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  1. I completely understand that feathers are common but I don't really like sacrificing 5 stars still i only sacrifice them when i've spares
  2. @XRay I was thinking of not inheriting 5* units just for weapons because i'm a player that those not really like sacrificing 5 stars. Thank you for the Build i will most likely go for the build you suggested ^_^ I'm not planning to sacrifice 5* but i bet these builds are great
  3. Since I can't show the photo becauses of MB space i'll just text So i've Merric I 5 stared him because of his spd+ hp- IV what build can i give him? his team mates are Marth Merged + 1 Falchion (Planning to refine his weapon soon) Reposition Moonbow Fury 3 Renewal 3 Spur Spd 3 Spd+ 3 Seal Linde Dark Aura Ardent Sacrifice Moonbow Life And Death 3 Desperation 3 Threaten Spd 3 Initiate Seal Spd 3 Gordin Brave Bow+ Draw Back Ignis Fury 3 Sword Breaker 3 Threaten Def 3 Close Def 3 Seal This is the Mystery of the Emblem team
  4. Holy Crud i'm so sorry I hadn't been on here for a long time so i'm so sorry
  5. So i was thinking of building my Merric I 5 stared him and his IVs are Spd+ HP- which is perfect and i got all of his skills so i was wondering How should i Build him? also he's going to be in my Mystery of the Emblem team with Marth, Linde and Gordin
  6. Ok thanks for your help though
  7. Thank you I see if I like it and thank you for the skill set suggestion I see if it is good
  8. So am thinking of changing my corrin class for his final class and am wondering what is his best skill Set for my corrin and his information. my corrin boon and bane Lck+/Res- i like to use the omega yato in the class that is best for me this is for online can't Change into apthocary or Oni savage i like to deal Str damage and that is it so please help me
  9. Ok I take that but what if I use him online same? Or different ?
  10. Alright but I want like a Skill set so like maybe like Tome Breaker Bow Breaker Vengeance galeforce and Vantage
  11. all right Sorcerer it is also what skill set is good for him?
  12. So am just about to finish getting skills for Odin so which class should it be Sorcerer? or Dark Knight? If I change to Sorcerer I would get the stats Str 25 Mag 37 Ski 37 Spd 36 Lck 35 Max Def 30 Res 23 If Dark Knight I would get the stats Str 33 Mag 34 Max Ski 39 Spd 35 Lck 40 Max Def 33 Res 21 and also which Skill set also his some info Odin married Elise (got all skills) Niles is Odin A+ Partner (Got all Skills) Got all DLC
  13. Hinata is the Retainer of Takumi. Hinata I see him as an Energetic Swordsman with a Bright Personality. He those have flaws but I can't describe it Personal Skill Triple Threat This skill is super Effective and I love this skill this skill mix with Counter magic and Miracle can make Hinata a Deadly Unit. The only Flaw is that it doesn't counter Magic Bows and Daggers Growth Rates Samurai HP 65% Str 45% Mag 0% Ski 40% Spd 35% Lck 60% Def 45% Res 25% As a Samurai Hinata is a Defensive and Powerful tank but His res are awful and I can see why but his Luck is fabulous making him have a chance of activating Skills like Miracle but his Low Spd is a throwback since it loses to all stats besides Mag and res and mag doesn't matter to him. Having Less spd makes him easy to hit and it makes Ninjas easier to weaken Hinata his skill is decent. Sword Master HP 65% Str 45% Mag 5% Ski 40% Spd 35% Lck 60% Def 45% Res 25% Nothing to say look at Samurai Master of Arms HP 70% Str 50% Mag 0% ski 35% Spd 25% Lck 55% Def 55% Res 15% Now this Promotion set is better then sword master to be honest since of his high HP Str lck and def growth rate is good his res is much worse and his spd and his ski but this is a better promotion since it improves many of his growth rates. Overall I give HInata a 4 out 5 stars his stats are good for Master of arms and not that good in sword master and I like his personality but he is weak as a swordmaster so that is it thank you for reading
  14. Ok but... slight problem I don't have Sol and Sword breaker but Aether I got it so let me get it
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