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  1. Yes, it is also Lucina's birthday. I knew this was fake when I read the title.
  2. Sully and Stahl have been tasked with finding out who murdered Prince Chrom. During this case Sully consistently has to put up with flirters such as the Archer Duke Virion while Stahl decides to put aside his eating addiction to become a knight of legend. During their partnership they discover a secret plot about ending the heroes bloodline that goes farther back then even the current continent. Will they stop this sinister plot? Will they achieve status of immortals in the history books? Will they ever find their true loves in life? Will they ever find the message on the Dread Isles? Probably not, but find out next time on Fire Emblem: The Bull and Panther on the Ylissean Streets Staring: Kristen Stewart as Sully, Leonardo DiCaprio as Stahl, Mark Hamill as Chrom, Angelina Joline as Lucina, Samuel Jackson as Basilio, Brad Pitt as Lon'qu, and Nicolas Cage as Robin.
  3. Based off what's been said the central hq of Fenrir has collapsed, we just don't know long after rage burst it is. Some are speculating that based on that outcome it must have been a large battle lost on humanities side, and since Blood aka Rage Bursts main cast are close to if not the strongest god eaters it's possible they may have been killed. Also I've heard rumors of Erina becoming infected though I have no confirmation of that. It could also be possible this game takes place so long after rage burst that the cast has died of natural causes. I have no idea where central hq is so it may be Europe but who knows. So I checked the wiki and it says Fenrir (the organization) is centralized in former Scandavia. I do want to say that in the most recent god eater 3 trailer I thought I heard Alisa's japanese voice actor but I am probably wrong. Okay word of advice, I know it's long but finish Rage Bursts post game, it explains a lot and is actually a really great story postgame arc. I will briefly talk about it in the spoiler below if you want but I beg you please finish it before reading the spoiler unless you really don't care
  4. So I have 2 lists, games I'm waiting on to be announced and games that have been announced I'm waiting to release Has been announced: Valkyria Chronicles 4 (I lost my mind the day this was announced, cause I had beaten the first game and spent 12 hours playing it before I got off and checked youtube to see the announcement trailer), God Eater 3 (I'm hyped for it cause so far it looks amazing gameplay wise, at least a step up from rage burst, though the lore has me nervous cause I would prefer it if the cast of Rage Burst weren't dead), Octopath Traveler (looks to be a great rpg, the demo was fun and the music is great, possibly a new rpg series from square enix like the bravely games), FE Switch (nothing to say that hasn't been said yet), Blazblue Crosstag battle (so the idea of having half the roster as dlc is annoying, but the game is only going to be 40 USD and the dlc will be 20 USD, so I'm conflicted cause half the roster as dlc is bad news, but the costs are so low it's like paying for a full 60 USD game, at which I'm just thinking why don't they just wait and release it when done at that price? Looks to be solid in the gameplay though and getting it will finally inspire me to watch RWBY and get Persona 4), finally Smash for switch, don't know much on it but will probably get it, also as much as I love BOTW Link, the green tunic better still be in the game cause that's more iconic than BOTW's appearance and has more of a right to be in smash. Hopes for being announced: New Golden Sun (I will be so excited if it comes back, I still need to beat them but the 2 golden sun games I have are so much fun and great), New Kid Icarus (Moreso in the style like Uprising, while I haven't played the originals I usually suck at platformers so yeah), Tokyo Mirage Sessions Switch Port (I don't care if it's totally weird and different, it looks amazing, sounds good, and the gameplay seems good, plus FE so have to support that), Can I hope for Bravely Third?, and the last one is something that'll probably never happen, Project X Zone 3 or a sequel to the Project X Series, I love this series but after the ending X Zone 2 gave us and all the licensing problems that surely must come from combining so many series into one gigantic crossover fanservice game, I don't know if the sales will allow another game to be made, being honest X Zone 2 came out maybe a month or so before Fates so slight competition, and while it's definitely enjoyable, I don't think it has a large enough playerbase to make the game happen. To be honest the whole Project X series has never sold well, and while I may be a recent fan into it, I respect and appreciate the history and legacy behind it, because being honest, besides Smash, no other major crossovers had happened before the first game, and none (besides maybe smash 4) have even come close to the crossover madness this series has had.
  5. Well given purple Lucario aren't canon in the main games (only in smash) I'm probably some mutant experiment. So basically OG Mewtwo from the first movie.
  6. Besides Awakening follow ups and prequels, I'd want either the scouring from Elibe or a Tellius prequel or sequel.
  7. Oh believe me I fully think it is, stuff like Mutiny and Pokemon Chemical and Nuclear sound way too off for what they would actually release, but given it does have some games on it that later became confirmed is something to note, though I do recall reading that it gets updated so that invalidates a lot of it. It was just worth a mention is all and as I said it was a theory mostly based on a 2 rep ideal and using a source despite being fake would be amazing if true. Though as said I doubt the title names I listed prior.
