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  1. 'Well Caster, I've been an Enforcer for well over a decade now and this is still in the top 3 most bizarre situations I've ever been in.' Alastor mused over their mental link. 'We've got a Master that looks so out of place in this war it's not even funny and what has to be either an abomination to human evolution or a decent actor.' 'Still' Caster responds back, 'We can't take that risk incase that man is just a civilian.' 'Hm, wait they're asking about her Master shit! Michael is too far hope you got an idea lass.' Saber of course, figured that one of the two had to have been the master of the servant several feet away, of whom she suspects is Berserker. The man with the blue hair, and red tinted glasses of course gave it away, his reasoning being that he wanted to capture monsters. Saber had no idea what kinda monsters he would capture. She assumed it was a phone game, since the modern age shouldn't have evil spirits become so prominent like the guǐ pó or the jiangshi in her age. Nonetheless, Saber had to address the woman in front of her, who was of course the Master. It seemed that she wanted to meet her own master, so Saber thought of a strange idea. "Oh yes, my master, he is around, give me one moment." Saber walked back a bit, and took the phone clipped on the collar of her robe. She talked into it, hoping the other three will listen. "Hey Alastor dear, could you come down here? The girl wants to talk to my master." Saber spoke into the phone, awaiting a response. "Wait, what?" Michael asked back. "What are you doing?" Saber quickly responded "I told you, she wants to talk to you Alastor, my Master." 'My god, I don't know if I want to ring her neck or shake her hand. Caster looks like the plan is FUBAR go make a bounded field incase anymore Masters come near. I'd rather we not get caught with our pants down. When thats done go help Michael keep watch, and send these Elementals to guard the kid looks like I have my chance to get close after all.' Alastor relays to the Servant of Spells. 'Of course, but do be careful Master I've got a bad feeling about this.' Caster warns. "Oh so she wants to meet face to face eh? Well I've never been one to keep a lady waiting. I'll be right over." Alastor says, hoping Michael takes the hint. "I don't know about this Saber." Michael says to the phone. Saber answers back "Don't worry about it Alastor. It will turn out just fine." She then reclips the phone on her robe and walks back to woman in front of her. "Well, he is coming. Before he arrives, we should do something about him." Saber looks at the blue haired man. "Any way we can make him forget about all this, and get him far away from here?" Saber asks the blonde haired girl.
  2. Miyama, 2:55 (Saber/Caster Group) "Alright we should be arriving to the signatures in a few more minutes." Caster announces for the passengers to hear. "Before we get there I have to say something." Alastor says while pulling off to the side of the road. "This is your last chance to back out of this. If you have any qualms about teaming up I'll let you out right now. Let's be honest we're about to paint some huge targets on our backs if they get away." Saber stares out the window, looking at the sky still dark due to some strange weather, with Ilya still resting on her lap. At least, that was the reason she thought most bystanders would believe. She knew that whatever the reason, it had something do with this Holy Grail War. She hears Caster speak, signaling to her that whoever they were approaching, they were getting close. She looks at her Master, wondering what his response would be. What she saw was a man still staring intently in front of him, his head pensively resting on his hands. 'It's kinda irritating how similar my Master is to him. It's a cruel joke.' Michael responds to the servant sitting in the front passenger seat, "It's kinda late to ask that question, we got a battle to win." He looks out forward. "I am assuming our enemy can detect us in some way?" Unbidden a small smirk makes it's way across Alastor face. "I had a feeling you'd say that. Yeah once we get close enough they'll be able to detect us. If it's through some spell or their servants doesn't matter ." Here Alastor pulls back on the road "We should come up with a plan for when we get there. So what have you got in your bag of tricks soldier?" Michael knows that he doesn't possess much in terms in weaponry. His only idea was to get kinda close to get a decent shot in battle. After all civilians...well civilians not involved in a normal war would be involved, so he couldn't provide the traditional cover fire from range with his assault rifle. "You need to get me to a nearby neighborhood, I can take a vantage location there to provide covering fire. The goal for me and you.." Michael points at Alastor, "Is to take out the Masters that may be involved. I need you to draw out those Masters in the open so that I can get some clear shots at our enemy." Saber of course interrupts "I assume you want Caster and me to take on whatever servant or servants they may have." Michael responds "Yes, you first, from what I understand, Casters and Archers prefer fighting at range. You take them head on, Caster should back you up." He then thinks a bit more. "Alastor, is the location we are heading to have any distinguishable landmarks, or has a location you are familiar with?" Alastor nods before replying "Last I checked on a map there are a few buildings in the area that you can use. The main problem is it looks like we're getting close to the old Tohsaka Manor and the Matou Building. Normally it wouldn't matter much but I have a feeling I wasn't the only one to set-up shop in one of the founding family's houses. So we could be knocking on their front door. Be ready for anything." Michael nods "That manor may be where they are holed up in." He looks down on his phone to check the map. "We are getting close, stop here." "Alright sure. This spot fine?" Alastor questions as the car slows to a stop near some houses. "Yeah, it's fine, see that house with the brown roof. I am gonna climb up on that." He walks out the car, still carrying all the weapons. Before he begins to climb over the fence and then climb onto the roof he asks "I may need someone to be my spotter, or at least protect me in case I get snuck up on? Any volunteers?" He looks back at his servant and his two other allies. "I believe I can help with that." Caster says summoning a large mass of earth and a controlled gale from two large crystal clusters. "These are my Elementals. The earth elemental as you can guess excels at absorbing damage. The wind elemental on the other hand can remain more easily hidden and control the wind to attack at range. I'll be helping with long range support closer to the fight." Caster looks at Michael his face stern. "They can hold against Servants for a short time but if it comes down to it send a signal and we'll get out of there as quick as