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  1. First case reported in Minnesota. Because somebody went to an anime con in New York. I always knew weebs would be my undoing.
  2. I really am not a fan of how the manga is going at the moment. It's starting to make Shigaraki's development over the last few arcs feel pointless and wasted, and I hate how it's introducing big characters and then getting rid of them in the span of a few chapters. And the hyperfocus on Deku is getting a little tiring. It seems like Bakugo and Todoroki will be getting some spotlight soon, but it leaves the rest of 1A in the background. Again.
  3. It's fair in the sense that I think it really expects people playing it to know the ins and outs of bullshit prior FE games have attempted. If you're patient enough to learn how the game mechanics work, or you've played a lot of different Fire Emblems before, I think Conquest is pretty fair. It doesn't really ever just try to screw you over(Mostly), it just asks that you learn how to handle enemy spawns or how to whittle down groups of strong enemies. Once you get into the swing of things, it's a fun, reasonable challenge(MOSTLY) that puts the strengths of Fates to the forefront. If you don't have the time or patience, no. It'll feel like a game that's trying to waste your time, and you'll probably get walled at chapter 10. Or chapter 4, more likely.
  4. The best things I can say about Kaguya is: She's used as a explanation for the source of chakra, which I really don't think anyone was actually dying to learn about She was used as a segue to Boruto, which... again, I don't think anybody really expected/wanted Those are the most charitable things I'll say about her. Godawful choice to introduce her after about 20 chapters of the first hints of her, and an even worse choice to completely fridge the guy who's been built up as the main villain for the last 400 chapters. I also hate how Boruto handles OG Naruto characters, so I was not a fan of Kishimoto just introducing a sequel hook less than 40 chapters before the end of the series. She's the sole reason I actually think Naruto had a worse ending than Bleach, and possibly the worst ending of any major shonen in recent memory. The only one I've heard comes close is Food Wars, but I didn't read/watch that. If the series just ended with Sasuke and Naruto getting Sage powers and beating Madara, it would have been infinitely better. I've seen so many people say "Well Madara was too strong so Kishimoto had to fridge him", as if Kaguya isn't more busted.
  5. I think it's different on mobile, but on desktop, you can highlight text and then click the "link" in the editor above the message window, and you'll be able to put a url into text.
  6. I got two I wanna shill: KennyHoopla got pretty big this year, as a rap/emo/indie/alternative rock artist, and he does all of those things really well. KID DAD(< | > >^>) is a German emo band with really unique hooks and sounds that hit me just right in 2020. I also have two honorable mentions that I discovered in November of 2019 that I didn't get into super hard until last year: MID CITY is just a good indie band with some very spacey sounds that I'm a sucker for. Dogleg, an emo-punk band whose lyrics and vocals just resonated with me more than any other band in recent memory. As you can tell from the songs I linked, 2020 was a rough fucking year for me.
  7. Shorting is basically gambling for sociopaths. This probably won't hit them as hard as it should, since a lot of them were likely buying stocks with Reddit during this to help pad the hit they're gonna have to take when they have to return their shares, but they're already losing billions and nobody should have sympathy for them. Short-selling is the same exact thing that caused a global recession a decade ago. They thought they could just do it again to destroy more businesses and industries in order to make a quick buck. Even if GME doesn't lead to much, WSB knows what to look for now and will probably watch stocks like hawks for more opportunities to do this again, and that's what is freaking out the hedgefund managers the most. Normal people learning how to use the stock market is going to make it less of a surefire thing for the rich to gather more wealth, since at any moment an internet mob could just fuck them over.
  8. Those fucking Bush books brings me back to simpler(But still fucked up) times. Republicans definitely tried to make George W. Bush a big personality. The issues was... Bush was just boring. And stupid. He seemed super down to earth and chill, but the man really didn't have much going on in the personality department besides being the president people wanted to have a beer with. Just look at how fast they dumped him after the Tea Party took off. Clinton and Obama are still big parts of the democratic party, and names rally people around. Even Jimmy Carter still gets around. Bush's image of the "Cowboy president" didn't hold after he left office, and there's not much fanfare to seeing him because I think even republicans mostly know him as "The stupid one who started a bunch of wars".
