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  1. Sorry, I meant to say Eirika. I get names jumbled easily.
  2. Thanks you guys! This is really helpful, and I'll try this stuff when I get the chance.
  3. Could anyone tell me what the easiest tools to use are for beginners? For stuff like Map and Portrait editing, and text editing, and basically changing everything (Even weapons and class names). I am doing a Sword Art Online hack of FE, and I need to change a LOT of stuff (again, basically EVERYTHING), so what would you guys recommend? (I tried to download Nightmare, but I just got a load of .NMM files.)
  4. Precisely. This is also a transition period for me, and while I have ideas for lots of features, I'm relying on you guys to give input on the ideas I'm not 100% sure about. (There will be a lot of those.) Surprisingly, there were very few fat people. But that crossdressing thing never goes away. Imagine being a scrawny guy forced to wear skirts and dresses the whole game O_O
  5. 1. 2. It is at first, but then the creator (of the game SAO, not the anime) Kayaba Akihiko forces the in-game characters look like their real selves. 3. I'm not entirely sure, but maybe a special ending or something? (Feel free to suggest stuff if you want)
  6. I have 4 questions for all of you. 1. Should this game include same-sex marriage? 2. Should you be able to choose sides, as in; Good or Evil, Solo or Guild, choosing a certain guild? 3. Should the player replace Kirito, or should he be a separate character? 4. Should there be standard difficulty settings? AKA: Easy, Normal, Hard, Insane. These could lead to some interesting things, such as if you choose Solo, does that mean that you fight battles alone, leaving no option for marriages? How would an evil storyline work out? Do you get different units based on your guild? Woulc it even be possible to do an Insane Solo run of th game? I know I'm getting ahead of myself with planning, but these are good things to think about.
  7. Thanks for making me realize how stupid I sound. (This might sound like I'm snapping at you, but trust me, I'm not) I intend to have different routes in the game (99% sure) depending on certain events having been triggered (such as getting an optional character, or if a certain character is dead) to make the experience more immersive. This will lead to multiple routes leading to either one, single ending, or multiple endings.(Permadeath is going to stay, if not obvious) Also, if I can, I'd like to have a function like the sidequests from Awakening, with extra characters, which can only be recruited by talking to them with specific characters you currently have. But besides that, the cutscene(s) made for the ending(s?) will include you and your partner together, so the support system will play a major role in the outcome of the game.
  8. I know OF them, but this is my first time attempting to do a FE hack, so I haven't used them (yet).
  9. Do you think I should just keep a Google Doc or something to write my ideas down?
  10. 1. Watch your language, please. 2. Relationships are going to play important parts in the plot in my game, so unless you know exactly what I have in mind, right down to the very last detail, then please refrain from criticizing what you do not understand well enough. Thank you for your input, I will try to take your advice.
  11. Like I said, I'm not sure about the actual benefit, but if I did do stat boosts, they would stack with the boosts already given by the vanilla support system.
  12. Read my response to Bedimal Eliwan's question above, please.
  13. If you want to know my full plans for the marriage system, I'll share them.
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