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  1. Hi everyone! I'm available to trade/sell my extras for SRs that I don't have yet, with priority on these at the moment!: Wants: B21-016SR+ Claude B21-041SR Hapi B19-022SR Sothis List of cards I have available for trade/sell are here on this google sheet, which also has contact info and link to my feedback (or just PM me). I've listed out all of my Rs and up to show what I already have, but please check the SALE/TRADE column D for ones that are available. I've been getting a lot of messages for people asking me about my 1x's that I'm not willing to sell/trade and sorry I don't have time to reply to these! Located in USA and can ship to anywhere USPS is available to ship. Hope you are all safe in these crazy times! Ratings: +1 jiayejoe Silas purchase +1 Agery trade +1 ryuugeki trade
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