possible." Saber, impressed by Caster's summon says "That's a cool trick Caster! Isn't it Michael?" Michael nods and merely gives orders. "I need one of those wind elementals guarding the car. Ilya is gonna be inside, I don't want her involved in our battle. Hence, the car should stay here. After that, I will need 2 wind elementals, one at the base of this building and the other on top with me. The one at the bottom will be there in case the owners of the house get in the back. That way, I can have it warn me of their presence. Lastly, Caster you will go up another rooftop to get a vantage at the Tohsaka Manor." He looks towards his ally Alastor. "You will have to fight those Masters after Saber goes up to meet them first. We can have earth elementals attack at the front, while you take the long way to flank to the side, or you can go head on with the elementals in tow. It's your call." Saber then replies "So that means I am the opening act? Aww, I thought the best are always for last." Michael, deciding to compliment his servant this time around says "Well, I think its time we change the formula bit. Start with our strongest act first, what do ya say?" Saber smiles "Okie dokie Master. I will definitely leave them breathless." Michael then says "Before you start, let's wait on what Alastor will say." Caster shakes his head "I'm sorry but I only have the two wind elementals at the moment. I'm afraid it takes me a long time to create my Elementals. I'll leave my earth elemental to guard the car and leave you the 2 wind. I'll have to send my fire and water to assist in the frontal assault." Michael nods "I guess that will do. Saber, carry me up to the building. It will be quicker that way. Plus, I can signal to you when you need to go in." Saber responds surprised "I always assumed you hated that." Michael then says "I do." He looks to Caster. "I assume the wind types will follow me?" "For as long as I order them yes, but don't expect anything too complex. They may be powerful but that doesn't mean they're completely autonomous." Caster warns. "Will they listen to me or Alastor?" asks Michael. Saber, getting kinda bored says, "Come on! We got a battle to fight!" Michael says "Wait Saber. Will they?" "Yes they'll listen but remember if I'm not around only use simple commands." Caster says. "Well there you have it we set to go?" Alastor asks. "Ok, and your plan Alastor? You charging straight in, or gonna have the fire and water elementals be distractions while you take the long way around and flank?" Michael asks his ally before beginning the plan. "Oh that's easy." Alastor says putting on a pair of gloves. "I'm heading in with them. My skill set doesn't lend to subtlety and this way Saber and the elementals can keep their servants distracted while I attack the masters." "Well, that is that. One more thing, we should communicate with our phones and keep them on speaker. I would silence our ringtones currently in case our opponents are nearby when I call." Michael calls Alastor, immediately getting a response. "Okay, let's begin." He turns to Saber to have him jump up the nearest building. Once up top, he has then commands one of the two wind elementals to go stay on the bottom, leaving the other on top. Both Master and Servant stay prone in case their opponents could possibly see them. "Alastor, I will have Saber enter the call as well, so we can listen in on her conversation with our enemies. It will be up to you when you want to start charging in, then I can provide covering fire." Michael says to his phone, with Alastor on the other end. He then looks to Saber, "Don't have your phone on speaker, and be ready at all times." Saber nods "Of course I will be ready, what do ya take me for?" Both of them peer over, seeing a few trees and the back of the Tohsaka mansion. After a few seconds of searching, they spot three figures, one of them vastly larger than the other 2. Saber, seeing her opportunity, and maintaining her memory of their last location, slashes her sword in an empty space and walks through, coming out of another portal in front of the mansion, and begins talking to the 3 strangers. "Hi, I know its weird I just showed up in front of ya through a portal and all, but I was wondering if one of you 3 happened to be responsible for the big zoo we have in the city?" Michael hearing Saber's words, face palmed while peering slightly over with his assault rifle. "She went to have a talk rather than just attack? Goddammit Saber." Still, he was curious whether these new found enemies would admit to committing this strange attack on the city. Of course, this battle, and the next immediate action, from either himself, Alastor, or their foes, would determine the direction of how this Holy Grail War would surely follow. 'Master did she really just walk up to them and ask that?' Caster asks Alastor from his rooftop truly puzzled. Alastor can only pinch the bridge of his nose and sigh before responding 'Yeah she did. Stick to the plan and keep an eye out we don't want any surprises.'
  3. Mount Miyama Shopping District, January 20th, 2020 Caster Camp. 2:27 A.M. "Thank you for your time ma'am if you recall anything no matter how small contact this number."Alastor recites the phrase with a practiced ease. Jotting something down in his pocket sized notebook before handing her a card. "Oh it's no problem at all sir I'll let you know if I remember anything." The speaker an average looking house wife named Tsume replies before he turns the corner to take his leave. 'Two Weeks.' Alastor mused, 'I've been here chasing leads for two weeks and no matter what all I get is more questions. Hell most of the masters were kids as opposed to adults like the reports imply. It's almost like somebody doesn't want the events of the last war to come to light'. "Shit! None of this makes sense." Alastor whispers under his breathe the chill in the night air causing his truck's window to fog up. His thoughts however were interrupted as a roar breaks through the silence of the night followed by high pitched scream. "Damn it what now!?" He rushes back only for his blood to turn to ice. There in the middle of the street a figure with golden fur and compact muscles was towering over the figure of a fallen woman. The woman he talked to not 5 minutes prior her apparel dyed crimson in her blood. Letting his training take over he upon closer inspection of the area notices the woman was thankfully the only victim of the animal frenzy most avoiding the districts at night do to his blunder two weeks prior. However, this didn't mean the lion was alone as overhead a menagerie of exotic birds were acting more akin to hawks hunting prey while a hulking brune of a bear was slowly breaking down the barricaded door of a chinese restaurant down the street. "Caster clip the wings of those birds then deal with the bear. I'll deal with Mufasa " Alastor commands the servant of spells as he materializes. he felt his face set in a snarl of rage remembering a night long past. "Very well the less chance of someone getting hurt the better. O' Wind!" Caster intones sending a controlled gale to break the wings of the avian swarm. As expected this attracts the attention of both murderous predators both letting loose earth shattering howls as they take off at speeds usually unobtainable to their species. However before both beasts could close the distance "O' Earth!" the bear was incased in a prison of earth . As for the lion... "Ehwaz! Uruz! Raidho!" Alastor shouts before taking off at breakneck speeds his body feeling a familiar flood of strength with each successive rune. He tackles the great beast sending it skidding back even as his strike meets an unexpected resistance. Looking at his opponent he see a faint light surrounding it a telling sign to his eyes. "Caster these animals are being enhanced finish this quickly!" Alastor announces as the lion having shaken of the blow charges at him as it's claws tearing through the suit despite the fabrics enhanced defensive qualities. 