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  1. Saber looked at the surprised individuals before her, both shocked at her arrival through the gateway that temporarily shone with a white light in the darkness as she walked through. Her blue combat dress was still slightly illuminated as some side effect of the now closed portal, which became especially noticeable as it was almost pitch black outside, minus a few street lamps lighting up the street here and there. Her eyes first looked at the strange man with spiky blue hair, and red tinted sunglasses, as he jumped back yelling out in shock. 'This guy is probably not a mage. Michael is sure gonna be mad at me for sure for exposing ourselves publicly.' Saber thought to herself. She then looked at the blond girl with glasses and a blue tracksuit, who also jumped back, her green sneakers skidding across the ground slightly, causing her to be a bit unbalanced. The girl didn't seem as surprised as the man, although Saber did note in her head the man's reaction was quite bombastic. 'I suppose it's a realistic response to seeing a girl walk through a mystical portal.' However, her real concern was what was quite a distance away to the left of Saber, a brute of a man with a beard and with chain-mail, staring intently at Saber with his eyes screaming with ferocity. Saber could feel that he is indeed a servant, and judging from his stature, was most likely of the Berserker class. Saber held onto the hilt of her sword, still placed within her scabbard on her waist, before asking her initial questions. Saber then waited a small moment until the two both gave answers that seemed to imply that the two knew nothing of went on, despite both of them standing fairly close to a servant. "One of them is lying, but who?" Saber thought, before giving her response. She could leave the two alone, pretending that they were indeed innocent civilians, but that would be foolish considering Berserker is out in the open, and right next to them. Plus, she isn't sure if its common for people to jog in the middle of the night, and it is even more odd that neither haven't come across any of the animals ravaging the city. This is because the animals have indeed traveled quite a far distance from the zoo, reaching the dojo to attack it. Hence, it wouldn't be a surprise to see some actually arrive at this location. Looking to her left to see Berserker a slight distance away, while remembering her master is on a rooftop to her right of the giant red mansion with a view on the three of them below, Saber spoke, trying to confirm her suspicions right away. "Sorry, I would love to tell you who I am, but I feel kinda irked out by you, I mean who wears Sunglasses in the middle of the night?" she addressed towards the blue haired individual. Saber then looked at the blond girl, feeling pretty confident she was the master. "I'll ask something else, do any of you know who that big guy there is?" she point with her left thumb in the direction of Berserker.
  2. Shopping Center around 2:30 am After Saber flips the car back on its correct side, and Michael was able to carefully lay a passed out Ilya on the ground, he quickly goes to the trunk to get his belongings. Saber comments “I didn’t expect Ilya to be a secret mage. Do you think she was keeping that secret from us this whole time?” Michael replies “I don’t know, I’ll have to ask the only mage we know.” as he puts on a vest that allows him to carry an assault rifle (AK-47) on his pack, and two pistols on his sides (Glock on the left, Colt Remington on the right, and the Contender on his pack, with the ammo in seperate pockets in his jacket and the magazines for the rifle on his pockets of this new vest.) Saber then says “Are you sure about carrying so much fire power out in the open?” Michael then replies “We are in a battle zone. Once things calm down, I’ll figure out a way to hide this. Until then, we need to stop this attack and figure out what caused it in the first place.” Saber then says, with her battle designed blue dress flowing in the wind “So that leads us to call our favorite Irish mage. Well, I guess we don’t really have any better options now do we?” Michael nods in agreement and calls Alastor. Rings fills the noise in his ear as he looks out at the streets and buildings, all wrecked by the animals just recently defeated. He eventually gets an answer. “Alastor, you there?” says Michael. "Yeah I'm here. Guessing you got caught up in this mess too?" Alastor replies "That response implies this...animal attack spread to where ever you are. Speaking of which, I may need to get to you. Any idea where you're located?" Michael responds as he kneels down to check on Ilya. "Let's see looks like I'm around a chinese place in the Miyama Shopping District. Just took out a lion and bear." Alastor answers. Michael chuckles a bit, surprised he is still finding levity in this strange situation. "Yeah we took out a few chimps, birds, a rhino, and..." he pauses, realizes he is about to speak about Ilya until Saber interjects. She says "What do you mean we? I did all the work!" Michael scratches the back of his head "Okay, Saber took out all the animals I mentioned." he then finishes honestly. "Yeah it's a real mad house right now weird thing about the lion though when I broke it's neck the beastie just erupted in Mana guess you can guess what that means." Michael realizes the implication "So the animal you killed was summoned by someone? But the animals here are just corpses. They haven't dissipated, except Saber mentioned that she felt some strange barrier when she hit these animals. It seemed to imply some sort of magic." He gently moves the hair on Ilya's head to check if she has any injuries before he continues, "I am starting to get sick of all this weird magecraft. In fact, I saw something really strange just happen recently that I may need to ask you for some advice to figure out what happened. You mentioned a chinese place right? I'll stay on the line, we are coming to you. Let me know when you can see us." "You think this is bad you haven't seen anything yet." Alastor replies with a hint of levity in his voice. "Still I'll keep an eye out for you and the lady but be careful." "Got it." says Michael as he puts the phone on speaker and places it on his chest pocket so he can free his hands to pick up Ilya, essentially carrying her like a baby. He makes sure his left hand is able to be free so he can reach for his Glock to attack any animals that may come in their way. "Ready Saber? I will require you to defend me?" says Michael. Saber responds "Gotchya Master." as the duo with Ilya in tow travel to the Chinese restaurant. On their travels, they come across a variety of birds, which led to Michael shooting at a few while Saber starts slightly whimpering at the sight of dead birds. Michael says "Get over it Saber. I really am sorry, but we gotta keep moving." However, Saber responds still wailing comically "But they were birds....BIRDS!!! YOU WOULDN'T UNDERSTAND!" Her loud noises started attracting more attention causing Michael to quickly console her as he hold Ilya. "I am sorry Saber, I promise I won't shoot any more birds okay?" He looks around seeing eyes hidden and hearing growls. He thinks (Crap wolves). "Umm....Saber." She responds, wiping her tears "I got it." before going in to slash a pack of wolves as Michael starts firing at the wolves with his Glock, seeing that the shield seemed to prevent bullets from penetrating the animals. (Damn, they are practically useless.) He then looks at Ilya, still surprised she is asleep despite the loud gunfire. (She must be spent from doing...whatever she just did to that Elephant. It doesn't matter what secrets this girl keeps, I gotta keep her safe. I know Taiga wouldn't forgive me if anything happened to her.) He looks back at Saber, still wiping her sword of blood after killing the pack of wolves. "Yeah...I'm done." she says with a gruff voice as if she was Clint Eastwood in a western. Michael then says "..Okay good. The GPS says we are getting close." He decides to talk to Alastor, hoping he is still on the line. "Hey Alastor, you see us yet?" "Yeah I think I see you and wait is that a kid?! There's liking them younger but don't make me call the police on ya." "....That is your response." says Michael. Saber asks "What did he say? Did he call you a pedo? Did he?" Michael responds "Shut up Saber." He answers back on the phone "Just remember I am carrying a few weapons on me. Don't make me shoot you on accident." he says in irritation as he, with Saber walks to the restaurant. "Yeah yeah learn to take a joke. I take it she's the reason for the strange sight?" "Yeah, she....I think she's a mage." answers Michael as he walks through the restaurant and places her gently on a couch inside. Saber then answers herself "Yeah she is, there is no other explanation for what she did to that elephant. Quite powerful for a modern mage too I think." confirming Michael's suspicions. "The kid took care of an elephant herself that is an accomplishment. Alright let's have a look to see what's going on. Caster" Alastor calls for his servant. As Caster astrilizes his hands glow with a warm gentle light. "Lucky for us Caster is a damn fine medic if anyone can figure this out its him" "Just don't harm her okay? I just want to know what is going on with her." says Michael. Saber, understanding her master's concern says "Yeah, don't try anything funny, or..." she unsheathes her sword to show its metal. "bad things are gonna happen." "Don't worry all I'm doing is looking her over to find out what's wrong. So while I figure this out do you mind going into further details as to why she fell unconscious. If I have a general idea I'll know what to look for." Caster replied his tone professional as his hands hover above her body. Michael nods to show that he understands. "I...I saw her summon these strange crystallized figures that looked kinda of like birds, and they were attached with her with these very light strings that are barely visible." Michael tries to recall even more "The figures just blasted the Elephant apart, filling it up with holes. It was after this that she just passed out." "I see. Alright well I do see some strain in her magic circuits. It doesn't appear to be a lack of mana her stores look like they were barely touched. The problem is that her circuits have atrophied from lack of use causing her to fall into a state of unconscious from the shock. She should be fine if a little sore by lunch tomorrow." Caster intones with a ease that only comes with years of practice even as a puzzled expression flashes across his face. "So...she passed about because she hasn't flexed her muscles in a while?" says Saber in a basic manner. Michael then asks, ignoring Saber's comment "Why does she possess so much magic? Is she from some mage family like us?" "That's what has me puzzled. All the evidence points to her being an Einzbern humunculus, but from what I've come to understand all the founding families of the Grail War have disappeared." Caster answers. "Aye it's true we've been looking all over for any of the members to try and figure out what's happened. Far as I can tell she's the only living Einzbern left." Alastor says in response. "Einzbern?" Michael asks puzzled. Saber answers "It's some old mage family, one of the first that started this ritual of this Holy Grail War." Michael asks "How do you know this?" Saber answers "I think all of us servants have like the basic encyclopedic knowledge on several topics, we just don't know all the most personal aspects of certain matters of history. It's kinda weird, right Caster?" She asks to her fellow servant to get some similar response. "Saber's right when the Grail summons us from the Throne of Heroes it uploads all relevant information into our current selves. How else are we supposed to know Japanese when a majority of heroes hail from all over the world." Caster says as he takes a teachers stance. Saber nods "Yep Professor Caster is right." Michael, still perplexed, decides to ask a different question "So Ilya is of this old mage family? And you said they aren't alive anymore?" "Well that's what we gathered all that was left when my team was sent to investigate. All we found were few dead half formed humunculi and some notes on their families magecraft. To be fair we may have some more notes hidden away back at our base but I wouldn't count to much on that." Alastor answers. "Would any of this help us figure out who caused this mystical animal attack?" asks Michael. Saber continues "Yeah, that is our most pressing concern." "Well judging from the fact that neither of us did this and I have an idea on who Lancer may be evidence points toward this being the work of a Rider or Assassin and let's just say I'm leaning more towards Rider on this one."Alastor says getting to the point. "Is there a way you can...I don't know, find the closest magical spike? Like someone who just used a good amount of magic like a servant?" asks Michael. Saber replies "You want some magical radar?" Michael responds "Well, they were able to detect you when you used your portals. Maybe they can get some sort of reading about another servant?" "Well our best bet would be Caster I only caught that bit because my sight is the sense that's linked to mana sensing. Well Caster?" "Hm..." Caster closes his eyes trying to find the closest signature to their own. "Ah looks like we're in luck we have three signatures grouped together southeast of here. If we hurry we maybe able to get there before they leave." "Well there you have it if you want we can take my truck should be there in a few minutes."Alastor offers. "Ok, let's get going." Michael says. He looks to Saber, "Can you carry Ilya for me? I need to get ready for a fight." Saber picks up Ilya, carrying her over her back. "Yeah, I guess its time we get out of this imitation of Chinese food. I mean, the meals here look decent enough, but I never ate anything like this back home." The duo start walking out of the restaurant, waiting for Caster and Alastor to leave and get the truck. "Well its just around the corner here's hoping the reinforcement held up to whatever is still out here" Alastor says making his way out to the black truck. "Ah there she is looks like we got lucky. Put what you don't need to feel comfortable in the bed and let's go." Alastor comments. 'Man am I glad I invested in the four door. Michael and Saber enter in the truck with Ilya gently placed on Saber's lap. Saber comments "Aww she is kinda adorable when she isn't annoying me." Michael waits for Alastor to reach the driver's seat and sees Caster enter the passenger seat next to him. He stays close to his own servant with Ilya. "I guess it's time we end this whole mess." The group travels together to where this magical signature exists, preparing for a possible battle.
