years we had the 30th Anniversary and a Picnic Banner, so there isn't really a trend. And Grand Conquest is back on the 14th, a game mode that I actually like, but will probably be obnoxious with the Save skills.
  11. You would just have to score better in the game modes that provide them and you also get a few more from FEH pass.
  12. @Callie A ranged cavalier is nice to have on offense, since Veronica has Dazzling she can safely initiate. You could run Pain+ and Double Savage Blow to help against those bulk teams. I'm guessing one team could be Veronica, 2 Mythics, another range nuke, and a dancer. Camilla is a little harder to use, but you could use Wings of Mercy and Galeforce. Because there is so much mage spam you could get away with not using Iote's Shield and give her Distant Ward (Counter), then have support like Brave Lucina, Male Corrin, or Mathilda who synergies with her weapon but it's pretty outdated. There are better Axes like Deck Swabber or Huge Fan. If you have Mila or Temari, Plegian Axe can be good too. Since a bunch of the Mythics are fliers you can stack Ward Flier and Goad Flier when enemy phasing. So probably something like: Camilla, Corrin/Mathilda, Mythics with Ward buffs, a range cavalier or another tank.
  13. @L3xandr3 You only get the ones that are available during the 1 month period (usually 3 I think). So current, upcoming, and maybe the one that comes out a month after the first (I think this depends on your OS whether they charge the day before or the day of). You would have to retroactive buy the older ones for $5.
  14. You build support by having units doing actions with each other. So healing, singing, and attacking in either phase works. I haven't played the GBA games so I just want to be clear that you have to do more than just stand next to the other characters. If most of your other pairs are at B or A rank at this point, it is technically possible. You would have to meticulously have your units paired up or adjacent to each other and try to milk the support gain as much as possible. Even on Normal, Conquest isn't too trivial so this probably won't be too optimal. My Castle grinding is the way to go if most of your units aren't at B or A rank already. The child paralogues are even more opportunity to grind in-game.
  15. Some of those that you mention were just some light friction between the characters, I wouldn't say hate. I don't remember what beef Felix had with Annette, I guess he was embarrassing her. There's definitely Felix and Dedue damn Felix is an asshole. Also Ingrid and Dedue. Edelgard and Rhea is another. There isn't any direct conflict, but Edelgard and Hilda can technically hate each other because they're polar opposites basically.
  16. What is this game? Here I thought Forrest got the comfy win, because he was slightly ahead all of these hours. Well guess it's time to go with the guy who's on a vacation so I can get the point bonus. The memers are really going to get the old man to the top lol.
  17. People were expecting a Fallen Sonya, but instead we have a Fallen Sonya at home. Farina's weapon is so funny to me. I guess other characters that you have to give money to recruit could work similarly. I think Volke from the Radiant games is like that.
  18. The safest thing is to do 2 rematches on the last day since those matches will probably be easier than playing someone who was able to get into the higher tiers, who probably has a gross defense team.
  19. They made Summer Xander lol. She just needs a Byleth Floatie, haha.
  20. Yeah things in Heroes is already color based. Right now Staffs and Melee weapons are locked to a color, but everything else can be any color. I guess they could have stuck to a more strict weapon triangle, where there isn't nonsensical colored Bows and Daggers just because. Too be fair there are certain balance choices and the it kinds of helps make the game less stale. You have a Green Bow like Shamir that hard counters Brave Hector, where if she was colorless the match up wouldn't be as decisive in her favor.
  21. One banner will definitely be a mix and match. I'm expecting a Duo Matilda and Clive for the Bridal banner, so I'm not expecting a full Valentia Summer Banner. I'd expect some thing like: Kliff Tobin (Might be too many guys for Heroes' standard so he could be replace with someone else based on the Harmonized pair) Clair Some random Harmonized pair Gray as a Tempest Reward It would be cool to see Kliff as the reoccurring Blue mage flier, but that could easily be Clair as well. The others could be Sharena, if they don't want to shaft her for too long, and a Harmonized Mirabilis and Mitama. I'm not too familiar with the other games, but either a full Jugdral or Tellius banner makes sense. Leaning more to Jugdral since we had Mia and Rhys last year. They will definitely want the more recognizable characters like Seliph and Leif. Others could be Nanna and Fee.
  22. @Samz707 Sorry for getting back to you so late. Pretty much what Dark Holy Elf said. I think Striding on turn 2 to get your units around Byleth is ideal, but you could possibly get back to the boss with Byleth if you have Rescue maybe. Your natural Archers like Bernadetta, Shamir, and Petra should be able to one shot the birds after one of their shields is gone with a Silver Bow of Steel Bow+. If your having trouble you could try again after a few more in-game weeks before it's gone, maybe Ferdinand wants A rank Lance for Swift Strikes. Make sure your units can kill things in a quick manner. Iron Bow is only rank E so any off your units can use that as well.
  23. @Samz707 What kind of units are you working with? And are you at the last possible week to be able to do that map, because I'm not sure how you would be able to salvage things at that point. I think I usually Stride at some point in the beginning to get all of my units around where Byleth is. The Archer Battalion with 2 uses is pretty good here. Some of the enemies usually line up in a way that you can make good use of Assault Troop and Group Magic.
  24. I wonder if they will release the full mix at some point. Tap Battles is pretty much dead at this point. I don't remember when was the last time they ran it. Also I saw people talking about dancer Reginn, and I don't think I'm ready for Canto'ing Cavalier Dancer in this game.
  25. So this is how it feels when a character you like loses to a meme. If Silque is the only girl left that means that it's time to move over to Forrest, I'm not messing with Wrys again.
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