'Shit if those claws get me I'm screwed time to get serious' "Ansuz! " Meanwhile not wanting to risk the bear breaking through it's concrete prison Caster decides to finish his fight before it truly starts "O' Earth" a stone spear thrusts through the bears heart the light leaving it's eyes as it's goes still blood pooling out the bottom of its prison. The lion sensing a change in his opponent snarls as it takes a second lunge. Alastor however with his strength and speed amplified even further manages to shatter it's defences alongside one of it's front legs with a kick. As the lion stumbles in its charge he delivers an elbow strike to its head sending the fangs flying out of the jaws of the beast. Leaving the beast no chance to recover Alastor scrambles onto the back of the animal intent on strangling it. It thrashes around in vain as finally the feral lion's body goes limp. As Alastor walks away, hiding a wince as the runes are deactivated, the body erupts into dust disappearing once more from whence it came. 'Judging by the fact the corpse is gone the lion must have been summoned by a servant the best guess being the Rider of this war.Why have it attack innocent people though? Was this just to draw out the other masters or to send a message of what's to come?' Alastor muses. "Caster," he calls getting his servants attention. "Have the two butlers drag the bear back to the mansion tell them to keep it cold I'll skin it when we get back." Suddenly his phone goes off looking at the ID he releases a sigh, "Now let's go something tells me this is gonna be a long night."
  4. Fuyuki Church 'Alright Master just a few more jewels to go then I'll leave post haste.' Caster thought relief felt through the link shared between himself and Alastor. As Caster went about this final task if one looked close enough you could see the faintest silver glow from under his robe. 'Good job Caster but hurry. Helmut likely had a bounded field set up to alert him if the church was invaded. We don't know if your water shield will hold long enough against a Noble Phantasm to use Macro Cosmos. Personally I don't want to find out either.' 'Understood Master' Caster thought as he placed one last jewel this one different than it's fellows were instead of the crimson hue of the others this was a deep blue as azure as the sky. It was placed to feed pure oxygen to the flames when burst to ensure nothing of the structure remained. Suddenly a crash came through the stained windows of the church as he suddenly felt a sharp impact against the silver hue outlining him. His shield quickly shatters but does it's job to slow it's impact however it becomes clear it's job was never meant to kill. As soon as the arrow pierces his body he realizes he's swiftly losing all control of his body. Thankfully he still had enough strength to at least further defend himself and enough focus to call forth his strongest defence. "O’ Heavenly Stars, Macro Cosmos " Caster intoned desperation and weakness clear in his usually calm voice just barley holding back the numbness long enough to recite his aria as four more arrows fly through the church. As Caster let's out a stuttered breath he feels the four thankfully much weaker impacts against his defense. As they falter against his barrier he finally acknowledges the voice in his thoughts 'Alastor'' his mind supplies he hastely opens up their shared mental link. 'Caster what happened I suddenly felt a huge pull of mana on my end and suddenly the link was cut!' Alastor's thoughts showing his concern. 'It seems Archer was protecting the church I've been hit by what can only be his Noble Phantasm I might have Macro Cosmos up but I can't move my body' Caster answers. 'Damn it if you can't move screw subtly and make this place to blow up like a Michael Bay movie.' Alastor says as he activates a rune "Ansuz" he utters back at the manse increasing his circuit output to feed more energy to Caster. 'Keep your Macro Cosmos up take as long as you can. I'm not risking anything so I'm using a command seal hopefully they'll believe your dead so we can come up with a better plan.' "Caster by the power of this Command Seal return to my side after you destroy the Church" 'Understood Master ' Caster answers relief felt as he slowly starts to dissappear.Caster determined to at least finish his mission levitates an Ether jewel intent on using it to set off the others. As it crashes against the wall he quickly damages part of his cloak and telepathically pushes it out of the barrier. As a thunderous percussion started to overtake the chuch he lets one last thought echo in his mind before he finally disappears. 'When next we meet Archer I'll show you who the real master of long range combat is'
  5. Einzbern Mansion, Night 'Well that could have gone better' Alastor thought as he pulled back into the driveway. 'Still at least he's willing to work together albeit temporarily but man that Saber just had to start that bar fight.' At this he can't help but grimace as he thought of that disaster. 