  3. January 20th, 2020, Around 2:20 AM As Michael began driving his car towards the epicenter of this current disaster, he couldn’t help but grimace at the sight of all this destruction illuminated by the headlights of his car beneath the dark sky. Buildings and stores were wrecked beyond repair, with glass getting shattered, and several animals, particularly primate, and chimpanzees just causing a huge mess within a few other convenience stores. It didn’t help that there was plenty of traffic, consisting of several empty cars which are from people who abandoned their vehicles to get away from these violent animals. The worst part of it all was that a huge elephant was trying plow through the cars, stepping right over them. “What the hell?” were the words erupting from Michael’s mouth, a perfect representation of the onslaught seen before him. “My words exactly master. We need to find Alastor quickly. This is a mess that is far too much to handle, even for me.” Saber comments herself. It didn’t help that a few more chimpanzees noticed the occupying vehicle holding Michael and Saber, and started running right at it. They jumped onto the hood, and tried to bang at the windshield and the side windows to break inside to attack the driver and its passengers. It was at the sound of this banging that Ilya started to yelp out in fear. At the sound of her small scream, Michael’s eyes widened in fear. “What...WHAT ARE YOU DOING HERE ILYA!?” Saber crawled into the back, opening the back seat to the trunk to see Ilya in shock, hiding under the many boxes of ammo and weapons. “Little girl, you shouldn’t be here!” Ilya, cowering in the back, talked in a nervous tone “I just wanted to go with you. I didn’t want you to be charmed out of your money out this weird lady.” Saber, facepalming, tells Ilya “Are you serious!? I really don’t plan on doing that Ilya-chan. I promis-” Michael interjects quickly “Saber, get in the back with Ilya to protect her.” He pulls out a glock fastened in the belt of his pants, and starts to aim quickly and fire at the chimpanzee banging at the side window to the driver seat, slowly cracking the glass to break it. However, before he could fire his shot, a sudden force somehow topples the car over, crushing the chimpanzees to the left side of the car. “Oh sh…!” Michael was able to mouth out as the car was being knocked over, with the 3 passengers unable to see what is knocking the car over. “AAAaahhhh!” was what Ilya starts to scream, terrified at the dangerous event at hand. Saber, needing to save her master and Ilya, unfastens her seatbelt, and pulls out her sword, materializing on her waist, along with the rest of the clothing from her time period. She slashes at the driver side of the car which is slammed down on the concrete, opening up a portal, and looks back on the other side which was staring straight at the sky. She catches a glimpse at the top of one of the buildings, and grabs both Ilya and Saber through the portal. Once through, the 3 find themselves on the roof of the very building that Saber was able to glance at. She glances back and see the portal close behind her. “Phew, that was a close one.” said Saber looking onto the chaos on the streets. Ilya, on hands and knees, seemed to have an expression of shock on her face. Michael looks down to see the expression of the girl. “Crap, we have a ton to explain now.” He kneels down and softly puts Ilya in hug. “It’s okay Ilya-chan, we’re safe now.” Saber, looking back at her master, begins to be stuck in a bit of thought. ‘Master is right. How do we explain this portal thing to her? Never mind the fact that we seem to be stuck in some sort of zoopocalypse.’ “Master, we should leave her immediately with the girl. It isn’t safe with her here.” Saber then says “I don’t really like this plan, but I can take her quickly away from here back to the dojo while you stay and try to get Taiga and the others together.” Michael stands up, surprised that Saber would suggest such a plan, as it was one of his first ideas that came to mind. “I would like to agree to it, but something tells me this whole mess was caused-” “By another Master right?” Saber finishes Michael’s line of thought. Michael replies back “Yeah, and it may not be a smart idea to separate if the master and his servant are around her observing the chaos. There would be no way to safely find Taiga and her students safely in this mess on my own.” He looks back at Ilya, and picks her up, holding her like a child as she seemed quite shaken and startled. “It may not be ideal, but I’ll focus on keeping Ilya safe. I need you to protect us both. Can you do that Saber?” Saber smiles back at Michael, and holds up a thumbs up “Can do Masterino!” Michael, sighing then says “Please don’t say that again.” Saber replies “Yeah...it sounded kinda lame to me too.” The two look down to see where their car, which was knocked over is. They notice the huge rhinoceros next to the toppled car, most likely the perpetrator for the car to be in the state that it is in. Surprisingly, even the primates crushed under the side of the car seemed to still be in tip top condition, seemingly unaffected from being crushed. “That is one tough monkey!” comments Saber, surprised at the animals durability. “Yeah, they might be guarded by some sort of magic” comments Michael. He looks back towards his car immediately however. “We need to get back to the car.” Michael states as he starts to walk to the access door from the roof to the lower floors. Saber, puzzled asks “Why? I don’t know if you have noticed, but there are a bunch of killer animals down there ready to rip our throats out. You know, I can carry both of you and just travel by rooftop on foot. I mean, is it because you don’t like being carried by women, is that it?” Michael, starting to slightly blush states “No, that isn’t it. There is just some stuff inside that might be kinda useful to protect us, that’s all.” Michael then looks behind Saber to see several birds of various species dive bombing to attack her. “SABER, WATCH OUT!” yells Michael, which leads to his servant turning around to slash at the birds with her sword, instantly cutting through them. This leads to several bodies falling to the roof, and others falling down to the roads below. “I feel kinda bad about that. I really do like birds.” Michael, shaking his head, says “Well, you can start regretting about killing birds later. Come on, we have to hurry.” He beckons his servant to follow him as he walks through the access door. Both individuals start walking down the stairs to notice a havoc on the base floor, consisting of a bear and a few apes seemingly breaking down several doors to attack those living inside. Screams can be heard from the occupants, which startle Ilya even further. She gives out another small yelp, which attracts the attention of the bear. Michael immediately pulls out his Glock and fires a few shots. However, the bullets didn’t seem to do much other than really piss the bear off. ‘So this magic barrier is even strong enough to handle 9 millimeter rounds. Just great.’ He calls out to his servant immediately for a quick save “Saber!” Hearing his call, Saber immediately responds “Got it!” She charges ahead, deciding to use her bare hands, probably out of fear from killing more animals. The bear tries to pull off an attack, trying to swipe at her with its right claw, however, before the attack could even be pulled off, Saber uses a single palm strike to the chest of the bear, knocking it a good distance away from her, through the wall next to the door of an adjacent room, with an extra bit of distance as the bear knocks out while sliding across the carpet. Michael and Ilya both look on with an expression of shock on their face. “..You never hit that hard back in those training matches back at the dojo.” Saber looks back at her master and Ilya, her elegant foreign clothes just stop fluttering from the pressure of her attack. “Oh, I always made sure to hold back. If I went all out, it wouldn’t turn out for well for my opponents you see.” Michael, looking back at the bear finishes off stating “Yeah, no kidding.” This small moment of levity would quickly fade as the 3 apes attacking some of the occupants in their rooms go out to attack Saber at the reaction of the big sound from the impact of the bear in the first room. One ape uses both his arms to go for a downward slam at the top of Saber’s head, but blocks the blow by delivering an expert powerful palm strike from below to the ape’s hands, knocking him back, slightly off balance. She then quickly turns around and uses the same hand to deliver another powerful palm strike to its chest, knocking it back through the hallway while also knocking him into another ape further back. Both apes start sliding down the hallway, knocked unconscious, with the third ape dodging the two to go straight for Saber. He throws a right hook, which Saber quickly grabs and seems to go for a judo throw, according to what Michael sees, through the hotel doors, right outside. Saber decides to relay to her master after committing this recent feat “You should call that Alastor fellow really quick. We will definitely need his help and Caster’s help if we want to take care of all these animals. They are much stronger than they should be..” Michael notices a calm demeanor amongst Saber, a sight that he usually only sees when she is in her training matches against Taiga. ‘It seems combat really is her bread and butter huh. Despite the obvious danger, and the fact that these animals are practically bullet proof, I feel totally safe around her.’ He decides to comment back to Saber on her suggestion. “Yeah. I’ll call the guy immediately, after I get what I need from the car.” Saber, nodding to her Master, replies “Okay, follow me.” She then walks straight out the door, attracting the attention of the raging chimpanzees. Five of them run right at Saber, but she quickly dispatches of each of them in a timely fashion. The first is knocked far away to the left with Saber’s right leg, utilizing a high kick. The next primate is brought down with a low kick with the same leg, causing the chimp to slide across the concrete away from his attacker. With her leg now planted on the ground she sees three of the chimps mere inches away from her, ready to attack, but she moves her hands at blinding speeds, making them appear like a blur. She goes for palm strike with her left into the right chimps rib cage, then an immediate elbow with the same arm to the chimp left of her. She then finishes off with an uppercut palm strike with her right arm to the middle chimp, knocking him straight into the air. She then gives out heavy breath and immediately concentrates on the rhino, which is now charging straight at her. She holds her hands out, holding back the rhino as its charge cause her sandals to start sliding across the concrete, into a shoe store of all places, away from both Michael and Ilya. Michael, believing in Saber’s ability to easily take down the rhino, runs straight to the car to pull out his keys to open his trunk. He realizes immediately that everything in the trunk would immediately pool out the second he opens it, but right now isn’t the time to worry about hiding his weapons. However, one last encounter just had to ruin his chance to reach his guns. The elephant that was plowing through the traffic had finally reached both Michael and Ilya and tries to charge at the two of them. He jumps out of the way at the last minute to avoid the charging elephant, which causes it to crash into the front of the building next to the toppled car, which seemed to sell phones and such. The elephant of course turns around ready to strike once again. Unluckily, Michael was straight on the ground, barely able to avoid the first charge with Ilya being carried by him. By the time he would get up, the elephant would have easily trampled him, crushing both him and Ilya into paste. It was at this time that Ilya, standing beside him, seemed to hold her hand out for some strange reason. It was then that Michael noticed very faint, light strings deriving from her body, and two ethereal looking birds seemed to form at the ends of these strings. The elephant, not at all started at the sight of these new strange creatures, charges straight ahead. However, the birds shot out strange blasts of light from their beaks and easily pierced through the elephant, making it look like a holey mess. “What the..” was all Michael could say as Ilya started to faint immediately after the ethereal, white birds faded away. He rushes in to the catch the white haired girl, unable to comprehend what just occurred in front of him. He looks to his left to see Saber walking towards him, with the Rhino unconscious in the background, it's behind protruding from the shoe store. Saber looks to her right to see the mess of a corpse from the elephant. “What the hell happened?” as she looks back at Michael with an unconscious Ilya in his arms. “I have no clue.” was all Michael could really say.
