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  1. The way I see it, Grima is Medeus reincarnate basically. The exalt line confuses me too, but we know Anri started the bloodline by being the first wielder of the Falchion and slaying Medeus, time passes on and we then see Marth taking up the Falchion and slaying Medeus twice within 3 years of each other. We skip a few thousand years and awakening is happening. While the only people we know of the exalt line are Anri, Marth's father (and hence his mother as well) Marth, Elice (Marth's Sister), Caeda (since she married Marth), Chrom, Emmeryn, Lissa, Their father and mother, Lucina, and Owain definitely, and due to the marriage component of awakening ,either Sumia, Maribelle, F! Robin, Sully, or Olivia as Chrom's wife and either M! Robin, Stahl, Frederick, Vaike, Lon'qu, Henry, Virion, Ricken, Gregor, Libra, Kellam, Gaius, or Donnel as her husband, and either gender Morgan, and the rest of the children being possible in the line due to them marrying into the line or being descended from it (like with Brady, Cynthia, Inigo, Kjelle etc) and if we count fates, then Ophelia, Soleil, and possibly Kana and Shigure could be in the bloodline as well
  2. The above should work for you, if you haven't promoted him to fighter, Ross as a pirate will help out greatly, additionally if you position your fliers right, you can visit the village and retreat out of the archers way if that's possible (been a while since I played FE 8) and meanwhile just have Franz lead the charge and have him recruit Amelia (she is kinda a est unit but comes earlier and is definitely worth the effort)
  3. While all the lords I know are awesome, I'll go with Eirika as she has the most character of the ones I was choosing (Chrom, Lucina, and Marth) HM to Ike and Roy though, Ike for being Ike and amazing, and Roy for being the driving force that caused me to get into FE.
  4. for Classic, I'll say Ogma, though HM to Navarre and Astram, but Ogma was always there when I needed him and held down a valuable point in shadow dragons endgame despite being underleveled. for veteran without a doubt Gerik, he's way too good as a hero, though HM to Marisa and Joshua as well for being kinda good units. Modern gave me the most trouble, as I do like Lonqu, Owain, Severa, Inigo, Soleil, Ryoma, Hana and somewhat Say'ri. But of them I chose Severa, no matter what playthrough she is always good, even being an under-leveled hero she carries the day, toss in galeforce and her overall great utility and that's a great unit (while Owain and Inigo could match her, she shined first of the trio for me)
  5. For classic, I'd say Barst, fairly good axe unit, sadly I don't use axe units except as a hero's secondary usually, for veteran, I'd say Ross, yes he's a trainee unit, which isn't good to start, but putting in time and dedication will reward you (not as much as Amelia but still) and he was my main axe unit for sacred stones (first time I used a axe unit regulary actually) and for Modern, hands down Charlotte, while I don't prefer her character too much, her results are far too good, she easily gets high crit rates for me without a killer axe, even getting 100% crit rates without one, additionally (IDK if it's fates rng or her being lucky) she nearly always lands hits, even ones as low as 10%. While I don't normally use axe users, two of my votes are exceptions
  6. Okay so I have a combination of what I think is Possible and what I personally would like to see FE 1/3/11/12 Marth,Caeda/Shiida,Ogma,Navarre,Tiki, Minerva? FE 2 Alm,Celica FE 4/5 Seliph,Leif,Sigurd FE 6 Roy,Lilina FE 7 Lyn,Hector,Eliwood FE 8 Amelia,Eirika,Ephraim FE 9/10 Ike Micaiah,Elincia,Nephenee FE 13 Chrom (confirmed),Lucina,Cordelia,Tharja?,Severa FE 14 Ryoma,Xander,Takumi,Leo,Kaze SMT # FE? Tsubasa,Oribe Villians Arvis, Medeus (as a giant boss maybe IDK) Nergal, Lyon, Ashnard, Black Knight, Gangrel, Walhart, Validar, Garon, Anankos. Now this is purely speculation of course, I think most of the roster will be lords and a few fan favorite characters. While I have only played Sacred Stones, Shadow Dragon. Awakening, and Fates. I have at least seen (or played parts of through romming) Binding Blade, Blazing Sword, Path of Radiance, Radiant Dawn, and New Mystery. I personally think the roster will be maybe about Hyrule Warriors Legends size before (if any) dlc, and typically variety would be top priority in a roster like this. Normally I wouldn't include so many sword users, but Koei Tecmo did do Gundam warriors, which had 50 or so characters that all played differently and true to their design, so possibly we could have a roster that size.
  7. So after finally actually receiving a confirmation email for making a account on here (been trying on and off for a few months now) I am joining the serenes forest community. So hey there guys. If you have any questions for me comment below and I'll try to answer them. Glad to finally join the biggest Fire Emblem community I know.
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