'Still time to check that camera footage I hypnotized the guard at city hall for. With this traffic cam footage I may just find the location of an enemy master.' "Hey Caster have those homunculi patrol the grounds let's see just how many really thought their plans through" As they sat down at the living room he inserted the disk into the PS4 Alastor just had bring with him. "Alright let's see nothing yet let's fastfoward a bit and... oh someone is at the church, an Audi really boy I wonder who that could be?" Alastor snarks 'Stupid nobles choose something that cheaper and I might overlook it' "Looks like it's Helmut. Alright let's switch cameras There's us at the shopping district and oh Michael as well must have just missed each other. Let's see nothing on Velvet but I expected nothing less. Nothing nothing fastfoward a little and wait god damn it... Caster what the hell did I just see?!" Alastor stares dumbfounded at the events he just saw after all it's not everyday you see two Servants attack each other in a crowded area. " I'm just as at a loss as you isn't this supposed to be a secret tournament?" Caster asks his face showing his worry for the civilians caught in the crossfire. "Wait I know that spear but it can't be. No hell no that's impossible she has no recorded death and that sure as hell wasn't my sister's Lancer!" Alastor completely loses his composer as it dawns on him who Lancer is. "Damn it! How the hell are we going to fight her she trained Irish Hercules for fucks sake!" "Alastor get a hold of yourself!" Caster shouts as a sound reverberates through the room Alastor holds his face a red mark slowly forming. "Thanks Caster I needed that now let's finish watching this." As the tape wraps up a moment of silence falls between the two as the soak up just what they witnessed. "Well we have a hell of a time ahead of us. Of course since the tape has no audio all we have to go on for Archer's identity is how he escaped the fight and those arrows. Let's take the rest of the night to rest and prepare for tomorrow I have an idea on how to turn this to our advantage." As Alastor makes his way upstairs he turns around. "Feel free to watch Netflix or Crunchy Roll if you want to. You should know how to work it the Grail did fill you in on modern technology after all." As Alastor heads to bed Caster sees a show that catches his interest. 'What's this about?' The Next Morning 'What the hell?' Was the first thought Alastor saw when he saw Caster still watching something on the television the screen showing a short teen with a mechanical arm and red coat talking to a suit of armor with red eyes. "Caster are you watching what I think your watching." Caster remains unresponsive as he walks closer "Caster you okay man your freaking me out here?" Finally Caster answers in a drone "Alastor why?" Alastor replies with reluctance "Why what?" Finally a look of joy appears on Caster's face "Why didn't you tell me the Japanese were so great at storytelling! The action, the tension and it's creative use of Alchemy as a whole. I have so many ideas I want to replicate and with my skills I can't wait to see what comes out!" 'Oh God what have I unleashed on this world.' Alastor can't help but feel pity for those he has to face. 'An otaku with a high rank in Item Creation what have I done.' "Caster as happy as I am to see you have a new hobby I think we need to get down to business. Now here's what we're gonna do." Fuyuki church, Present time Caster makes his way up the the church proper as the instructions of this approach echo through his head 'Found you' As said the priest makes his rounds Caster applies magic to manipulate him. "Your going to close the church early and head to lunch" As the priest walks away a glazed look in his eye Caster sets his sights on the building proper. "First your gonna get the shepard away from his field no use harming the poor man." As he walks in the building Caster starts feeling a sensation as he lays small stones in the four corners of the room "Then your going to set these runestones I carved last night to set a bounded field that alerts me when someone walks through the door with active circuits. Save the last stone for when you leave we don't need you to set them off" Caster begins huming a now familiar tune to himself as he placed a few jewels around the room the each one emitting a dull crimson glow. "Finally your going to leave a few little gifts behind for our poor lord when I give the clear release the spells stored in those jewels and he'll have an experience he won't soon forget." Einzbern Mansion earlier "But Master how will we know when he leaves to repair the damages? For that matter how will we know he will oversee it in the first place?" Caster asks the perceived flaw in his plan. "Simple my friend I've called in a few favors from some of the people on cleanup duty sometimes it pays to have the respect of the fellow working men they won't let me know his exact location but they did inform me that he was coming himself. With a few other hands greased they'll let me know when he arrives in the Shinto area" Einzbern Mansion, Outskirts of Fuyuki (flashback) "Alright thanks for telling me Jonathan I owe you one" Alastor says to one of the men in the city. "No problem this is me just paying you back for saving my ass in Brazil good luck Alastor and godspeed" a man replies before he hangs up. "Caster let the operation begin."
  6. Copenhagen The sky begins to darken as both a man and a woman walk towards the front of a nearby cafe, its title in neon lights illustrating Copenhagen. “This seems to be the place.” said the woman in the tight blue shirt quite excitedly. “I always did want to try out the alcohol of this time period”. “You need to calm down Saber. I don’t need someone as powerful as you go on some drunken stupor” said the man next to her wearing the black leather coat. “We’re here for some important business. After all, we may get into a fight depending on how things go down.” The woman named Saber replies “Oh I so look forward to it! I wonder how the servants of the other time periods fight.” She clenches her fists in anticipation. “Oh, this is making me pumped!” Other customers sitting outside under the umbrellas start looking at the woman would slight concern in their faces. The man then whispers to the girl “You're kinda making a scene here. We need to head inside quickly.” “Oh right!” said Saber, and she quickly pushed the door right in front of her, entering the old-fashioned cafe. Customers seemed strewn about, sitting at the various tables. Many were simply drinking coffee. The customers by the booth near the servers of course we're drinking hard liquor to quench their thirst. Several of the male customers, mostly the drunk ones, were staring at the new girl entering inside, obviously pleased with her appearance and at the fact that a beautiful woman had entered the bar. The man seemed visibly irked. He knows for sure that whether Saber intended to or not, she has made herself the center of attention in this bar. The exact opposite of what he wanted as he was looking for the other master who messaged him to come here. Saber began attracting far too much attention from several of the male patrons in this cafe. It left her master slightly perturbed, but he nonetheless began looking around for anyone in the bar who fit the description of any the masters in the profiles created during his recon. He finally ended up spotting a man at one of the tables that fit the description of a master named Alastor Fraga McRemitz. Of course, he couldn't fully remember all the features of Alastor until he started waving him over. (Shit he spotted me) thought Michael. He began taking in a deep breath, and walked up to the man, his hand on his Remington in case things turned deadly. As the seventh hour drew closer in the pub you can see two men sitting in the corner of the bar both with a apprehensive expression on the their faces as one starts to to cradle a glass of whiskey in his hand he decides to speak. "Caster am I truly making the right call if it's anyone else this could end badly." Alastor remarks a tight frown on his face. "It's too late to back down now Alastor, I can already sense an approaching servant." Caster replied voice calm at delivering the news with numerous escape plans filling his mind. Suddenly the door opens and in walks the subject of their discussion. In walks a woman in a tight blue shirt having attracted the attention most of the fellow occupants in the bar Alastor however instead focuses on the man that walked in with her whose appearance can mistake him as none other than Michael Sagittarius the most overlooked and perhaps deadliest Master in this war. Reluctantly Alastor reaches out to him glove covered hands beckoning them over. As Michael moves closer to the table Alastor can't help but notice the former soldier reach for a subtle bulge in his clothing. 