  8. So I have a theory of sorts. 3rd party reps. Capcom had 2 in smash 4 with Ryu and Mega-man, Sega had 2 with Sonic and Bayonetta. Square Enix only has 1 with Cloud, and Bandai Namco had 1 with Pac-man. Now I think if they choose to keep all of those in then I think Square Enix and Bandai Namco will want to have the same amount of reps. For Square Enix if they keep Cloud in (promote FF7 remake), then I can see 1/5 other characters being added, Noctis to further promote FFXV and if the leak about it being on the switch in the next 2 years is true (which is countering developer statements) it would be promotion material, FFXVI protag (going off that same leak that had FFXVI in the list), Someone from Octopath (I'd say Olberic or Primrose cause the demo lets us know them some but anyone really. Primrose I'd want because unique moveset potnetial but IDK if they would get her in as she in a dancer and does show quite a lot of skin, Bayonetta at least normally is covered and the alteration for her to lose some of her outfit instead of all was a fit for this game but Primrose would show more skin than Bayonetta or Zero Suit Samus so I don't know, and Olberic would be viewed as a generic swordsmen by the people who complain about too many swords), Sora (once again that leak which has Kingdom Hearts 3 in it), and possibly Tiz or Agnes, the reason for this is again the leak I've mentioned which has Bravely Third on it. Now for Bandai Namco I'm thinking Solaire, cause him getting his own amiibo is surprising, and some will say he has no shot of making it in, mostly due to violence of his game, we said similar things about Bayonetta not getting in cause she was too sexy and look what happened. link to the leak I keep referring to: https://imgur.com/E8AltM9
  9. Would be interesting. I'm mildly interested in this movie so I'll try to keep a look out for them if they're in it.
  10. I honestly don't know about some of the stuff on this list. We've heard about FE Mutiny but I doubt that. Stuff like FFXV is also doubtful cause the devs have confirmed it's not on switch although that was back in October or so. A link across islands has me thinking of a crossover between a link between worlds and wind waker and that's timeline braking. Spirit Tracks hd I feel is unlikely but if true then please have actual controls lol. XENOBLADE WARRRIORS?!?! As much as I want this it has to be fake. Plus us getting anything Earthbound? Yeah very unlikely.
  11. Can I be the weird one and say Revo? I loved his work in Bravely Default, and though good, Bravely Second's soundtrack wasn't on the same level as Defaults. Also another choice of mine at the moment would be Yasunori Nishiki, the composer working on the Octopath Traveler soundtrack. As much as I Xenoblade's OST, I feel that style doesn't fit Fire Emblem. Revo could be denied by that same logic but if this man somehow got an accordian to fit into an JRPG then he has my trust. Problem is he may never work on another game due to him working in his own company and due to that he didn't compose Bravely Second so it's unknown if he'll ever work on a game again. Nishiki is new and upcoming but so far they seem to be doing a good job and after Octopath it'd be nice to see what else they can do.
  12. So I'll have two lists depending on if new or sticking to the same games Stick to the base three games season 2 Awakening: Severa, Inigo, Noire, Morgan? (Focuses more on the children since it'd be focused more on the ruined future, please give us a unique bow moveset) Shadow Dragon: Hardin, Astram, Midia, Wolf (So we can get 1-2 Lance cavaliers, a Unique sword moveset or axe if they go for a longshot, and a unique bow moveset) Fates: Felicia/Jakob, Silas, Charlotte, Reina (again diversity and trying to evenly split between the 2 main paths. Felicia/Jakob for a dagger moveset, Silas so we can get another sword cavalier, Charlotte for axe infantry, and Reina for a unique bow flier build) Second list, other dlc themed packs Elibe (massive pack cause fe 6+7): Eliwood, Hector, Roy, Lilina, Nino, Milady Tellius (another massive pack cause 9+10) Ike, Micaiah, Sothe, Nephenee, Mia, Jill New Mystery: Hardin, Katarina, the rest of the previously mentioned Shadow Dragon pack 2 The maps for each pack I don't really care too much about, but speaking for Marth and his crew it'd be nice for theirs to feature older artwork costumes, I'm talking FE 12 Marth, FE 1 Marth, and maybe even bring in some Cipher original art as costumes. Include classic Celica in there as well For the awakening cast they basically have all their artwork already so maybe new ones, we do have the new Chrom to go off of. For the fates cast I'm at a lost for their costumes, I can think of one being Elise's casual town outfit and Oboro as a Basara but that's it. Maybe as a longshot give them their cipher artwork of alternate classes but keep the movesets.
  13. I have three answers. Nephenee as a Sentinel with the Moonblade Lute as a uber sage with Excalibur Katarina as a sage with Ragnarok Of course as much as I want to see them no they're not happening and were meant kinda as jokes. Legitimately I'd say it's probably Marth's turn next, but to be counter intuitive I'll say Micaiah so we have a Legendary Female Lord (not counting Heroes OC's), though it'll probably end up being a Lyn or Lucina instead.
