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  1. @Benishigure Thanks I got 'em :D
  2. I've got some skills up on them. I'm afraid I don't have much for Xander (Sol). Siegbert: Astra, Dragon Fang, Sol, Quixotic, Renewal Dwyer: Dragon Ward, Trample, Vantage, Lifetaker, Aegis Would help if you could specify what you want/don't want :D I can help you with Oboro. They're up right now. Seize right. Wondering if anyone has: Skills for Hisame, Niles, Flora, Kana (F) Aptitude for Kaden, Leo, Beruka, Shigure, Orochi, Ignatius
  3. I have him up with strength and defense for you!
  4. Just got them! Thanks a bunch!
  5. Thank you so very much! I've just got them.
  6. No worries! I remember playing FE Awakening and having no idea that there were children units I could've gotten.
  7. Typically yes, level a unit to 20 before promotion. Once a unit hits 20 in an advanced class, you'll have to use something called an Eternal Seal that will increase the unit's level cap by 5. People re-class units at the advanced class. For example, I have Master Ninja Kaze at level 5 for Lethality. I can then use a heart seal to re-class Kaze into a Swordmaster and he'll still be at level 5. But when he hits level 6, he'll get the first skill from Samurai, Duelist's Blow, and I think Astra, which is the level 5 Swordmaster skill. When he hits level 7, he'll gain Vantage, the Samurai level 10 skill. But skill collecting/farming is easier now with MyCastle. You can initiate a battle in another player's castle without a handicap. And if you manage to seize the throne, you can learn skills that the player had on their units. E.g. They have aptitude on Felicia and seizing their throne allows you to buy Aptitude for your own Felicia unit.
  8. Each unit has its primary class that it starts out with and a secondary class that you can heart seal to switch to. For example, Kaze starts out as a Ninja when you recruit him and using a heart seal on him will let you re-class him into his secondary class, which is Samurai. Each primary class can be promoted to an advanced class using the master seal. For example, when Kaze hits level 20, using a master seal on him will allow you to promote him to Master Ninja or Mechanist. You can use a heart seal on a promoted unit as well!
  9. To clarify, re-classing uses the Heart seal so you don't lose any levels. Master seals promote your unit to an advanced class and will reset your level to 1.
  10. Would anyone happen to have: Keaton with Astra Kaze with Lancefaire Forrest with Astra Aptitude for child units except Hisame, Midori & Asugi Felicia with Tomefaire Niles with Rend Heaven Beruka or Benny with Astra Leo with Shurikenbreaker Would be much appreciated! I have some skills on MyCastle that I've collected as well.
  11. Ah I was hoping that I could. Thanks for your help ^^
  12. Would anyone know what happens if I used a heart seal on a recruited child unit and then used the offspring seal that came with him/her?
  13. Yep that's what I used! I just wanted opinions on the pairings I've ended up with. I'll definitely try those pairings in another run!
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