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  1. Witch Sakura? Because she's cute as a witch, and I want to be nice.
  2. I actually bought the Birthright cartridge, so it has been beaten. :) Same with Revelation as well. Echoes, Awakening, and Warriors fall into that category with Fates. Like I said above, I already own a legit working copy of FE11, and I liked what I saw of it when I tested it. I just wanted to try a more "non-Archenea" type game for the first dip into the older titles. I also just bought a copy of Blazing Sword and Sacred Stones used on amazon, so assuming they both work and are legit, I would probably want to prioritize those. No worries, since I'd like to give every title a fair chance. I'm pretty sure I already am kinda falling in love with Judgral and Tellius. My boy Ike seems to be running much faster on my "Wii" as well, haha. Thanks for some good info though!
  3. Well, as luck would have it I just went on amazon and bought the cartridges for Sacred Stones and FE7. So it looks like we have a winner. Seems that FE7 is the most consistently not-hated on here, too. Hopefully everything is in working order and the real thing when they get here, but since I bought them via prime I won't face too much resistance if there is an issue. ^-^ I'm still in utter disbelief that all my GBA games, and systems, and even my charger all work so well after all of this time. Maybe that's why I'm so biased to that time of gaming. :P
  4. Well maybe it'll help someone out regardless... >~< The good thing about Awakening is there is always more than one way to go about a chapter, even on Lunatic. I'd personally use Miriel with my Robin at that point since my party would be very weak, and my Robin would have been power leveled quite nicely in chapters 1-4 and the prologue. It's what'cha make of it~
  5. Pretty sure no one else has answered this yet, but if you're still struggling with saving Maribelle and Ricken in chapter five, and have gotten Donnel (and the chest with the Rescue stave, which is important for this). You can pair up Maribelle and Ricken, with Maribelle in the front, have them walk down to the edge of the closest cliff and end turn. Then have Lissa be paired up with Sully, Stahl, Fredrick or maybe Sumia. Get Lissa over to where she's in range of the two, which may require having the mount unit on top at first. Rescue, and voila! Safe! Then proceed to faceroll with Chrom and Robin. Also, if you haven't gotten Chrom too ranked up with any particular woman (Sumia is easy to do that with), then you can still get him to marry another by getting them at least one rank higher I believe. Just not Olivia, but that's not the end of the world. Though on your first playthough I would argue that Sumia is the best choice for a spouse, unless you're a female avatar and would rather yourself be his bride. There are no real bad choices in the grand scheme of things there. Also, I support the notion of getting the suggested DLC 100%. It makes the game that much more immersive.
  6. If Geneaology of the Holy War is metal af, then Thracia 776 is its weird alt metal cousin who "you haven't heard of" pushes up thick fake hipster glasses and sips starbucks cup To me, Path of Radiance and Radiant Dawn seem like the perfect game titles to use as a fake summary of the series for overbearing religious parents. I can just see how that would go, since I've told mine all about "One Peace". Personally, my favorite title is Awakening. It was the only one that made me wonder why it was called that. When I finally got it, I felt so darn proud of myself. Two years after I bought it. Ha. Ha. Ha...
  7. Yep, pretty much how I view it too. I do have FE3 (and FE 1 and 2 because why not?), but from what I've been shown, that SNES version of FE1 actually left a couple of chapters and characters out. I'm not entirely sure if that's true or not, since no firsthand experience and whatnot. Since FE12 actually doesn't have a FE11 remake on it, is it safe to assume that playing both would mean I get all the content, or did it get those weird choices for cut content like Echoes got in small amounts? The GBA games, as you said, are vastly simplified from their predecessors. They were pretty easy to get a grip on. I still take a look at some things from the Judgral duo and feel like the dumbest human alive, particularly when it comes to the second gens' inheritance in FE4. I did see a bit of gameplay of Thracia though, and thankfully it didn't seem too foreign from what I've been doing once I really started playing on higher difficulties on the 3DS titles. I'm my own worst critic though, it's on me if I kick myself for not knowing something and not doing it perfectly. Too used to being "the one who sucks at XYZ" I guess haha.
