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  1. Mine arrived too - simply splendid prizes. Thank you so much again to all the staff and participants for everything about this amazing contest! I will always hold it close in my heart. See you all next time!
  2. Sounds like it's been quite a journey to get the conditions all lined up, haha! Thanks again for all the effort put into organising all of this.
  3. ...Pffthahaha. I'd never really considered it like that. All the more evidence that I got swept up in the ~romantic sentiment~ of it all. I definitely intend to enter Write Your Butt Off at some point! There's a ton of less substantial FE ideas floating around in my head, and it would do me good to write something short, sweet and swiftly for the sake of it. Maybe after my upcoming teaching practicum has wrapped up - I'd love to get my hands dirty with you all again soon, especially if it's gonna be a while until the next Scribbles.
  4. MY MAN! You had my vote; the complexity and validity of your attempt was staggering. As an epic poetry enthusiast I gravitated towards it the second I saw it in the entries, and I will be honest from the first line I thought I was completely smoked. I was so blown away by it, and still am, that I fail to see many of the flaws you or other parties have listed beyond character vocabulary choices and mannerisms of speech. Even then, that is a near-insurmountable stylistic difficulty of working with Homeric meter, in ENGLISH no less. I am in awe of your achievement. I am honoured beyond words with the appreciation Dragonson has received here. I honestly did not expect it to place, I thought it unwieldy, overly sentimental and, as has been pointed out, much much MUCH too long. Thus, I am left humbled and filled with thanks for all the love it's gotten. I thank everyone for the most wonderful of competitions, I enjoyed reading all the works I possibly could (Got through about 3/4 of them!) and all the spectacular art and misc. entries - so much talent! I don't think anyone who entered has the right to be too hard on themselves - I've found something to love so far about every single piece I've seen. (Special note to two more of my favourite entries - @starlies, you broke my damned heart. Eliwood and Ninian is my OTP, and your story essentially had me sobbing. You deserve every bit of praise you've gotten and more! @Jotari, the work you put into Hatari Investigations is unbelievably impressive. The variations meant I had fun going through it a good couple of times. You made a real feature out of the form you chose. If you make any more of these, I would be delighted to read them!)
  5. Some of the cornerstones of western literature - Virgil, Dante, Milton, can all technically be counted as fanfiction if you stretch the definition. To be sure, they are based on works of far greater import than our beloved Fire Emblem, but nonetheless, they are derivative and transformative works. But we are not Virgil, or Dante, or Milton (except maybe the guy who did FE7 Epic, for real), so I implore you to focus on what makes you happy about writing. I understand your perfectionism, your frustration. I understand that seeing yourself plateau - even stagnate - must leave you as raw as meat in a butcher's window. But I would implore you to drop the need for perfection, because perfection is rightly unattainable. Just go one piece of writing at a time. "What do I need to focus on with this one." Experiment with genre, experiment with form. Write things you swore you wouldn't six months ago. And, most of all, cherish your ideas. You say there is no point in nurturing them, I say that is the single most important point. Without a spark, there can be no story. Also, one-shot or not, Elincia is perhaps my favourite FE character, or is at least very close - if you were to write a companion piece featuring her, I'm sure it would be devilishly interesting. I certainly know that I would be delighted to read it and I'm sure many here would also. It's important to always be looking forward to the next story, and I hope we see one from you.
  6. I'm not gonna lie, man. I rather enjoyed A Greater Cause. I think you did a fine job of examining the kind of principles that drive the Lucia we came to know. I understand frustrations with developing the technique of it all! The line between style and substance vexes me continually. But at the very least, the strength of your ideas begs you to continue. I think it is much too worthy a story for you to quit on! If you must step back, then please keep writing, even if only for limited audiences who'll give you hard feedback and identify areas of concern. That way, if/when you do decide to put your work up again, you'll come out on the other side so much better for it.
  7. Oh man! I have so busy I've been unable to get time to post. Here at the eleventh hour, I want to express how much a great pleasure it's been reading and discussing all these amazing works with you all. You truly are an amazing community I'm so happy to be a part of - and the breadth of talent on display here is breathtaking. Thank so much to @Tangerine and the other staff for giving us such an amazing gathering to give life to our creative passions. Good luck to everyone in the final stages of voting! Oh man. You do me such love with your words, I thank you so kindly. Your feedback gives me so much joy! The sulphur thing, I imagined as the taste of just bad magic reptile breath, haha. I probably should have chosen something with less fire connotations, but I found it appropriately repulsive. I'm always trying to clean up my writing and reduce clutter, so your insight is so much appreciate. I'm just really glad you enjoyed the story!
  8. Thank you so much for your very honest feedback! I must admit that you've touched upon several aspects of my work that I myself worry about. My language, as you've pointed out, is flowery to the point of romantic, and while I try to tone it down in original writing, when it comes to writing this kind of story I always allow myself to get hopelessly lost in the sentiment of it all. My work then inevitably becomes excessive in its length, tone, and language (my other big FE story is 41k words long!), and restraint becomes something I need to exercise more of. In all those cameos, all those scenes which seem unnecessary, I simply wanted to illustrate very clearly how this world feels, since FE6 left the actual details of postwar Lycia a near-total mystery. Admittedly, it is a creative indulgence I should probably have kept to a minimum. You're right also in that I do need to better work on justifying changes in perspective and clarity of characterisation - I thought I had both locked down for this one, but I'm welcome to having flaws highlighted. Trust me, as someone who works in theatre I understand the benefits of a 90-minute show with no fluff as opposed to a three-hour affair with two intervals! I simply enjoyed telling the story a bit too much to let it go. You have given me much to think about, and I thank you sincerely for taking the time to go through it all - I hope it did give you some measure of enjoyment! Truly, much love.
  9. Ah! I was unable to check this for a few days while on teaching practicum and come back to all this magnificent activity! I want to thank all the admins and staff for getting the gallery up despite all the difficulties. So many magnificent entries! We truly are spoiled for choice in terms of talent and dedication. Specifically, I am awestruck at the FE7 Epic and Too Much Not Enough. They are just spectacular, and if you were to ask me right now my vote is going to one of them. Still nowhere near done going through them all, though! I would love to thank @False Prophet, @Sunwoo and @Wist for their very kind words on Dragonson. I know it was a lot to get through and I want to thank you so much for sticking with it. I'm really glad you liked it - truth be told, I was really nervous about submitting it but now I'm happy I did. You honour me with your words! I'm going to go through all the visual entries next while working my way through the fics - I'm so excited to see this through!
  10. I just pulled Minerva today when I lacked the self-control to build my orbs. I really hope they add more opportunities for free orbs when they add the Jugrdal/Magvel pairs, I'm slowly running out of Lunatic maps!
  11. Thank you for confirming. Very excited to see where this goes!
  12. Hello everyone, I submitted my work a while back but I only just now have had a chance to start really taking part in the community. I just want to say I'm thrilled to be a part of the contest, also - everything I'm seeing here indicates an extraordinary community!
  13. So, do we know if there has been any kind of confirmation as whether Gaiden falls under red support or not? Very excited no matter what, but my Cipher binder is an heavily regimented thing and I'm chomping at the bit to know!
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