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  1. What the heck. Is there an SRPG that has this sort of mechanic?
  2. That sounds pretty rough. Are you not in a situation to restart or something? If your playing on Normal you shouldn't have to Killing weapon everything. I think Dimitri and Edelgard probably hits hard enough with a Silver weapons to one shot most things, or get close to it. Of course the Grapplers are a different story, but chip from range and finish up close should be fine. I'm just saying this to be mindful of your resources and not burn through Killers too fast. For Yuri, Curve Shot from Claude and Ashe should be accurate and do good damage. And even if he Pavises Dimitri or Byleth, one should be able to take the hits, baring crit, and the other should avoid the double (I'm assuming). You could even use the Creator Sword combat art to be safe and do good damage as well. Then the little ally supports to give +5 Hit could be helpful.
  3. Armors don't have Duel skills since they are already the standard for scoring because of their high BST. The purpose of the Duel Skills is to allow units that don't have as high of a BST to score the same as an Armor unit. Even the more outdated armors score well. The question at this point becomes how usable they are in an actual arena match where you're fighting +10 new and premium units.
  4. @Muskaan Mann Midori will give more Res from pair-up. She has less base Res growth than Sophie, but will probably inherit more Res from her parents. Who's her mother? If you had classed Sophie into Great Knight, she would have a decent sword and axe rank for when she's a dread fighter, and potentially Luna. So, Sophie probably makes the better unit, but Midori makes the better pair-up partner.
  5. Yeah Death Blow and Fiendish Blow for their respective types of attackers is vital. You shouldn't go out of your way to get Darting Blow unless that character was already a Pegasus Knight mainly. The Maddening enemies are too fast for +6 AS to make the difference for units that weren't that fast to begin with. Usually you just equip training weapons to avoid getting doubled at times. Technically Hit+20 covers what level 5 Prowess gives, or even better, unless you want a dodge tank. Usually I try to play "traditionally" and use the breakers to specifically counter certain enemies with certain units. Hit+20 can save you from using multiple Prowess skills, unless again you want to dodge stuff. The skills from tutoring are niche and depends on the character. For example, if you're using Annette you want to get her Rallies. Some units have combat arts that might be good, like Lighting Axe from Annette. Outside of that there generally isn't any reason to master other classes aside from the main endgame Advance and Master classes you have in mind. Sniper, Grappler, and War Master have their combat arts, so you want to get those ASAP. You could do some niche stuff like getting regular Vantage if you want to do a Wrath/Vantage set on someone, and Wrath stacks with Battalion Wrath or even Defiant Crit.
  6. There isn't a dagger weapon class, but the enemy Gangrel in the game could be a stretch. So could Maiko from Encore from the clips that I saw.
  7. Speaking of the datamine, I guess I might use my forma soul on Palla, since V!Silque isn't there. I did get Pumpkin-in-a-box and Atk/Spd Push I farmed so hard for Fury 4 and Ruptured Sky.
  8. For A slot: Distant Counter B slot: Null Follow-up, Null C-Disrupt, Lull Atk/Spd, or Lull Atk/Def C slot: Joint Drive Atk, Pulse Smoke, or Attack Smoke. S slot: Quick Reposte, Mystic Boost, some Stance skill, or some Solo skill A lot of this is whatever you might have sitting around and what game mode you want to use him in. NFU is good in Light AR season for Bramimond, NCU is good for all of the Windsweep and Dazzling staff spam you might bump into. In arena depending on the season and what you want to counter I think the Lull skill is generally the best. For the special, whatever is the most practical. In AR noontime is good especially with Brave Lucina support, maybe you could run Glimmer or Ruptured Sky if you're running Mystic Boost SS.
  9. I saw some one point it out on Twitter, and most of the other Harmonized Duos had some sort of connection, but this one seems kind of random out side of them both being dragons. There have only been so many cross game interactions in Heroes, so there will be some that feel a little lazy.
  10. Is it that bad? In terms of cohesiveness having a Whitewing each year has sort have been a tradition, not some other random Pegasus Knights. Every other seasonal banner will be a Harmonized banner with units from different games with each other, so that's how it is. Not saying you specifically, but it's funny how people hate Fates so much, but the only real reason Severa, Inigo, and Owain are associate with each other is because of that game. Technically speaking it is Severa and Inigo, not their Fates versions, so Owain not being here shouldn't have been that much of a shock, from what I've seen.
  11. Can't you just back out to the map select screen? I think it's whatever the option is at the bottom of the menu circle. Then select a different map. If the only options are monster battles then I guess you have to back out to the monastery and do a seminar or something.
  12. Oh boy Cavalry Duel skills; I'm surprised someone didn't have B Duel Cavalry on this banner to really sell the man getting his Resplendent in a few days. Selena and Harmonized Myhrr look cool and all, but I gotta save. Another tempest axe cavalier and tempest axe unit in general, they really don't want to give other weapons many easily available seasonal weapons huh?
