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  1. this'll be very broken considering fe4 weapons are infinite use so you can just get a 100 kill forged brave sword or whatever and go fucking nuts 100 kill forged javelin time
  2. yeah it's pretty much absent in the states. but i'm not british and i still use it ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ fairly common in where i live in
  3. sounds even more like a seth stomp. as you've said your only other option early on is garcia, who has poor accuracy with steel axe. prologue - ch 8 would be a complete seth solo in non-rout maps. at least kyle can help out for ch 9. i mean this isn't true in a normal setting, but i'd like to point out in this scenario ephraim is weighed down by 5 AS all the time. steel lance ephraim is not that great again, sounds like more conditions that lay the groundwork for even more seth (+prepromotes) emblem 😛
  4. a few crucial points: 1) fe8 healers level immensely slow. maps go by too fast, while healing exp is terrible. thus a comparison between, say, 15/10 nat vs 18/10 moulder is largely useless, since unless you slow down immensely, you won't be able to reach anywhere near those levels. in fact, usually i find moulder only promotes in the very late game, and natasha not at all. 2) the only important stat between them is magic. they spend most of their existence unpromoted, so every other parameter besides staffing (i.e. mag) is useless. even after promotion, they likely have received very little levels as mentioned before, so their combat will be hugely underwhelming. 3) for most purposes, any magic stat <12 is pretty much the same. this is because you need to have >=12 magic to get higher staff range, which (may) matter in warpskip/rescueskipping strategies. yes, having like 4 mag instead of 2 will make you heal better, but mend heals so much anyway that it doesn't really matter. for these reasons, the differences between moulder and natasha isn't that big. moulder's biggest advantages over her are his higher base level, which lets him actually promote, and higher staff rank which lets him trivially reach A staves, and he's pretty much the only viable latona user which may be helpful in lategame bosskill strategies.
  5. hardboiled eggs suck. the egg yolk has a sandy texture
  6. oh shit time for the egg map aka fight 50 eggs and like 5 guys
  7. oops tiki's...fine Chapter 1: 8/8 turns ok i don't know if i'm going to continue doing this on h5 but fuck it. picked doga as the free unit, his javelin chip and big bulk is invaluable. additionally, his starting position is the most forward out of everyone, which makes up for his lack of movement. grabbed the 10k gold and thank fuck no one died because i'm going to need all the bodies for ch 2 and 3. boss dies to a silver lance crit for around 60 disp. hit 5 crit - this and all the javelin chips which have around 57 hit makes the strat pretty unreliable but not unbearable. doga levels up speed and defense so that he doesn't get ORKO'd or even 2RKO'd in the next map for better facetanking; jeigan levels up hp + str
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