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  1. Hi everyone, Not sure how many people are aware, but Ranai and 9B are currently a donation goal for BEAST 7, the largest smash tournament in Europe. This is likely the only European tournament that either of these two players has a chance of attending the entire year. Over the past two weeks, I have spread information about this compendium existing to as many regional Smash 4 communities as I could. However, as of now they are only 23% funded out of 2,000 Euros and there are only 5 days and 6 hours left in the compendium. Ranai and 9B don't really have a chance now, in my opinion, without a donation stream. The Monday or Tuesday right after Genesis 4 would be the perfect time for one to occur. That's why retweeting my tweet here can really help a lot. If this information reaches a top player willing to do a donation stream for them, it will go a long way and they will likely get funded. https://twitter.com/Cranium_Five/status/822241714983305216 (Link to compendium: https://smash.gg/tournament/beast-7-1/shop/reward-shop-10)
  2. Hello, for anyone that isn't already aware, there is already a Fire Emblem Warriors Community that exists on Discord, if anyone would like to join. We've been talking about speculation for the game and other Fire Emblem related discussions, which probably will continue until we know more about the game and/or it is released. Here is a link to the server: https://discord.gg/gkHdcEF --❄Cranium5❄
  3. Hi everyone, I'm Cranium. I've played every Fire Emblem game multiple times, but I haven't gotten into a community such as this until now, though I have been active in other Smash Bros. and Animal Crossing communities for a while. I'm glad I came here and hope to learn more about the fandom as well as tips for playing each game better when I revisit each of them.
  4. I have a favor to ask anyone that's willing to help me out. A personal friend of mine whose gamer tag is Panda Bair needs votes in a tournament nomination process in order to get added to the compendium. He is one of the best Smash 4 players in Chicago (currently ranked 13th on the power rankings) and has sets on Ksev, JJRockets, Darkshad, MVD, and Trela. He's a good friend of mine and I've known him for years. I also have a combo video of his here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X-llURYrW6w You can get the most number of votes by linking your twitter to smash.gg and following smash.gg on twitter (twitter.com/smashgg) before you vote, right on the voting page, but you also need to make a smash.gg account first. Voting is free; you just have to post a tweet about it. Would anyone be up for voting for him for me? Here's the link: https://smash.gg/tournament/2ggc-midwest-mayhem-saga/nomination I understand if people don't want to vote for him or want to vote for someone else, but he's a dear friend to me and this would mean a lot, so thank you if you're willing to help me! Right now the voting process is incredibly close between him and the person very close to him, with both of them having already expended most of the sources they had to get a large amount of votes, so any and all votes can make a big impact. The top 2 people with the most votes make it, but 1st place is so far ahead no one has any chance of catching him. Voting for this lasts until Noon U.S. CST on January 16th.
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