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  1. hardboiled eggs suck. the egg yolk has a sandy texture
  2. oh shit time for the egg map aka fight 50 eggs and like 5 guys
  3. oops tiki's...fine Chapter 1: 8/8 turns ok i don't know if i'm going to continue doing this on h5 but fuck it. picked doga as the free unit, his javelin chip and big bulk is invaluable. additionally, his starting position is the most forward out of everyone, which makes up for his lack of movement. grabbed the 10k gold and thank fuck no one died because i'm going to need all the bodies for ch 2 and 3. boss dies to a silver lance crit for around 60 disp. hit 5 crit - this and all the javelin chips which have around 57 hit makes the strat pretty unreliable but not unbearable. doga levels up speed and defense so that he doesn't get ORKO'd or even 2RKO'd in the next map for better facetanking; jeigan levels up hp + str
  4. "hey you know that marcus guy from fe7" "yeah" "what if we gave him really big growths" "an excellent idea nothing could possibly go wrong" "oh and we should also make marcus 3 in the next game after this one"
  5. drafts are heavily skewed towards early joining units so i don't think reasoning involving drafts should really be used in any context outside of drafts she's as good of a taxi as an unpromoted cavalier. not that that's not _bad_ but it's not _good_ either since you have lots of other mounts that are better than her at doing so while taking less effort to train i.e. paladins & fliers. might be useful in a draft setting if you got fucked over and didn't get a lot of mounts, otherwise iffy at best i also don't think LTC should be used to rate units considering that rating units under an LTC setting uses a completely different criteria to judge a unit's performance (i.e. how many turns they save) than a regular playthrough (which is holistic and takes into account things like bases availability and all that) for example lilina is pretty much worthless in any regular playthrough but is good in LTC for the bolting crits i don't think i've seen a strat that uses longbow in the egg map by the time you get brave bow, the only flying enemies remaining in the game are gar/deathgoyles and they already get utterly smashed by the divine weapons meaning this utility is completely useless. the divine weapons have 30 uses each anyway which is more than enough for the rest of the game after you get them as for the thread question, innes is miles ahead of neimi since he actually has stats to work with. the benchmarks for fe8 isn't high but innes takes zero effort to get there while neimi only ends up maybe marginally better than innes once trained out of her shitty archer phase because she gets a horse. but between zero investment and getting a 7 mov horse i'll pick the zero investment any day, i have 8 mov units to taxi my lords to the seize point
  6. she promotes to a super recruit this happened in void's blitzarre adventure and it carried over i guess
  7. ok but dude rennac doubles mercenaries in the next map and mercenaries are the literal spawn of satan so rennac is great/8
  8. i think i had him chip on EP with spear first but strat's prolly different oof no devil axe eggsmashing then RIP
  9. i forget how op steel axe wexp is lol assuming he doubles and kills every enemy with steel axe he'd need 37 kills to reach S rank which is a lot but not unreasonable garm by egg map though think thonk wouldnt audhulma seth do the job
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