  13. Since we already had the Whitewings, Minerva is a likely possibility. I hope that her and Cherche don't have a Harmonized because my orbs are extinct this month. I guess the banner will run until the middle of next month anyway.
  14. @Fabulously Olivier The speed meme Reinhardt generally isn't practical, but for some PvE content and Aether Raids it's good there. Like you can annoy common tanks like Edelgard and Hector with windsweep. Those skills are definitely more practical and consistent. Akariss on Youtube has a discussion on that. On the topic of quad attacking. There is a nice setting I explored, so you can set Smart End to only affect Duo characters which will be nice in the age of using Duo!Lyn.
  15. +Res is good on Linhardt, but I feel like +Def will be better in the long run to emphasize on his overall bulkyness. +Def on Seteth might be good for Wyvern Flight, but to not be too passive +Spd should be better.
  16. Yeah the Red Codes disappear so you should grab something. From last month's I'd suggest Cain for Wings of Mercy, Odin for Moonbow, and Lyn for Armor March. If you're planning on getting into tier 21 Arena someday then the Rally+ from Soren is good.
  17. @Muskaan Mann No problem, glad I could help! Eventually Soleil will be nuking stuff with Dragon Fang when she gets Hoshidan Unity.
  18. @Muskaan Mann Yeah make sure you see a list of users pop up when you try to @, you misspelled my username. Anyway I'm not too keen on what the best some of this stuff, but generally Asugi as a Master Ninja will give her more speed on pair up, and Seigbert as a Paladin will give her more bulk. I don't know if this is one of the resources you looked at, but the main site has a list of pair-up bonuses. For example Hana!Ausgi gives +2 Str, +1 Skl, +1 Spd, and +1 Luck at S rank. There is a guide at the bottom of the webpage for children and you can navigate to Nohrian characters at the top. https://serenesforest.net/fire-emblem-fates/hoshidan-characters/pair-up-stats/ Here's another one for adjacent bonuses. For example here Hana!Ausgi gives +10 Hit, +10 Avoid, +5 Dodge, and + 6 Crit at S rank. https://serenesforest.net/fire-emblem-fates/hoshidan-characters/supports/support-bonus/
  19. A Hoshidan Noble Soleil should hit pretty hard. Soleil is a unit with great strength growth as is; from what I'm looking at this type of Soleil has a 72.5% strength growth. Nohr Noble as a mixed class doesn't really stand out much outside of Nohrian Bond that you get at level 15. And her magic growth at 27.5% is pretty bad.
  20. Mercedes doesn't have much going for her in War Cleric, so I'd go Bishop/Gremory. Really sucks that Aura Knuckles is A rank. Annette might be better off as a Dark Knight. It feels like a waste getting more than C rank Faith on her. You could even have her as a Wyvern Rider to rally and use Bolt Axe and Lightning Axe combat art. If you want a Mortal Savant a character like Dorothea does well in it, but I'd suggest Dancer. You could still get the requirements just to boost her stats a bit.
  21. Yeah I guess that could have been a thing. At least Icy Fimbulvetr looks pretty. Maybe it would have been too cheap? You would have another group of people complaining that Heroes is being lazy by not giving them proper tomes.
  22. That's because of Desparation, and a single Ardent Sacrifice can get you there. But from my own lurking I think that Desperation is being too overly centralized especially in the modern age of the game. Yeah it's a good skill, but not everything needs to be boiled down to Fury+Desperation. Bulk doesn't really matter on a unit like her anyways for a player phase role. A one of copy of her should do good work.
  23. Wow I guess a lot of Lyn people were holding onto some Flags. She was technically gaining more points with the back and forth multipliers. Well I guess not only can people spam Lyn in AR, but also everyone can use Duo's Hindrance with a competent Duo unit. Now there's Arena were you will need Deflect Missile, at least you only need to worry about Leif during Water Season.
  24. If they're not clogging up your barracks too much they can be used for different content like Arena Assault and the Limited Hero Battles. Also for Hero Merit feathers. The only one from what you listed off which is probably not worth your time is Lyn. Igrene and Kliff have some good skills for inheritance, so at least manual them.
  25. The thing is in this game range nukes are too good, so there needs to be a way to punish that, and with the addition to dancers it becomes even more ridiculous. Then in this sort of grindy mobile game, not everyone wants to sit around and do too much tactical thinking, rather than just dropping your tank somewhere and ending turn, get your daily rewards, and done. In a regular game you're nor expected to sign-in and play certain game modes every day, so a slower pace is fine here. Speaking of main games I don't really bother with CC in 3 Houses, you're Archers outside of Claude have a poor enemy phase so why bother. Then in that game they don't want the bosses to be too cheesable with the 3+ range your units have.
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