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  1. Hey yeah! Sorry about the lack of updates. Everyone is really busy with college, and I'm busy working on my game because the demo is coming out soon. We are working the second gen supports though and have a good chunk of m x f translated and inserted so far. (Mitama is one of my favorites to do because of her poetry.) I myself don't have college, but I got some minor burnout from the rushed release of 4.2 and have also been busy with family troubles until recently, but my work pace has picked back up again, so pretty soon Shady should have a release date for you guys. I believe the next milestone release will be the m x f supports for second gen. Speaking of Shady, he recently moved and still has yet to set up internet. You can expect to hear from him when this has been resolved. Right now I'm kind of stepping in for him. Thanks! Right now, as you see, we have all first gen supports completed. Looking at the support chart we have about 15 or 20 percent of the m x f second gen supports done. Luckily a lot of the parental supports are pretty much the same, so when we translate one, we'll be able to copy paste it. We wanted to get a release this month, but college and life got in the way and I'm not sure if that'll happen now. As mentioned before, work is going apace again, so expect another release date announcement soonish. No! Again, sorry for the super late replies! Don't worry the project isn't dead! If it was I would have come crying to you guys for help!
  2. Okay, it seems to be almost random. I ran the patcher and it worked, then Shady ran it again and he got the error even though it had been working before, we'll look into it. We don't know what could be causing that, but Shady is writing the patcher to check for every file and make sure it's added. Apologies for the inconvenience everyone!
  3. Try and run it as admin. If you have the special edition, patching the main game and IK should get you everything. I recommend patching both versions of IK. They are both in the games files so who knows what you could break if you ignore half of it?
  4. Okay, since it's been decrypted(with deep decryption I hope), I went ahead and paged ShadySheik with the issue. We'll see if he can get you sorted out when he wakes up.
  5. It might very well be, but I'm asking if you decrypted it using GodMode9 or decrypt9 after you dumped it. It has to be decrypted before it can be patched.
  6. I'm dead! In other news, the first half of Invisible Kingdom might still have some shaky parts, as well as Chapter 28. I WILL be going over it again with a fine tooth comb, but trust me, it's a lot better than it was.
  7. Public Service Announcement: Sighax and Boot9Strap have been released! If you are running a9lh to play our patch you can update to it easily by following the new guide on the 3DShacks subreddit. It'll be under the subsection "Updating to Boot9strap" in plailect's guide. As always, be sure to follow all steps to the letter. If you have an unhacked 11.4 3DS, you can now hack it by using a transfer of an exploitable DSIWare game from a hacked 3DS. The guide has been updated with instructions on how to do so. If you don't have access to a hacked 3DS that can system transfer and you're feeling brave(or have the money to pay someone to do it for you), you can also hack your 3DS with boot9strap through hardmod. With the new GodMode9 you can now dump your copy of Fire Emblem Fates or Fire Emblem If super easy. Games will also be able to be decrypted on your computer instead of your 3DS, but further instructions on how to do so are sparse at the moment, so please be patient. If you are on a9lh I highly recommend updating. Luma3DS will no longer support a9lh and is moving completely over to Boot9strap: https://3ds.guide/ Edit: Make sure you keep a backup of your decrypted Fire Emblem game until we know the new decrypting method, that way you can still patch it and play it with the new patcher. Double Edit: Good news is Decrypt9 got updated, so now you can decrypt your game with it just like you did on a9lh. Pretty much no reason left to not update to Boot9strap now. Get your butts in there. Triple edit: Now GodMode9 can decrypt as well. No excuseeeess go update or you'll end up like the people stuck on Menuhax.
  8. Yeah, my guide is for people who want to permanently patch their CIA, but Luma works just as well. That LayeredFS works great. Edit: Disregard that it seems luma layeredfs doesn't work with dlc.
  9. Edit: With our new patcher, my guide is rendered obsolete. Release is tomorrow, look forward to it, everyone!
  10. Okay first, make sure you hack your 3DS using plailect's guide before updating to 11.3, also, yes, 11.2.0-25E can be hacked. Second, this patch is only for the Japanese version of the game. Once you are on custom firmware and have hacked your 3Ds, however, this will not matter, as custom firmware ignores the region locking on your system completely. You have to do some extra steps to set up the DLC though. If you want help on hacking so you can play the game head to the 3DShacks reddit, you can also find plailect's guide there. If you decide to do it do not disregard any steps, and listen to the warnings that are in the guide. It is safe as long as you follow instructions. Once you start don't stop, if you get stuck on a step pause the process and ask for help on the reddit. Once you have a9lh and Luma3DS you can safely update to 11.3 without losing any of the new stuff you just got.
  11. Not all the supports are done yet, either, you're probably running into the ones we haven't finished.
  12. The My Castle interactions are all translated for the menus and stuff, but the various lines your units say have not been fully translated.
  13. No estimate from me at least, and as far as I know the xenologues haven't been touched yet. Pretty sure they're last in line. Supports come first.
  14. Negative. The xenologues have not yet been translated. Invisible Kingdom has, however.
  15. Small announcement: I've solved the riddle of unpacking and rebuilding the DLC for patching purposes. Expect a guide before the end of the month.
  16. There must be a step you're missing somewhere. Is there anything different about what you're doing at all? You generated a seeddb.bin file and used it in Decrypt9 with your ncchinfo.bin to generate your XORPads, and it's still throwing that error, right? What's the ROM you're using, is it a raw dump of Fire Emblem If? .3DS? .CIA?
  17. Did you pull the XORPads from an already patched game?
  18. Check to make sure you have all the required XORPads. The ones you need are listed in the guide.
  19. Yes, you won't be able to use the Homebrew launcher until it gets updated though.
  20. ALARM ALARM ALARM! If there are any new people just now finding this patch and you have yet to hack your 3DS, do NOT update to 11.3 until you have hacked it, otherwise you will not be able to play the translation patch until a new method of installing custom firmware and homebrew is found. Go and get it done before you're cut off!
  21. Okay. I've run into a bit of a problem. I know that to patch Invisible Kingdom I have to dump the folders and replace them manually, but the problem I'm running into is I can't get the folders. I tried the hack pack and it only gives me a couple folders. I've tried RomFS Extractor and it throws that the RomFS is invalid. Can anyone help me figure out how to patch Invisible Kingdom?
  22. You know you can dump your dlcs and patch them too, right?
  23. I had no idea that someone else had taken the project until recently. If I knew I would have kept abreast of the project and offered my help much sooner. It hurt to see one of my favorite franchises gutted like that.
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