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  1. L'Arachel is interesting I guess? It has anti synergy with Desperation that I have on her, but I guess she wants Lull Atk to capitalize on a bulkier role, that's an expensive skill so I probably have to give her the speed refine. Funny how she has a prf on V!Veronica and something similar to the upcoming Marianne. I think they've done this type of thing before, but I don't remember. They actually gave Ayra special acceleration and more, I'm surprised! It was the one thing that people always wanted on her.
  2. I'm doing that right now with Gustav. It was pretty nice to let my Micky do her business then have Gustav block Seiros and friends. Now he's protecting Guinevere, and blocking Kempf/Lunge traps is nice too. What's the Zagerus spell? Or are you talking about the Zaharas (that's what I hear) thing he does to send Byleth to another dimension. That was the most unique thing he had other than maybe being a staff unit.
  3. It's time! Blue Tome Infantry is fine at least she doesn't compete with some of my recent additions with Selena and Valentine's Veronica, and we have Valentine's Silque as a blue-haired Cavalry Healer already. My orbs are completely depleted this month, I might have to farm a bit too.
  4. Based on the predictors the results for round one are pretty much set. There aren't any real upsets, Corrin and Freyja were pretty close in the original voting. Technically the banner will be pretty good in terms on getting 5 stars with 2 sets of color sharing.
  5. I just slapped this team together, obviously Leif would be good, but Rhys served a purpose as well. The open map made things petty easy. Someone mentioned it earlier, but I'm surprised they didn't make the map based off of Deirdru.
  6. Generally the first pick would be the most optimal. The rest of them look gimmicky, as a strength focused child with magic a magic focused mother isn't good. Some of the options are impossible with Charlotte!Shiro and Orochi!Forrest. A Hinoka!Forrest seems kind of cool. What do those boons/banes in parenthesis mean? Anyway here's a website that I've used to see growth rates and maximum stat mods for pairings; maybe it will be useful. https://inheritance-planner.herokuapp.com/
  7. For the Eirika case her weapon takes the single highest buff, so in your example she would only get a +4 to attack. With your Olivia case visible buffs (the blue stats) don't stack, only the highest overrides the lowest. So if you had the Gentle Dream buff on Olivia She gets +3 atk/spd/def/res, but if you used Rally Attack on her the +3 atk is overridden with a +4 instead. The things that do stack are in combat buffs, so your Peony can give +3 atk/spd from her weapon, and another +3 atk from drive atk c slot skill, and even another +3 atk from drive atk sacred seal for a total of +9 atk and +3 spd.
  8. Man they just had to go and add Claude now, and Melady is also on this banner who I want for Wyvern Flight. Weird that they didn't make him a Wind Legendary considering Wind is lacking right now, but I guess they wanted to go with his color scheme.
  9. Ahh the classic softlocking map. I'd like to know more of what you have available too. The most I can say right now is Swordbreaker, Alert Stance, and Training Lance on Dimitri in the forest tile. If he gets hit use an Elixir/Concoction to get him back in range of his personal skill. Then use his battalion when a good number of enemies are surrounding him. This is all pretty RNG especially with the Snipers and Grapplers, but what can you do. I'm assuming your Byleth is a Flier so hopefully you can hit and run a couple of things. There is a video here that shows some low investment builds to clear the map, but you have to have the right setup, which might be an issue. Look and see if this is helpful:
  10. Cancel Affinity only works against Triangle Adept effects. Whether it be the A slot skill or the Gem Weapons. By the way there's a general questions thread for stuff like this.