  4. Taiga’s Dojo (Emiya Residence), January 20th, 2020, Around 2:00 AM Taiga was quite adamant at defeating her sworn rival Saber that she aimed at dueling her far past midnight until she could somehow defeat the unstoppable warrior. It almost seemed for the hundredth time that Taiga screams “Duryaaaa!” as she charges straight at Saber. However, despite even Saber even giving out a yawn to display a sign of exhaustion, Taiga ends up failing to strike at the servant once again, with Saber swiftly ducking to the left. The immediate counter arrives, with Saber swinging around with her wooden sword striking Taiga’s right heel with enough force to knock Taiga off balance, leaving her back laid out on the mat. “You know, I think I have beaten you about 100 times already, or at least it feels like a 100. I'm starting to get kinda sleepy.” Saber states to Taiga after reaching out her hand to aid her up. "How 'bout we call it a day, shall we Tiger-san." A quiet “Rrrrrr…” emits from Taiga's mouth, irritated at being called Tiger as she is being lifted back up by Saber. Once she is standing back up on her feet, she tries to ignore the derivative comment of her nickname and decides to comment on Saber’s own inhuman performance. “How do you move so ridiculously fast. The only other person who seems to move that fast that I have fought before is the other weirdo with the same name as you. Speaking of which, are you two somehow from the same country? Is that why you two have the same name?” Saber opens up the sliding door, going to look for a shower before she goes to bed to sleep since it was so severely late. “We might, my name is a bit more common there I suppose” Saber replies back without really thinking on her response. Taiga then asks “Well, where do you come from?” Saber starts leaving the building to head straight to the showers. “Sorry Taiga-san, kinda tired and I need to take a shower. We’ll continue this conversation tomorrow.” The servant begins walking outside while Taiga comments “Of course she skips out on that question.” Saber enters the main central building, walking through the hallway to walk into the door to the bathroom. Once inside, she strips her clothes, enters the bath, and turns on the shower-head, allowing the water to land softly on her skin. It is there that she contemplates the events that have passed beforehand. She thinks about her time volunteering at the dojo, teaching some of her students a few new sword techniques unknown to them beforehand, while also sparring against Taiga time after time, defeating her each time. She also remembers the time that Michael seemed to fondly take care of Ilya, almost as if he was her own father. Saber recalls Ilya aiding Michael in fixing the oven after the whole fiasco of a fire due to her fierce cooking competition with Taiga. It was there that Saber saw how he taught Ilya how different tools seemed to function, and how screwdriver was used for different screws and such. Of course, besides these lessons, Michael would give Ilya several piggyback rides, while forcing Saber herself to be some sort of monster to chase the two in some sort strange piggyback tag. It would be the only time Saber would get to interact with Ilya, as most of the other times the two interact, it involves Ilya standing in front of Michael as if to shield him from her. ‘What, does she think I plan to take him away from her?’ Of course, after further thought, Ilya may be right to defend Michael from her, as he himself had a few practice matches himself against Saber. Their first match was with the wooden swords, which he ended doing far worse than Taiga in that match up. It was after this that Michael challenged Saber to hand to hand combat. Of course, Saber made sure to hold back a considerable amount of her strength, but Michael put up much more of a fight in this endeavor. However, he only lasted an extra few seconds, unable to match up to Saber’s own unorthodox style of close quarters combat. It was after her victory that Ilya came to shield Michael, which left him in a constant state of laughter for his own reaction at his new protector. ‘That girl is quite fond of him, and he seems to care quite a bit for her. I guess it kinda makes sense that she does call him father.’ Saber starts finishing up her shower, turning off the faucet, while contemplating her own Master’s fighting style. ‘He isn’t too bad I guess. He put up a better fight than most of my students. He almost reminds me of him.’ It was this reminder that seemed to slightly make her a bit more somber. She shakes her head, seemingly trying to shake off those weary memories while drying herself off with her towel. ‘I need to forget about him. Besides, I should be more focused for our meeting with Caster and that Alastor fellow at his hideout tomorrow.’ Once she was done drying herself, she put on a new set of pajamas she bought from the mall a while back. After putting on her blue and white striped pajamas, she decided to go look for the bed where her master would be sleeping at, hoping to annoyingly tease him once again. Of course, the main reason she desired such attention of her master was for the fact that he seemed to be one of the few men so far who did not seem to be susceptible to her charms. It seemed that Michael just shared another similarity to her old comrade from her past lifetime, and that seemed to bother her tremendously. After she leaves, the shower, she roams the building to find the bed from where her master is located to sleep next to him. However, instead she finds that little girl already annoyingly sleeping at the side of his bed, holding on to his arm. 'He must have been unaware of this girl's presence.' She looks on at Ilya, the amnesiac girl with the strange white hair and red eyes. 'Oh, what a nuisance! She must have planned for this to ruin my plans to annoy Master.' However, before Saber could think of a plan to quietly move Ilya to another bed, a huge BOOM was heard right outside. The noise loud enough to wake up Michael and Ilya. Michael, unaware of Ilya's presence, was going to ask why the little girl was sleeping on his bed, a noise that seemed to come from an elephant was audibly heard inside, causing him to quickly suit up, wearing his belt with his hidden guns, and his leather jacket containing his magazines. He looks at Ilya, "Stay close to me, understand?" The little girl nods, and closely follows behind Michael. Saber, grabbing Michael by his jacket, tells him, let me take point, we don't know what we are currently dealing with at the moment. As the group walked outside, an unusual sight seemed to play out before their eyes. An elephant loudly squealing out in front of the dojo with a possibly frightened, or insanely brave Taiga out in front, with a wooden sword readied to fight the beast. "What the hell is thinking?" yelled Michael. He looked at Saber, and was about to order something as he says her name loudly "Saber..!" The servant immediately responds, "I know already!" and materializes her summoned gown with her sword. She runs right in for Taiga to save her from getting stomped on by the elephant just in the nick of time with her insane speed, immediately throwing her into the fighting dojo that Taiga came out of. "Stay here, okay?!" Taiga, befuddled at the strange outfit that Saber was wearing, was too stunned to respond back as Saber went out to fight the elephant. It was there that Taiga witnessed a sight to behold. Saber, deciding not to use her sword to harm the animal, decided to knock out the creature with her applied knowledge of pressure points. It would unusual to apply this knowledge to an elephant rather than a human like she was taught, but if there was any better time to wing it, it would be know. Using her quick agility, she dashed all over the animal, karate chopping each of the supposed pressure points with superhuman pressure. However, she noticed that the hide of the animal was much harder than expected, almost like there was an extra barrier protecting this already sturdy elephant. Deciding to apply even more pressure to her strikes, she dashes all around the animal, hitting it sides with palm strikes and the like. It causes the animal to lurch from side to side, ill prepared for the sudden force of these strikes. It wouldn't take long for the creature to pass out as Saber walked out in front towards Taiga with her hand scratching the back of her head out of embarassment for showing her superhuman abilities in front of Taiga. "Woops. You really shouldn't have seen that." said Saber as she seemed unsure of how to really explain this phenomena to a jaw dropped Taiga. Michael face palmed as Ilya seemed unsure herself of the miracle she saw. It however didn't seem to stun Ilya as much as it did Taiga. For some reason, the young girl felt familiar with this strange miracle. Michael picked up the young girl quickly and dropped her by Taiga. He then looked back at Saber and whispered "What the hell are you doing?" Saber quickly responds back "We have bigger problems. That elephant had some sort of shield around it." Michael, hearing this detail replies back "It's magic, isn't it. A master tried to attack us." He looks down pensively, thinking of his next move. "We need to find Alastor, he may be able to help us." Saber replies "Agreed, but uh, what do we do with them?" Michael looks back at Taiga. "I'm really sorry Taiga-san, but we will have to explain this later." He then looked at Ilya. "Stay with Taiga-san okay?" He looked back at Saber. "Let's get to the car, we gotta go." Both the master and the servant get in his car, with him opening his trunk to check all his supplies would be in order. He then went to the driver seat quickly, temporarily leaving the trunk open to check for a pistol in his drawer by the dashboard. Ilya, looking at the dazed and unaware Taiga, still shocked at the sight she has witnessed, decided to take this opportunity and quickly hide in the trunk while Saber is seating in the front passenger seat and with Michael in the front looking for his extra pistol. Once he finds it, he goes back to close the Trunk behind him, unaware he left Ilya hiding to join the two on their new, dangerous adventure.
