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  2. Robin with his standard looking appearance. Tactician -> Knight -> General
  3. Kellam Knight -> Thief -> Assassin
  4. You do realize that FE has always been a casual game with the medieval anime setting?
  5. Vanessa is now Marty from FE5 with his class, stats, and has Arden’s growths. Forde’s class is now a Thief and has Chad’s growths. Boss!Selena is now Kempf for FE5. Lock picks now has 10 uses. Assassins now have a max base stat of 24 STR and 22 DEF
  6. Eirika is replaced with Tharja and Valter with Male Robin.
  7. To Allen and Lance, make them Luke(Allen) and Rody(Lance) from FE12. Noah is now a myrmidon with +5 to all of is growths.
  8. Take Illyana, give her a forge thunder tome named Zeus and (Assuming you meant the beginning of part 4) put her in Ike's army.
  9. Avatar will be named Eirika (her appearance) with +Spd, -Str, Mage Talent(Her final class will be Dark Knight) and marry her to Vanguard Arthur.
  10. Dread Fighter Jesse with the Brave Sword
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