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  1. I just wish this gen didn't have so many mid-console upgrades. Yeah they're not all that better than the OG models, but I feel like I'm not getting the proper experience. The fact that some games only run on the NEW 3DS for example adds to this.
  2. It started in 2011 and is still going strong 6 years later. We've seen several mid upgrades of consoles like the "New" 3DS, PS4 Pro, and xbox Scorpio. The death of some consoles like the Wii U and arguably the PS Vita.
  3. It's cool. I didn't give out proper information.
  4. The topic came from a question I heard from a podcast. In that the person mentions how so many amazing games are coming out recently and very close. He mentions hows on social media people will pick up the new game, play it, then move onto the new one never finishing it do to everyone mention and talking about a newer release game. He compared the the length of games from the nes to snes gen to the current gen. If my opening post or the topic didn't give enough info then I apologize for that.
  5. Games are becoming bigger and longer, and all of them are being released very close to each other. A person could buy Zelda Breath of the wild for 60$ one day, play for a couple of days or weeks, and then pick of Horizon Zero dawn and never finish the previous one.
  6. I usually buy weapons so I can kill things faster and earn more money.
  7. Yes. I'm glad we reached this conclusion on tits.
  8. Overdosing tits is bad for your health man.
  9. Like I can't watch LOTGH without thinking of certain users with the avatars. Same with Atlier. When ever I watch Samurai Jack for some reason Jedi comes to mind.
  10. Was this an translation error or something different?
  11. Question: Can I use my NNID on my switch? Do I need to link it to my Nintendo Account?
  12. The first and only TCG I played was Yu-Gi-Oh during 2005. 12 years laters I decided to try it again and got destroyed. The power creep was too real and all my cards were worthless. Is this common for most TCGs? Is the FE cipher any better?
  13. 9/10 someone has probably put the cartridge in their mouth.
  14. The plot revolves around the fact that the main character wants to marry his sister but his older brother takes her and tries to force her into marriage. Stuff happens and eventually war happens.
  15. Here's the question, can 90s anime designs fit with modern animation? The only series that I've seen has done this right is Jojo Bizarre Adventure?
  16. Sometimes developers want us to experience their games by not only controlling the protagonist, but become them as well. Several games have done this with some being more favorable than others.
  17. This was based of a question from a podcast called "SuperBestFriendCast". For example the person who made a remake of Metroid 2 spent years making that game, only for it to get shut down immediately . If it was an original IP based off of Metroid it probably would have stayed up and been it's own thing. Is it because of pride?
  18. So there are a lot of RPGs I want to play now that I got the free time. The first is the Atelier series. However after reading the wiki, I realized that there are over 15+ games in the franchise. And unlike other RPGs, each one is connected. I don't know which one to start on. I'll take any advice.
  19. Can you pursue Lu-Bu? Is Lu bu beatable and if so who do you expect to fill in his shoes in Fire Emblem Warriors? I think someone like the Black Knight could do it.
  20. Emmeryn; Sticks and stones may break my bones, but falling flat first into the ground actual really hurts.
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