  5. ‘Father? Wait what?’ Michael thought as he was startled at the sight of the young girl. She had sleek white hair, with vivid red eyes. He was so startled that he immediately saw the Contender on his right hand and immediately tucked it away in the back of his jeans. Afterwards, he tries to address himself to the little girl “Look little lady, I ain’t your da…” he was interrupted after being swept up in a strangling hug by the girl. “Father...it’s been so long, where did you go?” Michael seemed perplexed at her words ‘Is she Taiga’s guest? It doesn’t help that she thinks I’m her father. I gotta clear up this misunderstanding quick!’ He looks down at the girl, her head buried in his chest, her cries being muffled by his black shirt. “Look miss, I am not your dad, and I got to get you get you back to Taiga-san quick okay? We are gonna go back” He gently pushes the girl back. “Can you do that for me.” The girl looks expectantly back at Michael and responds “Okay daddy!” Immediately, Michael sighs and his face falls looking down on the ground. ‘She called me ‘daddy’ again. Just great.’ He places the tarp over the giant hole in the concrete in the shed, and places several boxes that he moved earlier to cover the tarp. He then closes the large door to the shed, hoping Taiga never uses it for he will not be able to explain the big hole in the ground. Michael then looks back at the girl. “What did I just say? I am not you ‘daddy’. You understand?” He then waits for an answer. “Yes daddy.” Michael seemed stunned at the prospect of being called daddy. The only thought in his head was that Trish must be laughing somewhere in the afterlife at his troubles. “...Kid, you gotta sto…” Suddenly, the girl starts jumping up and down and tries to ask another question “Can I have a piggy back ride?” Michael, again surprised, decides to answer “...Uh, ok, just don’t call me daddy again please?” He kneels down, allowing the girl get on his shoulders for him to raise her up. “Ok, dad!” Another sigh leaves Michael’s mouth, before he carries the girl all the way back to the kitchen. In the Kitchen with both Saber and Taiga Meanwhile, a heated cooking competition stirred between Taiga and Saber, one that lead to the absolute devastation within the kitchen itself. “YOU WILL NOT WIN THIS SABER!!!” screamed Taiga as she furiously whisked away in a pan filled with scrambled eggs. “SHUT UP YOU OLD HAG!!!” Saber yelled back as she used her wooden spoon to stir a few ingredients in her own pan on the heater. It wouldn’t take long for them nearly break the faucet, and overheat the oven to cause a small fire. “YOU BIMBO, YOU CAUSED A FIRE!” yelled Taiga, looking both at the fire, and desperately trying to look for where she could get a bucket to collect water from the broken faucet to put it out. “SHUT UP OLD HAG!!!” as Saber aids Taiga in using pans to fill with water to stop the fire. It took some time, but the two did finally stop the fire, and were somehow able to fix the faucet, albeit temporarily. It needed proper maintenance to properly deal water like a normal faucet. Both Taiga and Saber were laid out on the mat, leaving behind a mess a in the kitchen. “What the hell happened?” said Saber. “I….don’t know.” replied Taiga, both individuals flabbergasted at the destructive events and forgetting about their respective individuals both have to protect. However, on cue, Michael with Ilya on his back, open up the sliding door directly away from the mess at hand. “Taiga-san, sorry ‘bout this but I found your guest. I’ll need you’re help to take care of a..discrep….” it was then that Michael saw the mess. He looks directly at Saber and Taiga, and realized that their competition has gotten very out of hand. The girl on Michael’s shoulders of course decided to say hi to the two women laid out in front of them, stating “Hi old lady, hi pretty lady…” It was then that the smell of smoke reached the girl’s nose “Cough, cough, what is that smell?” Taiga, incredibly exhausted says “Ilya-chan, we kinda made a mess. Sorry to wake you up. Also, STOP CALLING ME OLD LADY!” Of course, Taiga ends up breaking into a sob, too tired to deal with being called old, and far too exhausted to finish cleaning up the mess at hand. Saber, getting back up, replies to Michael, scratching the back of her head “Sorry ‘bout the mess. Now, I know what you’re thinking, but it’s not my fault. Well, not entirely.” Michael, sighing once again, carefully placed the girl who he knows as Ilya on the ground, and decided to get to work on fixing the big mess the two wom… well girls left behind. Few hours later It took some time, but Michael was able to get the sink fixed on time, with Ilya assisting him on getting whatever tools he needed. He still got irked from time to time, as Ilya would say “Yes Dad!” and “Ok Daddy!” but he was able to slowly tolerate it. Meanwhile, Saber trained with Taiga, or rather defeated Taiga several times in a mock sword fight. Both utilized wooden swords, and of course Saber easily dodged many of Taiga’s attacks with ease, paying more attention to her master and this new girl. 'He almost looks happy. Did he want a child? were what Saber’s thoughts were. It caused her to also wonder where she got her initial clothes before she got on her shopping spree. 'Was there someone else in his life? Does his wish involve that?' However, her thought process was interrupted as Taiga yells “PAY ATTENTION YOU STUPID BIMBO!” as she goes for an overhead strike at the top of Saber’s head. Saber quickly blocks the strike, and then follows with a sweeping kick to knock Taiga back on her back. Saber then hold her hand out to help Taiga back up. Taiga of course, begrudgingly accepts, standing back up on her feet. “Sorry, I was just kinda distracted a bit.” says Saber. Taiga then comments “You were looking at your boyfriend with Ilya weren’t you? Were you thinking about having children? He does seem quite happy with her, even if he may not admit it.” “Wha… look he isn’t my boyfriend, and no I don’t plan on having kids!” says Saber slightly flustered. “Anyways, this Ilya girl, is she your granddaughter or something?” Taiga was chuckling at Saber until the mention of being a grandmother was included. “EXCUSE ME? YOU DIDN’T ASK IF I WAS A MOTHER? YOU JUST WENT STRAIGHT TO THAT? I AM NOT THAT OLD!” Saber then calmly replies “Well, Ilya called you grandma so I just thought..” an immediate interruption commences “I AM NOT!!!” Saber chuckles a bit. “Well, who are her parents? She keeps saying that Michael is her dad, but he obviously says no, and I do believe him.” Taiga comments “I never met her mother or her father. Ilya just decided to live her one day, after Shirou brought her along.” She seemed lost in thought. Saber then replies “This Shirou you keep mentioning, he sounds like quite the player bring so many girls with him.” Taiga quickly responds “Oh, I tease him constantly, but he was never like that. He was always a good kid, no a good man. He would always help anyone in need no matter what. He must’ve wanted to help Ilya too, and as annoying as that girl is, I am quite glad she did get to live here.” Michael then walks towards the duo with Ilya at her side, with the young girl holding tightly to Michael’s finger as well as keeping him away from Saber for some reason. Saber tries to approach her master of course, but Ilya seems to try her best to stop her attempts. “Excuse me Ilya-chan, what are you doing?” asks Saber. Ilya grumbles and then says “Don’t try to use your charms on my Dad you skank!” Michael lets out a small chuckle. Saber, flabbergasted responds with a “WHAT!? Why aren’t you afraid of Taiga approaching him then?” responding to the fact that Ilya does not try to get in Taiga’s way, allowing her for idle chit chat with Michael. Ilya then quickly replies “She is an ugly old lady. She doesn’t stand a chance with my dad so I’m not worried.” Taiga, hearing this, smacks Ilya at the top of her head. “WHAT DID YOU SAY!?” screams Taiga. Ilya’s only reply is “Owowowow!” Michael, embarrassed at these chain of events speaks to Ilya “Ilya-chan, don’t be mean. Apologize to the young women here.” Ilya frowns a bit “But Tiger-san isn’t..” Michael interjects “Ilya..” Ilya finally gives in. “Okay...Dad.” Michael sighs once more. “We really need to stop you from calling me dad.” Ilya bows to both Taiga and Saber, giving them a sincere, or as close as she could get to sincere, apology. It didn’t work entirely between Taiga and Ilya however, as it lead to another argument between the two. This gave Saber the chance to actually talk to her master. “Yo, Master. I see you have even more girl troubles than before eh.” Michael, irritated at this response replies “Look, just call me Michael, I feel I told you that already. Next, my only troubles seem to be with you. What was with that huge mess with Taiga?” Saber replies “Come on, she is just super competitive and really stubborn. It’s not my fault she doesn’t know when to quit.” Michael then says “Just let her win once. It may calm her down.” Saber this time around smacks Michael at the top of the head. “You don’t understand proud warriors like her Michael. She would immediately know if I was holding back, (which I always do and I think it already irritates her), but letting her win would be the biggest insult to her as a fighter.” Michael, realizing the meaning behind Saber’s words then replies “Okay, just try not to make a mess.” Saber, deciding to continue her conversation with her master, asks “So, I’m guessing you want to stay for a bit?” Michael turns his head towards his servant “We don’t have time. Plus, while I have several weapons in the trunk, the bigger payload is back home. We have to pack and get ready to move out to Alastor’s hideout, wherever that is.” Saber then interjects “We got all the time in the world, and besides, I never saw you smile so much before until today. You must really like kids, although I hope not in a creepy way...although that may explain why you don’t seem too attracted to me.” Michael, getting furious replies “Saber!” Noticing her Master’s irritation replies “Sorry, sorry, just joking around. On a more serious note, you were married before, right? That would explain the ring. Did you two have children?” Michael merely replies with silence, which lead to Saber to continue her statements. “Hmm, are you fighting in this war to bring someone back? Your child? Your wife?” Michael then stops speaking softly to her “Please stop Saber.” Saber, in a gentle, and much more serious tone than she usually gives responds “I apologize Master, but may I offer a suggestion.” She looks towards Ilya and Taiga. “Let’s camp here for a bit, until we're ready to go pack up and go out that is. Besides, Ilya-chan would be so sad that Daddy-kun just up and left you know.” Michael then slightly smiles and responds “Shut up Saber…” until Ilya runs up to him, grabbing his right hand. “Let’s go play daddy!” Michael then says “What did I say about calling me that?” and then goes off to run off with her, carrying her on his back for another piggy back ride. Saber simply looks on at Michael, thinking aloud 'Why did I have to have a master like him? Is this some sick joke? He is just like…' Taiga walks up to Saber interrupting her line of thought. “Is something wrong Saber?” Saber responds to Taiga, looking on to her master. “No, it’s nothing….”