  11. My biggest issue is that the game feels really slow. I'm new to this sort of SRPG; the ones that I've played have a player phase and an enemy phase, but the active speed counter isn't doing it for me. I'll try to get past the "Burn down the houses" chapter, but it's rough. I'm personally not too bothered by the presentation, but having to press a whole button to see the character portraits is pretty jarring. Games like this have just had the art show up when the character speaks for years. If anything there should just be a toggle to hide or display it when they are talking. The voice acting definitely felt mediocre at best, this is pretty early into the game so maybe it will improve. It was like that in Xenoblade 2 too, but hopefully things aren't too finalized and some revisions are made. I didn't think too hard about some of logistics of the story and setting, but it's pretty nonsensical having seen it pointed out. I was taking everything with a grain of salt since you are thrown in a couple of chapters in, so there is a bunch of missing information that could help. Generally you can tell that this game has a "Gameplay first" approach. Even the name Triangle Strategy (Working Title) gave me that impression from the Nintendo Direct. The whole "Let's hand over this important character to the villain we just saw unjustly kill said character's father, even after we risked our lives to protect him," bit made no sense. I wanted to explore the other option, but with how slow the current map is for me I probably won't get around to it.
  12. I was able to scrape by with Elincia, Reyson, Yune, and H!Rolf. It was annoying at first to get Elincia to one round the Red Fafnir, and survive the Brave Axe Cavalier, but after that it wasn't too bad. @Diovani Bressan Micaiah with the exact lethal, nice.
  13. It has been pretty nice, I got Green Olwen so I was able to give a unit Swift Sparrow 2. Finally got a Lucina as well. I thought I would never see the day.
  14. The full results are out and there are some jarring choices in the top 100. Some of them I guess people want the wall paper like the Summer units, but then you have vanilla Lute at #29. I'm wondering if the Jorge hacker had anything to do with it, because IIRC they said they would try to get Lute high into CYL. And there's Kempf at #95, not going to lie saving some grails isn't too bad actually. I guess a set of people had the same idea of getting Kempf and Eliwood merges for AR.
  15. The game was pretty fun, definitely a unique experience. There aren't any online battle modes and the only online feature was rankings based on achievements or something like that. Most of the DLC isn't really worth it. There are two sets of grinding DLC, one for early game and another set for late game. If you want just get the late game ones. There are extra story DLC which is fine. Then there are the Over Classes, which look cool, but you can't get into them practically without grind, so I don't think they are worth.
  16. Same thoughts pretty much. I wonder when the Midpoint will be? It doesn't necessarily have to be chapter 8 like last time, but we'll see how the story progresses soon enough.
  17. They gave Lex Reposition which is always welcome. Fury would have been nicer than Atk/Def Push, but I guess they still need to release those old Push skills on low rarity units. I guess Hinata will forever be the Fury Master. I hope Díthorba is decent, I'm going to need to utilize free units more if I'm going to save for Marianne. Skimming through the wiki that Pamela character seems more involved, but Díthorba has a daughter who's in Thracia, so I guess they want that connection.
  18. I don't know about the save state thing, but you get the items after you kill them. It won't be in their inventory.
  19. The Veronica and Loki BHB is interesting. Only Brave Veronica and Loki are in the regular summoning pool; who would the third person on the banner be?
  20. Especially with Lull Res, which the Lysitheas coming with Moonbow on their basekit is kind of weak, and also Plegian Katarina having Luna. At least that makes the PVE Lysitheas easier to deal with.
  21. Bonus Anna is pretty fun to use. I guess I'll use Alfonse on my auto team so he can finally get some HM... I just pulled Gustav so him and Veronica will be a good pair. Speaking of Veronica, I have so many inheritable tomes sitting around, I might just dump them into her. Flora Guide is a nice one, but I can't efficiently inherit Speed Tactic at the same time, so that's a bother.
  22. It's called "Copy Skill" on the same page that you select customization. To be more exact it's Allies->Interact With Allies->My Summoner->Copy Skills.
  23. I had to stack a bunch of attack with Spur Atk/Res, Goad Flier, +Atk bucket, and her Link. I didn't do it this way in the end, but Loki could have killed that dragon and probably the Lance Flier, but who knows what other AI changes might have happened. Hinoka has a different VA in Heroes that's why it's different. @NSSKG151 Thanks! It was fun to use two units that I have high merged on this map.
  24. Took care of this on the last day. Surprising it didn't take too long. I guess that's what fliers plus effective damage does.
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