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    Nice to meet yall, call me macchi or mac or whatever haha. Never really super duper interacted since I always felt like the stats went over my head but thought I would give going back on some forum sites a chance. A little about me: My first game was Awakening, though Fates was slated to come out in a few days I still picked it up at a recommendation of a friend. Absolutely loved it, and played all of the games after since. Still working on Sacred Stones but I gave up about half-way since I got busy. My favorite game is Shadows of Valentia for that amazing music and voice acting! Honestly, I'm mostly here because I love the music from the games. I think Fire Emblem really gave me a love for turn-based strategy, even though I absolutely suck at it in general. But I'm just here to enjoy myself and also interact with some other Fire Emblem fans!
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