  6. Some time in the evening A day has passed since both Saber and her master Michael came across Alastor and Caster. It was during this meeting that both parties decided to form an alliance for this holy grail war, in preparation for the battles against the other masters and servants. Of course, all Michael was left with was a card from Alastor holding the number for contact. He holds the card with his left, pulling out his phone with his right, contemplating on whether to call Alastor today for details on a new hideout. When they finished their conversation while keeping their presence hidden from the cops, Michael learned a bit more about boundary fields and what defenses they bring against magic and the like. Of course, he barely understood, as he only knew a few spells himself, but he thought it may be best to reconvene with Alastor for the time being. He felt that his ally may possess a defensible hideout, containing these very ‘boundaries’ that Michael’s own hideout is lacking. However, before he decides to input the numbers on the card into his phone, Saber calls out from behind him. “Yo, Master, how bout we go out and visit Taiga again. You did say you needed something from there right?” Michael immediately put his phone away, to turn to Saber for a response. “Right, I almost forgot about that. Thanks for the reminder.” He says, while looking back onto Saber, wearing some of the new clothing she bought from the infamous shopping spree a few days prior. It seems she decided to not dress up to fashionably as Michael first assumed she would, but she instead decided to wear a grey sweater and a blue skirt for some odd reason. “Why are you wearing a skirt?” asked Michael, but of course Saber replies “Why not? I felt like wearing a skirt. What, you want a peek?” She possesses a smug grin on her face, poking at Michael for fun, but Michael just sighs and responds “Whatever, we should hurry up to meet Taiga-san as fast as we can.” Saber has a slight giggle. “I did want to meet that old hag again.” Both of them went to go out the door, before Michael decided to remind Saber to turn off the TV that she was watching beforehand. As she reached for the remote in the table within the living room, a Breaking News alert appeared on the screen, with reports over a gas attack, similar to the ones that occurred back in 2004. The reports seemed to catch Saber’s attention, but she was immediately interrupted by that line of thought by Michael when he yells out “Hurry up! We gotta go!” She then turns off the TV and runs out the door with Michael towards his car. Taiga’s Dojo The gates to the dojo are pushed open as Saber and Michael look onto the seemingly ancient Japanese architecture once again. Both then enter into the main entrance to search for Taiga to take up of her offer for a stay. As they enter into the main dojo, they see that Taiga would be nowhere to be found, searching around the lobby, and then into the training area itself. Yet, there appeared to still be no sign of Taiga. “Wonder where she is?” asked Michael, quite anxious to get a hold of the Contender his father spoke so dreadfully about. “I mean she might have left, but I did leave her a few messages.” Suddenly, Saber goes to reach for Michael’s phone grabbing it from his pocket. “Wait, what are you doing?” Michael goes to try and reach for it back, but Saber’s reactions for far too quick that she immediately evades his grasp for his phone. “What? I want a phone and you will never buy me a phone, and I really want one. Too bad it’s not one of those of those pretty little flip phones those Japanese girls have, but oh well. Besides, I think she will be much more responsive to my texts” Michael sighs once again at Saber’s response. “I don’t think she can tell someone else would be texting, since it’s still the same phone. Plus, even if she could, I imagine she is quite busy at the moment. We should probably leave and try to come at a different time.” A vibration sound soon came from the phone in Saber’s hands. “Wait, was that her?” asked Michael. “Yeah, I typed in ‘Where you at you ugly hag?’” said Saber quite proudly. Michael, getting slightly frustrated, then asked “Okay, what did she text back?” Saber then says “She says and I quote ‘YOU WANNA FIGHT YOU WHORE! I’M IN THE KITCHEN YOU HOOKER!!!!’” Saber’s immediately starts crushing the phone out of anger, her teeth grinding and her eyebrows furrowed. “Wait, my phone!” but Michael’s pleas were in vain. “That bitch! I’m gonna kill her!” Saber exclaimed while running outside, towards another building where she assumes the kitchen to be. In her rage, she drops the crushed phone, which Michael picked ended up picking up its ruined remains. He pulls out the SD card, and puts into his new replacement phone. “I guess it's a good thing I kept a spare, but still, that girl’s strength and speed are ridiculous. I have to be doubly careful on making sure she doesn’t get hands on this extra.” He then goes out to follow Saber to where she thinks is the kitchen. A few moments later As Michael enters inside another another Japanese structure, he is welcomed into what seems to the inside of an actual home rather than a dojo. He takes off his shoes near the front entrance, and walks through the main hallway towards what he thinks is the kitchen, as all he can hear now is some screaming, loud noises, and thuds. He follows into a new room, sliding open the door to what seems to be a dining room, with Taiga’s face down on the small table with Saber triumphantly holding Taiga’s face down with her very feet. “What’s wrong hag, give up?” Saber says, victorious. Michael looks down to see Taiga, wearing what seems to be a green apron over a long sleeved yellow and black striped shirt. “Shut up you weird girl! You’re just like your weird sister who has the same name as you weirdo!” Taiga exclaims, still struggling under Saber’s heel. Michael seemed surprised at this comment. “Wait, Saber had a sister?” asked Michael. “Wha..I don…” Saber tries to say, but then Taiga interrupts. “Yeah, there was this English woman named Saber who used to live a long time ago, after Shirou invited her…” Taiga finishes her sentence, her face becoming less strained and her eyes almost tearing up. Saber, noticing Taiga’s muscles relaxing, lets her foot off of Taiga’s head, realizing they must have brought back some bad memories. “Thank you..” says Taiga, before she slowly stands up, wiping some tears, and then immediately tries to karate chop Saber on her forehead, which Saber easily dodges. “Tch, I will get you next time, weirdo as the same name as that other weird girl!” says Taiga. Michael getting curious asks “This weird girl, you said her name was also Saber.” Taiga starts to reminisce, stating “Yes, back when I used to raise Shirou here. He invited that weird girl over, although she was quite kind and courteous herself, quite unlike this hooker here.” Saber starts glaring daggers at Taiga. “I see, this Shirou, used to live here. Was he your son?” continued Michael, ignoring Saber’s conflict with Taiga. “WHAT I AM NOT THAT OLD!? TAKE THAT BACK!” screams Taiga. Saber tries her best to hold back a laugh. “Wait, no I apologize, who was this Shirou?” says Michael, fixing his mistake. Taiga then responds “Well, he was the son of the original owner of this residence, Emiya Kiritsugu.” Michael’s eye widens at the mention of the name. I see, Taiga was taking care of it in their stead, hence it becoming her dojo. Taiga, noticing Michael’s expression asks “Did you know Kiritsugu?” Michael, startled at the question, makes up a backstory. “Oh, well he was an old friend of my father’s, back when they used to work together overseas.” He starts scratching the back of his head, realizing the ridiculousness of calling them friends, since all Kiritsugu did was shoot and nearly kill his own father long ago. “Oh, I see, this must be a strange family reunion. Speaking of which.” Taiga stands up to go to the girl, examining her. “So, how are you related to the other girl named Saber?” Saber, bewildered at this question states “Ummm….I’m not?” Michael, realizing this other Saber must have been a servant summoned at the previous war, making Kiritsugu, or possibly his son, another master. That must mean this is his base of operations. Michael needed a plan to distract Taiga long enough to find the Contender, but what could he do? Deciding to think on it a bit later, he starts to ask “Taiga-san, are we interrupting your cooking at the moment?” Saber interrupts immediately “This old hag probably cooks shit food you know!” “HEY! I can cook...fine.” Saber, surprised at Taiga’s lack of confidence exclaims “Hey, I can’t cook either you know. Don’t lose spirit!” Taiga then looks at Saber “Well, I had a feeling. All you have going for you is your looks.” Saber, angry at the response goes “WHY YOU!?” Michael of course notices this strange back at forth. ‘It’s almost like they’re sisters’ thinks Michael. Taiga, of course, calms herself down before entering again into another conflict with Saber. “Oh wait, before I forget, there is another guest here. I ask that you two don’t make too much noise since she is sleeping. Of course, I expect you to follow Michael. This girl here though…” Saber, still angry at Taiga responds “What, I can be courteous! Here, I’ll help with the cooking.” Michael, chuckling at this response replies “You don’t know how to cook. We either order out, or I do all the cooking.” Saber, deciding to prove herself in her cooking capabilities to her master, and to her rival Taiga exclaims “Well, you’ve never seen me try! Watch me!” She goes into the kitchen, with Taiga berating her on her etiquette in the kitchen. This, of course, leads to a heated cooking contest between the two. Michael sighs, glad that at least the two aren’t beating each other to death, or rather Saber isn’t beating Taiga to death. While he would enjoy seeing the two try to out cook each other, which may lead to the destruction of the kitchen, he decided to go out and find the gun, realizing this is the perfect time as Taiga is distracted. He walks outside back through the hallway, putting on his shoes, to then leave the building. Several minutes later After a very thorough search of all the buildings, he came across a building that seemed to function as a shed, or sorts of tools and junk. Going inside, he a bench, with several different machines such as an Air Conditioner, Microwave, and even a ceiling fan. He also saw some bicycles just placed to the side, but of course, there were plenty of wooden boxes placed over a blue tarp near the entrance of the shed. Michael decided to move the boxes, and then immediately pulling off the tarp. What he saw was a strange, yet familiar sight. “A summoning circle.” said Michael to himself. ‘A servant was definitely summoned here some time ago’ Michael realizes that all this junk won’t lead him one step closer to his objective of finding the contender. Deciding he may need some extra brain power, he opens up a gate in his mind, similar to what he did during the bar fight. With the power of two brains, he sat down and began thinking of where Kiritsugu would have hidden his contender, while also contemplating whether the kitchen may be on fire due to Saber and Taiga’s competition. After some pondering, he finally comes to the conclusion of where Kiritsugu would have hidden the weapon. ‘This will take up a whole gate, but oh well’ Michael immediately closes up his hands in a fist, and blue lines start enveloping his arms. Under normal circumstances, it would take all of his focus just to strengthen two of his limbs, but the help of the mind gates, he can actually move his body for evasive and offensive maneuvers, while also placing 100% focus on his strengthening spell. Going to an inconspicuous area, he decides to pound away at the floor, hoping that Taiga doesn’t hear the loud noises he was about to make breaking into the ground. He starts punching at the ground, creating craters breaking into the floor, essentially burrowing through concrete with his bare hands, albeit charged with magic as shown by the blue lines illuminating his arms. He eventually stops his excavation once he notices a small box. Pulling the box out of the depths that it was buried in, he places it on the table holding the various machines. Opening up the box, he notices a gun, albeit a strange looking gun only holding the capacity for one bullet. Alongside the contender, were 25 rounds. Michael seemed quite curious at the rounds. ‘A pistol that fires this calibur of bullets?’ He decides to contemplate this strange discovery later, and closes the box, picking up the gun, getting a good feel for the gun. ‘I should put the gun back in the box and put it in my car.’ However, before he could make another move, he notices a presence behind him. It seems the loud noises he made did bring in the attention of someone else. ‘The other guest?’ He saw a young teenage girl, with white hair and red eyes, but the girl said one word that seemed quite strange to him, as he holds the Thompson Contender with his left hand. The girl, noticing the eyes of the man in front of her, holding this strange gun, says to him “Fa..ther?”
  7. Taiga’s Dojo (2:00pm) Both Saber and Michael ended up working a sweat along with the rest of the students from the training demonstrated by Taiga. Many start heading to their respective changing rooms in the dojo, leaving Michael and Saber alone in the training area. Michael begins telling Saber “We may have to head back to the car soon. I don’t think we have enough time to search.” Saber replies back “Oh don’t worry too much about that. I’ll just ask Taiga if we can stay over later. Saber begins walking towards Taiga to begin her request, but Michael of course felt kinda strange about asking a stranger to live over at their dojo. Saber walked right up to Taiga and began complimenting her teaching style. “I must say, I am impressed at how you demonstrated your own sword techniques. I’m even more impressed you made sure your students all followed along almost religiously.” Taiga, happy with Saber’s compliment replied “My students must be the most disciplined of all! I am their sensei, their teacher, so it is only natural!” Taiga then looked back at Michael and then spoke quietly to Saber “Your boyfriend seemed quite stressed out over something. Did my training not work to aid in your sweet journey of love?” Taiga had a slight solemn look on her face, as if she is suffering from the defeat of some world altering mission. Saber, noticing the look on her face replied “Oh no it's not that, he always looks like that. I sometimes think he has to always hold a poop down or something.” Taiga then comments “I guess he does look kinda constipated.” Both girls began giggling like children until Michael walks up to them. He asks “What are you girls laughing about?” Saber then replies “Oh nothing really.” Taiga however continues saying “Well, I do have some medicines in case you need help for yo-mmmmm” Saber immediately covers Taiga’s mouth before she finishes her sentence. Michael asks “Medicine for what?” Saber immediately says “Nothing , Taiga was just saying her nonsense like usual” and then she slyly steps at Taiga’s foot to signify to her to shut up. Taiga then tries to stifle a small scream due to the pain in her foot, realizes the signal that she shouldn’t continue her sentence. However, she decided to comment on Michael’s scowl nonetheless “May I ask, what is bothering you so much sir?” replying in English to Michael. Michael, deciding to reply back in English himself says “Oh, I was just thinking about something else. I didn’t mean to offend, your training was indeed quite splendid.” Taiga then replies back “Well, obviously my training didn’t help to soothe your soul. You both should stay over! It would be nice to have guests over, especially those from overseas.” Saber then quickly interjects “We would happily accept! Of course, I would love to have another sparring match, if you don’t mind me kicking your ass one more time.” She says this while also winking at Taiga in a mocking manner. Taiga’s eyes start flaring up and she roars back “KICK MY ASS YOU SAY! THAT MATCH WAS A FLUKE!” She tries charging at Saber but Saber ends up holding her back like Taiga was a mere child trying to charge at an adult. Michael looks at the two and couldn’t help but break out a small smile. It was almost like watching two sisters reuniting in some weird manner, although the two don’t really look all that alike. Michael decides to reply to Taiga “Of course we will accept, but at a later date. I have to head back home quite quickly. I’m afraid the parking meter may expire quite soon.” Taiga then responds “I see, well let me give you my number. By the way, don’t get any bright ideas mister! I understand why you may want to dump this hag of yours, but I am taken just so you know.” Saber, enraged at being called a hag yells “HAG, DID YOU CALL ME A HAG? YOU'RE THE HAG YOU OLD FART!” Michael then begins trying to hold back Saber, never seeing such an outburst before. “We’ll come to visit later Taiga-san. Thanks again for the training session!” After Michael says this, he begins trying to drag Saber away from Taiga while both continuously stare metaphorical daggers at each other. Shopping District (2:30pm) Michael and Saber begin walking back towards his car to make sure that the parking meter doesn’t expire before they leave. Saber comments back on Taiga “That woman really grinds my gears! I can’t wait to kick her butt again” Steam seemingly pours out from her ears due to her anger. Michael of course replies “You have to admit, she was quite the instructor. I didn’t think swordfighting could be so interesting” Saber then responds “Well then you obviously haven’t been trained by me. Of course, I will say that woman does indeed possess quite a unique character. It will be quite pleasing to meet her again.” Michael then smiles and says “Yeah, seeing how well you and her got along, I imagine you would have quite the time.” He grew quite contemplative about his time. He hadn’t enjoyed such free time in such a long time, and it seemed to temporarily relieve him of his thoughts of being in some mystical death tournament that would lead to some almighty wish. Of course, fate would bring back these very concerns to the forefront of his mind immediately once he reached his car. A note seemed to be on the windshield of his car. He thought it might have been a ticket, but he looked at the parking meter and it seems there was a small amount of time left. He then thought it might have been an ad of some sort, but when he picked up the note, he realized it was something else. Apparently it was a note, and it seemed to speak about some sort of surge of mana and how his servant is drawing unneeded attention to themselves. It then spoke about going to some cafe, called Copenhagen. Michael immediately turned to Saber and asked “What does he mean you drew attention to yourself?” Saber, scratching her head out of embarrassment responded “It seems my portals give some faint prana trail that could be detected.” Michael, growing quite angry replies “What? Are you saying they can track us? Are they following us right now?” Saber confidently responds “I don’t they would, it still bright outside and there are plenty of people about. Plus, if they did attack, I am pretty tough to boot” She puffs out her chest and keeps her hands on her hips to show distinct dominance and confidence in her abilities, although it didn’t truly soothe Michael’s nerves. He then says “Well, it seems we may be meeting this master sooner rather than later. I will need you right beside me in case their servant happens to be nearby.” Saber responds “Of course, I doubt I’ll lose, but don’t you think they may just bring you to one location and then pull of some sort of trap to capture and kill you in?” Michael then states “Yeah of course, but if this magical community is as secretive as I have heard, then meeting in such a public place may indicate that they aren’t planning such a move. Of course, I have heard of some psychos who don’t really care about keeping this whole magic thing a secret, but let’s just hope we don’t cross someone like that.” “Yeah, that would be quite terrifying wouldn’t it?” Saber responds. Michael then urges her to get in the car. “Hurry, we’re going home to take a quick shower. We need to be ready to meet our new ‘friends’”.