  14. Making a comment here, in the Future Past Dlc in Awakening, both Morgans appear as bosses and no matter what have black hair, this along with the official artwork is probably what they're going off of.
  15. Like everyone else I want news on FE Switch, I'm expecting something on Metroid Prime 4 (not like I care about Metroid but it's probably going to be a thing), and then I want 1 other thing from the direct, okay 2 things actually. 1. TMS#FE port for switch, and 2. Announcing a Valkyria Chronicles 4 special edition along with english release date for switch. Also if they do talk about hyrule warriors switch I honestly hope they have an import save function from legends just cause I don't want to do everything again just for BOTW costumes.
  16. Agreed, which is why I said it was non-canon and only included it at the bottom for fun I guess. I know it's just a gameplay thing so you don't have to always use a fates royal but maybe in some alternate universe. We can at least agree it makes sense with Robin cause of his bloodline, if Grima is equal to Anankos that is. Again we agree warriors is not canon as it's just a spin-off but as said I brought it up as a fun, not so serious note. Any warriors game character is op, Link is a prime example. Or even Agitha.
  17. Hmmm, in terms of numbers it goes to New Mystery most definitely, Radiant dawn is close as well. Statwise Awakening wins. In terms of story though, Genealogy does overall have more powerful people. The only people who can go against it I'd argue are Ike, maybe Micaiah and Ephraim (only because he got a legendary hero version), The Elibe Trio if a team, Roy purely because of the Binding Blade, the Fates brothers and Corrin, Tiki if she went Feral or something, and Robin if they tapped into Grima's power. I would also say Athos too but I get the feeling the dragons aren't on the same tier as holy blood units. Overall I'd give it to Radiant Dawn with how good most of the units are overall and Ike's power, Micaiah helps too with her power boosting everyone and or Ike but not so good in a 1v1 scenario against Ayra or Seliph. Fates does clock in pretty high as well but while their skills and class diversity help, Radiant Dawn has overall stronger units I feel. I want to say look at Warriors, but all we know that's non-canon so doesn't matter here and Aytolis could just be closely linked to Fates world. Also side note that the Royals aren't the only ones who can use dragon veins. Chrom and Marth can as well and even a normal person like Niles or Navarre or Cordelia can use them as well. So I would say with the holy blood FE4's units could probably do the same thing as the Fates Royals but not know of it.
  18. Oh boy, here comes my team inbalance 1. Cordelia (Falcon Knight) 2. Delthea (Priestess) 3. Katarina (Sage) 4. Norne (Sniper) 5. Mathilda (Paladin/Gold Knight) 6. Nephenee (Sentinel) 7. Severa (Hero) 8. Charlotte (Berserker) 9. Amelia (General) 10 Mia (Swordmaster) 11. L'arachel (Valkyrie) 12. Robin (Grandmaster) 12. Lute (Sage) 13. Lissa (Sage, but focused on healing) 14. Midia (Paladin) 15. Stahl (Paladin) Honorable mentions would be Midori and Astram.
  19. As someone who was initially following it, stopped being interested in it for years, and has gained some interest in it over the past few months I'd say it honestly is overlooked. I wouldn't mind a switch port of it so I can play it as it does honestly look like a fun game to play.
  20. So I'd say what keeps me involved in a game is the enjoyment factor. The most recent one I can think of is Xenoblade 2. I've played it consistently until beating it and was still active playing it often until I defeated every superboss. I stilled played it some afterwards to make some progress on completion and prepare for the update. Besides this what keeps me involved is the story, and to a minor extent gameplay. (If the gameplay sucks or I hit a wall or a tedious section I tend to stop playing). I usually play through a game for the story until the ending. Graphics usually don't bother me but I often find older graphics usually mean a slower and more tedious gameplay experience. Music is a minor addition to the experience and often just addsmore to the experience.
  21. The most common excuse I've heard is overprotective father. Also in Binding Blade Roy is just 14-16 so Hector doesn't see him as a man nor worthy enough to be with his daughter. Then Hector just gives Roy control over the Lycian League which could be a metaphor for Hector's acceptance of Roy.
  22. I guess another tip from an average FE fans experience with it, don't focus all your levels on 1-3 units like I did, that made it really hard come endgame. Also t should be noted that gaiden chapters aka paralogues in this game require a certain unit count in your amy, basically to access the gaiden chapters you have to kill off units. The first example is you lose one unit in the prologues, I'm not referring to an scripted event btw, so you lose one unit besides whatever scripting to get this character. I know this gaiden requirements honestly are terrible and I never let anyone die cause that's how I play FE.
  23. I'd definitely say Grima for their expanded lore. The only other one I can think of is Female Corrin in warriors.
  24. I wasn't fully sure on how they were unlocked but makes sense. Well thanks for the link and confirmation on stuff, I myself have no use for it as I already beat FE12 but others can use it. I have never heard of spoofing the internet connection and doubt I could do it so Shadow Dragon will remain basic for me.
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