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  1. If Alm could be with anyone else but Celica, what would be the most optimal character paired with him and why? Could be any character and it doesn't have to be one he has supports with. I hope other people have a alm/whoever rarepair, as much as I like Alm/Celica I'm interested in other ships because of the different dynamic and the way the story would change. Anyone a Alm/Lukas shipper?
  2. Since Mila went mad just like her brother, she sealed the Falchion because her madness clouded her judgement and didn't want Alm to destroy Duma. But at the moment she unsealed the blade, her senses came back to her. So in an alternate universe (without Celica), we could say that Mila unsealed Falchion because she was brought back to her senses and realized Duma needed to be destroyed. It doesn't necessarily mean the sole reason she unsealed Falchion was because of Celica's sacrifice.
  3. Right, but the moment she unsealed the Falchion is when she came to her senses and realized Duma had to be defeated, correct? (haven't played SoV in a while) Yeah, I was picturing Celica dying around Act 3, either the very beginning of it because of that landslide/earthquake and having Conrad not saving her in time, or in some other incident later on. I kinda wanted it to be right after their reunion just so it could be more of a struggle for Alm to cope with (writing a story, you can say it's like an alternate universe or the like).
  4. Why, does it depend on Celica's presence if she would unseal it or not? Why wouldn't she? Is it because Alm is considered to be "a reincarnation of Duma" or at least represents Duma? Or is it because she knows Alm is going to defeat Duma and although she knows how destructive her brother is, she is still reluctant to unseal Falchion?
  5. Lol right Alm is pretty OP but I can say it'd take a huge toll on him mentally and physically, but I'm sure he'd pull through for the sake of saving Valentia and for Celica. While she would be dead in that scenario, her soul was always intertwined with Alm's, so I feel like she'd be watching over him in a way, giving him signs, etc..
  6. True, one without the other may make everything all the more difficult
  7. Let's say Celica dies. Would Alm still be able to save Valentia and defeat Duma? Or does he need the other bearer of the brand to help? Edit: asking this bc I'm working on a fanfic that is not Alm/Celica, and I found, if you're writing a fanfic for an Alm/whoever ship in the SoV world, Celica wouldn't fit in the story so you'd have to kill her off (I'm so sorry Celica, I still love you :c) for it to work. So I was wondering even without her if Valentia would still end up being saved.
  8. uhh....i got like 8 accessories from ppl and i decided to go and visit their castles but for some reason my internet malfunctioned and it wouldn't let me connect, once i fixed the internet and went back...it said i had no accessories? i updated my data, reloaded another savefile but that did nothing...anyone else run into this issue?
  9. hey! sent an accessory (im jennie)--first time doing bond units 😆
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