  8. Sitting in the local McDonald’s at 12:30 pm Sitting down at one of the tables near a window looking out towards the parking lot, Michael just stares intently at Saber wolfing down a Big Mac. Some lettuce falls out the back of the burger, onto the wrap sitting on the table, with condiments in the burger dripping down her chin. Michael, feeling like he was watching a child eat, handed a napkin for her to wipe her face with. “Oh, thanks” says Saber with a mouth full, and takes the napkin from his hand and begins using the napkin to wipe her chin. She then swallows the rest of her meal, and replies“I have never had something like this back from where I am from. It’s so delicious!” Michael then interrupts “Yeah that is great and all, but we gotta hurry to the dojo. I don’t have many hours left on the parking meter.” Saber responds “Come on, 2 hours and 30 minutes is plenty of time. Relax, and live a little. I mean, people of your time period have so many more years to live than the people of my time. Look at you, you are in your 20s. You should be going out, hanging with friends, dating new women, living your life.” Michael started getting irritated. He hates the fact that he always ends up looking younger than he actually is. “I am 30, and I am not in my 20s. Plus. why would I meet new women. I am ma…..” He realized the mistake he was about to make in his sentence. The ring on his finger felt like it was starting to burn a bit, or it may have just been his own imagination. Saber noticed that Michael began holding his right hand, and noticed the ring. Deciding to change topics, Saber then suggests “You know what, let’s head to that dojo. I am interested to see how much our modern swordsmen have developed over the years.” Michael, nodding his head in agreement, follows Saber out the door. She begins heading to the back, looking for cover behind some cars so that she can secretly create a new portal. Michael, deciding that he didn’t want to risk any attention, told Saber “It’s not that far. We can walk from here.” Saber, looking back at Michael replies “Okay, but I am getting kinda bored. How ‘bout a race!” Michael, his eyes starting to widen tries to say “No…” but Saber immediately dashed past him, blowing a gust of wind in his face. He then tried his best to run right to his destination, wondering how fast Saber must have been running. Taiga’s dojo (12:45 pm) Michael ran as far as he could, breaking quite a sweat as he was not only wearing kevlar (which was quite heavy) but also his leather jacket, which only maintained the increase in heat. He eventually slowed to a crawl, walking through the gate, then bowing forward as he kept his hands on his knees to catch his breath. He looked up to see Saber, grinning as usual with the dojo to her back. “What took you so long. I was running so darn slow!” exclaimed Saber, walking towards her master. Michael recalled when Saber ran past him. It was like something out of a cartoon, and all he could remember was eating her dust. She just dashed right past him, and despite him running full speed, he never spotted her once. Was she that far ahead of him? Michael just couldn’t contemplate. Are all servants that fast? Saber, noticing that her master was drenched, commented “That must have been a hell of a workout for you.” Michael replied “I am used to it. Been through far worse than this during my training days.” Saber, recalling her own military experience comments “Yes, we soldiers do have to go through quite a regiment don’t we.” Michael then responds “Except you were the one giving the training, I doubt you had it as bad as us.” Saber then responds “Yeah, you’re right. I was just too good!” in a confident manner. Saber looks back at the dojo. “I saw some cars already parked nearby. It looks like there may be a training session under way.” Michael responds, “We’ll, let's just enter in, and pretend we are here to take a class.” Both Saber and Michael start walking towards the entrance of the dojo, taking in the scenery of the classic Japanese architecture. “This place feels very ancient” was Michael's response to the area around him. Saber replies back “If you’re talking about the buildings, not as ancient as you think.” Michael then asks “How do you know that?” Saber responds back “It’s more of a feeling if anything.” She then begins to press against the doorway. “Here we are.” Both individuals notice a woman at the front desk when they enter. Next to the desk is a stand of sorts, posting a sign that says “SIGN UPS!!” in big bold letters. Saber curious, tells Michael “We should sign up for a class. I am quite curious at how they teach swordplay now a days.” Michael, with his eyes closed and nodding sideways replied “I didn’t actually think we were going to apply. You know, we’ll just pretend to be students. After all, we don’t really have time to take a martial arts class. I came here to find something quite important.” However, by the time he opened his eyes , he saw Saber immediately start talking to the woman in the front desk. Saber speaks to the woman up front, with short brown hair, with glasses on her head and wearing what appears to be a business suit and skirt. Saber replies to the woman “Sign up for two please.” The woman looks up to see past Saber, noticing Michael. A smirk appears on the woman’s face “Oh, I see, you both have come to be trained in the ways of the sword, as well as come closer as a couple.” Tears start forming in the lady’s eyes. “Oh you have entrusted me to be the sailor in your boat, your own personal cupid!” The lady then bows “I will not fail you two. You will both experience the romantic implications of swordplay. I will teach you to feel the handle in your hands, creating the swing, formulating the wind that will blow through your hair. The sparks will indeed be ignited!” Saber, confused at this woman’s strange monologue, asked “So we can join right?” Immediately the woman in front of Saber reclines back in her chair and replies “Yes, That will be 1336 yen please.” “Wow, she changed demeanor so quickly.” thought Saber, of course she felt a hand approach her shoulder. It was Michael, who whispered to Saber “What are you doing?” Saber whispers back “If we enter this class, we may get closer to the owner, and then maybe have a better opportunity to find whatever it is you are looking for.” Michael, after witnessing the lady in the front desk have such an outburst, realized it might be too late to back out of the class now. It wasn’t super obvious, but the woman up front had some sort of aura about her. He couldn’t tell fully, until she started talking to Michael in English, rather than Japanese. “How do you do?” she says with her hand out stretched to accept a handshake. Michael, startled at hearing his own native tongue after some time replies “I am good, thanks. I guess we’re about to head off to class. What time does it start?” The lady, taking off her glasses, beaming a glare of ferocity exclaims “RIGHT NOW!” A few moments later Michael and Saber are both in an open room, staring at the wall in front of them, with several other students, many seemingly teenagers from high school. The students all seem to be wearing traditional Gis, and each hold a wooden sword, something usually used in kendo. Their appearance made both Michael and Saber stick out like a sore thumb, as since both are new students, both of them did not yet purchase their own Gi. The others do make comments on the two. Mostly on Saber, who the guys seem to all blush at, and the girls seem to talk quite a bit about how elegant and pretty she seems to be. Saber then comments to Michael “Ah teenagers. So young, so affected by their own hormones. The males seem to find it difficult to stare at me wouldn’t you say?” Michael ignored these words, focusing on getting past this glass and finding the contender. Saber, noticing Michael's intense focus replies “You know, you don’t pay as much attention to me as most other guys do.” However, before she can continue, the sliding doors to right start to open up. The lady from the front desk starts walking through, this time without her glasses, wearing her own Gi, and carrying a wooden sword. She walks up in front of all the students, and speaks in loudly for all inside to hear. “Hello! I’m Fujimura Taiga, the instructor of the Tiger Dojo, the rescue corner who trains people to prevent them from dying easily.” A student then replies “We already know your name Tiger-sen….” Somehow, the woman up front, known as Taiga, ran up to the student, and smacks him with her weapon yelling “Daryaaaaaa!” The student then immediately grabs at his head. ‘Owowowow!” Another student comments at the situation “It seems the demonic sword, Tora-shinai, is quite fearsome indeed.” Saber takes note of the name. She begins thinking “Tora-shinai? Is that some kind of new powerful weapon? Does it rival that of a noble phantasm?” Taiga then exclaims “DO NOT EVER call me Tiger! Understand!” She then walks up front, and then tries to begin the class. A few practice swings are done, and the students do simulate these swings, but then Saber interrupts the class by raising her hand. Taiga, visibly annoyed by the interruption, asks “What is it my young, inexperienced student?” with disdain in her voice. Saber, eager to test out Taiga’s skills, and her Tora-Shinai asks “Can I fight you one on one? I want to see how the Tora-Shinai works!” like some ignorant child. Some of the students giggled, and others seemed interested at seeing Taiga fight. There were other comments, believing that Taiga would humiliate the newcomer. Michael just sighed, which seemed to just become a common action for him at this point. “What the hell is Saber doing now?” He went to try and stop Saber, but a small crowd quickly gathered around the two combatants, blocking Michael from getting to her at all. “What the..?” exclaimed Michael, realizing he had no way to stop the battle about to begin. Saber began readying her sword, excited for a battle with modern swordmaster. Taiga, with her eyes closed and beaming a confident smile, began speaking as if she was some sort of protagonist from a shonen manga states “All right! If you’re willing to go this far for a fight, let’s see how good you are.” Taiga readies her sword then adds on “Just know, when I defeat you, you must immediately leave this dojo. However, if you defeat me, then I will allow to stay for further training.” Saber, perplexed then asks “If I defeat you, then why would I want to stay for more training? I would have already proved I am stronger than you yes?” Taiga, again annoyed by this question exclaims “Shut up and fight!”and charges at Saber with her wooden sword. As she runs at Saber with the sword vertically for a strong forward strike, a sudden strike from Saber with her own wooden sword knocks Tora-Shinai into the air above them both. Of course, Taiga never notices this strike at all, as a gust of air passes by Taiga as she notices her weapon suddenly disappear at her hand. She turns around to see Saber at the other side of the room catching Taiga’s weapon, with her own practice weapon at the wayside in her left hand. Saber looks at the new practice sword, tossing aside her own, examining what the details of the Tora-Shinai. “I wonder what is so amazing about this weapon. It looks just like any practice sword to me.” Saber thinks as she is carefully examining Taiga’s weapon in front her. Taiga then exclaims ‘You fool! You think I would just carelessly use the demon sword for practice in front of my students!” Taiga then whips out another practice sword from the sleeve of her Gi. The weapon in Saber’s hand suddenly turns into a bouquet of flowers. “Wahhh?” was Saber’s reaction at the sudden this sudden transformation. Taiga then again charges at Saber once again, with what appears to be the real Tora-Shinai. Saber quickly shaked off her feeling of perplexity and used her right hand to swat away Taiga’s new weapon. The same result occurs, with Saber dashing to the other side of the room yet again to catch the falling weapon. Taiga remains frozen, still grasping at air for the weapon now in Saber’s hands. Saber, fully realizing that the Tora-Shinai is some sort of myth, walks towards Taiga and bonks her on the head with the weapon. “It looks like I win.” says Saber with a grin. However, unexpectedly, Taiga starts crying out, with her face seemingly raining down with tears.”Waaaahhhhhh! You win, you win! Happy, you can leave now!!!!” Her students crowded around Taiga and started comforting her. “It’s okay Taiga-sensei. It’s all fine now.” were what one of the students said to her that was audible to Saber. It caused Saber to grow a smile on her face. She saw that this woman did indeed have many students who cared for her, and respected her. It reminded Saber of her own students from long ago, but that recollection was interrupted when Michael tapped her on the shoulder. “You pissed her off, we should go before we, no you cause more trouble.” said Michael. However, Saber of course disobeyed him and went straight to Taiga and declared “No, I shall not leave. I have come to learn from the great Tiger-san, and I since I have won, I shall remain to learn her great teachings” with a resolute salute to Taiga. Taiga started wiping her tears, and slowly got up. “Ok fine, you may stay, but one thing.” suddenly Taiga tried to strike Saber’s head with her wooden sword, but Saber easily sidestepped and dodged. “Tch” was Taiga’s reaction. “Okay, that was just a test...uh” Taiga began saying, unsure of who her former opponent’s name was. “I am sorry, I didn’t even get to remember your name, what is it again?” Saber politely replied and said “My name is Saber.” Taiga then replied “Ah Saber-chan” and then immediately started scratching her head, feeling like she remembered that name from before. Her eyes started widening. The woman in front her had the same name as her. Is she related to her? Could she help her find her missing students from so long ago? Could she help her find Shirou? These were all questions swirling in Taiga’s head, but instead of asking any of them, she just said to Saber “Pleased to meet you, but remember, DON'T EVER CALL ME TIGER AGAIN!”