  8. I'll start this off with a message to the mods: If this isn't in the right place, apologies! I couldn't really locate a perfect spot, so I figured since this involved most games the "General" section was a safe bet! ^-^ I have all the games that would probably be a recommendation, so that is already a start. I seem to be having difficulty really starting and committing to a single game though. At first I wanted to play the games chronologically, but since I've been in Archenea (sp?) overload as of late I wanted to play with some new characters. Not that I'm opposed to playing New Mystery if that is the best choice. I'm pretty open to any title, and as the topic name says: not even Thracia, Xavier, and some guy named Cyrus who I'm supposed to fear make me err from it. Games that are challenging make me want to stay and see it through a lot more, and coupled with Fire Emblems' permadeath feature that makes me care about the characters a lot more on top of that. That being said, if Sacred Stones - which I know from a second hand experience is the most "watered down" in terms of the older games' difficulty - would be a better choice, that's also fine. I'm not perfect, I may wipe or lose a chapter last minute on an easy setting, but I'm always fine with finding a better strategy. Standalone titles being axed first is also a fine notion. I'd prefer to save the Tellius games for a bit later, as my "Wii" needs to be gotten up to a more passable speed before I can enjoyably play those two. Basically, I can't choose! They all seem like fun, interesting titles to me. Like seriously, I'm so glad I picked up Birthright and Awakening, which led to Echoes, then Warriors, and now all of these wonderful gems. It's nice to have that "in love" type of enthusiasm for a whole series again. ^-^ So yeah, any suggestions or opinions on why "X game is the best" are welcome. I want to hear 'em all. Danke!
  9. Rightful King is eww and should be swapped for something else immediately. Inigo can proc Luna at a near 100% rate without limit breaker, or at least that's what it felt like when I used him. But his stats are good, though I'd say for the most optimal setup Lucina would want to be a dark flier which then Sumia would be amazing. Sumia is a good choice but Brady gets really hurt by Chrom. Though I do like Maribelle. Her and Lon'qu is really adorable, in terms of good conversations. Plus I like the idea of Brady being his son, it sort of fits in a way. I know skills are good but stats are something I try to take into account too. Then again, not everybody is preparing for apotheosis~
  10. Sadly the only real benefit from that marriage is an amazing Inigo stat wise. Everything else leaves things to be desired and I am aware. Chrom, Olivia, and Lucina all get a bit screwed over in the process. Aside from swordfaire, and that's only if you want her to be a great lord. Technically speaking, the best mother for Lucina is Cordelia and Severa would be amazing too. Too bad that'll never happen. So what pairing do you like? I've done a lot of them myself but I keep coming back to Olivia due to that super fun challenge. Who would you use personally?
  11. I mean, that's just my play style. I don't know what difficulty OP is playing on, nor do I know if he is able to reliably grind (DLC) or if he is doing some form of challenge. Since marrying those two is a bit challenging in chapter 11 it makes it more fun for me that way, though I would really like to know what OP is capable of at this point in his game. Sorry for my dumb advice.
  12. I know this sounds crazy but hear me out: Olivia. Not because of galeforce as that is unreasonable without dlc. You can grind that on her for Inigo in the later parts of the game. But Lucina can get Luck + 4 from her which is a unique skill to the dancer that may really be nifty to have on Lucy. It's just a suggestion. If not, go for Sumia. Cynthia benefits a lot from Chrom due to Luna and Aether access and Lucina will still get galeforce. But if you go the Olivia route, note that Lucina can get galeforce on her own with relative ease. Plus swordfaire. But again this is my suggestion. You may be in too deep with supports with others to marry him to Olivia and I'm sorry if this is irrelevant.
  13. After beating the first paralogue in Awakening with relative ease, I see what you mean. >~< Probably doesn't help that I went through all the trouble to get the Fell Brand and all of the Endless Waves DLC items like point blank. >~<; I think my best bet is to see what happens in Awakening for now. Chapter 7 of Revelation didn't look too terrible either.
  14. First: Nice Jotaro siggy~ And that's a real shame. Do you think it would be worth it to play Lunatic Awakening first if I want to continue with more challenging runs? I have both early Awakening and Revelation (chapters 1-4 for Awakening and 6 for Revelation) completed and could potentially invest in both. I'm mostly interested in playing the one that won't end up a curb stomp.
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