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  1. *respawn* HMMMP! humm hoomp hmmp cmmph. dhmmph HMMPH *Translation: I got Airblast + Reserve Shooter Combo!....oh wait that was Patched....CRAP....DRAGON'S FURY FLAMETHROWER GO*
  2. *grabs flamethrower* HUUUUUuUUUUUUMP!!!! *Flys at Dunban with the Flamethrower ready to fire
  3. Prepare Ambassador Revolver...oh wait, The Amby was Nerfed...Crap.
  4. *Dead Ringer Decloak sound* You and your friends almost killed me, But I have Returned to.... Return your Sword *Give Dunban Anti-Mechon Sword*
  5. Im Already Gone back to my Team, If they want to Arrest me they will have to get past the other members of Team Fortress first
  6. Good luck with zat! Hoh hoh hoh hoh *Turns invisible and use a Disguise kit*
  7. I was Framing you for Murder of course, I am a Professional after all
  8. Does it Really? Reality and Ertrick say it better then me, but a "Fetch Quest" is a Meaningless Task to that usually has Little to nothing to do with the Gameplay. Usually an Item for an NPC, a Good Example of this being the Biggoron Sword in Ocarina of Time. Collect-athons Differ because the Items you Collect have everything to do with the Gameplay. Usually Having something to do with using the Character's Abilities to Explore and Fight Obstacles in your way. I know im not going to Convince you, As I always Say, You do You.
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