'Good' He thought, 'He at least came to this meeting prepared for a possible ambush however' Alastor reaches out a hand to Michael "Thank you for humoring me Mr. Sagittarius but please relax. As long as this dialog takes place you have my vow that neither I or my servant shall attack you or yours." Michael noticed Alastor's analytical abilities. ‘This guy has quite the mind. I should be wary of him.’ Michael decided to calm down and listen to what the rival master had to say. "Ok, I'll humor you buddy." He begins to sit down on the chair in front of Alastor, with only the table between them maintaining a chest high barrier between the two. "By the way, where is your servant? I think its only fair if we both place all our cards on the table if we want tensions to be on the down low if you understand what I mean." 'Ah not what I had in mind but at least he's willing to hear me out.'Alastor thinks seeing Michael still on guard yet at least visibly less tense. "Do you see that skinny black haired lad at the bar drinking from the tap?" Alastor says as Caster raises his glass in acknowledgement "That is my servant can I assume that the energetic looking lass with you is yours?" Michael begins staring at the tap and notices a dark-haired individual wearing a white hoodie. 'Hmm, didn't think he would just let him walk around like this fully materialzed' was what Michael began thinking. He assumed Caster would be invisible, believing that Alastor would remain far more cautious at this meeting. Michael then started analyzing the events at hand. 'He may have pre-planned this meeting beforehand, wanting to keep it cordial and friendly, and in turn didn't want to risk antagonizing me in the process. Otherwise, he would have had Caster invisible this whole time.' Michael then of course heard Alastor take mention of Saber, who was taking all the attention in stride, happily accepting the beers from the men wo were willingly buying for her. Michael then sighs "Yeah...that's her" As Alastor watches Michael gaze upon Caster he takes the time to observe who he can now confirm as Saber and can't help but let out a chuckle. "Looks like ya have your hands full with that lass." Then Alastor's face goes serious all traces of humor forgotten. "Alright now that the formalities are out of the way I'm sure you have a few questions on why I called you here. I'll answer what I can and then I'll get to the purpose of this meeting." Alastor allowed for Michael to ask any questions to his own liking. With this opportunity in mind, Michael decided to get this topic quickly off his chest. "How were you able to track us down in the first place? Saber and I had our theories, but I first would like to get that confirmed right away." Michael began placing his arms on the table as he was sitting down, one of them in the shape of the fist, which further exemplified his seriousness in the conversation at hand when paired with his furrowed facial expression. "Second, I haven't confirmed why this whole war thing started in the first place? What is its purpose? It ultimately doesn't matter to me, but I do feel the need to know why this thing can provide a wish at all, and why we all have to kill each other with these heroic spirits in the first place?" Having expected these questions when he got here Alastor was quick to respond. "All magi are able to detect Mana use in the air some are more sensitive than other's and all ways of detection are linked to the 5 senses. I trained myself to detect the smallest amount possible and my sense is linked to my sight. I could pick up the small residue left behind." At this Alastor pauses to drink from his glass his throat going dry. “As to why these wars started I haven't the foggiest clue. Many believe it's to reach Akasha, the Root of all existence, it's original purpose was known only to the three founders of this system and they died centuries ago. As for why we kill each other the Grail stores the built-up prana to brute force it's way to the Root to make your wish a reality. Do you really think most people are going to give up a chance to make their dreams come true if all they have to do is kill 6 perfect strangers that are plotting to kill them in return?" Here Alastor looks down as he remembers days long gone. "In all honesty, I have no wish in this war I'd rather make my path my way and not rely on a wish like my sister so foolishly tried. Anything else?" Michael began thinking upon this answer to his second question. 'The root of all existence huh. Eh, whatever, it doesn't matter to me in the long run.' After this thought, Michael tries to then respond to Alastor when suddenly he sees Saber walk right up to the table with a couple of drinks in her hand. "Oh, there you are Ma-Michael, I was looking for you everywhere. Got you some drinks thanks to those nice gentlemen over there." The men behind her were swooning, practically having imaginary hearts in their eyes as they gazed at Saber. She then glanced at the man across from her master. "Ooh, who's your handsome friend here Mike?" She then knocks Michael aside with her hips to get room to sit on the chair. "Tch" Michael gasped as he slid across the bench due to Saber's impact. "Are you that guy who wrote us that message? Boy, that was embarrassing to get caught like that." She begins to take sip from her drink, and slides over her second drink in her hand to Michael. "Oh, is your servant gonna sit over here. I haven't met another one like me before!" She said quite excited at this prospect, even though this chance encounter could lead to an enormous amount of danger. She points straight towards the tap at the man in the white sweater. "Hey, you over there, come here!" Michael surprised that Saber noticed Caster so quickly realized that she is far more aware of her surroundings than she lets on. 'Is this whole ditzy thing just an act?' Nonetheless, he shakes the thought out of his head and decides to let Alastor answer Saber's question at this moment in time. ‘Nice try lass but I've gone through enough to see when someone trying to throw me off guard.’ (Caster get over here Saber already knows it's you.)(Right away) "While I appreciate the compliment I think it's time for one last question then I'll tell you why I asked you here unless you ran out of them?" Alastor inquires. Saber, calmly listening to Alastor's words responded "Oh I was only stating what was on my mind. I didn't plan to seduce you so easily by merely complimenting you." She lays back on her chair, taking in another sip of her drink. "Besides, I have plenty admirers as it is." She then faces towards the many men fawning over her, with some walking towards the very table that they were all sitting at. Several men, about 8 to 10 of them to be exact started crowding around the table, with one of the taller, more muscular men coming forward to speak with Saber. "My, my miss, you sure you want to hang with these boys? Why not come be with a real man?" Saber decided to tease with the beguiled man, all for the sake of her own hidden agenda. Deciding to act coy and shy she then replies "Oh my such forwardness. I would love to go with you, but I'm currently with my boyfriend right now you see. It wouldn't be right to leave him under such circumstances.” The foul man, decided to take extra actions to prove his manliness towards Saber, and immediately grabbed Michael by the collar, pulling him over the table. He then throws Michael towards the wall opposite the table and attempts to pin him there. "Argh" was the noise coming from Michael's mouth as he felt his chest being pushed against by the burly man in front of him. The foul man then spoke "I'm sure this little white boy won't mind if we have fun with his girl will he?" Michael then looked at Saber past the aggressor's face. He saw that she was quietly snickering in the background before mouthing to Michael "Good luck" 'She planned this didn't she. But why?' He glared at her with enormous ferocity, while also noticing some of the other men trying to pick a fight with Alastor as well. He looked back at the man pushing him against the wall, and noticed that he was about to punch Michael straight in the face. "That's it!" said Michael as he quickly blocked the punch coming from the man's left hand with Michael's own right, and then swiftly lifted both of his own hands and with his open palms smacked against the ears of the bald Japanese man’s head. With the muscular man's balance thrown off, Michael then immediately followed up with a swinging right kick towards the man's chest, throwing him towards the rest of the patrons standing up to fight. With the body of the muscular man being knocked into one of the standing patrons, another tried to have his hand at punching at Michael, only to fail miserably as the attacker's right hand was blocked Michael's own right, followed by a quick elbow to the attacker's head, also knocking him down with the first aggressor. Michael then quickly jumped away from the rest of the fighters, keeping his hands up and preparing any options for the fight ahead. He looked quickly at Saber, relaxing at her chair and sipping her drink, as if readying herself to enjoy a big fight while chatting it up with Caster. He also saw Alastor in a bit of a scuffle himself with the rest of the patrons. At least he had some help. There would be no way he could take on so many men by himself without using some magic. It would have to be subtly used of course. 'One mind gate should do the trick. It would allow me to have double the thinking power to better counter my many opponents' Michael thought soon before he opened the gate within his brain. With a new gate open, he would now have two minds rather than one calculating possible battle scenarios in his head. He looked forward at his opponents and began yelling towards the direction of Alastor "Looks like we'll have to talk later! We have a mess we gotta clean up first!" 'That cheeky lass how did she know I was homesick' Alastor thought as a feral smile made its way to his face. "Aye time to show these punks what happens when you challenge an Irishman to a bar fight!" He said as the next unfortunate soul came at him with a barstool Alastor promptly ducked under the blow and delivered a punch to the ear disorienting the man long enough to drop it and Alastor to throw him into the next. "Hey, watch that people pay for those ya know." Just then he felt something shatter across his back only to look another drunken patron in the eye. “That better not have been my whiskey I was still drinking that." He quickly grabs the man and headbutts him then tosses him into another with a broken bottle. As Alastor looks at what once was his table he gets more enraged. "Damn it you Bastards haven't you learned never waste Alcohol! Hey how you holding up over there I'm having a blast!" Michael responds "I'm all right at the moment" while dealing with two men charging straight at him, one with a whiskey bottle of his own and the other with just his fists. He ducks under the whiskey bottle lunged at him by the first attacker with their left hand. Michael then charges at the man with the man holding no weapon at all and launches two quick punches at his gut then his throat right before the attacker could throw any of his own. Then, due to his dual mind gates, he immediately calculated that the man with the whiskey bottle would go for an overhead swing aiming for the top of Michael's head. To counter this, he quickly grabbed the man he just punched and threw him behind him towards the bottle wielder, with the whiskey bottle shattering over the thrown man's head, causing him to slowly lose consciousness. Before the man could fall to the ground however, Michael followed up with a side kick in his gut, launching him into the man behind with the broken bottle, with him knocked out on top of his fellow attacker, his own heavy weight pinning his fellow patron down. 'That's two down' thought Michael, before the first two guys he brought down started standing up. "That's just great!" lamented Michael as he placed his fists up to make sure these first two attackers begin to start staying down. Saber herself sat down enjoying the chaos enveloping before her. She was quite curious why none of them started attacking the servant next to her, but it did give her time to talk to him. "So, judging from your skinny body, I'm assuming you're a Caster right?" she asked. "Well, I hope you’re enjoying the fight so far. Which of our masters do you think will knock the most guys out? I'm hoping mine does quite well." She commented, excited by how these new events were about to play out. As Caster calmly takes a drink he decides to answer. "While I don't mind the show I do believe my Master has the most down so far but we'll just have to see." "Hey, don't any of you little shits know how to have a proper scrap I had tougher fight with my Gran!" Alastor shouts as he smashes another man head to the floor more than a few men collapsed in a pile beside him. As two men start to try to ram a table into him he lifts their fellow brawler and tosses him through it cause the two men to falter long enough to be clotheslined. "Sorry barkeep, take it out of their wallets! Oh man I always wanted to do this." As one man staggered back to his feet Alastor grabs him by the throat and slams him into a groaning man back. "Man, that felt good, you sure you’re alright there!?" Two of the men knocked down from the before started engaging Michael immediately after they stood up. The muscular man from before aimed for a right hook, but Michael ducked down to dodge. He then elbowed the man to knock him forward, giving Michael time to contend with the other attacker in front of him. However, the man gets a lucky hit on Michael and knocks him back into the muscular man, who grabs into a choke-hold. &I'm doing just fine& Michael struggles to say out loud while he is stuck in a choke-hold while getting punched by the man in front of him. Saber starts to shout "Ooh, come on Michael! Is that all you got!?" as she slams down her drink due to the mere excitement for the fight at hand. 