  9. The issue is that the people who are wedging the divide are the people who have been in power for the last four years. Anti-Trump people don't want pro-Trump people to lose their rights or be made second class citizens. They just want them to shut the fuck up when it comes to their awful, awful rhetoric. The pro-Trump people want to kill the anti-Trump people. A good chunk of them literally think democrats are a Satanic death cult. That's a divide that'll be really, really tough to heal, because the pro-Trumpers didn't become that way when they were stewing in the dark while Trump was out of the spotlight. They did it during a period where they had all the power. A number of congressmen and women were actively involved in what happened two weeks ago, and those people won't go away while Biden is president, and they'll still be there, continuing to drive that wedge.
  10. These last few months have been a little cathartic. Trump's been systematically dismantled as a president, as a person, and he's brought the GOP down with him. It's a shame I can't fucking enjoy it, because his stupid goons are trying to take over the country and are killing people(Mostly themselves so far, but still). EDIT: Also Trump finally conceded. Thank god.
  11. I fully believe Trump and most of his kin will be convicted once Trump's out of the White House. Lawyers are frothing at the mouth to get a piece of him, and Trump can't be shielded by a republican senate when he's a regular civilian again. It'll be tough to run for president again from federal prison.
  12. Emperor Palpatine had a goal and a vision. If the lady who wrote McConnell's biography is a credible source of his character, there's nothing to McConnell.
  13. The only thing that gives me hope is that Mitch is the most unpopular senator in the US, and he has the lowest approval rating amongst senators in their home state. Literally the only reason he gets elected is because he's a republican in a red state. But considering how vulnerable Lindsey is, it's not a given.
  14. If we can get rid of Graham, McConnel and Trump, I'll be so happy.
  15. At that point, that would be the only justice.
  16. It's hilarious sometimes, like the ardent anti-gay GOPers who always happen be the ones who get caught with their pants down(With another man). Sometimes it's not. Like this. Or the ones who turn out to be pedophiles.
  17. It's VERY important that Wyoming votes count for 3x more than California and New York.
  18. I dunno, a republican pouring money into literally the bluest part of the country sounds like a good idea to me.
  19. Religious fundamentalism. A lot of conservatives don't just want to be good Christians, they straight up want America to be a Christian theocracy. Can't have that(In their eyes. There are definitely gay-friendly Christian denominations) if the gays are given the same rights. It's the same reason America's been waffling on abortion for 50 years.
  20. His position on this is so transparent. He's basically saying "If I win, you'll get another stimulus check. If I lose, you'll get no stimulus check from me and you'll have to wait until Biden is in office." He's such a petty piece of shit.
  21. Biden's also gaining ground in Texas. Trump's in trouble, but these polling numbers should always be taken with some hefty grains of salt. I hope to God he gets flattened in a month, though. Nothing would hurt him more than knowing that he lost Texas, which has been a republican stronghold(Even if it was a very purple stronghold) since Reagan. If the last time I ever have to see Trump is him crying, I'll die happy.
  22. Guys I'm starting to think Trump might be a bad person.
  23. This whole thing makes Herman Cain's death so much sadder. Not that I think Cain's death was a tragedy in the sense that he was some great man who left an impact on the world, but this man supported Trump, DIED from Corona, which he got campaigning for Trump, and everyone just forgot. None of his peers cared to remember that he died, and his death wasn't a big enough deal for them to consider the virus dangerous. Now Trump has it, and NOW republicans care. His death was pointless, preventable, and the people he supported just forgot.
  24. His position His age His health/weight Those are the three big factors for why he's going to the hospital. The flipside is Pence doesn't have the cult of personality that Donald has. Pence would need a personality for that to happen. Just like there are people who are voting for Biden purely because he's not Trump, there are people(Probably even more people) voting for Trump purely because he's Trump.
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