  9. Year 2015 Austin, Tx (Dream Sequence) Michael stared at the sunset standing on his front lawn, looking at the myriad of houses spanning his view. It hadn't been long since his return from the battlefield, and he began contemplating the reason for both he and his comrades have fought for so long. Was it for these identical homes, each with the same pointed roofs, and the same brick layout? Was it for the variety of fast food chains, each selling the same junk food that would end up causing long term health problems in foreseeable future? It was then that his answer would come calling out to him. "You having another one of these thinking sessions of yours?" Michael turned around to look at a woman, a woman that always made him wonder if he was actually alive. To him, she was a sight to see. Her long brown hair hanged gracefully down her neck, with the last strands ending at the top of her blue blouse. He stared longingly at her green eyes, accenting her freckles, almost lost in them, forgetting that she was actually saying something to him. "Yoohoo? Earth to Mike? You've been doing that more and more you know?" responded Trish to the starstruck husband of hers. His eyes started blinking to signify him coming back to earth so to speak. "Sorry Trish, I was just..." he started blushing. It felt like he was a little kid, and he was terribly ashamed. "I was never this shy before dammit." he began thinking. Trish then states "Aww, are you blushing!" Michael, surprised at her observation responds "No I am not! It's just, I like seeing you that's all." He then starts looking away, realizing that he has been treating his wife as some sort of high school crush, rather than his own wife. "Hey, you wanna go out right now?" Trish surprised, asked "What? Right now?" He then responds "Yeah, there is somewhere I want to be with you." Trish, curious, replies "Okay, give me a minute. I need to change really quick." It wouldn't be long, but soon the couple went out on the town. The first thing was bowling of all things. "What is this, a first date?" "What if it is? I want to get to know my girl all over again." Michael tied his bowling shoes and started to throw the ball down the lane. After this, they decided to go out to watch a movie, with Trish choosing Hateful 8, as she was quite the fan of Tarantino films, which Michael never understood why. After the film was over, the couple walked out and Trish responds to Michael "You know, it's hard to believe that 8 people would just ruthlessly kill each other like that you know." "I used to think that too." he responds. Trish realizing her mistake says "I'm sorry, I shouldn't have reminded you." "Don't worry about i...." was what he would have said until his slipped falling on her back, bring Michael down with her. "Woops, clumsy me!" says Trish. "Brought me falling down along with ya." Says Michael looking down at her. However, his vision started flaring at he was suddenly transported to another room. He sees his wife on a hospital and all he could hear was a loud "BEEEEP!" Present 2020 Fuyuki, Japan "What?" He woke up suddenly, with a cold sweat dripping from his forehead. The dreams started becoming more like recollections, and the vividness of these memories became quite overwhelming. "Trish, I promise..." he began fiddling at his ring on his hand, the same hand holding his command seals, red like blood, seemingly scarring his hand. He looks out the window to the right of his bed, noticing the sun rising slowly over the horizon. He then looks to his left and sees a a woman for some reason sleeping right next to him. "Whaaa!" he falls out of the bed, startled at this surprise appearance. "Who's screaming?" Saber moans. "Turn off the light" she began placing the pillow over her head, trying to block the sunlight hitting her eyes. "What are you doing in my bed? I told you where to sleep, there was a bed in the room next to mine!" He yelled, with his heart thumping out of shock. "And put some damn clothes on." recognizing that the asian woman in his bed was completely naked while under the covers. "Why don't you put some clothes on?" She notices Michael, with his well built body being exposed, with only his boxers covering his private parts. "Also, your bed was far more comfortable than mine." Saber says in response to the question he asked her early on. "Just put them on" he began looking away for the sake of courtesy. "Okay, okay" Saber immediately materializes the clothing she wore when she was first summoned, wearing her whitish, blue hanfu. "That is convenient." states Michael. Saber responds "I know right. Still, it would be nice to get new clothes." A thought arises in her head, a thought Michael would severely regret. "....We need to go SHOPPING!" Saber excitedly says. "Hurry up and get dressed!" Michael sighs, and puts on his plain blue shirt, blue jeans, and places his Kevlar vest over his shirt. Then he wears his red leather jacket to cover the fact that he has a Kevlar vest on in the first place. He also makes sure to cook up some omelets to eat breakfast for both himself and his servant. "Eat up. I know your dead and all, but I have a feeling your still starving. Am I right?" He looks down to see Saber sitting down next to the dinner table, with her hands covering her stomach. A loud growl can be heard from her stomach. "......I'll take some of those omelets...please..." Some time later. A newly refreshed Saber starts walking out the door, basking in the morning sun "Ok, time to gahhh!" She gets pulled back into the house. "What the hell are you doing?" says Michael. "Your wearing your kimono. If a master or servant sees you, they'll know immediately that your a servant, and we'll be targeted." Saber then says "Did you just call my garb a kimono? It's hanfu you culturally disrespectful idiot!" Michael jumped at the sudden anger that was never displayed before. Saber then suddenly lightens the mood stating "Just busting your balls! That is a phrase you Americans use yes?" Michael nods, and then Saber continues "I mean, what could I expect from someone that comes from a country filled with individuals that think Africa is country." Saber sighs "Anyways, don't worry about me wearing my hanfu out in the open, I'll just materialize and our problem will be solved." she retorts with a cheery smile. She then closes her eyes, and tries to forcefully flex or shrug. "What are you doing?" asks Michael. "Um, well you see, I can't....disappear." Michael felt like a vein was bursting in his head. "What do you mean 'you can't disappear'?" Saber starts to have a slight worried expression on her face. Then she breathes a heavy breath and replies "Well, it's not like I'm the first servant with these issues. We can work around this. You have any clothes I can put on?" Michael points to the bedroom in which she was supposed to sleep in and opens up the closet. Inside was a suit case which he opened up, containing a variety of women's clothing, all of which was from his wife. He still kept many of Trish's belongings, even her favorite movies and books. Of course, as he began his recollection of his wife, Saber interrupts the moment "Why do you have so many dresses, bras, panties, and shirts that only fit females? Are you a closet pervert? Or....are you a CROSS DRESSER!?" Another sigh came out of Michael's mouth. "Hurry up and get changed." He then walked out the door. Saber yells out "If you are a pervert, I'll let you secretly peek on me to satisfy your disgusting need. Otherwise, I think my cross dressing theory may be getting somewhere." Michael's teeth started crunching "Just shut up and change!" After this response, he walked down to his basement, and opened up a lock box, which contained a Colt Remington. He began grasping at his chest as if it was in pain, and then checked further inside the box to find 20 bullets in a small ammo box. He placed this ammo box on his belt just in case, and hid the Colt inside his leather jacket. He remembered his father, and how he finally got to meet him two years after his wife died, on a boat of all places with the other pirates. It was thanks to his father that he was able to get this gun, and the bullets made which his father made from extracting bits and pieces from Michael's own ribs. Apparently this gun was some sort of mystic code, and was based off a gun that was fired off at his father many years ago. His father told him he could find the original in this city, as Michael's dad was shot by an origin bullet, and was unable to do magic. His father's name was Allistair, and he was desperate to try and figure out how the bullet reconfigured his magic circuits, preventing him from doing magic. He also wanted payback as he was in a coma for quite a while and the doctors were soon about to claim him dead. After he somehow woke up, he began searching for the man who attempted to kill him and figured out that the man who shot him so long ago went by the name of Emiya, Kiritsugu. Allistair eventually gave up on his search for revenge, realizing that it was a miracle that he survived at all as Kiritsugu was known to always kill his targets. However, realizing that his own son Michael was entering a new Holy Grail War, he told his son where he thought the location of Emiya's estate might be, in hopes that Michael could achieve the contender to help him in killing other Mages. Michael knows that if he could find the contender, which paired with his own colt, he would have an arsenal that would prove to be a devastating arsenal to mages. Of course, he doesn't know if the contender has any origin rounds left to fire from it. He made a plan to help Saber get new clothes, and then he would head for the estate, which seemed to have an dojo right next to it. He waited outside for Saber, and she finally walked out the door, wearing a blue, buttoned blouse and blue jeans, with the sunshine reflecting off her long black hair. It was strange to see another woman in Trish's clothes, but they somehow fit Saber perfectly. "Well, it's time to go shopping!" shouted Saber. They started driving to the market, and he parked at a meter, paying enough to last several hours. He hoped this shopping spree wouldn't last long, but instead it may have become his worst nightmare. Saber began picking out designer brand shoes, dresses, jeans, shirts, you name it. The price itself was incredibly high, leaving Michael wide eyed at the outrageous price. He wanted the rest of his money to be used to supply food and possibly ammo if required. He never thought he would have to