'Shut up Saber!' thought Michael as he lifts his legs to counter the attacker's punches while using his own remaining hands to start poking out the eyes of the man holding him in a choke-hold. He was able to kick the attacker in front of him away, and slumps down to drop his own body weight. By doing so, he brought the muscular down, and used his own skull to bump into the muscle-bounded man's nose. He then spun around in the ground to do a sliding kick to drop the big man down, and then immediately followed up with a strong elbow into his face to knock him out. He jumps up to see the enormous Alastor just throw around his opponents like nothing, finishing off his last opponent with a choke-slam of all things. "Are you a professional wrestler or something?" said Michael, not remembering such knowledge from his profile. Of course, his answer would have to wait as he had to pointlessly deal with the last attacker. 'Let's end this quickly.' Michael posted up, awaiting his attacker's first move. The man decided to go for a knee, which Michael quickly anticipated and decided to go for a wrestling move of his own. He stopped the knee with one hand, and used the other hand to pick him up and slam him down into another table knocking him out. Once that was over with, he looked around to see the impending damage, with the remaining patrons running out and the servers all cowering down. &I guess we'll have to pay for all this.& Michael of course was glad that he didn't have to use his guns for this fight. He couldn't afford to get arrested now for breaking any gun laws. Saber decided to get up out of her seat and start applauding. "I guess you were right Caster, your master ended up knocking out the most in the end. I guess you should try harder next time Michael." she said with a gleeful smile on her face. A well-timed groan from one of the many knocked down men was heard right after her response. Immediately after was Michael's own furious reprimanding. "What the hell Saber? You planned this didn't you! Thanks to you we'll have to leave, since the cops are probably gonna be arriving to check out this ruckus!" Saber then calmly replies "Oh don't worry about that! Besides, I needed to see how tough our competition was. Plus I got to have a nice little chat with Caster!" She then looks towards Alastor "By the way, do you have any other location from where we could finish our conversation? You seemed to have something important that you wanted to discuss." "Ah sorry but that was it I still don't have the whole city memorized," Alastor shrugs "however long reason short I was wondering if you wanted to team up for the war. Now hear me out their are some nasty characters in this war and I'd sleep easier if I had one less knife aimed at my back. If we both make it to the end we can settle this man to man no servants involved. What do you say Michael do we have a deal?" He asks hand out in offer. Michael seemed quite befuddled by this approach. A team up? Could he really trust Alastor so quickly? Of course, Michael recalled the fact that Alastor could have placed himself in a far more advantageous position before he arrived at Copenhagen. Such as keeping Caster materialized rather than invisible, and advantage Michael himself does not have in Saber. Also, Alastor could have pulled some sort of trap, completely destroying the cafe when Michael and Saber arrived. With these things in mind, Michael replies "Let's leave here first before I accept your offer. After that, I want to know one last thing, why are you fighting in this war? Once you answer this, I will give my answer to you." "Nothing fancy I assure you. Officially, I’m in this investigating what happened in the last war," Alastor said plainly. "I'm trying to find out what just caused a chunk of the city to disappear, how a house like the Einzbern can just suddenly vanish without a trace. Unofficially I'm trying to find out what happened to my sister. “At this Alastor turns solemn memories long past reaching the surface. "I know she probably died but I at least want to find something of her to bury even if it's just the match to my earring she had." Here Alastor looks Michael straight in the eye. "There's my answer. I have no grand reason I just want closure for my family if I happen to win the grail I'd be more than happy to give it up." Both the masters and the servants began running quite far away from the scene of the bar fight, and decide to finish their conversation. Saber starts off by stating "Family huh, you did mention that your sister fought in the last grail war. Sorry about what happened to her." She says with a calm, apologetic tone. She then goes to Michael and whispers in his ear "We could use some allies. We were quite lucky that they were the ones that tracked my magic down and no one else after all" Michael, acknowledging Saber's statement, despite his anger at her for placing them all in a precarious position of arrest, decides to give his final answer. "I don't know why you would want to team up with me of all people, but, if only temporarily, I will ally with you on the condition that none of your actions hurt the innocents around us. I know we are fighting a 'war' after all, but I don't feel inclined to team with a psychopath." Michael finishes his statement with his hand on his Remington, just to indicate that he will finish Alastor off if he tries anything funny now or in the future. Saber decides to then interject "Geez, you're so serious Master! I doubt our friends here would cause much trouble, isn't that right Caster?" She finishes off by slapping Caster's back, unintentionally using more strength than she should, knocking Caster forward quite a distance. "Aye your Saber is right it's my job to keep them out of this mess as much as possible." Alastor gets out laughing at Saber's antics. "I'm so glad this amuses you," Caster says dryly at his laughter. "Still if it makes ya feel better you have my word. Here's a number to reach me now let's hurry I think I hear sirens."
