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  1. It seems they start with their OG weapons though which is kinda annoying but I can work around that hopefully, this will be a fu play through if all goes well!
  2. Okay wait it is working! Just for the start of the game they are their OG classes until you beat Xander on top of the tower, I'll keep updated if it crashes or something later, so far it seems fine.
  3. how do you randomize just classes? I can do the join order but when I have it clicked off all my units are still there OG class, I have random stats, skills, and dlc classes checked (conquest to of course) I;m also using the same sex marrige mod, I don't know if it has anything to do with it but I merged the m folder with the mod with the one I was going to ranomize and over written anything it asked. I also used the gamedata.bin from the mod
  4. Yeah, I didn't realize it only took from the pool of characters from the verison you pick. I know you said it doesn't play well but could I dump Rev to get all the characters or is that only possible with the special edition?
  5. oh...never mind!!!! I'm a dummy, I think the problem is I'm doing this ON conquest, so the Birthright characters don't change right? I did from "choose your fate" one time and only they where changed... sorry for being dumb. I'll play through a new save.
  6. Tried again... Still only "no" dissaparing from yes or no options :/
  7. Okay so now I also got NTR and tried it this way, everything in place. i boot up NTR then when its done go to my games, I do get a flash of green screen but nothing is changed still. and I doing something wrong with the editor? I click all the options I want then click randomize and wait for the bar to be fully blue and by optional characters it says "completed!" and I doing something wrong here? I'll add a photo.
  8. sorry! wasn't able to reply on mobile. Yes I recompressed them then put them in with the original folder (merging and replacing when asked) then I rebuilt it as a romfs file and put it in the HANS folder with the last 8 digits of the dump as the name. I selected yes for romfs SD and it didn't say it was invalid. I've tried both having region as USA and -- (language was always --) but it still didn't work. The game loads and works like it should but nothing is changed other than "no" being there for accepting your name or wanting notifcitaions on things. (might be like that normally, don't remember)
  9. I was wondering if you could help me with my problem? I got everything working (after dealing with hans most of the time ugh) and the game will launch now but the randomizer stuff isn't working. I did select yes to run romfs off my sd and it is the edited version. no invaild error or anything like that. All the characters and classes are normal. I started on normal/causal just to it out and did it through new game, not the choice or a current save. I've tried it many times but it isn't working. is it that HANS for some reason is loading from the cart and not the sd even though I'm telling it to?
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