pay so much for clothing. She tried out each of her new pieces, wanting to be complemented by her master, but all she could see was the scowl screaming mentally at her "What the hell are you doing!!!!?" Of course, realizing Michael was no good for compliments, she checked herself out at the mirror and thought "Yeah, I look good." She then told Michael "Time to go. Chop chop." Michael already furious asks "What am I your servant?" Saber then quips "No, I am your servant silly! I'm just making you my paying slave for today!" as she walks happily in stride holding several shopping bags in her hand. Michael looks down at the receipt in his hand. "Oh my lord" was what he thought as he saw the numerous purchases Saber had made. "I am gonna be broke by the end of this month if she keeps this up." Michael opens up the trunk, with his mind in despair over how to maintain his finances for the year. Saber then gleefully places her shopping bags inside the trunk, and closes it with a decent amount of force creating a THUNK sound. "Oops, guess I don't know my own strength." Michael hears the noise and whispers "First your about to break my wallet, and now you want to break my car." Saber turns around "You say something." She says with a child like grin on her face. Michael, seeing that Saber may finally be done with her shopping spree, continues with his plan to find the contender. He then heard Saber say something quietly "I saw those two guns you tried to hide in that belt of yours back at the house." She took notice of the small amount of worry on his face. "Don't worry, I doubt anyone noticed, although I did see a few men checking me out over there." Of course, she would find some way to lighten the mood. "Anyways, I'm guessing you were some sort of soldier?" Michael responds "Yeah, I was a few years back. Served in Afghanistan. Why the sudden interest in my past?" Saber then replies "Oh, well I trained several army officers myself. I am glad to see both you and I followed the call for our nation. You for your country, and I for my emperor." Michael, curious asks "So, what were you like a drill sergeant?" He starts chuckling a bit. Saber, slightly annoyed asks "What so funny?" Michael, recovering from his small fit of laughter replies "I don't know, it's just after that shopping spree we went through, I thought you were some sort of spoiled princess that just happened to know how to hold a sword. Didn't figure you taught an army how to fight." Saber, proudly exclaims "Yeah, I taught the emperor's best generals on the ways of the sword, and I made sure they learned enough to teach their own soldiers on how to fight." Saber then recalls "Of course, as skilled as they were, none of them came close to matching my own swordsmanship...except maybe one." She came to remember an old friend of hers long ago, and had a somber smile on her face. 'But I digress, where are we headed to now?" "Well, there was a dojo I wanted to go to. I think it is called a Tiger dojo or something" Michael was able to learn quite a lot of Japanese while living here, and he could speak fairly well, although he did have an accent. He noticed that Saber herself could somehow speak perfect Japanese, and even English, despite the fact that he has this weird feeling that she isn't from any area where these languages could be prominent, or at least the English speaking ones. She may be from the time of ancient Japan, but the women back then wore kimonos, and she called her own dress a hanfu. Michael decided to ask her, "How do you speak both Japanese and English so perfectly?" Saber replies "Oh, all servants are able to speak all languages perfectly. I think it helps with getting to know our masters, since our master could be from any part of the world." Michael thinks on this. It makes sense, especially since he could have gotten someone else as his Saber class servant. It may have been due to the artifact he used that he got her. He thought he needed some sort of ancient artifact to summon a servant at all, but maybe it also worked as some sort of catalyst to summon a specific servant. For now, he wouldn't be able to know. Saber decided to look down at his phone to see the dojo he looked up. "Looks like your right. Let's see what this tiger dojo is all about!" Michael then sighed, "Yeah it is a bit of a drive though, and there is just traffic strewn all about." Saber grinned "Well, let's just say I have a way around that. How many hours are left on your meter?" Michael looked back at the parking meter. Turns out he put in far more quarters in it than he thought, and it turns out there is about 3 more hours left. Currently, the time is 12:00 pm, so he has to make it back here by 3. He responds back to Saber "Plenty, why?" Saber states "Good, follow me!" She tugs at the sleeve of Michael's red leather jacket, and drags him down an alley way. She replies "If I climb up to this roof, could we see the logo of the dojo?" Michael says "Yeah, but climbing a roo-AHHHH" She throws Michael up the roof, and immediately runs up on a wall alongside him. When he falls, it ends being on the roof with Saber gracefully landing right next to him. A THUD is heard and Michael angrily gets up and yells "WHAT THE HELL?" Saber responds "Yeah sorry about that. Anyways is that the logo?" Michael looks throughout the city, exploring this new view, citing each of these buildings. He scans through several logos, spotting a few banks, a KFC, and a McDonald's. He decides to look a bit further and spots what looks to be a tiger logo in the distance. He points and states "Yeah that's the one. But how are we gonna get there, and don't say you're gonna throw me there!" Saber replies "Oh no, as long as I can see where our destination is, I can transport us there in a flash." Michael, bewildered asks "How?" Saber retorts "Watch and learn." She materializes her sword out of thin air and slices at the wind, opening up a glowing portal of sorts. She looks back at her aimed destination, and a very tiny light seems to be shown right next to it. Michael, amazed at the spectacle he is seeing, looks through the new portal opened by the sword, and sees just an emanating bright light. Saber extends her arm out to Michael. "Follow me." Michael gladly grabs her hand and exclaims "To Tiger's Dojo we go!" Both walk through the light, and immediately exit afterwards. Michael's eyes start adjusting to the light, and he looks up to see what he thought was two golden arches. However, it turns out that it was just the McDonald's logo. He looks around, and sees that they are no where near the dojo, but instead at a local McDonalds. He looks at Saber in disbelief. "Instead of the dojo, you took me to MCDONALDS!" He yells, then immediately realizes he may be making a scene. Saber then replies "First, I am hungry. Second, if you're worried about any onlookers, trust me, no one was looking in this direction until you started yelling. You are damn well lucky the portal closed immediately when we went through." Michael takes a look at his surroundings taking notice of the huge trucks blocking their view, which would make sure the portal wasn't immediately spotted. "Anyways, without further ado, I want another burger from here. The last one you gave me was delicious." She then begins walking towards the restaurant, dragging her furious master, just staring back at the where the portal was once at. How long would it be until he made it to the Emiya's residence and obtained the Contender? At this rate, who knows?
  10. Several months have passed since Michael obtained the artifact from the pirates back in Vietnam, and he just finished all the preparations for his hideout in Fuyuki. It took quite a while to amass the armory he needed for this Holy Grail War, especially since he had to work around the strict gun laws here in Japan. It took a while, but he was able to collect several hunting licenses to get a few rifles legally in his collection. The rest of the weapons, including a few assault rifles such as the FN-SCAR, AK-47, and HK416; submachines guns such as a couple of uzis, MP5s, and a two MP7s; handguns such as the Glock 26, Smith and Wesson M&P, and the Springfield XD; and of course sniper rifles, with which Michael is the most proficient in, that include Cheytac M200 Intervention, Barrett M107, and his favorite because of the pun in the name, AWSM (Arctic Warfare Super Magnum). None of these weapons are legal, except his few Remingtons, which are legal hunting rifles. It doesn't help that he keeps several clay-mores, flash-bangs, and grenades handy with him as well. He, with the help of several "businessmen" stored these weapons in a warehouse very close to his isolated house that he purchased some time ago in preparation for the war. The amount of money required was far too much for any normal person to acquire, even someone like him getting military benefits from his time in the war. Most of the money he obtained during his time as an illegal pirate, which was only done to obtain these ancient artifacts. Of course, with these artifacts in hand, all he had to do was go home and complete the ritual. The first step is to walk from his local McDonald's carrying his lunch, while also keeping a keen eye on his surroundings to make sure he doesn't get jumped by a master or his servant. This feeling of paranoia felt all too familiar to him during his time overseas in a less mystical war. He kept his hand near his waist, near his hidden Glock in case danger occurred to give him trouble. Sadly, he realized that despite his huge arsenal, none of them would be of any use against Servant, He would have to learn useful magic quickly, or else his end may come sooner than he would like. Nonetheless, he made it back home, careful to not trip any of the wires set to explode in the entranes of his house. Once he safely entered, he began the preparations for the ritual and closed the curtains around his house to ensure no one wold peek in on him through his windows (which he made sure were bullet resistant, despite even more high costs). He then created the circle needed for the summoning and set up the pedastal placing the artifact on it. The artifact itself was an arrowhead, which left Michael thinking he may summon an Archer servant. He thought of the usefulness of having a ranged servant at his side, it would make avoiding direct conflict much easier. With these thoughts swirling in his head, he began the summoning. "Heed my words. My will creates your body, and your sword creates my destiny. If you heed the Grail's call and obey my will and reason, then answer my summoning. I hereby swear that I shall be all the good in the world, that I shall defeat all evil in the world. Seventh-heaven clad and the great words of power, come forth from the circle of binding, Guardian of Scales." "Ugh, what the hell?" were the words leaving Michael's mouth as a bright light engulfs the room. Soon, the light started dying down, and a beautiful woman wearing what appears to be a bright whitish, blue hanfu, wooden sandals, and appeared to be armed with a....sword. When Michael's eyes finally got adjusted to the sudden change in lighting, he looked at the girl in front of him. He walked all around her, looking for a bow of some sort. None seemed to show. The woman then spoke "Hello, my mast..... wait are you checking me out?" She smirked "Now don't get any naughty ideas, I may call you master, but you better buy me dinner first." Michael felt startled "What? No, I thought you were an archer. I was looking for a bow." The woman then replied "I am holding a sword genius, and what, you wanted to looked under my shirt for a bow?". Again, Michael felt irritated at the remark "No, ugh never mind, I must have messed up the ritual or something." The woman then responded "Messed up? Honey, look at me, no I way you messed up. Besides, you know what servant class you summoned don't you?" "Saber" answered Michael. "Good, by the way, that is my name from now on, don't want to spoil identities and all that." She looked at the bag of McDonald's on the table. "Ooh, I am hungry, who knew being summoned back from the dead would leave you famished." She then took one hand into the bag and grabbed the only burger inside, eating Michael's lunch. A sigh drifted from Michael's mouth. This was gonna be a long war.
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