  7. Einzbern Mansion, Fuyuki City It was only the second of many days Alastor would spend in Japan and already the morning was off to a bad start. "Caster I appreciate that you felt the need to be productive while I slept but did you have to make a humunculus literally drag me out of bed? You can let go by the the way." He requested of the silken haired woman dressed in the manor of a typical french maid. "Of course I thought you would love to see the kitchen we have such a wide selection to choose from." Caster replied eyes shining with undisguised mirth.'God first he drags me out of bed then he makes me check..the...' As soon as the he reaches the kitchen his face pales at it hits him 'God how did I forget the food would of expired damn it can I even still use the fridge?' As he cautiously peers inside he can only stare at layers of black mold. 'My god is it moving?' "Caster get a maid to take the fridge out back and burn this thing we need to make a shopping trip." "Of course and would you like to take that dirt road out back I sent a scout and it leads back to town it one of the maids even brought back your truck."bemusement dripping from Castor's voice. "Ugh at least one of us is enjoying themselves get in the truck were going shopping." Fuyuki shopping district. As the two men finally make it back to civilization after ensuring that no one can enter the forest without them knowing they soon arrive at the parking lot. Both men unfortunately with their distinct apperances start attracting stares the minute they exit the truck. "Alright we got 3 hours on the parking meter. Make sure you got your list cause if you forget anything we're not coming back for a while. That being said if you find anything let me know we still have to keep a budget after all." Alastor said used to the stares his build often invoked. "Alright anything else Master.""Damn it we've been over this do I need to go over it again" As Alastor's features grew frustrated Caster's only grew confused."Don't call me Master after we put up with each other this long I'd like to think we're friends damn it."He says face going soft to show his sincerity "You may be a Servant but that doesn't mean your not a person now come on there's got to be a grocery store around here somewhere." "Of course lead the way Alastor" he replies a bright smile making it to Caster's face. Some time later "Alright I could understand arguing with the butcher over the difference between pork and bacon, I could even tolerate you getting all that Guinness to an extent but why do you need a fishing rod and bait there's no lake near the house and certainly none in the woods!"Caster said "It's for the harbor.""What was that?" "It's for the harbor. Look I know the war starts soon but fishing in me blood." "Your safety in this war is far more important than a few fish!" Caster already looking less than pleased at the explanation. "Look if you let me go fishing once I'll give you some really interesting information." Alastor implored trying to kill the argument before it gained traction. "Look you know there we're three families that founded this war right? Well I figured we already got something from the Einzberns might as well get something from one of the other families. This readily caught Caster's attention "Go on." Seeing he had his full attention Alastor couldn't help but smirk "See thought that'd catch your interest you mad scientist you. Ever hear of the Jeweled Sword Zelritch rumor has it the blueprints are hidden in one of the families manors. With how much Mana that thing is able to absorb just imagine how valuable it would be to your research."'Heh just like those fish hook, line,' "Alright you can go fishing once but only after we find those blueprints." Caster said the prospect far to tempting to ignore,'and sinker'. "Well what are we waiting for let's..." They both paused feeling a sudden spike of power in the air. "Did you feel that?" They both looked around the previous discussion all but forgotten. There was no mistaking it for no magi could produce so strong an effect. The only question on their mind was which Master would so brazenly allow there servant such free reign in broad daylight. "The signature seems to have come from one of the restaurants in the area. What do you want to do?" Caster whispered conscious of the civilians in the area. "Find an empty alley and astrilize. If you find spot them report back to me immediately no reason to needlessly provoke someone before this bloodbath starts." Alastor's training kicking in immediately in light of the situation. "What will you be doing?" Castor asks through their bond. "I'll follow the light of their prana signature and see if they brought their vehicle. I'll leave a note asking to meet us at that pub Copenhagen we passed on the way here at 7. Hopefully we can discuss thier servant's actions like reasonable adults."
  8. Outskirts of Fuyuki Virgin Forest 'Just remember the trek is worth it' Alastor thought as he walked through the forest his patience running thin after clearing a path to his destination. "Master I sense we're almost there." A voice broke out. He turned to see an androgynous figure his long black hair over his shoulder. He was dressed in a rather modest fashion wearing dark sweatpants and a white jacket over a red shirt. This Alastor mused fit his rather humble servant. As the tree line finally breaks upon thier destination Alastor let's out a small smile. After all who knew one of the three founding families would contribute to this cursed war even after death. The leyline underneath the manor was just a welcome bonus. "Caster keep an eye out for any enemies I have to reset the bounded field we don't need any surprises." With the time the two went about there task it led for Alastor to reflect upon many questions. 'Why did the war start so soon?' 'How did it kill off a prosperous family like the Einzberns?' The most important question of all to him was of course 'What happened to my sister in that disaster?' 'It doesn't matter' Alastor decided, 'I will find the truth come hell or high water' resolve showing on his face. 'After all its what you would want isn't it Sis.' Later as the pair went about inspecting the building repairing everything as they went along his mind wandered to Caster and his wish.'To think this great man only wants to redeem himself for what trauma he caused to a dear friend.' His thoughts were interrupted by Caster "Master the building repairs are complete." "Thank you Caster create some golems and humunculi for set patrols and mix up rotations every few hours. Just cause it hasn't started yet doesn't mean some Masters won't try something early." "Understood" "and Caster. I reviewed the reports you must realize you mustn't blame yourself you were menipulated from the start." Alastor said trying to comfort the troubled man. At this Caster gave a bitter smile "Thank you but I don't deserve sympathy not for my actions" With these words exchanged the two set off in this ancient war of Magi. One looking for answers the other seeking redemption.
  9. BigRig01 is mine based it on a high school nickname. We need the # after that might be why it's not registering?
  10. That in and of itself can cause problems because they may side with the pair that would give them the least amount of problems later in the war
  11. Yeah but it makes it really easy to figure out who they are. At least that seems the general consensus
  12. Technically no because it's not standard but it's a grey area. So "Mana Transfers" should be safe to use. Besides can't have Fate without Mana Transfers
  13. That's more up to @EdwardSunnyDisposition to decide on how we handle that
  14. Well all Master's can see a servant's stats unless they're like Lancelot with In Someone's Honor which keeps his stats hidden. This is part of the Grails functions.
  15. Full cost to my knowledge. But if it's not a major part of the lore it's perfectly reasonable to ignore it
  16. Still got to admit just glad that the 6th grail war is so close to starting. Been waiting months for this
  17. Actually Divinity can be a boon and a curse. Curse from anti divine NPs and boon against those strong of faith like Joan of Arc
  18. If your using a custom servant out of legend I believe so but it has to be something that is actually pertaining to that heros legend(s) so nothing like giving EMIYA Pioneer of the Stars
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