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  1. Don't know if anyone else can see this, but doesn't her left eye also look different? (Sort of purple?) If the girl on the far right is also Lysithea, then this could be her in the academy phase and something happens to her to change her hair and eye colour, beginning from the left. In the war phase (If we assume that is her) most of her hair is purple along with her eyes. If this correct, then what happens to her at the academy?
  2. Can someone share the translation for Ashe? I can't see the comments that translated it.
  3. A bit off topic but very quickly, but is Ignace a male or a female? If she is a girl then that would balance out the guy/girl ratio.
  4. Well, there is the E3 Direct in June that is focusing on Switch titles for 2019.....
  5. I was looking at the box art and I noticed that both Byleths were carrying swords I don't recognize from previous games. Could this be a new sword that everyone gets? Or maybe it functions like a rapier where only Byleth can use it? (I don't know how to show a image of it on here so if anyone could post it on here I would appreciate it!)
  6. Question: Was Paladins for the switch on the same leak as Fire Emblem Memories?
  7. I presume that the vampire leak is debunked because Miss leaker said that more details on the game would be shown off in a Direct in January, but we've seen nothing thus far.
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